Thursday, December 13, 2018

Fun Day

Even though I went to the post office on Monday, I didn't have any of my bigger packages ready to mail, so it didn't really save me a lot of money on postage. I was productive in getting my tags put together after work on Tuesday. I was really tired after getting home, but I did them anyway. I knew if I didn't, I wouldn't get them done.
Happy mail:
 Figured I'd stop doing this tag. Most of the time people put this kind of stuff in it (which isn't bad), it's just not stuff I'll used.
Christmas ornament:
 Love this ornament, but thought I'd pass it on to someone else.
Wrapped Christmas gift:
 I don't use stamps, so figured I'd pass them on to someone else.
Wish for seam binding:
 I realize they aren't all seam binding, but thought I'd send them anyway, she also wished for tulle, so I included a roll as well.
SMS wrapped:
 So all of the above, except the happy mail was considered a parcel, so that's why I didn't really save any money. I wasn't going to be saving money, just making it so I spent less on Wednesdays and all at once. I also had a small priority mail box (should have done the cardboard envelope, it's cheaper) and a gift for a friend. It was still over $20.
Taking the early shift, totally threw me off, I kept thinking it was Wednesday, because on Tuesdays I get home take my shower and go to bed.
 I love my yeti, I now have three which makes a collection, right? I also thought the stickers were cute.
I received a tag, Wacky Wednesday: striped:
 Not sure why you'd send these. I don't know what I'm going to do with them, other then pass them on to someone else. I'm also not doing this tag in the future. I haven't liked any of the wacky Wednesday tags I've gotten. I was having a good day, until the mail came and I got this which was not interesting to me, and then I got a bit bummed. Apparently you can't make me happy.
Thursday: I'm hanging out with my aunt. We're supposed to be talking about games for Christmas, but I'm hoping we can do some shopping somewhere outside of Ames.
My advent calendars:
I think I've resigned myself to not being too impressed with the things in the garland calendar. It's good stuff, but just not stuff I'm really interested in.
Turns out she figured we'd be shopping for prizes for the games so we hit quite a few stores I normally don't get to. We started out going to lunch at Red Robin with her son, my cousin. I'd never been there, but I inhaled my sandwich, it was really good.
Saw these cool Pac Man mosaics on the wall:
She asked me what stores I wanted to visit while down there. I said Tuesday Morning, so we hit one store:
 Bo Bunny ephemera ($2), Domestic Bliss journaling cards ($3), Bliss Chipboard stickers ($2), Ritter Sport with marzipan ($3), Milka white and milk chocolate ($2), mini envelopes ($1), Constanze milk chocolate with pistachio ($3).
Love those chipboard stickers and I was in the mood for chocolate, I totally got the good chocolate today, it should last me through the season. I might share some of it, no promises.
Here's a close-up on what's in the Bo Bunny ephemera:
I picked it up because of the colors and the fairy theme. 
Close-up on what's in the Domestic bliss journaling card set:
 This matches some stickers I got in my peachy cheap grab bag and a couple things I picked up at Hobby Lobby in the past. I love this collection. I found a few paper packs, the ones that have 25 of the same paper, but no actually paper pads of the collection. I don't see the point of having so many of the same sheet of paper, unless I had a specific idea for it. I looked for paper, but after awhile, got tired of looking through them, there was a lot of paper there.
Close-up of the tiny envelopes:
 I love how cute these were.
Next up was TJ Maxx, because it was about right next door:
 notepads ($2), book ($6). I can't pass by cute notepads. I have 3 other of these tiny square books, I have paid full price for them at BAM and the bookstore. I love them.
My aunt said I should try the oreo candy canes, so our next stop was Trader Joe's:
 Green tea frozen mochi ($4), spring rolls ($3), chocolate set ($10), and cookie butter ($4).
Last time I was at Trader Joe's I wanted to buy some frozen mochi, but it was July and we had about an hour drive home. I thought the spring rolls looked good. I thought this Holiday travel passport chocolate was cute and probably pretty good. It has chocolate from 8 different countries around the world, I didn't realize until I got home that it's dark chocolate, and very dark chocolate, those numbers are the %. I'm not a fan of dark chocolate, but I still want to try these out. I might just cut a little off for me and give them to someone else, but everyone I know that I think would like it, I'm already done shopping for. We did not find the candy canes.
Next up was Aldi:
 chocolate ($2), cookies and cream chocolate ($2), chocolate truffles ($4), Aloe drink ($1), cheese bites ($2), bread ($4), mini sewing machine ($11).
I picked up the cheese bites for a friend. It was after 4 at this point and I was getting hungry. I saw someone pick up this tiny sewing machine and said she was going to try it for sewing on paper projects and I thought I'd do the same.
Last stop before going to my aunt's house was Dollar Tree, to pick up some cheap stuff for the games:
 shower curtain, stickers, coloring book, tape and a Mountain Dew.
I was saddened at the selection of stickers at this store. I was actually saddened at the selection of paper things, like the teacher section, the pen section the paper pads. This coloring book is one of those paint with water, basically you spread water over it and something on the page is activated. I remember having these as a kid. I really need more duct tape, but they didn't have any, so I picked up some packing tape. I go back to covering things with washi tape that I don't like and then packing tape on top, when I run out of duct tape.
Then we went to her house and created a couple games. The saran wrap balls, where you wrap a bunch of things in saran wrap to create a ball. Everyone gets an amount of time to unwrap the ball and collect the prizes they unwrap.
On the way home, we stopped at another TJ Maxx for something she wanted to pick up for another game:
 bag ($2), Matcha macaroons ($5), marzipan ($4), gummy candy corn ($2)
After buying the cheese bites, I needed to get a gift bag to put them in.
We were going to go to the Tuesday Morning there because I liked it better than the other store, but apparently they close at 7, which is wicked early. So, we wandered across the street to Michaels (it's been almost a year since I went to one)
 sock advent calendar ($18), squishy keychain ($2), washi ($3), stickers ($2 each about)
I need socks, and I figure this was a pretty good price for 12 pairs, the thing is you can get knee highs, crew or the very low ones. I can't pass these by, I love squishies, they had these really big ones for $5, I didn't feel like spending that much, though. I love these stickers. I was a little saddened at the selection, but I didn't need to spend more money I'd spent over $100 already.
Here's my first pair of socks:
 When I got home I had some altered paper clips in the mail:
 And a Christmas card:
I had a ton of fun today, only I realize I like shopping with my friends. I love wandering the aisles with them. My aunt and I kinda went our separate ways and then met up after checking out. I always call my middle of the month paycheck, my free money because I don't have bills at the middle of the month. I realize it's not, but it's fun to call it that.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Peachy cheap grab bag

