Saturday, November 18, 2017

Weekly update 11/18/17

When I do these at the end of the week, I look back at my pictures to see what I did all week. My life is not exciting, which is why I don't do the November or December daily thing. So, what happened this week?
Sunday: I finished my Christmas Envelopes swap:
 Basically, it's an advent calendar. We created 24 envelopes and put goodies in them for our partner.
I also finished my December calendar tag:
Very simple, but cute.
Monday: I finished my Advent calendar pocket letter:
 We created 3 pocket letters for our partner and filled up 25 pockets of goodies. The two advent calendar swaps were my biggest swap and I was so proud of getting them done.
I also finished a card kit:
 One of my groups sends us pieces for a card, asks us to use at least three items to make a card.
I went to work, which was kinda weird after having the last 3 Mondays off.
Tuesday: The only pictures I have are the back of that advent calendar pocket letter. I realized I forgot to take a picture of the backs and that I hadn't covered up some of the goodies, so that package looked so great when I sent it out.
Wednesday: I opened at the library, mailed my swaps and went grocery shopping. I love how the sky looked when I was going home:
 I got a destash swap in the mail:
 It was called a Gingerbread brown bag destash. Basically we decorated a brown bag like a gingerbread house and stuffed it full of goodies. My partner spoiled me.
Thursday: I got a pocketful of sunshine swap in the mail:
 We had to send our partner at least 10 things that would make them happy.
Friday: I went to probably the last garage sale of the season. I saw this cool car while I was out:
 Here's what I picked up:
 stocking, snowflake ornament, holiday pins, pretzels.  Basically, I thought if I did another swap, these were a few things I'd include. I think I'll give the snowflake ornament to my brother's girlfriend.
I also decided to go Christmas shopping, I was going to go on Tuesday, but I just didn't feel like it on Tuesday.
My first stop was Dollar Tree:
 pretzels, shower loofahs, duct tape, storage container, cookies, butterfingers.
I just picked up a bag of these pretzels at Hollar (I caved and put in two orders this week, wait for those), so I don't really know why I bought these. I'm trying to replace my loofah every month, and if I have to do that, I'm not spending more than $1 on them. I've noticed these little guys hold up better than the regular loofahs, so I've now bought every single one that they've had. I always need duct tape, I was going to look in the clearance section at Walmart, but I didn't make it there. My current laundry basket is a bigger size of one of these, but the shape is not holding up very well, so I thought I'd see if I could find another one. Everyone's been hauling these cookies, I picked up both kinds last time, I thought these orange and chocolate ones were kind of like Jaffa cakes that I used to get at the British foods store, so I picked up a package for a friend. I picked up the Butterfingers because I'd never seen the crisp in tiny size and I'd never seen them at the Dollar Tree.
 gift bags, keychains, bath bombs.
One of the swaps I signed up for is another file folder pocket letter, when I did, my vision was to have a large Santa on the front of the file folder, only I didn't have one. I didn't find anything that fit my vision at Hobby Lobby, and while I was wandering around Dollar Tree, I saw this gift bag and thought it would work (it fits, and looks great). On the inside of those, they usually have a glassine bag, I thought one of these bags would be more fun. I forgot I picked up the tassel keychains until I was checking out, I got them because I got sucked into the peer pressure of people hauling them. I also did that with the bath bombs. I don't really have friends I could give these to, but I'm sure I'll figure out something.
 When I saw people hauling these, I told myself I was allowed to pick them up if I found them. They are the only stickers I bought. I kinda wanna put them in my friends' mailboxes at work.
Next up was Target, which I have skipped the last two times I went shopping down south.
Because everyone's so obsessed with this image, I took a picture to show the world:
 It's a wooden ornament, I believe it was $3, it's in their Christmas section with the ornaments. I think it's a cute image, but it doesn't do much for me.
I also saw these:
 Which I love and am considering asking for for Christmas. I didn't look to see what it includes, but wouldn't it be fun?
Here's what I picked up:
 chocolate and food.
The Dove was on sale 2 for $7, my original thought was to take them to Thanksgiving, but I don't know if I really want to part with them. I picked up the chocolate 'trees' ($1 each) for stocking stuffers. I picked up the Hickory Farms ($9.99) for my dad, I did that one year and he seemed to like it.
socks, unicorns, stickers.
I have a swap where I have to stuff a pair of socks with goodies, I picked these up cause they were $3. I couldn't pass up the unicorn at the top, it was in Bullseye's playground for $3, it went in my Advent calendar. As did this pegacorn ornament, it was in the Christmas section for $4. These stickers were something I also gave myself permission to buy if I found them, they were $1.
I stopped off at Burger King on the way home for lunch. I feel I've been eating frozen dinners for the past month and then some, so I splurged for lunch.
I also put together my sock swap:
Basically, we filled the socks with goodies spending no more than $10, including the price of the socks. I'm worried my partner will buy some really nice socks and put like nothing in them. I stuffed mine with some chocolate, hot chocolate, nail file, washi, sticky notes, pens, a tube of glitter and a bath bomb.
I also got a pocket letter in the mail:
Saturday: I worked.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Weekly Update

