Friday, March 30, 2007

my love is pure

This is a quote from CSI from last night: "I knew she wanted to girls act sometimes like they don't want what they want because they want you to take it they like that."
The really sad thing is that some guys really think like that.
So, I rarely watch CSI anymore. I got so sick of taping it (while watching Supernatural) and then going back and watching it. But the previews this week (I watch CBS on Sunday nights, so I get the previews) looked really good, so I taped it. It didn't do anything for me. So, I guess I'm done watching CSI, it kinda sucks, but it doesn't really bother me. That's how I know I really don't mind, now if I missed it, then I'd care.

We're from the country

OK, so as most of y'all know, cars turn me on. Not any old kind of car, but those really sweet ones that you have to watch as they go by. Mostly the muscle cars from the years between 1960 and 1970. I was watching a clip on MSN today where there was an auction on these sorts of cars, OMG. I also love going to car shows and looking at them. Also, I gotta include the pickup trucks, most any kind will do it for me, except the tiny ones, you gotta show me a nice full sized truck. And of course, motorcycles (not crotchrockets), though not as much. If you're really interested, check out the rides on this site.
So, what's it mean (and is it bad) that cars turn me on more often than guys? Any advice people.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

And the crowd goes wild

And the insensitivity award goes to.....
My mother (Surprise). So, she comes up to look at the sink and vanity, and complains about there being a gap between the sink and the wall (I don't have a problem with it) and then she proceeds to complain about the floor and how it needs to be cleaned, yadda yadda yadda. Now is it possible that she could come upstairs and not say a fucking word about my lifestyle?

I got an email today that made me cry.

Chartreuse paint

Sorry, didn't know it had been three days since I last posted (which isn't a long time, except that you must consider I pretty much update every day). I'm not quite sure what I have done since I last posted.
I have been going on my 2 mi (+ or - ) walk each day, I didn't take it today because the electricians were supposed to come and look at my bathroom fan. I haven't seen them. Meaning I won't be taking it tomorrow.
Cross your fingers and hold your breath, hopefully by this time tomorrow my bathroom will be completel finished. They finally got the vanity in, so the carpenter set it up today, and the plumber attached the water. So, I have a sink. Tomorrow, the carpenter's supposed to come back and put up the medicine cabinet, finish my towel cubby, stick trim up, and attach the tp holder and some towel holders. I'm excited. Not that you can tell, my mom will probably tell me tonight, "You should be more excited" Sorry, mom, but I don't show my emotions, not even the happy ones.
I'll post pics tomorrow, so you can see everything finished. Oops, forgot, I won't have a bathroom mirror, we're taking care of that ourselves, and mom doesn't have time to go look at mirrors until Monday morning, plus we're thinking about getting some kind of towel rack/cabinet to hang above the toilet for more storage, and we don't have that yet. And, some day, I'm supposed to get a new door. But, I'm excited because I'll be able to do all my morning crap in the bathroom, rather than in the kitchen, and the bathroom.

Monday, March 26, 2007

What do you want?

That's a loaded question.
I got an email with that as the subject line, here's the answer Mr. Whitlock:
I want to have a job that I don't have to worry about money, now that doesn't mean I want one that's six-figured, though it wouldn't be bad, just one that gives me enough to live off of each month.
I don't want to be worried about my money. Like now I don't even have $500 in the bank, so I have to decide how to spend it. Rent will be due next week, my electric bill will be due soon after that. In a month my parents are doubling my rent. I know this is very bad, and my situation's probably not this bad, but I think it is, but I don't have money to spend on food right now. I'm eating cookies (some from the funddrive this weekend, some already paid for girlscout cookies), chips, cereal, and McD's cinnamon things as meals. I can't really afford to take $$$ out of the bank for my food budget. I'm gonna be listing some movies on eBay later, hoping to get money out of that.
I want to spend my time having fun now. I'm young, I hate that I don't have a job, but I hate it even more that I have to spend my time looking for one. I'd rather have one and know when my free time is to do stuff.
I want a guy. I'm so damn sick of being single. I've never had a boyfriend, in the 23 years of my life I've never had one. I've been in love and never told the guy. I've had and still have many crushes. I just want someone to spend time with, to take me on a bike ride, to cuddle in my living room with as we watch movies, to go with me on my walks.
I want a new tattoo. I don't want to worry what my parents will do if I get another one. I love tattoos, I consider them a part of me (to which my mom replies, if that were so, you'd have been born with them).
I want my parents to back the fuck off. I'm so sick of my mom telling me to do this and that, and to do shit that she doesn't want to do.
I want my bathroom to be done. I still don't have a sink (supposedly it's been on back order for over a month). I don't have storage in my bathroom. I don't have a sink near a mirror. I don't have a place to hang up towels. I can't even really decorate until I get the vanity and other shit, so I don't have to worry about work guys in my apt to do something else in the bathroom.
I want to live off my art. I want to do that as my job, but I don't know how to. I know my shit is pretty damn good, (some of you know I've won awards for it). I know lots of my friends feel its good.
I want to be happy.
I want that moment when everything clicks and you know what's going to happen, and that everything will be fine for the rest of your life.

What do you want?

To the jackass...

That was riding their Harley this morning at 3:42. Hello?!? Normal people are trying to sleep. I've got a pretty good idea of who you are, guessing where the roar was coming from, but since I didn't get out of bed and look, I'm not totally sure. But it's the wee hours of the morning, could try to maybe give a damn about other people in the world? Or would that be too much to ask from you.
And the next time it happens, you can bet to hell, I'm sticking my head out the window and swearing at you, not like you'll be able to hear it over your Harley, but you can bet I'll still be yelling at you.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

More fun with movie quotes

Let's see if anyone knows these

This is stupid. Go cool off, get laid, do something, come back when you're ready to talk....Yeah, but it really doesn't matter if I do does it, 'cause you got a whole crop already lined up you fuckin' chicken hawk!...Excuse me?...You prey on people Cam. I lost three years of my life for your fuckin' phony cause, but I'm onto you now you fuckin' snake.
So I guess this is where I tell you what I learned - my conclusion, right? Well, my conclusion is: Hate is baggage. Life's too short to be pissed off all the time. It's just not worth it.
We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained we must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory will swell when again touched, as surely they will be by the better angels of our nature.

You just hit a squad car!...It's okay, I know the guy. He's a jerk.
Bullshit! You've stolen this house!...How the fuck can you steal a house?
Are you driving with your eyes open? Or you like using "the force"?
What the hell is that for?...After the shootout at the club, I figured I needed more firepower....Man, we gotta talk, seriously. Who do you think you are, Clint Eastwood? Dirty Rosewood?
What are you doing?...I've been wanting to wear this for a long time, Sarge....What are you, nuts? Jesus Christ! We gotta talk! What the hell is that?...You can never have too much firepower.
Fuck Rambo!

You got a fifty dollar bill?...I've got a wife and three kids. I haven't seen a fifty in twelve years.
You got a fifty dollar bill?...When do I get it back?...Man, just gimme fifty dollars!

Ya see, me and the Lord have an understanding.
You don't like it?...No I don't like it...Car's got a lot of pickup....It's got a cop motor, a 440 cubic inch plant, it's got cop tires, cop suspensions, cop shocks. It's a model made before catalytic converters so it'll run good on regular gas. What do you say, is it the new Bluesmobile or what?...Fix the cigarette lighter.
You were outside, I was inside. You were supposed to keep in touch with the band. I kept asking you if we were gonna play again....What was I gonna do? Take away your only hope? Take away the very thing that kept you going in there? I took the liberty of bullshitting you....You lied to me....Wasn't lies, it was just... bullshit.
First you traded the Cadillac in for a microphone. Then you lied to me about the band. And now you're gonna put me right back in the joint!...They're not gonna catch us. We're on a mission from God.
It's 106 miles to Chicago, we've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark and we're wearing sunglasses....Hit it.
And how are you gonna get to work Mr Lead Foot, Mr Hot Rod, Mr Motor Head? Those cops took your license away. They got your name, your address....No they don't got my address. I falsified my renewal. I put 1060 West Addison....1060 West Addison? That's Wrigley Field.
Don't you say a fucking word.
Do you guys know 'Minnie the Moocher'?...I once knew a hooker named Minnie Mazola!

What's your take?...They'll see the truth....The truth? I thought we were talking about a court of law. Come on, you've been around long enough to know that a courtroom isn't a place to look for the truth.
Now the single greatest liability a lawyer can have is pride. Pride... Pride has lost more cases than lousy evidence, idiot witnesses and a hanging judge all put together. There is absolutely no place in a courtroom for pride.

Watch out for the weirdos, girls....We are the weirdos, mister.
You're just jealous!...Jealous? Jealous? You don't even *exist* to me! You don't exist! You are nothing! You are *shit*! You don't exist. The only way you know how to treat women is by treating them like whores! Well, you're the whore! And this is gonna stop! Do you understand! Do you understand what I'm saying? Hmm?
What's wrong with her?...Her spell's not working....What spell?...I dunno... I think she doesn't wanna be white trash anymore, or something... And I told her, like, "You're white, honey. Just deal with it."

