Saturday, April 13, 2019

Unicorn bags

Monday: I used the wheelbarrow die cut to make the below card:
 Love how it turned out.
Put together a wish, of anything Maggie Holmes:
 Tuesday: Put together a spring happy mail tag:
 I had the hardest time with this one, I'm not sure why.
A Cherish an Antique tag:
 A fruit tag:
 Tuesday night, I went to hang up a poster on our bulletin board and saw this flyer: 
 I love this, it's a great, cheap way to try some interesting and different foods, and Ames doesn't have a lot of interesting foods. I talked to all my friends, and it seems I'll be going alone. They're all busy, or just don't wish to deal with people, which I get, but I like trying new things. I went by myself a few years ago, it's still fun, I just feel it would be more fun to do with friends.
I received a RAK in the mail:
 I didn't appreciate the "story" but the rest was cute.
And another RAK, this person was cleaning out their crafting supplies, and figured they'd share.
 I love the color and think they will be fun to work with. I did not however enjoy the religious items that were in it. Those went in the trash.
And a Grant a wish: unicorn tag:
 These are ziploc bags, sorta.
Wednesday: Chose not to mail 4 or 5 of my envelopes because they were barely thicker than 1/4" which would make them parcels. I took them home, opened and repackaged them.
Found these cute flowers in the yard when I got home:
 I have no idea what they are.
Had to repackage my floral washi swaps (took out the fabric floral washi), the wish granted of anything Maggie Holmes (ended up sending half the sticker sheet), and a wish granted of anything owls.
 Finished up a secret sister package:
 She said she liked flamingos and unicorns and washi and magnets.
Thursday: went to a volunteer luncheon at the library. Really wanted to just stay home, but I had to go back to the post office anyway. It was cold out, we were in a wind advisory from 1pm Wednesday until 7pm Thursday, I was not happy to have pulled out might light winter coat for the rest of the week.
Found a vintage library card pocket swap in my mailbox when I got home:
 Again, with the religious one. Apparently people no longer ask about sending religious stuff.
Put together a rabbit swap:
 And watched TV for the rest of the day.
Friday: Worked on some books and movies I had checked out. Had a wish granted of tea:
 And some uplifting mail:
 Love this part of the card:
 I agree, you do have to smile at a pink monkey.
Also liked this:
 except for the god part.
Saturday: really wanted to go shopping at Hobby Lobby in the morning, talked myself out of it, but I might go on Monday, cause I'm back wanting to go. Work was somewhat slow, until our last hour. Found a 50 loose stickers tag when I got home:
 Though the little character ones are acetate and not actually stickers. The envelope was barely held together. It looked like there was something bulky in it and it got stuck in the sorting machine, but I never receive the 'we care' bags, I just received falling apart mail.
A wish granted of tea:
There was a time when I wasn't going to wish for tea anymore, but I've found I get some of the most interesting stuff and the stuff I don't want to try I can either send to someone else or give to coworkers. I've also learned that I can't get this variety at a store anywhere, so I'm just gonna keep wishing. I've gotten used to starting my day with a cup of tea, I used to just do it when I opened at work, but I like starting my days with tea. I feel it gets me started on drinking water sooner.