I feel these are going to become more boring since I'm not spending money on things I don't need.
Sunday: Basketball season started with a double header, I basically worked all day. Had to be at Hilton at 10:30 for the noon game, got home about 1, ate lunch, had to be back at 3:30 for the 5 o'clock game, got home about 8, ate supper and went to bed.
Monday: It has officially been a week since I stopped drinking pop. I don't think I really crave it, but water and milk are very bland in taste. I was tempted to drink one of my screwdrivers just to have something else. I'll look into the flavored water they sometimes have on sale at Fareway, I like the taste of that, and it's still cheaper than a 20 oz of pop.
I have not been inspired to make anything recently, so I haven't been signing up for more swaps. I don't have a ton that I signed up for for the rest of the year.
I did do my laundry today, that's probably the only thing I achieved.
I got a mini hedgehog pocket letter in the mail:
Tuesday: No idea, I'm pretty sure I just sat in front of the TV, I did finish a birthday card for a friend:
 I also finished a tag swap:
And finished making envelopes for an advent calendar.
Wednesday: I opened at the library, I mailed the tags, a loaded envelope swap, and some stamps. Went grocery shopping, and who knows. I know it was a very boring week. Again, I haven't been interested in doing much, I was trying to get through season 5 of ER and catching up on YouTube (which I think is never ending).
I did get another mini hedgehog pocket letter in the mail:
I know I spent a lot of time on the couch watching TV and youtube. I did fall off my wagon and drink pop on Tuesday and Thursday. It tasted so good on Tuesday when I drank it, Thursday, not so much. And now I'm back to not drinking it, I don't know what will happen on Monday, there's someone that I work with that is very hard to work with and having a Cherry Coke helps, so I don't know if I'll get some or not. Sometimes I just get tired of the blandness of milk and water, I tried to buy some of the 16.9 oz flavored water at the grocery store, but I didn't want to pay the price they had it at, of course now that I think about it, it's not that much more for a 20 oz of pop than for a 6 pack of those. I did buy some 1 liter bottles of flavored water, which is not that good.
I have 4 swaps I have to mail next Wednesday, so I will be working on those tomorrow, like I said, I just haven't been motivated to do anything but sit on the couch and watch TV. I can't believe next week is the middle of November, the week after that is Thanksgiving and the week after that is December. I'm done shopping for my brother for Christmas, mostly done for my mother and haven't even started for my dad, he's the worst.
I'm tired of staring at my fall/Halloween decorations, so my snowmen might be coming out soon, we'll see.
Maybe next week will be more exciting.