Well of course you can't reach him. He's off saving the rain forest, or recycling his sandals or some shit.
Put... the bunny... back... in the... box.
Johnny, can you fly?...No....You keep that in mind, cause if your dick jumps out of your pants, you jump off this plane!
Somehow they managed to get every creep and freak in the universe on this one plane. Then managed to let them take it over and stick us right smack in the middle.
Define irony: a bunch of idiots dancing around on a plane to a song made famous by a band that died in a plane crash.

Beverly Hills. The most beautiful women in the world. Plastic surgery. What do these three things have in common? Me, in less than a week.
"When to call me, you've been stabbed, shot, poisoned, separated from an appendage, knocked or beaten unconscious, run over by a tractor mower, or generally about to bleed to death. Otherwise, leave me alone"

You'd think they'd build the parking lot of America to go with the Mall of America!
I don't eat shellfish. Mom always says, "Don't ever eat nothin' that can carry its house around with it. Who knows the last time it's been cleaned." She should know.
The swan ate my baby, the swan ate my baby!

They're not scared of you. They're scared of what you represent to 'em....Hey, man. All we represent to them, man, is somebody who needs a haircut....Oh, no. What you represent to them is freedom....What the hell is wrong with freedom? That's what it's all about....Oh, yeah, that's right. That's what's it's all about, all right. But talkin' about it and bein' it, that's two different things. I mean, it's real hard to be free when you are bought and sold in the marketplace. Of course, don't ever tell anybody that they're not free, 'cause then they're gonna get real busy killin' and maimin' to prove to you that they are. Oh, yeah, they're gonna talk to you, and talk to you, and talk to you about individual freedom. But they see a free individual, it's gonna scare 'em....Well, it don't make 'em runnin' scared....No, it makes 'em dangerous.
No, I mean it, you've got a nice place. It's not every man that can live off the land, you know. You do your own thing in your own time. You should be proud.

I am a nice shark, not a mindless eating machine. If I am to change this image, I must first change myself. Fish are friends, not food.
To the top of Mount Wanna-hock-a-loogie.
Now it's my turn. I'm thinking of something dark and mysterious. It's a fish we don't know. If we ask it directions, it could ingest us and spit out our bones....What is it with men and asking for directions?...I don't want to play the gender card right now. You want to play a card, let's play the "let's not die" card.
Hey there, Mr. Grumpy Gills. When life gets you down do you wanna know what you've gotta do?...No I don't wanna know....Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. What do we do? We swim, swim.
Tell me, Dory, do you see anything?...Yeah, I see a light....A light?...Yeah. I see a light....Yeah, I see it too....Hey conscience, am I dead?...No, no. I see it, too....It's so *pretty*....I'm feeling... happy, and that's a big deal... for me....I want to touch it...Oh!...Hey, come back. Come on back here. I'm gonna get you....Come here....I'm gonna swim with you...I'm gonna get you. I'm gonna get you....I'm gonna be your best friend...Good feelings gone.

Can't you feel its pain?

The approach to Sioux Gateway Airport, under normal circumstances, is a pilot's delight. You cross the Missouri River, pass the tip of South Dakota. Nebraska's on your right. On your left, the farmlands of Iowa. As you get closer to the airport, in the fields between the runways, they grow soybeans and corn. It's in one of these cornfields that our story begins...
How did it feel to save that boy?...God saved that boy, I just CARRIED him.

Here ya go, sweetheart, poke 'em with this.
What is this? Aluminum?...Shit doesn't even spin.
Hey, kid! No running in the halls!
Out-of-town shooters. That's what I said. I remember hearing myself saying, "Out-of-town shooters." You know what? You don't pay a ho to fuck you. You pay her to leave. What you pay out-of-town shooters to do? You pay them to get the hell back out of town. That's why I asked for out-of-town shooters. What'd I get? In-town shooters. Someone decided to hire in-town shooters. You know what else I got for my money? In-town police. In-town trouble. Who's got to get in the ring with me on this?
What's the plan, B?...We're wingin' it, J....We're always wingin' it....We're gonna get killed....What'cha mean WE, white boy?

You look good in a dress....You would have looked better.
Never send a boy to do a woman's job.
I don't play well with others.
God gave men brains larger than dogs' so they wouldn't hump women's legs at cocktail parties.
Zero Cool? Crashed fifteen hundred and seven computers in one day? Biggest crash in history, front page New York Times August 10th, 1988. I thought you was black man.

Give me the whip....Throw me the idol. No time to argue. Throw me idol, I'll throw you the whip....Give me the whip.
Let us hurry. There is nothing to fear here....That's what scares me.
You're not the man I knew ten years ago....It's not the years, honey, it's the mileage.
The Ark. If it is there, at Tanis, then it is something that man was not meant to disturb. Death has always surrounded it. It is not of this earth.
Be ready for me. I'm going after that truck....How?...I don't know, I'm making this up as I go.
The Ark of the Covenant, the chest that the Hebrews used to carry around the Ten Commandments....What, you mean THE Ten Commandments?...Yes, the actual Ten Commandments, the original stone tablets that Moses brought down from Mt. Horeb and smashed, if you believe in that sort of thing...

Hang on lady, we go for ride....Oh... my... God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Is he nuts?...He no nuts, he's crazy!
Ah, dessert! Chilled monkey brains.

Yes, I own them all.

its the good life

Alright, I’m a little slow, I’m finally getting around to watching last week’s cops.
Boston, MA—Officer Richard Withington
I love these accents, almost as much as I love Jersey accents. I love the fact that they have “cahs” Wow, three cars of backup in a matter of minutes, and the cute ones rarely come with names L
Las Vegas, NV—Officer Garth Findley
Wow, this chick is flying off her rocker, just cause you’re pissed, it’s not a good idea to get all pissed and yell at the cops when they’re talking to you. And then she blames her warrants on her boyfriend, she’s got a few warrants and she says she knows nothing about it and somehow its his fault
Boise, ID—
Oooh, they have the nice lights on their cars. OK, maybe the other people did too and I just didn’t notice, I’m bummed cause my guys switched to the high powered light bars, and I like the individual lights instead.
Now why would you hide underneath the front of the truck and think they won’t see you? Especially since they’re supposedly looking for a dog.
“Officer Mathis, you’re lying” Yeah cause the cop has a good reason to lie. I have to agree, Goddess, he does have a great attitude.
Brevard County, FL—Deputy Greg Richter, Deputy Justin Gould
I feel sorry for the cops everytime. It sucks that they have to go swimming in this pond just to get the idiot out. “I ain’t done nothing wrong” The cops don’t usually come over and chat with you for no reason. You know how many times I’ve tried to get a cop to talk with me for no reason? Ya have to do something to attract their attention
Palm Beach County, FL—Deputy Mark Lanier,
Palm Springs, CA—Officer Anthony Pilutik
And this week's:
Las Vegas, NV—Sgt. John Faulis, Officer John-Andrew Cook
“When you see 15 cops come up, I run”
But they forgot to name Officer Jeff. I don’t remember his last name but he was in a cops episode where there was an accident and the daughter was hiding pills in her sock, then she dumped them on the street. And the mom was all upset, saying how she was gonna hurt her kid when the cops were done with her.
Boise, ID—Officer Dan Barber, Officer Casey Hancuff,
Las Vegas, NV—
Who offers someone they met in a bar a place to live. Especially since that person in the bar is living in a shelter, shouldn’t you be spending your money on something else than beer if you live in a shelter? I love it, “As long as we both get arrested, I’m fine with that” And then the lady (the guy’s arrested for domestic battery), “Can I bail him out?” Unfortunately, that’s a classic story. Sadly, but true.
OMG, that witness is scary looking. All that shit stuck through his face, and shitloads of tats. Now I like ink, don’t get me wrong there, but I like ink that flows together, none of this shit on your neck, on your head, and just random stuff stuck together on your arms.
Riverside County, CA—
Deputy Hibbler’s talking about the drug arrests he’s done, and he mentions the excuse I love “Oh, these pants aren’t mine” It’s even more funny when people think the cops are gonna believe that excuse.
I’m paranoid too, but I don’t run when I see the cops. I kinda glare at them, hoping they’ll stop and chat with me, unfortunately it doesn’t work, maybe I should try the running thing…
I find it funny I had the same reaction the cop did when they found the gun. Deputy Hibbler was looking for dope that the guy dropped and he finds a gun instead, my reaction: even better. The other deputy’s reaction: sweet
Palm Beach County, FL—Deputy Harry Thomas
Riverside County, CA—
FOX said the 2nd ep was a rerun, but I don’t remember watching this episode.
I love how the K9 handler explains what the dog did.

Last week's award:
Officer Garth Findley
Las Vegas, NV PD
This week's statuette:
Sgt. John Faulis
Las Vegas, NV PD

Sounds I love—sirens (unless theirs a shitload of them), the reving of the engine when cops accelerate to go to calls, the click of the handcuffs when they’re put on, and radio chatter.
It’s coming. There’s a show coming on FOX called Drive, about a car race. I can’t wait to see the first ep to see if its any good
Ooooh, I saw a commercial for some movie called Grindhouse, I’m not quite sure what it’s about, but the cars are GORGEOUS
So, this weekend was the first weekend of the year, and I heard 5 fire calls within 3 hours last night. You’d think people could just behave, oops no that would be expecting too much of them. I know cops like getting action, but I almost feel sorry for them with the first few nights of warm weather when people go a little nuts.

