Tuesday, September 19, 2017

It's Tuesday? All day

It's Tuesday, I was hoping to get a gift card in the mail for Hobby Lobby yesterday and go shopping, but the mail's been weird lately. I'm waiting on a package from Ohio, that was supposed to be here yesterday, it didn't come, so I looked up the tracking. It's taking the scenic route. It got to Des Moines, which is about an hour away on Sunday, then left Des Moines and went to Texas, and then left Texas at 5:16 yesterday and that's where the tracking stops. I'm getting a little annoyed at the postal service, this is the 2nd time a package has taken the scenic route, the other one went to North Carolina after making it to Des Moines. Tracking does not mean they won't lose your package. I have one that got lost a few months ago, weirdly enough when I look up the tracking now it's for a totally different package. I wish my art swaps didn't cause me so much stress.
Anywho, a friend drove me to the UPS store to drop off my kindle fire. This is a fun story, too. My brother sent me a new Kindle fire last week, which is nice, except I don't even use the original he gave me and I wouldn't use this one. I do everything on my phone or my laptop, no need. So, I asked one of my facebook groups about a place to donate it, and I had at least 3 people say, give it to me. I don't know these people, I'm not just gonna give it away to someone. I decided to return it to Amazon, which is not that easy and pissed me off. They have you pay for tax and for the return shipping, so they took about $5 off the price, which wasn't very expensive (so at least he didn't spend a ton of money on me) and I had to get it to a UPS store. I thought I could just drop it off at the post office, which is way more convenient for me. I found I could put it in one of those UPS drop boxes except that the box is too big for them. The two UPS stores in my town are not that easy to get to. So, my friend drives me to one and since I was planning on going shopping today, I did. The whole reason I wanted to go shopping was to pick up some fall crafting stuff, but Target, Dollar Tree and Walmart didn't really have fall crafting stuff. Halloween did finally make it to Target and Walmart, though and I spent way too much money.
That was a really long introduction, my first stop was Dollar Tree, like I said I spent too much money, but there are some necessities in there as well.
 food, toothpaste, snack bags, sponges, gloves, bandaids antacids. I usually come away with more food from Dollar Tree, but they haven't had much exciting stuff in there lately. I needed toothpaste and snack bags and sponges (last time I picked up the three pack, but they were crappier sponges), and gloves (use these for cleaning), and antacids (I love the taste of these way better than the Target, Walmart and Tums, and if I have to take them, they might as well taste good). I always need bandaids, and the character ones are never going to be $1 at any other store, plus Transformers.
 loofahs, cards, bandaids, labels, squirty toys.
I read somewhere that you should replace your loofah every month, so I figured if I have to do that, why pay more than $1 for it. The last two regular ones I bought at the Dollar Tree fell apart rather quickly, the last one that I bought that was a character one like these actually held up, so I bought more. I can never have enough tiny note cards, again with the minion bandaids. I always need shipping labels. I love the squirty toys, I'll probably send them off in friend mail.
 pens, tape, monster, stamps, coin purse, ribbon.
I was on the hunt for gel pens and the Promarx are great, so I picked up two packs. I'm always needing duct tape, sadly not a very cool selection. I usually try to pick them up on clearance at Walmart, but I haven't found any lately. I love these monsters. I saw someone get the sweet treats stamp set and I loved it, I was excited to find it, the word bubbles and the self-inking banner stamp. The coin purse is one of those sequin ones where you push them one way and it's pink, the other way, it's silver, I love these. I thought I'd try out these other gel pens, because like I said I'm on the hunt for gel pens. I picked up the ribbon cause it looked cool.
 stickers. I did not get two packs of these cards, I just forgot I put them in the other picture. I'm loving these big stickers mostly for friend mail. I also loved the word bubble stickers. I don't have a picture, but I picked up a Trolls reusable bag because the one I took along was falling apart. It was a good thing I did, because I filled them both up by the time I was done.
 toilet cleaner, leggings, jeans, bras, tape, tags.
The toilet cleaner was a necessity, it's that time and apparently I was out of these, the box was $4.97. I need some new leggings, these are a sleeker design and lighter weight, thought I'd try them out, they were $3.78. I also need new jeans, I was excited when I found out I could wear shorts to my temporary job in August, because I didn't have any really nice jeans. I like the fit of these, except that they are midrise, but apparently high waisted bothers my stomach, they were $19.94. My black bra is sad, so I picked up this one for $4.98, I thought it looked a bit small, but it fits. I'm thinking I'm not actually the size I thought I was. The seafoam one did not fit, sadly, it's wicked cute, it's a bralette and it was way too hard to get into and out of, unfortunately it was on clearance, so looks like it's going in my Goodwill box, it was $4.50. I'm always in need of double stick tape, and this works pretty good for the price, this four pack is $5.84, I try to pick up a pack every time I go to Walmart. The kraft tags were on clearance for $1.50, as were the canvas tags. I wish they had more packs of canvas tags.