Monday, April 08, 2019


Thursday: Made a card from a tic tac toe card sketch:
We had to pick three items that created a win and make a card with them. I chose bunny, pink and torn paper:
 I used some mulberry paper that I tore for the the background with a bunny die cut and stamped 'Happy Easter' on some pink paper.
Saturday: I received an Easter pocket letter:
I like how she just used the cute vintagey images.
 A Send Me Something edible:
 Not a big fan of Skittles, but I guess that's the chance you take with these things.
And a Peachy Cheap order.
 I jumped on these stickers from Simple Stories, Bliss collection. I didn't read the description very well, I thought I was getting more than just stickers, I love this collection.
Sunday: I got impatient and opened all my blind bags:
 Sadness is my favorite character from Inside Out, she's a Tsum Tsum squishee. The My Little Ponies are from February, the blue ghost is from a Pacman blind bag, the unicorn is from Hollar, the care bear is a Mash'Em I don't really like these cause they are weirdly squishee, feel rubbery and smell strange, Mickey is a squishee, the tiny animals are Hatchimals and the parrot is a squishee. I was going to do one a day, but I don't know I just felt like opening them all. I need to stop buying them, I told myself on Thursday that I could buy them as long as they were $3 or less, that still adds up.
I put together a few swaps/tags.
Use what you get:
 We had to send a die cut to our partner and they will make a card with that die cut.
Scavenger hunt:
 We had to find something shiny (gem stickers), round (squeesh yum key chain), fluffy (purple keychain), flat (bird artwork), green (squash seeds).
Sticker swap:
 We had to have at least 5 sheets of stickers.
Floral washi:
 We were supposed to have at least 8 samples of washi. I had two partners.
 I gave them a bit of all of my thin washi (I'm not a thin washi person) and filled in with some samples other people had sent me.
a Winner Takes All:
 I said I'd send them two sheets of stickers.
 I wanted to send a gem rainbow sticker I got in a different rainbow tag, but I couldn't find it, typical. Picked up the rainbow rabbit stickers just for this tag.
Started a fabric Friday tag:
 We're supposed to make something from fabric, I raided my fabric stash, and put together some stuff. I started sewing it and then realized I didn't know where my sharp needles were and then realized I had some from my crafty swap, but then I wasn't interested in going back to it.
Monday: I apparently had a horrible case of the Mondays (to quote Office Space), I was really grumpy until about 10:30, I wish I knew why. Anywho, tried to pick something up for a swap after work, but couldn't find what I wanted. It was so nice out. Found some daffodils in the yard, so I know we've hit spring:

 Received some happy mail, as well.
Pineapple tag:
 I'm a bit perturbed about this one. It's a nice notebook, don't get me wrong, but the person who was to send to me, posted a picture saying she sent it 3/20, I look at the post mark today, says 4/3. I hate that some people post pictures of things before they actually mail them.
Use what you get:
 My plan is to fill it with flowers and make a 'Happy Spring' card.
Winner for the tic tac toe challenge, I showed above:
 I may or may not just join these to get the die cuts. Not a lot of people join them, so I know I'll get a 'winner' pack of die cuts afterwards.
Surprise tag:
 Or I'm assuming that's what it's from, people have a hard time with notes.
Easter tag:
I love what she included. It was from the UK, the surprise tag was from the Netherlands, I can't afford to send overseas, but I love that other people can. Though I feel it's cheaper for them, I've seen posts about how much people spend and they seem to pay less.

Thursday, April 04, 2019

Lots of Tsum Tsums

Thursday: I planned to go south shopping, but when I got up it was grey and raining, so I popped a movie in and left after it ended. It was still grey and raining, but the world told me it was in the 40's, so I chanced it. I was a bit chilly on the way down, but I got some good music on my mp3 player. 
First stop was Target, I had to return a pair of leggings that were too tight and a pair of shorts that was too short. I had planned to pick up a larger size of leggings, but decided that since it's getting warmer, I won't need more leggings, but I will need the shorts to wear under my skirts. I did not find any.
What I did find: 
 Reese's ($1.50), antacids ($2 each), tiny plant ($1), water bottle ($6).
I couldn't believe this package was only $1.50, I've been wanting some lately, I was going to splurge and buy some Reese's eggs Wednesday at the grocery store, but they were out. I needed antacids, the Target brand are pretty good, so I picked them up. Loved this tiny faux plant. I've been trying to drink more water at work and my co-worker said these kind of bottles are really good, but I haven't wanted to spend so much money on them, this one was on sale, and pretty cute.
 Tsum Tsum squishy ($3), Tsum Tsum blind bags ($1.50 each, 6 total), Hatchimal ($3), Microzoo ($3), squishy ($3). I've been wanting some more blind bags lately, they make a bad day nice if you open one at the end. I did open the Tsum Tsum squishy, it was Sadness from Inside out. I knew it was blue before I opened it which meant it could be Joy or Stitch or Sadness. Sadness is my favorite.
Next stop was Walmart, had another pair of leggings to return there.
 I did not find any leggings, but I did find a pair of shorts ($10) that will work and a new bra ($2). And of course some tape ($6 each). I recently found my actual bra size, now I want to just buy a bunch of them. And I always need tape, I think I'll be ok for awhile.
 stuffed avocado ($3), Mickey squishy ($3), French Fry sticky notes ($0.50), Care Bears mash 'ems ($1.50), Easter magic towel ($1), donut sticky notes ($0.50) and some kitty hair clips ($2). I have no reasons for the avocado, Mickey, sticky notes, or hair clips, except that they were cheap and cute. I picked up the magic towel for a swap.
Last stop was Dollar Tree, I wasn't going to go, and then remembered there were a couple things I needed.
 canvas bags, sticky notes, foam tape, stickers.
I was in line and I saw these bags, you'd think I'd walk away from those? And the sticky notes/notepad bundles? Not a lot going on in the sticker department today. I needed the foam tape.
 lip gloss, stickers, foam bunnies, loofahs, toothpaste, foam tape, notepad.
I couldn't pass up the lip gloss. I picked up the rainbow bunny stickers and the foam bunnies for swaps. I needed the loofahs and the foam tape and the toothpaste. I just loved the mini clipboards.
foam tape, stickers, mini clipboard, gems, sticky notes.
How cute are those stickers? And the sticky notes/notepad? And the mini clipboard?
My plan was to have a $20 cap, but I figured I was past 20 items by the time I was halfway through, so I gave up. I'm surprised I only spent $24.
I shouldn't need anything for awhile, so I'm not going shopping. I do have a thing with a friend in May where we're going to a rummage sale and hitting some antique stores, and maybe something this weekend (probably not, because I haven't heard back).
If I have an offer to go to Micheal's or Tuesday Morning, I won't say no.