Last night I went to a public radio funddrive where I answered phones for about 3 hours. I've been doing this for as long as I can remember, it usually promises a night of good food, company and fun. Unfortunately this time, not so much of that happened. The food wasn't that great. The company turned out to be someone I've been trying to avoid for awhile.
I went to HS with this girl, and I didn't like her then and well, I still don't like her. She has a tendency to be loud among other things, but stick that in a tiny room with 8 people at least one of them always on a phone, it doesn't work. And she had on shorts last night, which is fine, if you shave, but her legs looked like hairy guy legs it was gross.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sorry guys

So, you all know that Goddess and I chat frequently, what you may not know is that I met her through the chat forum. I've heard lately that it may be permanently shut down, and I feel sorry for the people who have managed to stay on it. It used to be a great chat site. Used to be, there was this chick on there (I actually posted this on my MSN site) that welcomed me when I first started using it 2 yrs in May, and we got to be ok chat buddies online. Well I said something to someone else through an AIM conversation, which he apparently told her about, I guess people don't know what not to share with other people, and obviously can't figure out humor online. And we had a falling out. And I have a tendency to run my mouth a little, but I am not ashamed of anything I posted on that chat site, well this chick (who is in cahoots with the moderator) complained about me a few times and got me booted.
Like I said above, I've heard this chat forum may be shutting down permanently, and that's sad, but if it does, I wouldn't be surprised if this chick has a hand in it. So, to all of you who still chat on this forum, I'm sorry. But, I'm glad I'm not around now for the drama I've heard is going on on there. It used to be a great place to ask cops questions and get good answers. So, if you don't know any cops personally and you have a question you could get a nice answer. But then they started threads that were just chat threads, which weren't bad, but then these threads, someone would say something and get someone else all riled up, and then a full out argument would get going and the moderator would delete the whole thread.
That's kinda how I got booted, funny thing is, no one else had a problem with it other than this chick. Other funny thing, a couple people I chatted with believed this chick didn't have anything to do with me getting booted, because she didn't tell them. She was one of those people that would tell the whole board if she got a cop-basher kicked off. So, I guess she wasn't so proud of getting me kicked off, one of those people that unconditionally supports the cops, because I pissed her off. Hell I wouldn't have said anything about it either.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Sittin on a new tattoo

UGH. I have a list of shit I'm supposed to do today, but George showed up (I knew he was coming, and he's right on time), and today coupled with whatever else is going on in my body, the cramps are more annoying than usual, course if he's gonna be normal, they'll be gone by lunch and I can do some of my shit (cross your fingers). Notice I'm up early (ok, you can't really tell, but I was up at 7:30, early for me without my alarm), that would be because of George, how I hate what he makes me do. Maybe he'll leave early.

Oh, something I saw on a commercial the other day. This search engine,, will donate money to a charity of your choice. It's like every other search engine, it's powered by Yahoo!. It's free, and "every time you search the Internet at, your charity or school earns money" So, check it out.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Hello my readers

I just want to say Hi to one of my readers: This person is in Rockford, IL. This is only cause I have an inkling of who you might be, but I'd love a confirmation. As mentioned above, you don't have to create an account, you can be anon, but please leave your name at the bottom. It would be most appreciated.

Happy Spring

So, because Goddess has been raving on how good Google Reader is, and because Bloglines has been very bad on telling me Goddess updated, I decided to try out viewing her blog on Google Reader today. Bloglines told me Goddess updated 3 times today, since last Sat, course when I clicked on her blog, it gives me everything she posted since the 17th, I didn't exactly count how many posts there were but it was more than 3. So, I guess I'll see if Google's any better.
I'm not holding my breath on getting that job I interviewed for yesterday. When I sent my cover letter/resume to the business it was listed as a bookeeper in the paper, well I got an email from him saying that there was a misprint and it was more of "booking, answering phones, and general duties around the office", I'm thinking more of a secretarial job. But, when I get in there yesterday, he said he was looking for someone with more accounting experience and who knew Quickbooks, of course I replied that I had taken a couple accounting classes. One other question (ok two) that he asked me that I've never been asked were: What do I like to do on my days off, and What is my dream job. My mom said he wanted to know more of what kind of person I was. I find that weird, why do you care, as long as I'm doing my work at work and not getting distracted should it really matter? And if you want to know my answers, ask and I will post them in tomorrow's post.
So, I'm a little worried about my health, ok not so worried that I plan to go to the dr, because we all know why I don't like them (ya gotta scroll down to my comment). But Tuesday night (as I posted a tiny bit about), I woke up to excruiciating pain in my abdominal region (how scientific/professional does that sound) with sweats and cold spells, I was almost compelled to call my parents/or the hospital, but I don't have the money, and I don't like dr's (as I stated above). And of course today, it's all gone. Course that seems to be the story of my life, have some kind of annoying health problem that gets in the way and then in a couple days its gone. And with the health freak I am. Or healthless freak, considering the most healthy thing I've eaten lately would be the milk with my cereal. And that's very abnormal for me, I rearly eat cereal like you're supposed to with milk in a bowl, I'm more of the type to get a box and eat it in handfuls while watching something. I don't think I've drank anything that wasn't pop in god knows when.
Speaking of cereal, I have a few commercials to complain about. First of all the new Burger King commercial about the breakfast menu. I don't mind how they're changing the bad habits fo the guys getting food at a convenience store and out of a vending machine, but when they take a guy away from his breakfast cereal that bothers me. Cause you're supposed to sit down with cereal in the morning.
Another one would be Cover Girl, I was watching TV the other day and they said a girl without make up is boring. Like we really need someone else to tell young girls that they need makeup to make them more exciting.
The other one, I'm not really complaining, just commenting on. It was some weightloss commercial, and the lady was saying how she lost 20 inches (around her waist) in 20 weeks, I was thinking, if I lost 20 inches, I'd only be 4 inches. That would be a little wrong.
Ooo, if any of you have time, got to Yahoo! and watch Johnny Cash's video for God's Gonna Cut You Down, and see if you can name all the people featured in it.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

You can run on for a long time

Rain, thunder, lightning, cramps, sweating, freezing. None of this made my night any easier to sleep through. Esp when the painful abdominal cramps wake me up from sleep and make it so I can't really get back to sleep.

I had the best dream last night. I fell asleep thinking of a gorgeous picture. I was on the back of a bike, in my Harley tank top (that I misplaced a few years ago), it laces up on the sides, is faux suede and a nice lowcut neckline, with jeans, my new Harley boots, and my hair free (notice no helmet), and I was hugging this guy, my arms around his mid-section, my head laying on his shoulder, so I was looking off over the side of his shoulder, and he had one of his hands on top of mine on his stomach, and of course the other one on the handlebars and we were just riding. He didn't have a face (as I don't know who that guy will be), but he had a nice deep voice. That's my idea of paradise.
I also had quite a few dreams of missing my job interview and something about being down in Florida, dodging tornadoes and alligators, hanging out with family and something about some wierd ass prickly bugs. Now that's a weird dream.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

a little advice please

OK, A little advice from my loyal readers. Yes, I know it's short notice, but I was still hoping to get maybe 2 comments?
Anyways, I have a job interview tomorrow (I'm leaving at 9:20AM) it's for a secretarial job at a shipping company. Should I wear a suit or just dress pants and a nice shirt?
I know I'm totally nervous, so I'm hoping for advice. Also, should I wear my hair up? I know I need to cover my ink, no question there.

So, if you comment, please answer my q's:
Should I wear a suit or just dress pants and a nice shirt?
Also, should I wear my hair up?

Like a million eyes they call me

So, I'm sitting here watching Pleasantville, funny thing. In this movie, David (played by Toby McGuire) watches Pleasantville to get away from his life, and here I am watching this movie to get away from my life. Think about that for a moment.

OK, if any of my friends are watching this and ever want to know what to get me for a gift (for anything), I'm decorating my new bathroom in frogs, so I've taken to collecting frogs and turtles. So, if you find a neat frog or turtle (in normal colors, no hot pink ones) that will work fine for a present. Not that I'm a hard person to shop for.

Do people lose their ability to read as they get older (by older I mean over 60)? I was at the grocery store in the 10 items or less line, and the lady in front of the guy in front of me, first of all got the wrong cereal, then when the guy brought up the right cereal (4 boxes of it), I swear she had about 15 things in her pile of stuff. HELLO IT SAYS 10 ITEMS OR LESS, THERE ARE OTHER PEOPLE IN THE STORE. Actually it was extremely busy, so by waiting for this lady to have her cereal and then more than the number of items, oh and then she had the wrong coupon.
And on my way home, I saw an old guy who decided it was ok to park his truck on the wrong side of the road because he had his blinkers on and he was only going to be there a couple minutes.

And tomorrow I have a job interview.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Hello Lyra

So, I was watching Without A Trace tonight, and this 15yo girl posted on a vlog that she wanted to lose her virginity and she got thousands of hits.
I wonder how many hits (of genuinely interested people) I'd get if I post a blog about wanting to lose my virginity (Oops, kinda just did).