Saturday, November 04, 2017

Weekly update

I feel it's going to be depressing.
Sunday: Did 4 loads of laundry, watched scary movies, found out I had a cavity and finished a flip book:
 Monday: I found out my health insurance premium is going up $200, so spent the day depressed and watched movies.
Tuesday: got my cavity filled and watched movies. Here's my Halloween set-up:
That sad pumpkin I made last week, a tiny velvet pumpkin from a local store, a ceramic pumpkin from Dollar Tree, and a foam jack-o-lantern from Hollar. The skeleton bird is from Dollar Tree. The zombie is from Hollar. I just realized there is a Halloween snowglobe elsewhere in my living room from Dollar Tree as well.
I don't really decorate for Halloween, I actually am not a big fan of Halloween, I've amassed more Halloween crafty stuff for swaps, but I don't really like it, still. I just love getting other people's creativity (I actually like getting anything handmade all year long). When I was a kid, there was cool Halloween candy, I feel it's just all the same now, nothing interesting. I didn't have to work on Tuesday, I only put on a Halloween shirt because I went out.
Wednesday: I opened at the library and did my regular errands of the post office and grocery shopping. I cut myself off cold turkey with pop. It's money I don't need to be spending and maybe it will cut down my belly fat.
I started my healthcare application before work, which totally stressed me out at work. I went after Halloween shopping on the way home, I found bought some Christmas presents:
The reindeer are for my brother, the Iowa ornament for my mother, the nutcracker for a swap, the pretzels for me and the chocolates for stocking stuffers.
I took a bunch of pictures of stuff I'd like for Christmas, as I was uploading them, I thought it would be stupid to ask for them because I have way too much stuff. I don't have room for much more. I was even thinking of not getting all my Christmas stuff out this year because it's so much work, so why ask for more?
I got home and finished my healthcare application and it turned out less painful than I expected, I'm a little on edge because it took so long last year. I just expect everything to be so hard
Thursday: I went shopping. My friend's birthday is next week, so I was hoping to find some hedgehogs, also hoping to find some good Halloween candy.
I started at Hobby Lobby hoping there would be some hedgehogs in their fall section. When I got there it said fall/Halloween was 50% off, I didn't find anything I wanted. I also noticed that Christmas was at 50% off as well, but I was only there to look at fall. I walked out without buying anything.
My next stop was JoAnn's, every year I buy those knit gloves for $1 and every year I somehow manage to misplace them. I picked up a couple more pairs this year:
 I spent a grand total of $2.14.
Next stop was the Dollar Tree, I needed a few things for a swap.
 I found manila folders, some envelopes, those are both for swaps. I picked up the snowflakes for winter wands, and the anti-itch for me.
 The gummies turned out to be 50 cents, I saw people hauling these cookies and food is my ok splurge, especially when it's $1. I picked up the almond roca for Christmas. I spent $9.89.
I went to Walmart to get tape, I found this wicked cute owl mug for about $5.
 I stuck to my tape, picked up the Oreo bars because I love these and I haven't been seeing them in my local grocery store, the Hershey's are for a swap and I got the fruit medley because I haven't had it in a long time.
 Grand total spent: $22.04.
I stopped in at a local thrift store just to see if they had any hedgehogs.
I didn't find those, but I found a bag full of flowers for a swap, and this creature. I admit, when I'm feeling depressed, I really want to buy stuffed animals, must be why I have so many in my apartment, I only bought him because he was $1, I've decided I can buy stuff for myself if it's $1 or under, or food (though I will be paying attention to how much), I will not however be stopping at the Asian food stores or getting food subscription boxes for awhile. My grand total here was $1.50.
My last stop was the grocery store, I needed milk and I picked up some Smirnoff screwdrivers. I don't drink much alcohol, so this six-pack will last probably about six months.
Friday: I didn't do much, but I did get a private swap in the mail:
 I love the Olaf button and the 'Do you wanna build a snowman' middle pocket. This picture was taken at work, because when I work in the afternoons, I collect my mail on the way in to work.
We had an interesting day at work, it's book sale weekend, plus our Automatic Handling System went down and we thought it might not go up before we closed, not a good way to start the weekend. Thankfully, our tech guy performed a miracle and got it running about 45 minutes before we closed. I did enjoy checking things in by hand, I kinda miss that, because I don't really see the books anymore, I used to check out so many more books when we checked in by hand. I stopped by the grocery store for cereal on the way home and was pretty tired, so went to bed about 9PM.
Saturday: Me and my mom were visiting two of the church fairs about 9AM. I'm actually a bit disappointed in them this year. They usually all (3 of them) do it the weekend closest to October 15th. I was all ready for them at that time this year, and they all changed their day they were doing it. The one that's furthest away from me apparently had theirs on October 21st, which I didn't know. One of my co-workers goes to that church and told me it was October 20-something, but never gave me an exact date, I never saw any ads or signs for it anywhere, I found out it was on the 21st because I went to work that afternoon and my co-worker was working that morning and asked if I went, I'm kinda bummed about it. Another co-worker told me about one of the churches was having theirs this weekend, which was fine, I was just ready for it in November.
Here's what I picked up:
 I also picked up a couple teapots for my boss, they were $7. I spent a grand total of $11 on food between the two sales. I also picked up that tiny little Santa pin for my mother for $0.25. I realized after I got home, the only things I got for me was the food, because I'm practicing not buying stuff I don't need, it's kinda depressing. Not that I need more food things either, but I love hand made goodies.
I relaxed in front of the TV and some ER for awhile, and went off to finish some swaps.
A yellow flip book:
 A 'pocketful' of sunshine, or yellow products to make your partner happy:
 I got a few more swaps in the mail,
A flip book:
 and a fantasyland flip book:
I am now trying to catch up on YouTube, I'm not sure it will happen.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Hodgepodge Vol 327

