Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Wednesday Hodgepodge

It's Hodgepodge time. I haven't participated in awhile, so I thought I would this week. Head on over to Joyce's blog to check out what other people are answering.

1. On this first official day of spring tell us something (besides the weather) you're looking forward to in this season of the year. Garage sales. I love going garage saleing, it gets me out of the house, it gets me exercising and I find interesting things. 

2. When it comes to spring cleaning would you rather wash windows or wash baseboards? Neither Clean out closets or clean out the garage? The closet Dust ceiling fans or dust bookcases? Bookcases Wipe down the patio furniture outside or wipe down the light fixtures inside? Patio furniture Any of these tasks recently completed? Nope. I should just clean out my apartment, but I probably won't.

3. Your favorite thing to make/eat that calls for cream cheese? I'm simple, I like toasted bagels with cream cheese, but cheesecake is fun, too. Sour cream? tacos Whipped cream? I don't like whipped cream

4. I read here a list of commonly mispronounced words. What is a word that gives you trouble when it comes to pronunciation? Ephemera. I'd never seen the word until a couple years ago when I started doing pocket letters and flip books and all the newer paper crafts. I've noticed I'm not the only one that has issues with it's pronunciation.

5. What's a song you love with the word 'rain' in the title or lyrics? Georgia Rain by Trisha Yearwood

6.  Insert your own random thought here. I also decided to join this week because the world is just kinda annoying me. I go out of my way to be nice and helpful to people and they make it so hard. I'm kinda just ignoring the world today.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Hobby Lobby

I remembered why I needed to go to Hobby Lobby. I needed Tacky Glue and after visiting Target.com, Walmart.com and HobbyLobby.com, I found that Hobby Lobby was cheapest, plus I used a 40% off coupon, so it was really cheap. I also needed some card blanks.
While I was in there I found this beautiful paper pad:
 I certainly don't need more paper, but you can bet when the paper blowout sale where the Paper Studio is 50% off I'll be picking it up. I noticed there were quite a few new paper pads and they had rearranged their paper section. I'm hoping they'll bring in more stuff soon, there are a couple aisles that are so empty and sad looking.
I also noticed they have an 8pack of the tape runners I buy for $9. I pick up a 4pack at Walmart for about $6 every time I go (I can hold off on that awhile, I have 4 packs unopened right now), I also noticed they had a 4pack for $9. I guess I'll be going back to Hobby Lobby for my tape in the future.
I also found this strange piece:
 It looks like a glittered and gemstoned giant pineapple clip. The box takes up the whole shelf, I thought it was really ugly.
Here's what I picked up:
 papers, cards, stickers, gemstones, paperclips.
I found a couple pieces of loose paper, I really like the patterns on them. I found some others with foiling and unicorns but I guarantee if I had bought them, I would never use them. Like I said, I needed card blanks, so I picked up a mint and an ivory set, since I'll just be covering it with my own paper, the base color didn't really matter. I like these butterfly stickers. I was going to pick up these gemstones the last two times I was there, I figured since they were still there I was supposed to get them. Love the cupcake paperclips.
tags, flowers, cards, glue
This is the third time I picked up a set of those shaker tags, I haven't used any yet, but I plan to some day. I also liked these other tags. I thought these flowers were really cute, as were the donut cards.
I was going to go to JoAnn's as well, because it's in the same strip mall, but apparently it doesn't open until 10. I left shortly after 9, of course when I got home it was after 10, but I wasn't going to wait. Not that I need anything there either.

I'm done shopping for awhile, I was thinking about going after Easter shopping, but I don't know. I'd only be going for chocolate and I don't need that either. I do need to go back to the Dollar Tree because it never fails, when I get home from Dollar Tree I realize something else I need. It's not anything I need right now, so I'll probably go at the beginning of April anyway.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Easter baskets

Apparently I can't NOT give to people. I opened those mystery Easter baskets that I bought from Hollar, here's what they contained:
 This one is apparently more geared to a girl. It's got a Disney princess egg with a My Little Pony egg decorating kit.
 This one is more geared to a girl with a Fast and Furious egg and a Star Wars egg decorating kit.
I know it could be either way, but I guess the world is still doing that.
I decided to make up a couple Easter baskets with the stuff in the mystery bags and some stuff I had around the house:
 I opened the bag of 'grass', added a Peppa Pig marshmallow pop, a My Little Pony box of bandaids, some eggs filled with My Littlest Pet shop toys and some candy.
This one I also opened the bag of 'grass', added the Minion marshmallow pop, an emoji box of bandaids, some squirty toys and a construction truck.
I posted on one of my facebook groups, neighbors helping neighbors and said I had two Easter baskets for someone in need. I figure, why not, the stuff would just be going to the library for my co-workers to have, this way it's better. Maybe I should keep getting the Hollar mystery boxes/bags because I always seem to donate at least half of what's in them.