 pringles, gel pens, blind bag, Halloween stickers.
I always visit the clearance sections and this pack of Pringles was 75 cents, so I thought I'd try it out. The G2 pens were on clearance for $2, which is a great price for those. I was going to pick up another pack of the ones I got in August, until I found this big set for $9, it was originally $15, there is 30 scented gel pens in it. I don't care about the scented part, but 30 gel pens for $9, I'm not passing that up, there were quite a few packages there, but I didn't need more than one. The blind bag was 75 cents and I can't pass those up. I didn't find much on the crafting side for Halloween and nothing for fall. The foam stickers were 75 pieces for 98 cents. The next set I found in the card section, they were $2.98, which is a bit steep, but it's two sheets and they are shaker stickers. The gems were 98 cents. And apparently there's an Oreo bar in there as well, that was 78 cents. I spent about $70 at Walmart, but $45 of that was necessities, and I kinda consider my gel pens a necessity now, too.
Last up was Target, I thought this was funny:
 The sign says $3 and under, but that whole row of hangy things under the sign is priced at $5. When I go to Target, I hit the dollar spot and all the clearance sections, and then anywhere that I have a Cartwheel for and seasonal. I didn't find anything to buy in the dollar section, it looked like they hadn't added more since September 1st when I was there last.
 shirt, socks, tights, shorts.
I'm itching for some new clothes, this shirt was on clearance for $2.40, the only thing I don't like about it is that it's extremely see-through. The socks are pretty cute, the two pairs on the left have a glass with ice and a mint leaf, the two pairs next to them have a pineapple with heart shaped sparkly sunglasses. I've noticed I don't have a lot of shorter thinner socks and these were  90 cents each. It's not like anyone ever sees my socks anyway. I need new tights, these were on clearance for $7.70, I haven't tried them on yet, so I don't know if they fit. I also need some better shorts to wear under skirts, my legs stick together otherwise, I've read people use lotion, but I don't mind shorts. I used to wear biker shorts when I was a kid and then one time I bought some spanx like things on clearance and started using those and then bought some other ones that I think are meant more for my stomach area. The first pair I bought, personally I don't care about making my legs look thinner, I just don't like them sticking together when I walk, like I said the other pair was shorter, so they don't cover that area I need covered, these are great, they feel like shorts but are seamless, so look nicer, they were on clearance for $8.40
 chocolate, fruit snacks, pretzels.
I had a cartwheel for 10% off the M&M's, 20% off the endangered animals and 20% off the Lindt bars. The M&M's are the cookies and Screeem, which I saw on someone's youtube haul, they came out to $2.87, they're ok. The endangered animals bar came out to $2.39, I should have read the label better, I saw chocolate with hazelnuts, what I failed to notice was the 72% dark chocolate, that's a bit dark for me. The Lindt bars came out to $2.23, I picked up one of each that sounded good, orange, blueberry with acai, and caramel with sea salt. I've decided to put some of them and the endangered animal bar and the Russel Stover bark, the M&M's and the Hi-chew in friend's Halloween goody bags. The Russel Stover bark is Rocky Road, it was on clearance for $1.98, it's not that great. The Snyder's pretzels were 2 for $6, and I wanted something to leave at work so I got Honey Wheat and Ranch, I haven't tried them out yet. The Hi-Chew I haven't seen at Target before (of course I also didn't know they had an aisle with Asian snacks), so I picked up a couple packages, they were $1.74 each. Like I said, basically all the food here, I'm splitting up into friend's goody bags.
candle, tape, marshmallow pops, treat bags.
The candle looks like a cactus, and it was only $2.98, so I had to pick it up. The tape looks like a mummy peeking out, it was $3, which was probably too much. The marshmallow pops were $1.89 each, I picked up one for some friends. These treat bags were 50 cents each, I picked them up with no idea what I was going to do with them. When I got home, I thought I should make up goody bags for them, then I couldn't feel so bad spending so much money on all that chocolate. I spent about $20 at Target (I cleared out a gift card with $43 on it), but $20 was necessities. I was telling a friend the other day, I never find Cartwheel savings on anything I'd normally buy, it's always on stuff I want but don't want to pay full price on it. If I didn't have the Cartwheel, I probably wouldn't have bought most of the chocolate. Oh well.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