To my mom:

I'm so glad your home so you can tell me I need to sweep the sawdust out of the driveway, that I need to tell my parents where I'm applying for jobs or go live somewhere else. Thank you so much for butting your nose into my business. Because you obviously know what I'm going through and how much "help" you can give me on shit.
I'm so glad you're back to be a bitch in my life again.
Because you are "supplementing 80% of my living expenses" obviously you need to know what I'm doing with my time all day.
EXCUSE ME?!? I pay my DSL/phone bill, I pay my credit card, I pay for my clothes and food. The only thing you're supplementing me is my rent. But obviously that is "80% of my living expenses" I guess my calculations are a little off.
You already feel you can take me away from whatever I'm doing when ever you come up to my visit to talk with you. That you can enter my apartment at any time you want to. That you have the right to criticize how I live.

If I had the money, you can bet I would move as far away from you as I could. I had a dream last night where I just picked up and left because I couldn't stand how you criticize and judge me all the time. I even remembered what I packed, and almost made a list this morning. I am so sick of this cloud of judgment you hang over my head. I'm not allowed to do certain things because you have so much control over me.
I LOVE the city I live in, but I would leave it just to get away from you.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

It's snowing

I was in such a good mood this morning, until I looked out the window and saw there was snow covering most of the ground and still falling. No one told me there was a chance for snow in the forecast. Hell the other day, it smelled like spring, there was green grass, birds (even robins) singing, it was spring. Now we have snow. FUCK MOTHER NATURE.
I'm so pissed I'm crying. Course part of that could just be left over from my dad getting me pissed last night. Every time this week that he's talked to me, he's bothered me about finding a job. YES, dad I'm looking, I email people my resume and send my resume out, just cause I don't want to talk about it with you doesn't mean I'm not trying. He's getting to be as bad as my mother. I'm rather upset of the lack of shit coming to the Center, I dont' have money to spend on myself, I have $18 that's supposed to last me a while (and I have to go grocery shopping today), I have no idea what I'm gonna do when the 1st of May comes along and I don't have a job (they're doubling my rent then), just cause I look like I don't care on the outside, doesn't mean I'm not freaking out on the inside. I wish I had something to do all day, I'm bored out of my mind (I'm reading books from college courses), I even get bored watching TV (that's pretty bad).
I'd love to go out drinking for one night and forget about everything, but I have people to bother me and remind that my life sucks, I have no money, and pretty soon I'm gonna be living out of a box on the street.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Fun with quotes

Lets see if y'all can figure out what movies these are from. Little hint: I own them all.

Disturbing the peace? I got thrown out of a window! What's the fuckin' charge for getting pushed out of a moving car, huh? Jaywalking?
Is this your car?...Oh, no. Here we just take whichever car is closest.
Gimme the keys! I'm gonna follow them!...Have you ever driven a Mercedes before?...No, but a car is a car! I drive my car every day!...I'm driving. I've seen your car....Oh shit, that's cold.
Police! You're all under arrest!...You do that again, I'll shoot you myself!
You know what I keep thinking about? You know the end of Butch Cassidy? Redford and Newman are almost out of ammunition, and the whole Bolivian army is out- out in front of this little hut?...I'm gonna make you pay for this.

Eight o'clock Monday, runt. If you ain't here, I'll hunt you and shoot you down like a duck....It's "dog". Shoot him down like a dog.
That's about as funny as a screen door on a battleship....It's "screen door on a submarine," you dork.
Why don't you make like a tree and get out of here?...It's *leave*, you idiot! "Make like a tree, and leave." You sound like a damn fool when you say it wrong.
Unbelievable, that he could have chosen that particular date. It could mean that, that point in time inherently contains some sort of cosmic significance. Almost as if it were the junction point for the entire space-time continuum. On the other hand, it could just be an amazing coincidence.

my density has bought me to you....I'm your density. I mean... your destiny.
Whoa this is heavy...There's that word again; "heavy". Why are things so heavy in the future? Is there a problem with the earth's gravitational pull?
Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads.

Look I fail you cover my ass. You fail I cover your ass!...And if we both fail?...Then we're both fucked!
Are you aiming for these people?...No....Well, maybe that mime.
Well, you can stick your well-laid plan up your well-laid ass.
Not even God knows what you're doing!
Does this shit have airbags?...Your side does, I don't know about mine...
Look, If you have to shoot me, then you go ahead and you shoot me! But I have to answer this phone, all right?
What the fuck are you doin'?...Interrogatin' him....Well, what's he gonna tell you, "I'm dead"?...Well, I ain't gonna know 'til I ask him, am I?
See, I told you Park Drive was jammed!...I didn't say through Park Drive....I said through the park.
Why do you keep calling me 'Jesus'? Do I look Puerto Rican to you?...Guy back there called you 'Jesus'....He didn't say 'Jesus'. He said, "Hey, Zeus!" My name is Zeus....Zeus?...Yeah, Zeus. As in father of Apollo? Mt. Olympus? Don't fuck with me or I'll shove a lightning bolt up your ass? Zeus! You got a problem with that?
Boy, is he pissed...Maybe he'll feel better when he looks in the back seat....DAMN! That was MY gold bar!

What sets off the metal detectors first? The lead in your ass or the shit in your brains?
Just once, I'd like a regular, normal Christmas. A little eggnog... a fuckin' Christmas tree... a little turkey. But, no. I gotta crawl around in this motherfuckin' tin can.
Oh man, I can't fucking believe this. Another basement, another elevator. How can the same thing happen to the same guy twice?
So you like that one huh? How 'bout you give me twenty bucks for it?...How 'bout I let you live?...Man sure knows how to bargain.
I'll be damned if I'm gonna clean up this mess.
Hey, asshole! What do I look like to you?...A sitting duck.

No fucking shit, lady. Do I sound like I'm ordering a pizza?
Now I know what a TV dinner feels like.
Man, if this is their idea of Christmas, I *gotta* be here for New Year's.
You ask for a miracle, I give you the F B I

It ain't easy saving the world, even one case at a time.
If I get any trouble outta you guys, I'm gonna integrate this jail.
What is it in us that seeks the truth? Is it our minds or is it our hearts?
And until we can see each other as equals, justice is never going to be even-handed. It will remain nothing more than a reflection of our own prejudices.
you think just like them, that's why I picked you; you are one of them , don't you see?. Oh, you think you ain't because you eat in Claude's and you are out there trying to get me off on TV talking about black and white, but the fact is you are just like all the rest of them. When you look at me, you don't see a man, you see a black man....America is a wall and you are on the other side. How's a black man ever going to get a fair trial with the enemy on the bench and in the jury box?. My life in white hands? You, that's how. You are my secret weapon because you are one of the bad guys. You don't mean to be but you are. It's how you was raised. Nigger, negro, black, African-american, no matter how you see me, you see me different, you see me like that jury sees me, you are them. Now throw out your points of law. If you was on that jury, what would it take to convince you to set me free? That's how you save my ass. That's how you save us both.
If you win this case, justice will prevail, and if you lose, justice will also prevail. Now that is a strange case.
I want to tell you a story. I'm going to ask you all to close your eyes while I tell you the story. I want you to listen to me. I want you to listen to yourselves. Go ahead. Close your eyes, please. This is a story about a little girl walking home from the grocery store one sunny afternoon. I want you to picture this little girl. Suddenly a truck races up. Two men jump out and grab her. They drag her into a nearby field and they tie her up and they rip her clothes from her body. Now they climb on. First one, then the other, raping her, shattering everything innocent and pure with a vicious thrust in a fog of drunken breath and sweat. And when they're done, after they've killed her tiny womb, murdered any chance for her to have children, to have life beyond her own, they decide to use her for target practice. They start throwing full beer cans at her. They throw them so hard that it tears the flesh all the way to her bones. Then they urinate on her. Now comes the hanging. They have a rope. They tie a noose. Imagine the noose going tight around her neck and with a sudden blinding jerk she's pulled into the air and her feet and legs go kicking. They don't find the ground. The hanging branch isn't strong enough. It snaps and she falls back to the earth. So they pick her up, throw her in the back of the truck and drive out to Foggy Creek Bridge. Pitch her over the edge. And she drops some thirty feet down to the creek bottom below. Can you see her? Her raped, beaten, broken body soaked in their urine, soaked in their semen, soaked in her blood, left to die. Can you see her? I want you to picture that little girl. Now imagine she's white.
There's nothing you can say. I know you didn't want any of this to happen, but it happened all the same. You wagered all our lives on this. You just went ahead and did what you felt you had to do, no matter what the cost. Some folks think that's brave. Not me, Jake. Now, you may win, but I think we've all lost here.

This is very cruel. You're giving them hope. You shouldn't do that. *That's* cruel!
This list... is an absolute good. The list is life. All around its margins lies the gulf.
if this factory ever produces a shell that can actually be fired, I'll be very unhappy.
It's Hebrew, it's from the Talmud. It says, "Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire."

He's not my kid. He's not even my dog. If my dog had a kid, and that kid had a pet, that would be him.