I received some happy mail on Friday. Someone granted some wishes of mine.
SMS monster:
 I really love that sheet in the upper right corner.
 Love that big piece at the bottom. I kinda wanna frame it.
Also some boxes:
I love that unicorn box. I'm saving the other one until Christmas
International snacks, SMS elephant, SMS owl:
 I'm not sure what I'll do with that fabric, I admit I don't use hand sanitizer, I wish I could get the elephant off the holder and do something with it.
More monsters and unicorns:
 A Christmas card:
 That candle piece, is a layered die cut, very intricate.
Letter Y
 She went with Year 2019.
 I totally chose something squishy for mine, though I think I'm going to go numerical for the rest of the calendar.
More Christmas cards from Saturday:
 My friend and I checked out a handmade holiday market but didn't find anything to buy. I was thinking as I was waiting for her to pick me up, maybe the reason I don't have faith in people is that everyone seems to let me down. I wait a lot on people (I remember doing that a lot when I was with my ex), which is probably why I don't ask people to do things for me, I hate waiting. Obviously not everyone lets me down all the time, but I wish I had someone that never let me down, whether a friend or boyfriend.
 And the Tsum Tsum:
I left the chocolate Santa for size reference.
It was a double header day for basketball. I wish there was more time in between the games. I feel like I hardly get home and I have to go right back. I usually do 2 hrs for the first game and 4 for the second. Someone told me they do 4 and then 2. If I was more prepared I'd bring my food and do that. There is nothing I want to pay for food wise at the stadium.
I also realized my supervisors totally have my back. That's a great thing to know. I mean I knew it for some things, but something came up that made me feel really good about working the games.
I got home from the second game about 8, actually at 7:50, which means we got done early. The bus passed me on my way home. I didn't even look at the time, I just started walking. I knew I'd have to walk home. I had planned to walk home for both, but considering I had so little time between them, I walked halfway home and caught the bus the rest of the way, so I had enough time to throw my laundry in the dryer and get it out before I had to be back for the second game. I didn't sign up for the next double header because it's at the end of an 8 day stretch at the library, the bookstore and the games. If I get all the hours I said I was available for, it's over 60 hours of standing and I feel I'll be tired of standing. We'll see.
 I was kinda disappointed with all the items. Even my own advent calendar. Oh well, can't hit them all. I do like the reindeer wood piece and some of the metal charms.
Normal day at work, I stopped at the post office on the way home to lessen some of my weight on Wednesday, of course I didn't have any of the big stuff packaged up, but it will still help. Found some happy mail when I got home.
Christmas pocket letter:
 Christmas cards:
 I love that snowman one.
And my Black Friday Peachy Cheap grab bag came (later, because apparently package delivery is different than mail delivery). I separated the pictures into what I liked and didn't like. First up what I'm not too impressed with:
 I don't do scrapbooking, but may find something to use the photo overlays on, I might use the copper words, but they are big, I like the sequins, but probably won't use them. I'm not sure what that huge flower thing is.
Here's a close-up of the sequins:
Like I said they're pretty neat, the brown are gingerbread men, the white snowflakes, the white and red candy canes and the green trees.
The Christmas stuff:
 I just wish I didn't have my Christmas crafting done. I want to make something, but I don't know what I'd use it for.
Close up on the snow and cocoa pack:
I was super excited about these.
And the other stuff I liked:
 I'm not a huge fan of the Halloween paper, but they are double sided, so I can always use the other side. I like the other paper pad and thought it looked familiar, the last paper pad I got from peachy cheap was also pink paislee, so the patterns are similar.
Close up of the journaling cards:
 The front says there's 20 double sided, I haven't opened them, but it looks like it shows both sides, except that there's an extra in each size.
Close-ups of clear stickers:
Love these, because they are the same line as something I bought at Hobby Lobby. I've really wanted to go shopping, so this helped. Of course like any other time I get these, I just want to hoard everything. I also read a book: Judas by Astrid Holleeder. 20 more books and I've read 100 this year. I'm gonna keep going and hope I make it.
I love that fuzzy wooly mammoth. I switched with another person because they wanted the morning off, so I'm going in at 10. It's 2019 in three weeks, I'm not sure I'm ready for that.