It's time for the weekly Hodgepodge. Head on over to Joyce's blog to see what other people have answered.

1. What does/did Halloween look like at your house this year? Did you decorate? Pick pumpkins? Carve pumpkins? Expect trick or treaters? Wear a costume to a party or event? Make a costume? Feel glad you didn't have to come up with a costume? Cook a Halloween themed treat? Eat all the leftover candy?
Here's what Halloween looks like in my house this year:
 A bunch of pumpkins with a jack-o-lantern mixed in, a skeleton bird and a squishy zombie.
A couple tags I got in swaps and a plush candy corn.
I don't do much for Halloween, I live in an apartment and don't get trick or treaters, I don't dress up because I don't need to. I actually didn't work either of the days that my town had trick or treating. So, basically, I'm watching scary movies on my day off.2. What are you waiting for? Elaborate. Swaps, I'm always waiting for swaps. I'm also waiting (not looking forward to) November 1st, it's that time of year when I have to apply for health insurance again. My health insurance provider told me my premium will go up $200, I can't afford that. I'm hoping I can find something cheaper, or I may have to go without.

3. Do you wish you were friendlier, braver, more creative, more athletic, or something else? Explain.
I wish I was braver, if I was I could leave this town, move somewhere else and probably find a better paying job that provides benefits I can afford.
4. When it comes time to paint are you a do-it-yourselfer or do you hire someone? What was the last paint job completed at your house? What room most needs painting now? How do you feel about wallpaper?
Like I said, I live in an apartment, I have no control over the painting. Though, I would most likely DIY it. My parents owned two houses when I was growing up, one they rented each floor out, and the other they rented the third floor out, if we ever needed something done, we'd do it ourselves. I'd love to have my own little house some day and decorate it however I wished.
5. What is one specific thing you felt gratitude for in the month of October?
Lame answer, but money, I was so happy I had the money to do all this shopping I was doing, of course now, I realize I shouldn't have done any of it. 90% is stuff I don't need, while I'll probably use it, I just have too much stuff and don't need it.
6.  Insert your own random thought here.
Kind of disappointing answers this week. I'm sorry, I've been freaking out about healthcare and then yesterday I got the information about my rising premium and was depressed all day. I'm still depressed about it, but I figured something out that may help, but prices are still bad. I don't want to be told to stop spending money, but that's where I am. I also don't want to be depressing to anyone, but it's my blog and since when people ask how you are they don't really care about the answer, my blog is where I whine.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Weekly Update

