Monday, December 11, 2017

Why I am I so tired?

Day 11: Woke up feeling like I wanted to stay in bed all day, and then got up at 9. My Advent calendar goodies:
 The tiny book is from my pocket letter, the plaid cards and envelopes from the envelope countdown, and the rest from my advent calendar. I made those cute little snowflake wands. I love that tiny little book, it's got a lobster clasp on it.
I finished a book today, watched a movie and went to work.
I got two swaps in the mail today, a post it swap:
 and a personal swap:
There are two positions at my job that will be open soon, and both my direct boss and the one above that want me to apply. I was telling the upper boss today, that I was just bored with my life and didn't know what I wanted.
I want to live somewhere that's remotely warm all the time (not below 30), somewhere that I can walk everywhere. As to what I want to do in a job, I don't know. I'd really like to stay at home forever and just read books, pretty sure there's not a job that I can do just that. I want to move somewhere that's exciting, and that just isn't here right now. I also just want a girls day of shopping, chatting and eating, but apparently that's too much for anyone right now. I want co workers that care about the answer when they ask you 'how's it going'. I want a best friend that i can call up anytime and they will listen to me vent. I want friends that I can hang out with. I want the world to care about me.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

It's Laundry Day

Nothing too exciting going on today. My Advent calendar:
 The tag from the envelope countdown, the lip balm from the pocket letter and the pokemon ball and peanuts from mine.
What was in the pokemon ball:
I'm thinking, I'll pass it on to a friend who likes Pokemon. I'm not a huge fan of Pokemon.
I did two loads of laundry today, my second load was in the dryer when I left for work. I had to work at the library today, too.
While I was on break at the library, I saw someone had sent an email about getting a sub for next Sunday's basketball game, I will be pissed if they get a sub, I've been trying to find one for a month.
I wore my new brown boots and my new khaki pants today. I put on the khakis and noticed they were too long, so I pinned up the legs. My co-worker said I could just do a simple running stitch to hem them. I'm thinking if I just pinned up double what the hem is at now, it should be good. I knew they were a bit long when I tried them on but I thought they'd be ok once I got my boots on. I feel I need to wash and dry them before I decide they are too long.
I've decided, it must just be me. I had my new boots on today, and my feet still hurt after work.
I just want to read my book and ignore the world for the rest of the night.

Saturday, December 09, 2017

I got the shoes

On one of the youtube videos I watched yesterday, they said Target was having a buy one, get one 50% off on their shoes, so I went to Target today.
But, first, here's my Advent calendar:
 The striped paper clips from the envelope countdown, the Santa chocolate and other paper clips from the pocket letter and the donut keychain and earrings from mine.
Here's a close-up of the earrings:
 I was thinking at the end of the day yesterday, I wished I hadn't put everything fun in my Advent calendar. I put them in my ears right away. Part of the reason for buying all those cute earrings yesterday was because I don't really have a lot of whimsical earrings other than owls. I think I'll wear these for awhile.
So, like I said, I needed shoes and when I heard Target was having their sale, I knew I needed to go today. I really didn't want to because I had to work at 1, so I got up and left a little before 9.
My first stop was Dollar Tree, because I put all my cards together for co-workers and while everyone got a card, I wanted some more in case I missed someone.
 toys, cards, shadow box. I bought the toys just cause they were cute and a buck. I saw the shadow box in someone's video haul and wanted it, I didn't even mean to walk down the aisle I found it in. Why is it so hard to find holiday cards for cheap? I got this pack because it seemed to have the least amount of Christmas cards. Of course the ones I used this year were from a garage sale. I guess I'll just keep an eye out for more at garage sales this year.
Next up was Target:
My shoes for one of my jobs are not making it through a 4-hour shift anymore. Wednesday night, I was waiting close to the end of my shift and my feet were just throbbing. Now these do have a small heel on them, but they were comfortable and have a tiny lining in them. I would have just bought two of them if they had two in my size. Lately I've been buying combat style boots from Walmart, I compared them when I got home, the brown ones and my black ones look almost exactly alike, except the color, and that the Walmart ones were $20, and the Target ones were $30. I have three pairs of the black ones at home, I thought I'd just wear the brown ones to the library, and change into the flats I have at work on some days. I think I'll try them out with my new khakis tomorrow.
I also need some more duct tape and almost went to Walmart to see if they had any in their clearance aisle, but I knew if I did I'd walk out with more than duct tape, and I just didn't want to walk down there, plus I had a little time crunch. We have two Walmarts here, the one I went to yesterday is north, this shopping trip would have been to the south one.
Work was ok, except for people and things. I took a bath tonight, I'm not a fan of baths, I don't like sitting there and doing nothing. But, my skin gets really dry in the winter and I've used two of those bath bombs from Dollar Tree and have another two from other things, plus some bubble bath. I'm hoping soaking in the water with the bath bombs helps to moisturize my skin. I'm also hoping drinking at least two 16.9 bottles of water a day helps, too.