garage sales

I went to four sales today, didn't spend near as much money, or get as much stuff, but I got some good stuff. I got a late start because I really didn't want to get up, but going garage saleing and walking really helps my mood, so I made myself do it.
My first sale I only bought some juice and cookies, but I love supporting little kid's stands at sales, plus I walk to everything, I'm always gonna want something to drink.
No picture of the juice, I'm not even exactly sure what it was, I think it was Hawaiian punch, I spent $2 here.
 The second sale was going on yesterday when I was out, but I didn't feel like walking over there, especially since I was supposed to work at 1. I found one thing:
 It's Doc from Snow White, I can't pass up toys from my childhood. That being said, if it was any of the other dwarves, I probably would. It's kinda like Brainy Smurf, I just love Doc. I spent 75 cents on him.
The third sale, I wasn't going to stop at because all the pictures looked like gardening or tool stuff, but there was a line about glassware and since it was between the second sale and home I figured why not.
I picked up Pixels because it introduced me to Q*bert, and I love him. The owl is a vase, the Campbell's Kids cup I picked up for my aunt. I spent $2 here. I bought two breakable things but the people putting on the sale didn't offer to wrap or put them in a bag for me. I had to nestle Doc in between them.
The last sale I did not find anything to buy at.
I was thinking the other day (I think I said this in a post) I have too much stuff, but that's not gonna stop me from buying more. I was hoping to kinda impose a spending freeze on myself, but I don't think it's gonna happen. Of course there's no way I would have gotten all the stuff last weekend and yesterday for the prices I paid in a store brand new, but when I was adding all the shopping trips of things I didn't need between August 31 and September 15th (cause I was figuring out pay stuff), it was a chunk of money that would have been great to still have. But I know once I get a Hobby Lobby gift card in the mail, I will be going there as well as Target, Walmart and Dollar Tree. I will not stop going to garage sales and it's almost time for church fairs, which I will be going to.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Weekly update

And this is why I do the weekly updates, cause life gets away from me and it's the end of the week.
Sunday: I spent creating.
October tag:
 A, B, and C tags:
Monday: I had to mail a few swaps, and I learned I should not go to the post office on a Monday morning. There was one person at the counter and then a person came up with a passport application. I created a few more things
Pink card:
This was my outfit for work Monday night:
 I thought it was pretty cute, but that I should wear leggings and not tights in the future. It's just a bit short when I bend over.
Found this fact of the day from the weekend:
 Tuesday: I started and attempted to finish a book, I finished it later on Wednesday, but I got some interesting mail.
My brother sent me a kindle fire 8, which I will probably be returning because I have no need for it.
I also got a destash swap:
 Found one of these painted rocks on my way home from work later that evening:
Wednesday: I opened at the library, and did more art. I have a whole box of completed swaps, that's never happened to me.
Fall pocket letters:

These are just the bases, but I love the patterned paper.
I also created this cute hedgehog paper clip:
 Thursday: I had some job training in the morning. I went out to eat with a bunch of library folk that were at the same training. I really enjoyed that, I don't do much of anything with other people and the fact that we're interested in some of the same things was really nice.
I found a washi swap in my mailbox when I got home:
 Friday: I got up and went to a garage sale, I spent $16, mostly everything was marked $1.
 Stickers. I love the kawaii food. The next two are fall themed, plus really cute. I picked up the Christmas one for the Santa. I got one of these fairies in a swap and was excited when I found them. The flowers look handmade but they aren't
 More stickers, some fall confetti, ribbon. Again with the cute animals, the mice are actually rub ons. I love flowers. I picked up the teapots for a friend's birthday cards. The fall confetti will be going on some pocket letters. The ribbon is self adhesive and Christmas themed. The birds are epoxy. I have an ice cream pocket letter swap coming up.
 Again with the cute animals. I couldn't pass up the "w" notecards. The bag at the bottom was a bunch of die cuts. The ribbon is pumpkins for my fall pocket letters.
 These are the diecuts in that bag. They are much larger than I like to use, but maybe that will inspire me to make a fall flip book.
I got home and went shopping on Hollar, cause I had store credit and it was going to expire on Monday. I foresee this as a bad thing (sorta), but I had a hard time finding enough to make it to the free shipping. Part of that is because I like to just pick up the $1 items, maybe I need to branch out to other prices.
Of course the other day I told myself I had too much stuff and shouldn't buy more, but that doesn't usually last. I spent $19 at a garage sale last week, but before that, my last shopping trip was September 1st.

Saturday, September 09, 2017

garage sale

My co-worker was having a moving sale yesterday, it was my bright light at the end of the tunnel for this week.
Here's what I bought:
 The bag has some Peanuts figurines in it, that was basically why I bought it. The elephant was $1, as was the bronze owl. The blue owl was 50 cents.
 I figured I could use these little envelopes to put goodies in the back of pocket letters. I love the green and the santa washi, the chevron I might send out a sample in my ugly washi swap on facebook. I love wooden pieces, these birdhouses were too cute to pass up.
 This bag was $9, it's a gallon size bag. I got out about a sandwich size of what I wanted to keep. I'll probably send the rest out in swaps.
 Most of her paper was double sided, which I can never find (or I just don't want to pay for). The stars are actually gingerbread cookies, there are a bunch of recipes on the paper, the other side had a gingerbread person and recipes. The second paper on the top and the first paper on the bottom, I thought would be great for Christmas. The last paper on the top is a green pattern. The second paper on the bottom is a bunch of blue tags. The last paper on the bottom, I thought would be great for Valentine's day.
 The first paper on the top has a bird outline on it. The second one is a bunch of rotary telephones. The third one is hearts. The first one on the bottom is strips. I bought three copies of the book paper. The last one has a brown tree that is flocked.
 I bought two sheets of the 'sewing pattern' paper. The second and third look like they go together. I love the travel theme of the first one on the bottom. I picked up the second one for the cooking theme. The last one has a travel theme as well.
I ended up spending $19, I think it was a good purchase. Though, as I said on my facebook group, I need to stop buying and start creating.
When I got home, I found a couple interesting things in my mailbox.
Book washi:
 and a When I grow up pocket letter:
I was so ready for the end of the week, I'm also excited to get back to my normal schedule at the library next week. It was only a 3 day week for me, but it was exhausting. I fell asleep around 9:30 watching Youtube, so I just went to bed.

