Saturday, August 20, 2011

This weekend's finds

I was not very interested in garage saleing this weekend, but a friend talked me into one sale, and I decided since a few more were close, I'd check them out. And then I went to our farmer's market.
At the farmer's market I bought 3 cake pops (one strawberry, once carrot cake, and one funfetti). I love cake pops, I only wish people would put less of the candy coating on the outside. I also bought a bag of snickerdoodles.
These are all from the sale, my friend talked me into, I actually walked right by it and had to go back. I'm keeping a few of these pins and selling the rest next weekend.

This bunch of stuff was in a bag, that I only wanted for the button collection at the top. There's doilies, fabric roses and some hearts

I think this cute pig was my find for the weekend, he's just so cute. Speaking of pigs I've started a collection, I have 3, there may be more coming.

I also bought some greeting cards, a bag of beads and a couple more pins

What did you guys find this weekend?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

My purchases.

I didn't plan to spend so much money, but since I hadn't gotten the job/promotion I applied for at the library, I did decide I was spending money on myself and I wasn't going to worry about it.
Here are the two notecards I bought at the art gallery, the bag of button , for a closer look at them, check out my art blog, the egg fabric
Here are the two linen pieces I found and the flower frog
Here's the two shirts I got at the consignment store. I had found quite a few cute shirts, but these two fit the best
And two Okoboji shirts, because you have to buy some of those while you're there
Now, you can't see the bag of candy I bought at the sugar shack, because that's gone.
I think I bought some great things, I just wish the weekend lasted longer, or that I got to have more time up there. I felt like we pushed a lot into the weekend and it would have been nice to spread it out and relax more. But, that seems to be the norm when I go up there lately. When I went with my ex three or four years ago, we had to be back by Tuesday afternoon, last year I had to be back by Monday afternoon and this year by Tuesday night.

Day three

All the pictures in this post are of chalk drawings from a contest in Spirit Lake, it had actually happened during the weekend, and we got to see these beautiful drawings when we were there on Monday.
It was a very relaxing morning on Monday, we all got up when we felt like it and just lounged around the condo.

At about 10AM we went mini golfing at Treasure Village, my mother felt sorry that my brother wasn't up there yet, so she decided to play a round with me (she never does that). We decided not to keep score and it was pretty fun. By the time we finished it was lunch time.

We went to a close town, Spirit Lake, and drove through looking for a place to eat. We decided to got to a little bistro called Rebab's. It was pretty good, I tried a pesto chicken sandwich, and it was great.

After lunch we went to another art gallery and were blown away by the gorgeous photographs. Mom and I loved them so much we bought some notecards.

We then went to a quilting shop, where my mom had tons of fun. I found a cute egg fabric to go with some bird images I had at home.

We then went to a consignment store where mom and I found a couple pieces of clothing. I also found a few linen pieces that I couldn't pass up.

After that, we went back to the condo and proceeded to pack up for the next day.

And that is the end of our short exciting weekend. Tuesday, we got up, packed the rest of our items and left.

I had taken over $100 with me and spent about $80. Between the sugar shack, the flea market, a t-shirt store, the art gallery, the quilting store, and the consignment shop, I spent that much money. You will get to see my purchases in the next post.

I was kinda disappointed that my brother couldn't make it up to spend some time with us, but we all know how work goes. He is up there now, and will be there til the end of the week.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My trip, Day one and two

I went on vacation this past weekend. My parents and I went up to Lake Okoboji, in Iowa. We have a timeshare there, and we decided we could take a long weekend. We left shortly before noon on Saturday and arrived there shortly after 3:30PM.
Our first stop was to go to a consignment store we'd been going to for 27 years, only to find out it had closed. Next we went to the mall that's right next door to our condo (we had time to kill as we couldn't check in until after 4PM), and had to stop at the Sugar Shack. It's a store that's all candy. I only bought somewhat healthy things this year (chocolate covered nuts are healthy, right?). We traveled down to the amusement park and past some cool cars. By the time we got back it was time to check in. Here's part of the view from our deck:
We decided to go to a local ribs joint across the street for supper. My mother was not impressed with it. When we got there, there were only 3 seats at the bar and it was sit yourself place. So, we're all crammed into the bar, with a big gap between the bar and us, it was a perfect setup to spill all over yourself.
I'm trying to be more healthy lately and drink only water, milk and the occasional adult beverage, but I almost stopped that night. A root beer float just sounded so great, fortunately for me, they were out of root beer. After supper we traveled back to the condo and relaxed for the night. It was pretty hard for me to sleep. I was in the smaller room with 2 single beds, I hadn't been in that room since I was there with my ex.