Friday, December 08, 2017

Pants are expensive

Decided to go shopping today, might have been a bad idea.
Here's my advent calendar stuff:
 The pegusus unicorn is from mine, it's from Target. The measuring tape from the pocket letter and the gems from the envelopes.
I have been wanting to go up to our mall and TJ Maxx for awhile, so since I have today off, I went. I stopped at Walmart, hoping they'd have some duct tape in their clearance section, they didn't.
 tape, candy bar, shampoo, stickers. I try to pick up a pack of double sided tape every time I go to Walmart. I love that these Oreo bars come in mint (I tossed it in my refrigerator, to save for later). You can't go wrong with $1 for this giant container of shampoo, it's a much better deal than Dollar Tree. I picked up these cute stickers last time I went to Walmart and had to pick them up again, they were 47 cents.
Next up was JCPenney, I need some new jeans for my job, I looked at Walmart, but they were either not in my size or mid rise, I'm not a fan of mid rise pants.
 My grand total was $75, my friend just informed me that's low for pants. Apparently I should have asked for pants for Christmas. The khakis are mid rise, but I need these (since the last pair my mom got me for Christmas two years ago were too long, she said she'd hem them, but hasn't done it yet). I'm not happy with the amount I spent. I was also going to look in to shoes/boots for one of my other jobs, but after this purchase, I didn't.
Next up was TJ Maxx, last time I went, I didn't find anything. I also remember last time about this year, there was a bunch of washi sets.
 Not so much this time. There were a lot of cool Christmas tags and bags, but I don't need those (not that I need most of these either). The chocolate rice crispie bar was $3 on clearance, the fast food stickers were also on clearance for $1. I picked up the chocolates and the note pad for friends. I thought the elephant magnetic bookmarks were a good deal at $2 for 4. I got distracted by the birthday cake flavored rice crispie treat bar and the panda snacks. I think the panda snacks are a great deal, it's got 10 packs in it, for $3.99. Normally, I can get one pack in the Target dollar spot for $1. I spent about $22 there.
Last up was Claire's. I always see people getting cute things there and I want to get cute things there, too, but can never convince myself to do it.
This time the deal was: buy three, get three free. The blind bag was not included. Everything is for me. I thought I'd pick up some cute earrings, I got a pack of ice cream treats for $11, the unicorn dangly earrings were $7, as were the stud unicorn/mermaid studs. Those were my 3 for full price, the blind bag was $5. The three I got for free were the Paris washi ($6), the owl keychain ($6) and the fluffy lip balm keychain ($6). The reason I never convince myself to buy the deals there, is because the total was $32. That's a lot of money to use on things I don't need. I put it all in my advent calendar, so you'll see them again.
As I've said before it seems my advent calendar is the most exciting of things I'm getting, so why not make it more exciting.
I came home, ate lunch, watched YouTube and packaged up some stuff.
I also got a Christmas paper clip swap in the mail:

Thursday, December 07, 2017

December 7

I had a great night's sleep, I felt very refreshed when I got up. My advent goodies for the day:
 The tea from my pocket letter, the glasses from my envelope countdown and the fuzzy keychain from mine. I'm not too impressed with the goodies today.
I tried to read a book to recoup my sanity, but it didn't work. I wanted it to be a good book, but it was dry. It's called Darwin's backyard, it was just too dry for me. I also decided I couldn't read the history of whaling, but The Road to Jonestown was pretty good.
I dropped off a bunch of toys in the Toys for Tots donation bin on the way to work:
 I got all these in my mystery boxes from Hollar, check out this post if you wanna see that haul. Work was slow, I got a lot done.
I'm still in my grumpy mood, so I changed my profile picture on facebook to this:

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Long Day

December 6th: Woke up from a dream and decided I was tired of being single. I wish I had someone to cuddle with and hang out with and to tell me they love me.
My Advent calendar:
The donut is from mine, the small sticky notes from the pocket letter and the larger set from the envelopes. I thought it must be sticky note day after opening the two swap packages.
Work was pretty busy, not sure why, seemed like a regular Wednesday. Lines at the post office are kinda long, I figured that with the holiday and all. I really wanted to spend some extra money on myself, but I didn't have time today, had to get home, eat lunch, and relax a little before going to work the basketball game.
Basketball game was fine, I was exhausted by the end. I'm not sure why. It's almost like I try to do too much on Wednesdays and working at two jobs is just too much. I don't know.
I'm gonna eat a little something and head off to bed.

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

December 5

Thought I'd combine my advent calendar posts and my daily posts. I don't do December Dailies or vlogging, but I thought I'd try to blog every day this month (it's getting a little more exciting).
Today was not very exciting. I have three Advent calendar things: mine, my Advent calendar pocket letter, and my Countdown to Christmas envelope swap. I had thought at the beginning of December, I could open one in the morning, one about noon, and one in the evening, and then that went out the window. But, maybe I should. I got really grumpy about 9 this morning and wanted to open all of my Advent pocket letter, but vacuumed instead (and may have temporarily injured my hand). I stopped and was still annoyed with the world, so I went to the grocery store and bought a pop, cooked a porkchop for lunch and sat down in front of the TV.
My advent calendar goodies:
 The Santa notepad is from the envelope swap. The robot bottle opener from mine. And the sequin mix from the pocket letter.
I wasn't that impressed with any of them, maybe that's why I was grumpy.
When I got back from the grocery store, I had a package:
 It's a chocolate mix:
I'm not a fan of all of them, which usually happens when I buy a mix of something. It helped my mood, but I'm still kinda grumpy.