Saturday, July 14, 2018

It's the end of the week

So, it's the end of the week and I'm still suffering from not enough spending in St. Louis, so I went shopping today. My original plan was to walk up to the mall, hitting a few garage sales on the way there and Walmart and TJ Maxx when I got there, but then I realized I'd have to wait until 9:30ish to start out cause things don't open until 10, and I got lazy. When I finally went out the door at 10, to go to Hobby Lobby and the Salvation Army instead (cause I got lazy, it's like a 4 mile hike to the mall, plus it's the weekend and there's more people on the weekend), it was raining. 
I basically went to Hobby Lobby for a snail because the Spring shop was marked down to 66% off. I also wanted a frog in rain gear that I saw last week, but he was gone this week. Here's what I picked up:
gems, caterpillar, cross stitch, pin, boots, flip flops, snail
 Everything I picked up was on sale. There was one item that wasn't and I used a 40% off coupon on it.  I saw the gems last week, so I picked them up today, they were marked down to 66% as well. The caterpillar, boots, flipflops and snail were all in the spring shop. I admit, I just wanted to buy something good which is why I picked up the caterpillar, bug pin, boots and snail. Plus, I keep wanting to buy snails now that I'm in this group on facebook that has to do with snails. The flamingo cross stitch is for an upcoming tag in that group. I picked up the flip flops because I have a flip flop wall hanging and was hoping to send them to someone, someday.
I was not pleased to see Christmas taking over the clearance section:
 I'm used to Christmas out at the this time of year (at least for Hobby Lobby), but it's normally out at the front of the store, not the back.
Next door was Salvation Army and I thought I'd see if they had any great deals. I found this snail candle:
 But, I don't do candles and it was $2.99
Here's what I did pick up:
 owl, hedgehog, bird and notebook. The owl, hedgehog and bird were all $0.99, and the notebook was $0.49. I have no reasons as to why I picked them up.
I'm not sure I can call this a shopping haul because I didn't even spend $20.
Anywho, some happy mail I received this week.
This one is for a Happy Mail tag:
 There was no note, which is annoying. She did write on the envelope, but you're supposed to include a note. I want to try the tea this weekend.
 love the mixed media look
Summe pocket letter:
 very cute, but very simple.
Dollar Store tag:
I should stop doing these, I'm not sure I've really gotten anything I'll like so far.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

swaps and stuff

So, Sunday I went shopping, see what I bought here, I so enjoyed doing what I wanted and not having to care about people.
Monday, I went to work and basically slacked off in the afternoon. I realized it's hard for me to want to go to work in the afternoon after I've been doing other stuff, but it's so easy to not do anything productive after working in the mornings.
I did find a magnet in my mailbox:
 Tuesday, I finally got my act together and got mail ready
Letter M, for Morning Glories, mermaids (sticky notes), magnet and monsters (patches).
 Another M, minion, mermaid (pin), macaroon (squishy keychain).
 A private swap:
 My partner liked purple, rainbows, sticky notes, flowers, pens, sparkly things.
 a summer pocket letter:
 Love how this turned out.
A scavenger hunt swap:
 We had to fine something sweet (fruit stripe gum, I also included some individually wrapped lifesavers), scented (pear hand salve), soft (a pom pom keychain), sparkly (glitter, I may have also added a roll of glitter washi, I don't remember) and square (magnet, I also added a stack of post it notes.
Fab Five Flat swap
 We had to send 5 flat items, so I chose a sheet of stickers, some moisturizing gloves, a banner kit, a packet of tags, and some sticky notes.
August calendar tag:
 I love the colors I used on this.
Happy mail:
 I included some stickers, a stencil, a note card, a post card and some memo paper.
 And a Dollar Store tag:
 After mailing them today (Wednesday), I found a SMS friendly in my mailbox:
People really like notepads and sticky notes in this group.

Monday, July 09, 2018

Next few days

July 1st, Got up at 6:30 (my dad had conference stuff at 7 every day, so that was the time we all woke up). I had breakfast of some granola bars, we wandered around the hotel a bit. I was very disappointed in the hotel, they were supposed to have shopping but didn't. Everything was very spread out and all their food was kind of expensive. We went down to meet my dad about 11:30 for lunch as a cafe the conference had set up with sandwiches, salads and some hot food items. I got a veggie wrap ($5). We headed out to meet a bus to take us to the National Blues Museum for a tour, food and a concert. This tour was mostly for my dad, I'm not really into blues music, though I did learn that all music comes from the blues, and it was interesting, but not really my thing. We had an afternoon snack/dinner of barbeque ribs, pork and brisket plus potato salad and some ooey gooey butter cake pie at about 3:30, afterwards we had a blues concert by Chaz'men Williams and the Shattered Glass Experience. It was ok, like I said, not a big fan of blues and I didn't know a lot of the songs, plus it was really loud. Headed back to the hotel about a quarter to eight and settled in for the night.
July 2nd, (my birthday), we headed out to the Missouri Botanical Gardens, this was more for my mother. I'm not a huge flower person.
I found some colored lily pad blooms:
 I really love this purple one:
 Also, found a bunch of strange plants in their dome, called a climitron.
 Interesting leaf

 How neat looking are these leaves?
 And this leaf?

 These looked like tiny corn cobs to me.

 More cool leaves
 This was called water lettuce, it looked like cabbage to me.

 Some more interesting leaves

And a bumpy tree.
 A giant flower.
Another one in a different color, this is my favorite picture from the day.
 Purple flowers are my favorite.
 Had to take a picture of this cute fox mug for a friend.
 How about a stuffed fortune cookie?
 Thought this was a neat sounding book.
 I bought a few postcards ($2):
We had our transportation drop us off at the Old Courthouse where the Dred Scott case happened. We wandered through the courthouse and some of City Garden where there's sculpture. I liked this pink suit guy:
 We stopped at a grocery store for more food, I bought some pastries ($6) for my breakfast for the rest of the week.
We went to the hotel restaurant for birthday dessert.
I got the matcha bomb:
 This is what it looked like when I got into it:
 It was not as good as I wanted it to be, it was pretty tasteless.
My dad got the baked St Louis, though the lady called it the baked Alaska when she brought it out.
 My mother got this lemon raspberry thing:
 We met up with my cousin and his wife for supper at a nearby Irish pub (Maggie O'Briens), I ordered a mudslide:
 But they didn't have ice cream or a blender, so it was basically alcohol on ice, very strong.
I had potato skins for my entree.
They were ok. We headed back to the hotel and retired for the evening.