Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday Five

It's time for Thursday Five again. Here's this week's words:


1. I received my True Colors swap package yesterday. It was FABULOUS and totally worth the wait.

2. My birthday is Saturday, I will be making my own cake, but I know it will be very SATISFYING.

3. My guinea pig died yesterday, and my friends, here and on facebook, are being AMAZING and leaving me some nice heartfelt comments.

4. I got 2 colors of nail polish in my True Colors swap, pink and purple, and they are so SWEET! I'm planning on wearing them both today.

5. My mother and I are planning a little trip to some antique stores in the area tomorrow for our birthday celebrations (hers is on the 3rd), and I bet it will be JUBILANT.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

True Colors Swap

I received my True Colors Swap package. It majorly brightened up my day (see previous post). Here's what I saw when I opened the box:
Ironically, the card says "Sending loving thoughts your way. Hope tomorrow's a better day."
And here's all the packages waiting to be unwrapped.
There were a bunch of pom pom bugs (great minds must think alike, check out my other blog, here.), scented shower cream, body lotion, bug stickers, some candles a couple wooden bugs (I do have the butterfly already, but they're so cute!), scented kitchen bags, a candle holder, shoelaces, plastic bracelets, a homemade bracelet, and post it notes.
As well as 2 shower poufs, an eye mask, 2 scarves, 2 tall candle holders, pink and purple nail polish and a pedicure set.
I know there's only one tall candle holder in the picture, the other one didn't quite make it in one piece, so it'd being mended.
I'm so glad I choose to switch from my usual green/blue to pink/purple as my favorite color. After arranging my stuff in my apartment, it definitely helped brighten the place up.
Emily, this was totally worth the wait for. Thank you soo much.
Also, don't forget to sign up for my birthday giveaway, here.
My pig died.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Garage Saleing this week

It rained on Saturday, so I got to one sale before the rain started and then ended up going to a new farmer's market downtown.
Here's what I got:
A stuffed frog, a stuffed dragon, a white plastic table cloth, a tiny red dragon, 2 bags of pom poms and a cute little butterfly pin.
I also got a quart of peas at the farmer's market.

And I bought a couple cake pops, this one's carrot cake.

I ended spending about $6 at the farmer's market, and it was all on yummy stuff to eat, so it wasn't a total loss, plus I got a free bag.

It seemed like slim pickings for garage sales this week anyway, so it wasn't that bad.

Don't forget to sign up for my birthday giveaway here. I've only had one comment, so it looks like Kimberly's in the running to win already. I'm also adding some cute little plastic flower rings that I blinged out to the package. I had this great idea to add gems to the centers of them for party favors, until I realized I didn't really have a party and didn't have anyone to give them to. They are pretty cute though.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Birthday Giveaway

I changed my mind (I do that). I've decided to have a different giveaway for you guys for my birthday.

Remember this bag?
Anyways, I'm going to fill it with ways to pamper yourself for my giveaway.

Any comments on this post until my birthday (next Saturday) will be entered. I would love it if you blogged about this, if you leave a comment that you did, I will enter your name twice.

Good luck all!

Thursday Five

Today's words are:
1. Nice
2. Ideal
3. Enjoyable
4. Outrageous
5. Loveable

1. I received my Summer Essentials swap package today (see previous post), it was NICE.

2. It would have been IDEAL to see the box for my True Colors swap as well, but I can wait.

3. I watched The Black Swan last night, it was ENJOYABLE and weird, which way more than I can say about Somewhere, that movie, I felt like I wasted an hour and a half of my life on.

4. I had a dr's appointment this morning at 8:50, I thought it was OUTRAGEOUS that I was scheduled at that time, even though the clinic didn't open until 9, when I was helped, but then I also wasn't seen until 9:30. I told them all that on the survey they asked me to fill out afterwards.

5. My guinea pig will be so much more LOVEABLE when I clean her house today.

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Summer Essentials Swap

I joined Nicole's Summer Essentials Swap and received my swap package today from Jackie:
I received matching oven mitt, hand towel, and hot pad.

A shower pouf, shower gel, body lotion, fragrance mist, shea butter and foot salt.

A candle, Imagine hanging, and an Iris picture frame.

To see what other people got in the swap, go here. To see what I sent Jackie, go here.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Birthday Plans

So, it looks like my mother and I are going to go to some antique shops around Ames for my birthday. So far, we're planning on going to the one in Story City, one in Ellsworth and one in Jewel.

Anyone know of any other exciting ones to visit?

True Colors Swap

I signed up for a true colors swap, and my partner's favorite color was dark green, here's what I got for her.

A cute asian bag, some beads (she likes beading and jewelry making), some candle holders, a couple candles, a cute bear, a wolf pin (her favorite animal is a wolf), a buffalo key chain (she likes Native American items).
Cat coasters, and a glass cat (she likes cats), a frame I decorated.

And this way cool Captured Dragon.