Friday, December 07, 2018


The ribbon and washi were from the pocket letter, the lace from the garland calendar, and the minion from my personal one. Inside the minion ball was a minion in hula gear. He really helped my day.
 There was no mail, I hate no mail days. Mail brightens my day. I had a mini meltdown when I got home from work. I had forgotten my grocery bag in the morning so had to pick that up before going to the store. I wanted to watch a friend open a gift but she was too busy. As much as I tell people that I kinda enjoy turning people away (that's not the right word, I realize, I don't like to send people back to their cars, but I get a little adrenaline when people argue) with their bags or whatever they can't bring to a game, it really grates on me. We had a few people on Monday that were really irate that they couldn't bring their bags in. There was one couple that kinda stood in the corner for awhile and they were so upset and rude there was a point we were thinking about calling the cops on them. I realize it sucks, and that the not clear bag is tiny (4.5 inches by 6.5 inches, it's really small), but we're doing this for everyone's security. I'm sorry they didn't pay attention to things before they came to the game, but I hate that they take it out on me. It's not like we're doing anything other big venue places aren't doing.
I'm tired of people being over demanding and full of themselves and being too busy. I'm just kinda tired of issues in life in general, but then I get home and the lock on my door wouldn't unlock, and I had a moment of weakness and just cried. I just wanted to come home switch my coats, grab the right bag, go shopping and then come home and relax.
I posted that on facebook, and I had a few sad faces and love and hugs comments. I had three people that could have called and asked if I was ok and if they could do anything, or hang out or give me a hug in person, but no one did. I hate that Facebook makes that ok. Just like birthdays, we'll just wish you happy birthday on Facebook, but not in person.
 The washi is from the pocket letter, the paper clips from the garland calendar and the package from my personal one.
Here's what was in the package:
 It's supposed to be a squishy, but it's a crappy one. I like it because it's cute.
I read a book I couldn't renew: Invisible by Stephen L Carter, about the African American lawyer who took down Lucky Luciano.
I received some cards in the mail:
Though for some reason the cards didn't make me as happy as I expected.
And some die cuts for doing a card sketch:
 I felt it was a productive day of getting the book read and ignoring people.
 The stickers and snowman clip are from the pocket letter, the die is from the garland calendar and the tsum tsum and owl from mine.
I have a lot of those puffy star stickers, so I passed some on to another person. I don't have a die cutting machine. Why do people send dies when they don't know that? This is the second time I've gotten a die in a swap. I've also gotten an embossing folder, which you can kinda use, but it's a lot of work.
Here's a close-up of what was in the Tsum Tsum package:
 He's pretty big, I should have put something in for size reference.
I was productive in putting swaps together.
A stocking stuffer:
 Basically, we're filling a small flat rate box of destash and sending it along.
Two red swaps:

 We were to choose 10 red items to send to people.
Two sticker swaps:

 We were to send 25 stickers.
A winter paper clip swap:
 The bow I got in another swap, the snowflake is from my pocket letter advent calendar, the snow globe is a sticker.
The first snowman is a sticker, the peppermint I got in another swap and the snowman is a paper cutout.