The next day, we got up early and went to our favorite place for breakfast, The Koffee Kup. Then we decided to walk off the calories we'd eaten (I don't think we even got close). The original plan was that my brother would be coming up on Sunday and we'd have a few days with him and his girlfriend, but work got in the way, and he wouldn't be arriving until Tuesday, the day we were leaving.

We weren't really sure what would be open on a Sunday, but we had seen an ad for a flea market on Tv on Sat night, so we went out to that. There was a lady selling buttons, both mom and I had a blast picking throught them. I also bought a flower frog, I've been wanting one of those for awhile. You'll see all my purchases in a later post.
This is a weird backpack I found in one of the stores. It wasn't much more bigger than a basketball, but cost over $30.

By the time we were done with the flea market, it was lunchtime, so we went to a local park and had a picnic. Afterward we went to an art gallery and then to the Barn Swallow for shopping.

After shopping, we decided to take an evening cruise on the Queen II, we got there a little early, so had to get some ice cream to pass the time. After the cruise we were all tired and went to bed.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

My apartment smells so yummy

And this is why:
I tried out a new recipe from The Best of Taste Of Home magazine I picked up at the grocery store the other day.
It's called a Chocolate Chai loaf. It used chai tea latte mix with chocolate and sour cream. My apartment smells like chai, yummy. The frosting (which makes me wonder if it's really a bread, because you don't frost bread) has the chai tea latte mix in it as well.

I also bought some Do Biz cookie dough at the store the other day and made these Garbage Great cookies.

I originally bought the dough just to eat it. Since, we are going to Okoboji this weekend and I wasn't sure how much longer it could sit open in the fridge, I used the rest of the dough to actually make cookies.

I originally planned to take the bigger chai bread to work, but I'm leaning toward taking the small loaf and taking the big loaf with us this weekend.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Job things

So, I learned some good news today. As you know I work at the public library here in my town. My boss created another job higher than my level but under my lead workers levels (they're basically my supervisors), that gives us some more responsibility plus benefits and a salary. I applied for it, I've only been there almost two years (will be two in Oct), but I have worked in a library in college, and I volunteered at the library for maybe a couple years before I started working here. I also do things when they need to be done, and volunteer when other people don't. Plus I love the job, and the people I get to work with.
Anywho, I applied for the job, and was asked to sign up for an interview time today. I signed up for the first one which happens to be tomorrow morning (Tues). Now, I'm kinda nervous, I have no idea what they will ask at the interview, plus I'm not really sure what to wear. I'm thinking maybe khaki pants and a nice shirt, but I really don't know. A friend said I should wear one of my nice skirts, but since I always seem to be wearing a skirt to work, I thought maybe something different.

Anyone have any encouraging comments, or suggestions on what I should wear? They would be very much appreciated.

And, no, the picture has nothing to do with this post, it's one of the Chinese paper cuts I bought last weekend, I just figured you might need something to look at.

Thanks All

Sunday, August 07, 2011

My Finds This Weekend

This weekend was tax free day on clothes here in Iowa. My aunt mentioned it after we went to lunch Friday, so dad decided he needed some shorts and I thought I'd see if there was any cute skirts on sale. I got a couple great bargains:
This one was originally marked at $48, and I got it for $9, it's marked as a small, but it sure feels larger.
This one was originally marked at $79, I wasn't sure what it would be, because there was no markdown on the tag, but it was so cute, and such a beautiful color, that I figured I'd see what it rung up as. It rang up as $17.70, the salesperson was also very surprised.

Then, my aunt and I went to a church sale, and I found a few cool buys, I found this cute sugar pitcher. I've noticed I love these heavier glass pieces, I have a few sugar bowls and a creamer. In fact, I have this same sugar bowl, only there's an etching in the side of it.

And even though I keep telling myself I'm not buying craft supplies, I did buy these flowers, and some punched paper. My justification is that the flowers are always so expensive in the stores, and I would love to have punches, but just to amass even a few is pretty expensive.

I went to quite a few sales on Saturday, one decided not to be open, and a few weren't very exciting, but I did find some things to buy. I bought a few crafty magazines at one and some Chinese papercuts, to see more about these, visit my other blog.

I also found this great bowl and doily

And a cute bear, more punched paper, and some birds

What exciting things did you guys find this weekend?