For a more detailed description on this, head over here, to my art blog.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

An elephant

My coolest buy at garage sales yesterday was this bronze elephant. I saw it as I was walking up to the sale, and knew I had to buy it. I don't collect elephants, so I don't know why
At my first sale I picked up a Taste of Home magazine, three tiny birds, a cute glass leaf, a tiny jar, cute brass cup and a tiny charm
At the secon sale I picked up a cute plate, a bag of heart confetti, a Santa bag (so much for not buying my mother more Santas), a bunch of little plastic animals, a bag of jewelry (some pairs of earrings, a cute heart necklace, and a tiny bluebird), and a very cute stress dude
At that second sale, I saw brushes with hair still in them, gross!
And at my last sale I picked up this box of Easter eggs, I admit I only bought it for the prize egg, unfortunately, that just turned out to be a silver egg with a sticker.
I got a couple more to go to today. Let's see what I find at those.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Thursday Five

Or Friday Five, as I am late.
This week's words are:

1. I bet my parents are having a MEMORABLE trip. They're in DC until Sat on a battlefield tour.

2. I'm trying so hard to eat HEALTHY. I haven't had a frozen meal in awhile and I have been making my meals a lot lately. Though I did end up drinking a mountain dew last night.

3. I made this cool thing for my True Colors swap. I think it's pretty GRAND. I'll blog about it when I know my partner has received it. I mailed it today, so probably next week some time.

4. So, Wednesday, I got my swap package for the BEACH Swap. I thought it was pretty IMPRESSIVE that I received that one, which was mailed on the 9th from Australia before I received my package for my Summer Essentials swap, which was supposed to be mailed on June 4th. I still haven't received that package, last I heard, I got an email on June 6th saying she was finishing something and would have it in the mail that week. I'm beginning to wonder.

5. I hope I can be LUCKY and find something good at the garage sales this afternoon. Only problem, I'm having a hard time talking myself into going. I do have to go back to work tonight, so that's totally not motivating me to get all sweaty on my walk.

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

BEACH swap

I found this cute box waiting for me when I got home from work yesterday.
And even though I had to be back at work in less than an hour, change my clothes and eat lunch before then, I decided I needed to open it.
It was my BEACH swap from Ngaire in Australia
B: Something to take your things to the beach in:
E: To wear after a day at the beach.
Earrings, I think they need a little sparkle, so I might add some glitter glue to them
A: Little something so you don't loose your keys at the beach
Adorable key chain? I can't think of what else it would be. I've already added it to my backpack.
C: To chew on at the beach
Chocolate, have already opened it and munched on some of them, very good.
H: To soothe your hands after a day at the beach.
Hand lotion.

Thank you so much Ngaire, I love all the items.
I'm still waiting on my Summer Essentials swap from Jackie. I'm also finishing up a True Colors swap, have to pack and mail my package. And the gift swap in my collageATCs group.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Garage Sales and other stuff

I went to a couple garage sales this weekend, here's what I picked up:
2 stuffed animals, a wolf, and a pig planter
Funny thing about the wolf, I saw it on the payment table when I was paying, and asked if it was for sale, the lady said it was but someone had broken off it's toe. I asked if I could still have it (along with the piece of toe), when I got home I noticed it was orginally marked $5.00. There's no way I would have paid $5 for it. Also at the sale where I got the wolf, I had a bunch of tags maybe 5 inches tall, the lady said those were not for sale, they were in their box of labeling stuff. That box was under a table (where other marked things were), so I figured it was ok to dig through, plus I remember her watching me dig through it, why not move the box, or tell me when I'm digging through it?
I got a couple Pillsbury doughboy beanie babies, jewelry. She had that unmarked and said to give her a price
A cute purse, a dictionary (I'm getting quite a collection of these, I've noticed I can't pass them up if they are $1.00 or less, I actually bought 2 this weekend). Kids books
 Two cute garden stakes

I have a few ideas for some of the items I picked up today. I figured the purse can go in a giveaway, the Curious George and Arthur books I'm taking to the library, one of my coworkers uses good kids books for projects, and the lawn stakes my mother is getting for her birthday.
Nothing in the mail today, I'm still waiting to receive my Summer Essentials swap and my BEACH swap. My summer essentials partner emailed me on Monday saying she had to finish a homemade gift, but that it would be in the mail this week (mail by date was 6/4). My BEACH swap partner emailed me Thursday saying she had received my package and hers was now in the mail (mail by date was 6/1).
I'm a little annoyed with that. I've decided I'm not participating in any more swaps where you buy stuff and send a package. With the 2 above and the one I never got in December (it was a Christmas swap, my partner never mailed me a package, so the hostess had to spend more money and send me one), and the cost I've decided it's too much. I will finish the 2 swaps I'm in now, but won't sign up for more. Between garage saleing and buying for these swaps, my money has been really cut into, and since I don't spend near as much on garage sales, I'm keeping that. I figure I've spent most likely close to $100 on swaps since last fall, between getting things to send to my partner and postage, it does add up.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Thursday Five

It's that time of week again. Time for the Thursday Five. This week's words are:

1. I'm so HAPPY it's the end of the week and time for garage sales again.

2. I'm really GIDDY about next week and getting to put the suit on, my first appearance is on Monday, I'm also a little nervous.