Saturday, March 17, 2018


I finally gave in and went shopping today. I was going to go yesterday but the weather looked crappy and then I couldn't pry myself off the couch to go. Last night I decided I was going today no matter what the weather. It was predicted to be wet and snowing all day, thankfully it was not. It had snowed a few inches overnight so everything was snowy and slushy. I made the stupid mistake of wearing my tennis shoes because I wanted something with traction, and my socks were soaked halfway to Dollar Tree. I was originally going to go to Hobby Lobby, but there's nothing I need there (ok, not that I really need things from other places), but I talked myself out of it.
I really did need to go to Dollar Tree, I had a list, though I only picked up two at Dollar Tree and one at Walmart and still need a fourth.
First stop was Dollar Tree, boring stuff first:
 conditioner, sponges, box, envelopes, socks, shipping labels, glue dots.
The things that were on my list were conditioner, sponges and then the envelopes that I forgot about until I was in that aisle. I know I have another box of the these legal size envelope somewhere, but I can't find them (of course, now that I bought these, I'll find the box, but you can never have enough envelopes). I picked up the box because I keep having swaps come up to fill one of these boxes with embellishments, but I never have the box, and now that I do, there won't be another swap. I picked up the sock because they were cute, they say they're men's socks, but I bet they'll be fine. I like glue dots.
I found new stickers:
 All but the summery ones are new. I was really looking for the cactus ones I've seen in people's hauls, but oh well, I probably wouldn't use them anyway. I feel I should make a pocket letter with the bird/butterfly ones.
 eggs, stickers, notecards, treat bags, pig
I saw someone pick up these bunny eggs and I wanted them. I'm not exactly sure why I picked up the treat bags. I don't have a lot of people I give stuff to for Easter (and I keep doing less because I'm tired of giving and not getting). I was looking for bicycled note cards I've seen, but I thought the donut and cat ones were cute, too. I'm thinking of using the pig for a gift box, as he is a box.
My next stop was Target:
 I had a cartwheel for the Reece's crunchers and the Butterfinger eggs.  Now that I have the eggs and the treat bags, I have to put something in them, so I picked up the Twix eggs. I totally picked up the two trail mixes because they sounded good.
 sticky notes, pens, spring chipboard stickers, card.
I thought the sticky notes would be fun to to put in a pocket letter (like I need more). I just thought the palm tree pen was wicked cute, and I guess I'm back to picking up gel pens. I saw this cute hedgehog card, and I probably could have made one, but it made me think of a friend, so I picked it up for her.
Here's what in the chipboard sticker set:
 There's lots of variations with different parts being glittery or holographic on them. I feel I'll use these more than the Valentine's Day ones.
I admit, I may have picked up some things I normally wouldn't buy because I had a gift card. I wouldn't pick up some of the chocolate I got in February, I wouldn't have picked up the two trail mixes, and I wouldn't have picked up the chipboard stickers. I think they're all a bit more than I really want to spend, and I shouldn't buy them when I have the gift card so I can make it last longer, but whatever.
Last stop was Walmart:
 shoes, shirt, tape bubble mailers.
Sadly, the wine colored ones, which were on sale, don't fit. They say 7 1/2, but either my feet have grown a lot, or the curling of these make them fit smaller. I figure I'll take them to work or Goodwill. I picked up the shirt because it was wicked cute, it does say it's a St. Patrick's Day shirt, but with the butterflies I can wear it whenever. I'm trying to always pick up a package of double stick tape every time I'm at Walmart, that way I can't run out. I needed bubble mailers, this is a pack of 12 for about $5.
chocolate, stickers, marshmallow pops.
 I wasn't going to buy any stickers, but these are not Easter looking, and the sloth sold it for me. I picked up the chocolate covered cashews at Target last month, and I looked at them today, and they were $4 something, these were $3.98, I'm eating them now, and I think the dark chocolate ones are much better. I picked up the marshmallow pops for my Easter basket.
I ordered from Hollar last week (I know I said I was done, but they sent me a 40% off coupon), and it came today
 There's two hand towels, a set of lined sticky notes, a minion with a lollipop, a mystery carebear egg, a bunch of candy coated peanuts and a couple Easter basket things. One is a chick that comes with lollipops, stickers and eggs. The other is a minion one that has a minion mystery thing, some gummies and something else.
I also ordered two mystery Easter baskets:
I can feel that they both have a box or basket but I don't know what's in them. I don't know if I want to open them now or not.
I kinda think I should because if there's stuff I don't want I can take it to work.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Today, mom and I went to an antique mall in a neighboring town, they were having a spring break sale. I took a lot of pictures of things that I saw,  how cool is this booth?
 I almost bought one of those small Iowa pieces, but in the end I decided I didn't want to pay $8 for it, plus I don't have a place to put it.
 I loved the bird in this piece, but I would have had to buy the whole thing, thought maybe I could just make the bird if I took a picture:
 I thought this was gross, it's a jar of really old jelly beans:
 I took this picture because I remembered we used to have the sesquicentennial Iowa set that Coke put out for Iowa's 150th birthday in 1996 (I think). I asked my mom if they still had those, she said that was a good question.
 Thought this wreath was cute. If I could hang things on my door, I probably would have bought it.
 Look at how big this Easter chick is:
 I'm still watching out for interesting looking teapots:
 I'm no longer buying them, but I'm still noticing them.
Thought this was a weird piece:
 Saw this Jelly Belly cupcake container, it was $10, so I didn't buy it.
 It's the biggest sock monkey ever:
 Apparently this is an Ewok:
 And this is a large stuffed Gremlin:
 Almost bought this book, but I thought I'd see if the library had it instead:
 How cute is this bird bath?
 Told my mom, she should make one of these for our city.
I found a couple jars of jewelry bits for $5 each, I thought they were on sale, but apparently they weren't.
Here's the first one:
 And the pieces I chose to keep from it:
 Mostly charms for a swap, some cute pins and earrings. I mostly bought it for those pieces on the left, the star in the middle and the multi colored piece at the top right corner.
Here's the second jar:
 And what I kept:
 That green thing is actually a broken marble. I bought it for that, the multi colored thing in the middle and the glass stripey beads.
I also picked up a bag of miscellaneous stuff for $4:
 Here's what I kept:
 A bunch of mini stained glass pieces, some sequins for a swap, and that cool round piece at the top.
The last thing I picked up was a half gallon sized ziploc bag of vintage cards for $2, which turned out to be the only item on sale.
Here's what was in it:
 A bunch of baby cards
 Birthday/Christmas cards
 Christmas/Valentine's Day cards
 Valentine's Day cards
 Get Well cards
And baby cards.