Okay, look, I think we got off on the wrong foot here...That's all you got, lady. Two wrong feet and fucking ugly shoes.
What makes you think you can just walk in there and take whatever you want?...They're called boobs, Ed.
How many numbers you got?...Oh, I got numbers comin' outta my ears. For instance: ten....Ten?...Yeah. That's how many months old my baby girl is....You got a little girl?...Yeah. Yeah, sexy, huh? How 'bout this for a number? Six. That's how old my other daughter is, eight is the age of my son, two is how many times I've been married - and divorced; sixteen is the number of dollars I have in my bank account. 850-3943. That's my phone number, and with all the numbers I gave you, I'm guessing zero is the number of times you're gonna call it.

Our Father, who art in Calgary, Bobsled be thy name. Thy kingdom come, gold medals won, on Earth as it is in Turn Seven. With Liberty and Justice for Jamaica and Haile Selassie. Amen.
What I am saying to you, is that you are the kind of club-toting, raw-meat-eating, Me-Tarzan-You-Jane-ing big bald bubblehead that can only count to ten if he's barefoot or wearing sandals.
How 'bout I beat your butt right now?...How 'bout I draw a line down the middle of your head so it looks like a butt?
All right, Derice. Let me lay out some difficulties for you. Snow: you don't have any. It's nine hundred degrees outside. Time: you don't have any. The Olympics are in three months. And me: you don't have me. As far as I'm concerned, the sport of bobsledding no longer exists. I don't want to do it, I don't want to coach it, and most of all, and I do mean most of all, I don't want to be within two thousand miles of anybody who does. Now did you follow all that?
Oh, yeah, just one little drawback to this delightful winter sport. The high-speed crash. Ooh! That hurt. Always remember, your bones will not break in a bobsled. No, no, no. They shatter.
Seemin' to you nobody likes us?...We're different. People are always afraid of what's different.
But if you're not enough without one, you'll never be enough *with* one.
Whatever's wrong with you is no little thing.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I'm not the one you should be

OK, so yesterday was gorgeous. I walked to HyVee in a t-shirt, and I was sweating by the time I got back (that could have been because I was carrying a bag of frozen dinners...). And last night I slept in a tank top and sweatpants, nothing else, with the window open all night long AND THERE WAS STILL SNOW ON THE GROUND. Today's supposed to be pretty nice too.

To all the bike riders in the central Iowa area: Remember this next time you go for a ride: I am sitting at home crying (ok maybe not quite), because it hurts to hear those bikes go by and not be able to be on the back of them. Hell it hurts even worse to see them when I'm out walking....

So, I've seriously cut back on my blog reading, or rather I deleted the ones that haven't updated in more than 3 months, plus a couple I've decided that I really don't give a damn about their lives and I'm pissed cause I've linked to them, commented on their blog and they don't link to me. Yes, I know I live a boring life, which means my blog isn't very exciting. Thanks for informing me of that AS IF I DIDN'T KNOW!!!
And I'm editing some of them out of my links, we'll see if you notice the difference.

So, I recently read this post and this response to it. I find it just wrong that people don't appreciate the police. I'm 99% sure all the officers I know here, know I support and appreciate everything they do to protect my city. People don't realize that if the police weren't around the whole city (hell, the country and probably the world) would go to hell. Chaos would break out, people wouldn't be able to leave their house without feeling safe, everything about their everyday lives would be done in terror. So, the next time you see a cop, tell them how much you appreciate what they are doing.

Monday, March 12, 2007


OK, I need a little help from all you computer savvy people out there. Last week, I downloaded the new MSN Messenger, and inadvertantly deleted some of my Hotmail contacts. (It lists all your contacts on this new one, so I was deleting the people that weren't hotmail contacts, which unfornately deleted them in my Hotmail account as well). Does anyone know if there's any way to recover these contacts?
A little help would be greatly appreciated. (I did add back the ones that I remembered, but there are a few I deleted that I have no idea who [how horrible is that] they were)

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Happy Dance

So, you probably all know I watch the Amazing Race. Anyways, this season it's allstar time, I think they picked some of the teams that played the hardest. Lo and behold the people I HATE, Rob and Amber (from Survivor originally, I believe Amber won that, then she married Rob and they went on The Amazing Race, thankfully they didn't win). Among the others are (in case anyone cares, otherwise, you'll just have to wade through this) 3 teams of gay guys (gay guys must play hard), a retired cop and his wife, a black couple that already won one (which I'm not quite sure why you would give them another chance to win a million dollars, as if they don't have enough already), a little person and her cousin, two beauty queens, two guys and their girlfriends (one team was on separate teams in the race they ran, and are now dating), and a southern couple. As of now they are down to 7 teams: 2 teams of gay guys, the retired cop and wife, the black couple, the little person and cousin, the beauty queens, and one of the guy/girlfriend teams. I haven't really figured out who I'm rooting for, most likely one of the teams from the seasons I watched: black couple, beauty queens, guy/girlfriend, course I don't think if you already won an obscene amount of money that you should be able to have the chance to win again.
Also, about delirium, the show didn't really interest me, I got to go in and watch a little, but just didn't excite me. I was rather annoyed that there were only 3 cops on duty, 2 college and 1 local pd. And of course, no one I knew :( Also, I've gotten this feeling from people that travel/work with other shows that come, they feel that they're better than us (the workers of the center) and they kinda blow us off. At the Dierks Bentley concert where we had the altercation with the cowboys, one of the security people with the show walked by and I asked him to help us out, but he just breezed by. Actually today it wasn't so bad, last night they seemed ruder. Maybe it was just cause it was the end of the day.
I'm also getting sick of the small crowds we're drawing. Now this could have been since the first 2 shows were cancelled and rescheduled so people couldn't come to these 2 dates. But DB was a pretty small crowd as well.

At least you got it all out

Las Vegas, NV: Officer Evan Rosenthal,
“I don’t want any problems with you,” Ummm too late “I thought you was a thug…I thought it was Christmas” Wow, Officer Rosenthal gets really on edge when you call him a thug
Fontana, CA: the patron saint of all drug dealers, the Cadillac key that’s kinda worn down on the sides. It’s always somebody else
Boise, ID: Officer Chris Rogers
OK, dad sucks, let me lecture you like you’re a teenager. Am I the only one that thought it was funny Mom called him Mr. Rogers?
Palm Beach County, FL: Deputy Mark Lanier
Now here’s a thought, we always see and hear about the criminals kicking out the side windows (some even in bare feet), why don’t they make the windows stronger?
Palm Springs, CA: Officer Anthony Pilutik,
Yes, I can now recognize Officer P by his voice. Why do they make them cross their ankles when they sit down? My first thought would be to make it harder to run, but I don’t think it would make that much of a difference. I love this ep, where the guy has a note about how he’s getting his drugs, and he forgets to throw it away. Some people make it soo easy for the cops. “What am I supposed to do?” “Your’s supposed to not smoke crack”
Pittsburgh, PA: Detective Calvin Kennedy
“Most of the people down here know our cars are drug cars” Doesn’t that kinda defeat the purpose of an unmarked car?

And the stattuete goes to
Officer Anthony Pilutik
Palm Springs, CA
(big surprise there, huh?)

The stuff you learn....

I bet you all didn't know this, but I am a "spectacularly handsome man". Hell, I didn't even know that. I found this humorous email in my junk box when I got home last night:
add me, i don't add people i just accept invitations ^-^ but i wouldespecially enjoy it since you are such a spectacularly handsome man my nameis on Msn Messenger
Anyone who wants to add her, by all means, go ahead, I will have nothing against you. LOL

Well, last night's show was uneventful. That's all I'm posting for now, as I have another show today to work, so I'll post more after that one.

Enjoy your day all.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Last one today, I promise

Most people can't live without their cell phone, so here's a survey about it. OK Go Grab your phone!
1. What color is your phone? Silver
2. Who's the first person who comes up under the letter M? Me
3. Who's the last person you called? the plumber
4. Who was your last missed call from? my dad
5. Who's the 2nd person who comes up under D? my dad (Don)
6. Who's speed dial 2? my mom
7. Who's the 3rd person who comes up under J? I don't have a J
8. Who was your last received call from? my dad
9. Who's speed dial number 4? my brother
10. What is your background? a pic of the cop cars here in town
11. How many text messages are currently in your inbox? 0 unread/5 total
12. Who's speed dial #1? Karli
13. What's the 5th message say in your inbox? from? Karli wishing me a Merry Christmas
14. Who's the 1st person who comes up under B? Becki C
15. Who was your last text message from? Karli
16. Name every person you have text messages from: Karli
17. Have you seen the 101 Chuck Norris facts list on nope
18. Who's the 9th person on your missed calls? Karli
19. What does the 6th message in your Outbox say? to who? me telling Karli I was having more fun than her cause I was folding fabric and she was at a wrestling match
20. Who is the first name in your Phonebook? alphabetical - Ames PD
21. Who is the last name in your Phonebook? Tara
22. Do you have a camera phone? Yes
23. Who is the last person under G? Geoff (I only have 1 G)
24. What does the first text message say in your inbox? From? From Karli saying it was possible that we were both very bored (relating to the 6th message)
25. Who is the second person under K? Kevin

Are we having fun yet?