3. Hopefully soon, I have a JOYFUL mail day, I'm waiting on packages from 2 swaps.

4. I'm really EXCITED about Karla's Birdsong Tag Swap, though after seeing some other blog writer's tags, I'm not sure if my idea will be as neat.

5. I'm very APPRECIATIVE to my coworkers for helping me out with things next week. I hope they will go smoothly and I can count on them in the future.

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Sunday, June 05, 2011

True Colors

I joined the True Colors Swap, and said my favorite colors were pink and purple. I figured I'd give my partner a couple examples of the range of those two colors I have in my apartment, and of course show some of the things I like as well:
This is a foam pink heart that's hanging with some felt flowers.
This is a pinwheel

Here's a vintage hankie I picked up

And some water squirters, I love anything to do with water.

A glass and a creamer, I'm big into vintage glassware

A daisy with a jewel center, I love fake cool looking flowers because they last forever

A string of felt flowers

a flower candle holder (can we see a pattern on the flowers here?)

A stuffed lion, I love stuffed animals

And a teacup I picked up at a garage sale yesterday

I really wish I had more purple items (and of course I thought of that later), in either deep purple (like the candle holder), or light purple (like the pinwheel). I'm sure you can also see a pattern with my vintage finds, I love glass ware, but I'm trying to collect more teacups, they're so cute.

I'm also into cartoony looking bugs, so if you find anything cool like that.

Otherwise, you can just peruse the rest of my blog and older posts, it's all about me.

Saturday, June 04, 2011


I signed up for a couple swaps, and I never take pictures of what I send people. I'ved decided to start doing that. Bear with me through the next 2 pictures, not everything in them is for the swaps.
My first summer swap is the Beach swap. We had to come up with something for every letter in the word beach. And these pictures are a little backwards.
Hibiscus plate
Here we have
Bird and Butterfly sticky notes
Exciting napkins
Adorable animal stickers
Card game
Happy bug

These were mailed to Australia on Tuesday, I have no idea how long it takes to get to Australia, but I bet it's not there yet.

My next swap was a summer essentials swap. We were supposed to decide what was essential for summer and send it to our partner.
I sent her a bag, a pair of flip flops, a bottle of hand sanitizer, some cute ladybug clips, a summery tablecloth, some water squirters, some bubbles, a beach ball, a couple bottles of nail polish, some emery boards, a sewing kit, and some hawaiian punch drink mixes.

So, everyone needs a bag to carry their stuff in (I actually got everything but the table cloth in it), you always need a pair of flip flops (unless you're me and have weird feet), hand sanitizer for all the things you touch in the summer, I just thought the clips were cute, tablecloth for picnics, water squirters because my partner said she loved the water, bubbles to play with, beach ball for the water, nail polish to decorate your nails, emery boards to keep nails pretty, sewing kit because she likes to sew, and hawaiian drink mix to help keep you hydrated.

I sent this package on Thursday, I had gotten home from shopping and decided I had everything I needed, so I sent it, the estimated get there date is today.

I hope she likes it.

I also signed up for a True Colors swap, but I'm not sure about that, I haven't heard back from the hostess yet, and today we're supposed to get our partners.

Friday, June 03, 2011

Friday Garage Sales

My computer says it's 92 degrees outside and with the humidity is feels a heck of a lot warmer, but that didn't stop me from walking almost 4 miles to do some garage saleing. Here's what I got:
A Pyrex mixing bowl
A cute little doll's dress I don't know what I'm going to do with this, but I couldn't pass it up.
A spoon, a fork, a pin missing some of it's rhinestones, a tiny glass, a ring with a green stone, and a cute little stick pin
And a pink teacup

Oh, and a nice sunburned face for free, anyone wanna buy it off me?
It looks really bad in that pic, I didn't realize it was that red. Oh well, what are you gonna do, other than make sure I put on sunscreen next time.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Thursday Five

This weeks words for Thursday Five are:

1. Monday was such a nice day, my family went to see the gian bug exhibit at Reiman Gardens. They were FASCINATING.
2. I got a couple PLEASANT t-shirts at Walmart today, one of them has a fluffy dandelion with a couple fluffs blowing away and underneath it says "Make a wish", the other one has a bee next to a flower, it says "Bee Happy".

3. My mother took a SWEET picture of me with the giant daddy long legs spider on Memorial day.

4. I joined another swap today, True Colors, it looks to be SENSATIONAL. You can still sign up until June 3rd (that's tomorrow).

5. A co-worker of mine said she would help me out with a couple projects at work, it was totally HEARTWARMING to not have to worry about them.

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