Wednesday, April 03, 2019

A purple unicorn

Tuesday, I planned to go to the mall and then walk home, but when I got up it was only in the 30's. I think I'm just itching to go for a walk, that I want it to be nicer than it is. I put together some mail.
Wish for flavored green tea:
I'm not a fan of green tea, I've been passing my cast-off's of tea to my friend at work, I might keep them and send them off in my mail groups.
 wish for clear stamps:
This is a set of stamps I got in my Peachy Cheap grab bag, I rarely used stamps anymore.
 Wish for washi destash:
 I do not like thin washi, so I passed these on.
An Easter basket swap:
 Basically a destash swap. 90% of this is stuff I've gotten in other swaps. The brads I got in my Peachy Cheap grab bag as well as the blue pen and the paper, the owl stickers are from Staples, the washi is from Hobby Lobby. Everything else is from swaps, the decorated bag: a favorites swap, the straws: a secret Santa swap, the green bows: a St. Patrick's Swap, the other bows: a Sweet Treats swap, the card kit: a secret sister, and I'm not entirely sure where the others are from. I received some happy mail.
St. Patrick's Day tag:
 We had to send anything green. Not too excited about these.
These are cute, the person who sent them found some Mary Engelbreit cards at a thrift store and I guess she decided to share.
Wednesday brought a 6x6 loaded pocket in the mail:
 I found it much cuter than the one I created.
And a Hollar haul:
 pantiliners ($1), bamboo bath sponge ($2), duct tape ($0.70 each), dryer balls ($2), toffee peanuts ($1.30).
I picked up the bamboo sponge because I was hoping it was more stiff than my loofahs, I feel I need something to scrub off my dead skin lately. I need duct tape and at that price, it's even cheaper than Dollar Tree, it looks like I get about as much as I get at Dollar Tree. I really don't know how long dryer balls are supposed to last, but my laundry seems to be staticy lately when it comes out of the dryer. I love these peanuts.
 unicorn squishmallow ($5), snail doorstop ($1.50), Little Tykes Squeezoos ($3.75), mystery unicorn squishie ($4), whale bath toy ($1), pom pom pals: sloth ($4), bandages ($1).
I've been wanting one of these squishmallows for awhile, sadly it's basically a stuffed animal, I thought it would be more like a squishie, oh well. Just because I'm into snails lately. I also just really like toys, so I picked up the elephant, whale, sloth and mystery unicorn. And I love printed bandages.
metal scene stickers ($1 each), resin flower stickers ($1), decorative tape ($1).
I mean how can you pass up Jolee's stickers for this price? And I need more decorative tape.
They sent me an email the other day about party stickers, I click on something they have more decorative tape and Martha Stewart stickers and more Jolee's stickers for a buck each, I really want to just buy them all, but I'm going to Target and Walmart and possible Dollar Tree tomorrow, so I really shouldn't. Plus I have another Peachy cheap package coming. I really need to stop spending money and just get ready for garage sales. I have to return some things to Target and Walmart, plus I need more double stick tape. I'm going to *try* and not go shopping for the rest of the month after that, not even after Easter shopping. I know I say it all the time, but I need to get my exercise by walking, not shopping.