Thursday, September 07, 2017

a couple hauls

I meant to post on Monday after going shopping but life never happens like you mean it to. I'm not religious, but I've always loved this saying: If you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans.
Anyway, I guess this will kinda be a weekly checkin.
Sunday: I had to work at the library at noon, it was actually kind of quiet. We didn't have anything going on, not near as many people seemed to be there, the weather was nice. There was a little rush at about closing, but there's always more people at closing on the weekends.
Monday: I finished some swaps.
A flamingo and pineapple pocket letter:
 I also decorated some paper bags for a destash swap:
 I like this one. I love all the embellishments I added to it.
 This one, I didn't really know how to decorate it, so it's rather plain.
My parents asked if I wanted to go to supper with them. I always have to figure out whether or not the free meal outweighs how much they will annoy me at supper. I took this picture to compare the differences in serving proportions:
 I had gotten the special of butternut squash ravioli and got 5 ravioli, my dad got a calzone and it was huge. They were also rather slow. I got a cannoli to go, and it wasn't that great when I got around to eating it, I probably will not go back there.
We were very close to an Asian food store, so I wandered over there before we left, I found this guy on a window on my way over:
 I really shouldn't go in to the Asian food stores, I always end up spending way too much money and half the things I don't end up liking.
 It was basically green tea everything.
Green Tea Mochi ice cream, I've had a few of these and I don't find them too flavorful, I think I need to let them warm up a little before I decide I don't like them. The wafer thing was like a square sugar cone with chocolate and green tea ice cream, I liked that one. There's another green tea ice cream mochi on the top, I haven't tasted this one yet. Green tea kit kats, I love these. Green tea cakes, there's too much cake and not enough green tea in these.
 Milk cake, they are kinda like a fig newton in the cake part and the inside kinda reminds me of mochi, it's not creamy like it looks like. The bags with faces on are like giant cocoa puffs. I've already finished one bag. Raspberry kit kats, love these too. The only thing I don't like are the bags are $5 each. Banana cream cereal sticks, these are strange but kinda good. It's like cereal on the outside and a banana cream on the inside, I wish the outside was sweeter.
Tuesday: I watched TV all day. It was a good day.
Wednesday: I opened at the library and then did my errands. It was a pretty good day. It's funny the week before I had a great Tuesday, too, and then on Wednesday, someone on Facebook annoyed me, same thing happened this week. It's my art swaps and how I seem to get a lot of people sending out late or not really putting any effort into the swaps.
Today, I had to be at the bookstore at 8, I got up at 6:30, not feeling that great, I saw this beautiful sight at the police station:
 all the police SUVs lined up.
I continued to not feel so great at the bookstore, so I went home early. I found this box on my porch when I got home:
 It's my hollar haul. I'm not as enamored with them as some other people, the last few times I was on the website I didn't find anything I really wanted to spend my money on, but when I was on this time it was specifically for the coloring pads in this picture:
 I had seen someone on YouTube haul them, and I'm not a coloring person, but I thought they'd be fun for art, and you can't just buy those, so I ended up spending about $30. The paper pad was $1.50
Here are some close-ups of the insides:
DCWV color and create tags - colors and objects, $3
 DCWV color and create tags - nature designs, $3
cutout journal and photo album - vintage $3
some envelopes, stickers and clear acetate ephemera
The coffee cup stickers were $2, which is a bit steep, but I really wanted them. The scrapbooking stickers were 99cents.
Embellished journey envelopes and cards, 10 count, 99 cents
Embellished surf shop envelopes and cards, 10 count, 99 cents
 clear cut love shapes with glitter accents, 99 cents
 Family time clear cut shapes with glitter accents, 99 cents.
Everything was 99 cents in this picture. The monsters are temporary tattoos, but I've seen people use them in crafting stuff.
I also picked up a few stuffed animals:
The owl and the monster were both $2, the bear was 99 cents.

I'm excited to get into these and start creating with stuff.