OK, so I'm watching WifeSwap (yes, joke away). I was caught up in it because there's a prison guard and her husband, a cop, and they don't discipline their kids. They have 3 kids, a 12 yr old that looks after the 2 younger ones. And they live in this disgusting house, the mom feels she didn't make the messes she shouldn't clean them up, the house is disgusting (and I don't clean that much, so it's nasty). The other family is a dance family, the mother makes the kids dance almost 24/7, it's so wrong. I was sucked in cause the cop was pretty damn hott, unfortunately I couldn't find a pic, sorry all. But he's got that crewcut that turns me on.

And in other news....more stuff from my Reader's Digest
They're coming up with a diet pill for a dog. It's hard enough getting a person to diet, now they think they can make a dog? The rules are pretty much the same: take the drug for 6-10 months, follow a diet, and exercise regularly.
Also, you can now take your dog out on the town. Chow in New Haven, CT has a Yappy Hour every Wednesday. There is a Dog Bar in Charlotte, NC. Ham Barker Helper is offered at the Tin Shed Garden Cafe in Portland, OR. Also, the White Sox and other major and minor league teams are setting aside a game day for dogs.

Here's a new exercise for you all: the average American pushes a vacuum around the house more than 18 miles a year.

Come back baby, please come back

Men are happier people:
What do you expect from such simple creatures? Your last name stays put. The garage is all yours. Wedding plans take care of themselves. Chocolate is just another snack. You can be President. You can never be pregnant. You can wear a white T-shirt to a water park. You can wear NO shirt to a water park. Car mechanics tell you the truth. The world is your urinal. You never have to drive to another gas station restroom because this one is just too icky. You don't have to stop and think of which way to turn a nut on a bolt. Same work, more pay. Wrinkles add character. Wedding dress $5000 Tux rental-$100. People never stare at your chest when you're talking to them. The occasional well-rendered belch is practically expected. New shoes don't cut, blister, or mangle your feet. One mood all the time.
Phone conversations are over in 30 seconds flat. You know stuff about tanks. A five-day vacation requires only one suitcase. You can open all your own jars. You get extra credit for the slightest act of thoughtfulness. If someone forgets to invite you, he or she can still be your friend.
Your underwear is $8.95 for a three-pack. Three pairs of shoes are more than enough. You almost never have strap problems in public. You are unable to see wrinkles in your clothes. Everything on your face stays its original color. The same hairstyle lasts for years, maybe decades. You only have to shave your face and neck.
You can play with toys all your life. Your belly usually hides your big hips. One wallet and one pair of shoes -- one color for all seasons. You can wear shorts no matter how your legs look. You can "do" your nails with a pocket knife. You have freedom of choice concerning growing a mustache. You can do Christmas shopping for 25 relatives on December 24 in 25 minutes.
No wonder men are happier.

So continuing on with the soundtrack of my life, I found a song that relates to my (lack of) realtionship with dream guy

Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne

Hey Hey You You
I don't like your girlfriend
No way No way
I think you need a new one
Hey Hey You You
I could be your girlfriend

Hey Hey You You
I know that you like me
No way No way
No, it's not a secret
Hey Hey You You
I want to be your girlfriend

You're so fine
I want you mine
You're so delicious
I think about you all the time
You're so addictive
Don't you know
What I can do
To make you feel alright

Don't pretend I think you know
I'm damn precious
And hell yeah
I'm the mother fucking princess
I can tell you like me too
And you know I'm right

She's like so whatever
You can do so much better
I think we should get together now
And that's what everyone's talking about

Hey Hey You You
I don't like your girlfriend
No way No way
I think you need a new one
Hey Hey You You
I could be your girlfriend

Hey Hey You You
I know that you like me
No way No way
No, it's not a secret
Hey Hey You You
I want to be your girlfriend

I can see the way
I see the way
You look at me
And even when you look away
I know you think of me
I know you talk about me all the time
again and again

So come over here
and tell me what I wanna hear
Better, yet, make your girlfriend disappear
I don't wanna hear you say her name ever again

OK, I have no idea if the 2nd verse is true (it would be nice if it was, but I doubt it).

Found this in my April Reader's Digest. The money "provides the means to send children on a camping adventure - a week to forget about cancer and a week to share experiences with friends - a week to do art - a week to laugh and enjoy the wonders of summer!" So, it's a great cause. It sucks when anyone gets cancer, but children are just trying to grow up, they don't need to dealw ith cancer as well.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Forgive and forget

More email stuff

I am the boy who never finished high school, because I got called a fag everyday
I am the girl kicked out of her home because I confided in my mother that I am a lesbian.
I am the prostitute working the streets because nobody will hire a transsexual woman.
I am the sister who holds her gay brother tight through the painful, tear-filled nights.
We are the parents who buried our daughter long before her time.
I am the man who died alone in the hospital because they would not let my partner of twenty-seven years into the room.
I am the foster child who wakes up with nightmares of being taken away from the two fathers who are the only loving family I have ever had. I wish they could adopt me.
I am not one of the lucky ones. I killed myself just weeks before graduating high school. It was simply too much to bear.
We are the couple who had the realtor hang up on us when she found out we wanted to rent a one-bedroom for two men.
I am the person who never knows which bathroom I should use if I want to avoid getting the management called on me.
I am the mother who is not allowed to even visit the children I bore, nursed, and raised. The court says I am an unfit mother because I now live with another woman.
I am the domestic-violence survivor who found the support system grow suddenly cold and distant when they found out my abusive partner is also a woman.
I am the domestic-violence survivor who has no support system to turn to because I am male.
I am the father who has never hugged his son because I grew up afraid to show affection to other men.
I am the home-economics teacher who always wanted to teach gym until someone told me that only lesbians do that.
I am the woman who died when the EMTs stopped treating me as soon as they realized I was transsexual.
I am the person who feels guilty because I think I could be a much better person if I didnt have to always deal with society hating me.
I am the man who stopped attending church, not because I don't believe, but because they closed their doors to my kind.
I am the person who has to hide what this world needs most, love.
I am the person ashamed to tell my own friends im a lesbian, because they constantly make fun of them.
I am the boy tied to a fence, beaten to a bloody pulp and left to die because two straight men wanted to "teach me a lesson"
I am the man who offered a place to wait for someone waiting on the street and had my skull crushed and neck stabbed because I mention he was cute.

So, I took a shower today to try out my new shower. I couldnt' get any hot water. I really hate cold showers. So, I got out wrapped myself in a towel, wrapped my bathrobe around that, grabbed a pair of undies and some jeans and went downstairs for a hot rinse. I called the plumber and he said he thought he adjusted it enough. Ther's an extra temperature adjuster on the shower so you don't have to adjust it when you turn it on, it wouldn't go past the connection between the red and blue (cold and hot). Apparenetly he didn't think I like some hot or even warm water in my shower. Actually I'm one of those people that LOVE scalding hot showers.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I have a toilet

UGH. So, the first thing my mom does when she comes up to see the lights and toilet. You need to clean up, there's grit on the floor, you need to clean out the shower, paint over the glitch in the wall, yada, yada, yada. She groans at me because the electrician said the fan blades (their celing fan downstairs) got bent from the way it was sitting on the floor and they should get a new one, because I didn't notice the tiny bit of wall that was missing around the outlet in the bathroom, and because the carpenter didn't come today. Obviously cause it's my fault. And she groaned at me, cause I'm not as excited sounding as she is about this project. Just cause I don't look excited, so obviously I'm not excited. HELLO I HAVE A TOILET AND A SHOWER I'M JUMPING FOR JOY!!!!
I also love it how when she comes I have to stop everything I'm doing and chat with her about this stuff. God forbid I be doing anything, cause it stops when she comes in that door, and I better talk with her about this.
Today, I did walk off cause I was watching TV and I wanted to watch it. So, I did.

Black ol' sun

Alright, a couple pics for y'all.
The view of my bathroom (at the moment) from the door. That's my frog bathmat (he's cute, isn't he?) and my nice shower curtain, and you can kinda see the walls are painted now.
This is my phone (more about this below)
My phone open (you can't see it real well, but that's a pic of one of the cop cars in my city)
So, my brother says I can have an upgrade on my phone, says I can pick any one of these phones. I like my phone, course it's a hand-me-down from my brother (typical) but I've grown attached to it (and I've never quite figured out how to take the pictures off of it, there's quite a few bike pics, and a couple from FL a couple years ago, and a few from Chicago).
Though I do like the blue ones.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I'm Elmo

Just a few things I stumbled over in reading emails today:
One Flaw In Women
Women have strengths that amaze men.
They bear hardships and they carry burdens, but they hold happiness, love and joy.
They smile when they want to scream.
They sing when they want to cry.
They cry when they are happy and laugh when they are nervous.
They fight for what they believe in.
They stand up to injustice.
They don't take "no" for an answer when they believe there is a better solution.
They go without so their family can have.
They go to the doctor with a frightened friend.
They love unconditionally.
They cry when their children excel and cheer when their friends get awards.
They are happy when they hear about a birth or a wedding.
Their hearts break when a friend dies.
They grieve at the loss of a family member, yet they are strong when they think there is no strength left.
They know that a hug and a kiss can heal a broken heart.
Women come in all shapes, sizes and colors.
They'll drive, fly, walk, run or e-mail you to show how much they care about you.
The heart of a woman is what makes the world keep turning.
They bring joy, hope and love.
They have the compassion and ideas.
They give moral support to their family and friends.
Women have vital things to say and everything to give.