I'm not sure if I'm going to cut them up and use them in pocket letters or whatever. I could always cut them apart, put them on cardstock and reuse most of them.

I'm planning on going to Dollar Tree and other places on Friday.

Friday, March 09, 2018


So, it's been a week since I posted. I didn't go out last weekend, I should have because it was in the 50's both days. I don't recall doing much last weekend. I did take pictures of my February Lollipop Box club box, I don't recall exactly when I got it, but I opened it at work and totally forgot about taking pictures of everything at home. Here's what was in it:
 I really love the happy mail theme, I hope to use that stamp on my outgoing packages.
I also read a book Sunday night, When they call you a terrorist by Patrisse Khan-Cullors, I couldn't put it down and decided I finished it at 11:59, just so I could say I read it on Sunday night.
I've been sleeping in all week until 9 and 10 o'clock, I'm not sure why, it's probably because I've also been up pretty late.
It also decided to hail during the day on Monday:
 I couldn't figure out what was really happening, it sounded like rocks raining down. It was raining out, so I thought maybe it was golf-ball sized hail.
I got a loaded St. Patricks Day bag in the mail on Monday as well:
 I worked on swaps on Tuesday, ok really, I watched YouTube mostly all day and then got stuff pulled together and ready to mail off on Wednesday.
April Calendar Tag:
 An Easter pocket letter:
 My alphabet tags, S, T, U:
On Wednesday, I found a Secret Bunny package in my mail:
 In one of my facebook books, we have been posting secret whatever holiday is coming up, so last it was cupid, this month, it's bunny.
Thursday and today I slacked off all day reading stuff on wikipedia. I also finished a few things today. A card kit:
 I got this beautiful flowers and feathers tag yesterday:
 Today I received an Easter pocket letter:
 My S, T, U tags:
And I worked a gymnastics meet tonight. I was going to go shopping today cause I do need to go to Dollar Tree soon, I keep adding things to my list. The forecast at the beginning of the week said today was going to be in the 50's, but by the time we got to today the high was only 40. I had a bunch of challenging stuff at work Wednesday and Thursday, so I really needed to do some shopping today, so I put in a purchase at Hollar. I really want to get some Easter stuff, so basically that's what it is, I also found two Easter mystery boxes in the Easter section, so I totally bought those. My mom and I are planning to go to an antique mall in a neighboring city next week, so I thought I save my money until then, but I'm really itching to go to Hobby Lobby since I got home from work for some reason. I have to work tomorrow, Sunday and Monday at the library, maybe that will keep me too busy to shop.