Sunday: I know I sat on my butt a lot. I also finished a book (technically it was Monday before I finished it). I need to be doing more of that. I also worked on a few art projects.
Monday: my boss said I need to be taking some vacation, cause I'm topped out, so I took the next three Monday's off. It's nice to not go to work, and it gives me long vacations. I finally got my lollipop box in the mail:
 Check out the blog post, here.
I created this sad, little pumpkin from stuff in the box:
I also finished a Fantasyland flip book:
And put together a Christmas ephemera swap package:
 I actually added more after taking this picture and took out something.
Tuesday: My brother sent me this:
 He really does know what I like, he should just stick to that.
I also got another swap package ready to go:
 And packaged up my fantasyland flip book, my Look What I Made swap that I finished last week, and the two small swaps above to be mailed out on Wednesday.
Wednesday: I was exhausted, I tried to go to sleep early Tuesday night, but couldn't and kept waking up. Ironically, I wasn't that tired when I went to bed that night. After finishing up at the post office, I saw one of my Hollar boxes was at the post office to be delivered on Thursday, so I picked it up:
 This is the contents of a mystery box. I didn't do much else on Wednesday.
Thursday: I went to Hobby Lobby, I needed a few items for upcoming Christmas swaps. Our town just created/painted these bike lanes on one of our resurfaced streets and I found it kinda ironic that people were misusing them already:
 Basically you're suppose to stop behind it, so a biker can go ahead of you in the intersection. Now, I know there wasn't a biker there, but if one happened to come along, they would have been out of luck.
Here's what I picked up at Hobby Lobby:
 some papers, buttons, tape and snowflakes. I realized I didn't have anything bigger than 6x6 paper for Christmas. I have one swap where we're creating envelopes to stuff and one where I'm doing an Advent calendar pocket letter. I picked up the plaid paper because I figured I didn't have to use it for Christmas and it would make nice backgrounds. The snowflake paper is for a winter white pocket letter. I also picked up the smaller paper pad because again, a lot of it didn't have to be for Christmas. I don't like buying paper pads that you can only use for one holiday. I was in the washi aisle, which is also the button aisle and picked up a grab bag. I tried to look at the clearance, but they had so many boxes and carts sitting in front of it, that all I picked up was this roll of tape. I picked up the snowflake packs for some winter wands. I picked up the sticker roll to decorate my plaid backgrounds.
Here's my favorites from the button bag:
 It turned out to be about half the bag.
I also got another Hollar box in the mail, this is what was in another mystery box. Go here for the blog post.
Work was pretty slow, but normal for a Thursday night.
Friday: I woke up feeling like crap, had a bad headache, was really hot, felt sick to my stomach and very light headed. I called in sick to work and basically slept all day.
It's that time of the year when I freak out about health insurance. My insurance company was supposed to be sending a renewal packet, but I haven't seen it yet, so I sent them a message today. I'm hoping to get the information before November 1st. I looked at a few plans in the marketplace, and yes I'm freaking out a little bit (though you'd never know it). I wondering if that's what caused me to feel so crappy this morning, that I actually worried myself sick, I don't know. I did realize on Thursday when I went shopping, I just didn't want to shop. So, like I said I'm gonna try really hard to not buy stuff I don't need, I've do my Christmas shopping year round, but I still have a few things to pick up for my family. Thankfully, they realize I don't have a lot of money, so I don't spend a bunch on them. I try to find things I really think they'll enjoy. I also realized today that I'm sure they don't need a bunch more stuff as well, I certainly don't need it. Though as I type that, My Neighbor Totoro stuffed guy is sitting on my 'table' and just making me smile. So, I guess I should just stick to the ones that really make me happy.
I think part of the reason I'm more bummed this week, is cause I cut back on swaps because I was tired of people being rude about swaps. And, aside from the Lollipop box I got on Monday, I haven't gotten anything crafty in the mail this week. It's actually been a pretty sad week for mail, other than my Lollipop box on Monday and my two Hollar boxes on Wednesday and Thursday, I haven't gotten anything in the mail. I know I can't get more swaps than I sign up for, but when I'm spending up to $20 a week on postage, it's about the same as just buying a bunch of stuff. I spent under $9 this week, I liked that. I know I have a swap that I'll probably be sending in a priority mail flat rate envelope, I have another that will be in a legal size envelope, but will be a parcel, another couple I haven't signed up for yet, but are coming up that will be kinda large.  I can't believe some people saying they pay as much as $50 in postage each week, I couldn't do that. I'd love to have someone to do a monthly swap with. I had a couple people that got too busy to do it and another where I realized I had signed up for too many swaps at the moment.
Saturday: So much for no happy mail this week, I checked my mail before I went to work about 12:45 pm and found a card:
We had done a swap a few weeks ago that was supposed to be stamping on a book page, coloring it in and making a card with it. She didn't realize she was supposed to make a card with it, so she made a card with another colored page.
And then when I got home from work about 6:45, I looked again and I had this package:
It was supposed to be for a Christmas ephemera swap, but my partner got confused.
My mail has been coming pretty late recently.
It was a nice ending for the week, especially with the strangeness that was work.