Everyone has a personality of a cartoon character. Have you ever asked yourself what cartoon character do you most resemble? A group of investigators got together and analyzed the personalities of well known and modern cartoon characters. The information that was gathered was made into this test. Answer all the questions (only 10) with what describes you best, add up all your Points (which are next to the answer that you choose) at the end and look for your results. Do not cheat by looking at the end of the e-mail before you are done!
1. Which one of the following describes the perfect date?
a) Candlelight dinner (4 pts.)
B) Fun/Theme Park (2 pts.)
c) Painting in the park (5 pts)
d) Rock concert (1 pt.)
e) Going to the movies (3 pts.)

2. What is your favorite type of music?
a) Rock and Roll (2 pts.)
B) Alternative (1 pt.)
c) Soft Rock (4 pts.)
d) Country (5 pts.)
e) Pop (3 pts.)

3. What type of movies do you prefer?
a) Comedy (2 pts.)
B) Horror (1 pt.)
c) Musical (3 pts.)
d) Romance (4 pts.)
e) Documentary (5 pts.)

4. Which one of these occupations would you choose if you only could choose one of these?
a) Waiter (4 pts.)
B) Professional Sports Player (5 pts.)
c) Teacher (3 pts.)
d) Police (2 pts.)
e) Cashier (1 pt)

5 What do you do with your spare time?
a) Exercise (5 pts.)
B) Read (4 pts.)
c) Watch television (2 pts.)
d) Listen to music (1 pt.)
e) Sleep (3 pts.)

6. Which one of the following colors do you like best?
a) Yellow (1 pt.)
B) White (5 pts.)
c) Sky Blue (3 pts. )
d) Dark Blue (2 pts.)
e) Red (4 pts.)

7. What do you prefer to eat?
a) Snow (3 pts.)
B) Pizza (2 pts.)
c) Sushi (1 pt.)
d) Pasta (4 pts.)
e) Salad (5 pts.)

8 What is your favorite holiday?
a) Halloween (1 pt.)
B) Christmas (3 pts.)
c) New Year (2 pts.)
d) Valentine's Day (4 pts.)
e) Thanksgiving (5 pts.)

9. If you could go to one of these places which one would it be?
a)Paris(4 pts)
B) Spain(5 pts)
c) Las Vegas(1 pt)
d) Hawaii(4 pts)
e) Hollywood(3 pts)

10. With which of the following would you prefer to spend time with?
a) Someone Smart (5 pts.)
B) Someone attractive (2 pts.)
c) Someone who likes to Party (1 pt.)
d) Someone who always has fun (3 pts.)
e) Someone very sentimental (4 pts.)

Now add up your points and find out the answer you have been waiting for! Very interesting to see "who" your friends are!
(10-16 points) You are Garfield: You are very comfortable, easy going, and you definitely know how to have fun but sometimes you take it to an extreme. You always know what you are doing and you are always in control of your life. Others may not see things as you do, but that doesn't mean that you always have to do what is right. Try to remember, your happy spirit may hurt you or others.
(17-23 points) You are Snoopy: You are fun, you are very cool and popular. You always know what's in and you are never are out of style you are good at knowing how to satisfy everyone else. You have probably disappeared for a few days more than once but you always come home with the family values that you learned. Being married and having children are important to you, but only after you have had your share of fun times
(24-28 points) You are Elmo: You have lots of friends and you are also popular, always willing to give advice and help out a person in need. You are very optimistic and you always see the bright side of things. Some good advice: try not to be too much of a dreamer. Dreaming too big could cause many conflicts in your life.
(29-35 points) You are Sponge Bob SquarePants: You are the classic person that everyone loves. You are the best friend that anyone could ever have and never wants to lose. You never cause harm to anyone and they would never not understand your feelings. Life is a journey, it's funny and calm for the most part. Stay away from traitors and jealous people, and you will be stress free.
(36-43 points) You are Charlie Brown: You are tender, you fall in love quickly but you are also very serious about all relationships. You are a family person. You call your Mom every Sunday. You have many friends and may occasionally forget a few Birthdays. Don't let your passion confuse you with reality.
(44-50 points) You are Dexter: You are smart and definitely a thinker... Every situation is fronted with a plan. You have a brilliant mind. You demonstrate very strong family principles. You maintain a stable routine but never ignore a bad situation when it comes. Try to do less over thinking every once in a while to spice things up a bit with spontaneity!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Are you dirt?

History Exam...
1. Everyone over 40 should have a pretty easy time at this exam If you are under 40 you can claim a handicap.
2. This is a History Exam for those who don't mind seeing how much they really remember about what went on in their life.
3. Get paper and pencil and number from 1 to 20.
Write the letter of each answer and score at the end. Do it now; you won't remember the score, especially if you are waaay over 40! Then, best of all, before you pass this test on, put your score in the subject line and don't forget to send it back to me!
1. In the 1940's, where were automobile headlight dimmer switches located?
A. On the floor shift knob
B. On the floor board, to the left of the clutch
C. Next to the horn

2. The bottle top of a Royal Crown Cola bottle had holes in it. For what was it used?
A. Capture lightning bugs
B. To sprinkle clothes before ironing
C. Large salt shaker

3. Why was having milk delivered a problem in northern winters?
A. Cows got cold and wouldn't produce milk
B. Ice on highways forced delivery by dog sled
C. Milkmen left deliveries outside of front doors and milk would freeze, expanding and pushing up the cardboard bottle top

4. What was the popular chewing gum named for a game of chance?
A. Blackjack
B. Gin
C. Craps!

5. What method did women use to look as if they were wearing stockings when none were available due to rationing during W.W.II?
A. Suntan
B Leg painting
C. Wearing slacks

6. What postwar car turned automotive design on its ear when you couldn't tell whether it was coming or going?
A. Studebaker
B. Nash Metro
C. Tucker

7. Which was a popular candy when you were a kid?
A. Strips of dried peanut butter
B. Chocolate licorice bars
C. Wax coke-shaped bottles with colored sugar water inside

8. How was Butch wax used?
A. To stiffen a flat-top haircut so it stood up
B. To make floors shiny and prevent scuffing
C. On the wheels of roller skates to prevent rust

9. Before inline skates, how did you keep your roller skates attached to your shoes?
A With clamps, tightened by a skate key
B. Woven straps that crossed the foot
C. Long pieces of twine

10. As a kid, what was considered the best way to reach a decision?
A. Consider all the facts
B. Ask Mom
C. Eeny-meeny-miney-MO

11. What was the most dreaded disease in the 1940's?
A. Smallpox
C. Polio

12. "I'll be down to get you in a ________, Honey"
B. Taxi
C. Streetcar

13. What was the name of Caroline Kennedy's pet pony?
A. Old Blue
B. Paint
C. Macaroni

14. What was a Duck-and-Cover Drill?
A. Part of the game of hide and seek
B. What you did when your Mom called you in to do chores
C. Hiding under your desk, and covering your head with your arms in an A-bomb drill.

15. What was the name of the Indian Princess on the Howdy Doody show?
A. Princess Summerfallwinterspring
B. Princess Sacajawea
C. Princess Moonshadow

16. What did all the really savvy students do when mimeographed tests were handed out in school?
A. Immediately sniffed the purple ink, as this was believed to get you high
B. Made paper airplanes to see who could sail theirs out the window
C. Wrote another pupil's name on the top, to avoid their failure

17. Why did your Mom shop in stores that gave Green Stamps with purchases?
A. To keep you out of mischief by licking the backs, which tasted like bubble gum
B. They could be put in special books and redeemed for various household items
C. They were given to the kids to be used as stick-on tattoos

18. Praise the Lord, and pass the _________?
A. Meatballs
B. Dames
C. Ammunition

19. What was the name of the singing group that made the song "Cabdriver" a hit?
A. The Ink Spots
B. The Supremes
C. The Esquires

20. Who left his heart in San Francisco ?
A. Tony Bennett
B. Xavier Cugat
C. George Gershwin

1. B ) On the floor, to the left of the clutch. Hand controls, popular in Europe, took till the late '60's to catch on
2. B) To sprinkle clothes before ironing. Who had a steam iron?
3. C) Cold weather caused the milk to freeze and expand, popping the bottle top.
4. A) Blackjack Gum.
5. B) Special makeup was applied, followed by drawing a seam down the back of the leg with eyebrow pencil.
6. A ) 1946 Studebaker.
7. C) Wax coke bottles containing super-sweet colored water.
8 A) Wax for your flat top (butch) haircut.
9. A) With clamps, tightened by a skate key, which you wore on a shoestring around your neck.
10. C) Eeny- meeny-miney-mo.
11. C) Polio. In beginning of August, swimming pools were closed, movies and other public gathering places were closed to try to prevent spread of the disease.
12. B) Taxi. Better be ready by half-past eight!
13. C) Macaroni.
14. C) Hiding under your desk and covering your head with your arms in an A-bomb drill.
15. A) Princess Summerfallwinterspring. She was another puppet.
16. A) Immediately sniffed the purple ink to get a high.
17. B) Put in a special stamp book, they could be traded for household items at the Green Stamp store.
18. C) Ammunition, and we'll all be free.
19. A) The widely famous 50's group: The Inkspots.
20. A) Tony Bennett, and he sounds just as good today.. popular
17- 20 correct: You are older than dirt, and obviously gifted with mental abilities. Now if you could only find your glasses. Definitely someone who should share your wisdom!
12 -16 correct: Not quite dirt yet, but you're getting there.
0 -11 correct: You are not old enough to share the wisdom of your experiences.

Do you know of the reputation here?

So, I had no urge to watch the COPS episodes I taped last night, wonder what that means?
Las Vegas, NV:
Just a few funny quotes from Officer Rodriguez: "Where ya gonna go now?" "What's the warrant for?" "Traffic warrant" "I would have laughed at you and said good night, now you're going to jail." "What you trying to run inbetween trees for? You think you're a cheetah? You got plowed. That tree beat ya."
Boise, ID: Officer Gary Miller
Two cars, one may or may not have accidentally hit the other, so the one that might have been hit is following the guy kinda erratically, and the guy's freaked cause he's got his young child with him, they stop, the guy with a kid gets out, other guy swears at him, so he hits the guy gets back in his car and drives off. Once they both figure out what happened and realized how the other person was feeling, they apologize to each other and end with the guy with the kid saying: "If you're old enough to have a beer, let me know?" What better way to end a confrontation?
Palm Springs, CA: Officer Matt Beard,
Atlanta, GA:
Officer Dolson gots some nice ink on his forearm there.
Oskaloosa County,

Has anyone noticed that there's a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie coming out? It's all cg'ed. I doubt it could be better than the first 2 with actors in costumes.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

I must be strong and carry on

OK, first of all I would like to apologize to my readers about my lack of posting material and how I'm complaining about snow shit. But, that's what's going on in my lack of a life right now, if you don't wanna read about it, LEAVE.
So, today, my mom's in a bitchy mood, and I just know, I'm gonna experience it head on later. We went out to get flooring for my bathroom, and paint and towels and floor mat and all that other fun shit.Well the flooring place didn't open til after 10, we were there shortly after 9, wouldn't you check on that first? So, we went to Target to get shit, she was gonna pick up a pay as you go cell phone, because she's going to NY a week from today, and she can't figure out how to get her voicemail messages on her phone. So, instead of calling the customer service people, she thought she'd buy one of these phones. She decided they're too much, because you buy the phone, and then you have to buy minutes. WELL DUH!!! Isn't that how all phones are? So, she decided that people will just have to leave a message with the other person on the trip.
And then we were figuring out color schemes for my bathroom as we're painting this weekend. And she's gotta have everything match, which doesn't bother me so much, but she was saying "I think this looks better etc" I guess it's a good thing it's your bathroom. So, I got me a frog bathmat (cause it's no fun being grown up all the time) and we based it off that. Got me striped shower curtain, towels, soap dispenser (which I think we're taking back, cause I don't like it), and green towels to go with the shower curtain. And beige walls (which is what I suggested in the beginning cause its a small space and it would be too much color otherwise).
We picked up the floor, and then went to get paint (cause the flooring place gave us a special % off card at the paint store). We get to the paint store, tell them the paint and they fill up a can, and then proceed to tell us the card we have doesn't apply to this paint.
And mom decided that since she's got a 1pm meeting me and dad get to work on snow. She complained to me that her hands hurt from using the snow shovel the other day. I was tempted to say, "Yea, mine hurt too the first time I used the damn shovel this season, it just means you have to use the shovel more" And dad complained about already doing 2 hrs of work outside, which I'd like to know where he did it, cause everything looks the same from when I did shoveling yesterday. Guess he forgot that I did shit yesterday and that excuse won't work on me, cause I know how it looked when I was done. I'm so sick of them complaining about it. Not like I don't do all that shit anyway and you don't see me complaining to them. And mom thinks because its sunny it's gonna be warm enough to be able to melt crap, it's not gonna be that warm. Ya gotta wait til tomorrow or Mon when it warms up. And you can bet I'll be out there doing it cause I'm so annoyed with them whining at me to get it done.
Work will not come soon enough tonight.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Let's Ride

So, me and Karli went to see Ghostrider tonight. Oh shit, that's a great movie, I'm gonna have to buy it when it comes out. And if I thought I got turned on by the commercials, well, lets just say I had a great experience during the movie. There's this one scene where the older ghostrider and Nicolas Cage are riding through the desert, the old one on a horse and Nicolas Cage on the bike, OMG, that really turned me on. I was grinning pretty much throughout the whole movie, it was pretty much like the first time I got to ride on a bike, and the first (ok second) time I rode with a cop. Great experience. I recommend it if you like: bikes, comics (cause it's based on the Marvel comic Ghostrider), Nicolas Cage, skeletons. It's a great movie. I had heard that the story line was messed up, but I didn't really get that, though it was kinda weird how they just kinda invented the bad guys he was supposed to fight, but the whole sweetness of a fiery skeleton on a sweet bike kinda overshadowed that. And, it was nicely set up for a sequel at the end. I generally am not a big fan of sequels, but I like how they set up the end of this one, I would most likely go see a sequel.

My mother came to Hazard when I was just 7

ugh, so I'm a little worse for wear today. Thank you Snow God, when I meet you we're gonna have a show down. I don't mind the snow so much, but this 'storm' as the weather people are calling it, sucked to shovel afterwards. It rained pretty much all day yesterday (that's the good news), and then it started to snow last night. So, today when I went out (yes, Goddess, I did shovel), the slush from yesterday was frozen, with the snow filling in the patterns, that's hell to shovel. Cause it's not like its nice and flat to shovel. And then there were bits that were very drifted, but no big strong winds that the weather people said we'd have (I was kinda hoping we would for 2 reasons, one some of the snow would blow away, and two, I'd have a good reason not to go out and shovel). So, I decided to go out when it was supposed to feel the warmest (+9), well it was a lot warmer feeling than 9, or I'm sick, cause I had to go back in and change into my leather jacket from my big heavy winter jacket. And as I'm out there, I had the urge to take even my leather jacket off. I've heard and read that hypothermia makes you feel hot, so I could have been sick, but who knows, we all know I don't visit the dr. After about 45 minutes I got sick of trying to shovel snow that wasn't gonna move for me, and the fact that Dream Guy across the way (or his roommate) invested in a snowblower and was using that. So, I went inside, I was so pissed I was almost crying (I have no idea where those tears came from), so I was stripping off my coat, hat, scarf, boots, gloves, and pants (I had long underwear underneath), and my pants got caught in the headphone wire on my mp3 player and knocked it down a couple stairs, so I got pissed, swore and hit the wall (there was a lot of power in that hit), and now my hand hurts, nothing feels broken (not that I would know what something broken feels like, but I figured if the side of the hand feels the same as the other hand, it has to be normal, right?), but it does hurt.
Oh, and I've also decided that I would love it if I had a cop (or other guy to complain to) on one of my many IM lists. I figure, Goddess has to get annoyed with my complaining some time, and it would just be nice to have a guy to complain to. Someone that doesn't really know me (its more fun that way).

Thursday, March 01, 2007

my tail's froze and my nose is froze and my ears are froze

Pretty damn much. Me and mom were outside tackling the end of the driveway which seemed to have 4 ft of water in it (yes over assumption). My pants were soaked up to the knee. I got inside and now my legs are frozen from the hips down, my hands are frozen and very much in pain, my lips are frozen. I hate winter.
And tomorrow I get to get up and shovel. Hooray (hope you can read the sarcasm dripping from that)

sitting on the porch drinking ice cold cherry coke

Another funny for y'all to get your day going.
WOW! So everyone's getting all excited about the next winter storm. Last I heard they weren't even sure we were gonna get hit that heavily. Wouldn't that be great? Everyone stocking up on food, batteries and everything else, all the schools are closed or getting out early today, and then we get hardly anything. Course with our luck lately that won't be the case. I guess I'll just wait and see. I do have to go to the store as I don't have any food, I might actually be smart this time and buy shit that will be cheaper and/or not frozen. Cause we all know if we lose power, I'm not gonna be able to cook that food and it will thaw in the freezer, I'd be screwed either way. Course I'll probably get to the store and all that shit will be sold out. Oh well.
Well shit, I just heard one of our major highways in the state has been closed from my town up to the state above us, that's pretty damn major, guess we know the north's getting it.
OK, by now everyone's probably heard of that new mastercard Paypal. Well, I was thinking last night (while watching the commercial) doesn't it make it that much easier for a thief? This way they don't have to worry about forging the signature. Course I'm sure someone somewhere thought of that before it was made, right?
So, my bathroom project, I have drywalled walls all ready to be painted, which me and mom are doing this weekend to speed things up, course I still don't have a toilet, sink or any plumbing hooked up (at least not on) in there. And mom heard from the floor people yesterday, it's gonna take a week for the floor, well they can't put the toilet in before the floor, cause I guess its easier to cut it out without the toilet than with it. Ya know if this were their bathroom, my guess it would be done pretty damn quick. I don't mind the shower and using my kitchen sink but it sucks to go downstairs everytime I have to take a piss.

So, if y'all don't hear from me tomorrow, don't panic. It probably just means my power got knocked out. Wile my laptop can run on batteries, my dsl cannot. So, we'll see.