Wednesday, September 19, 2018


Tonight was supposed to be a good night.
My brother was in town, so we were going out to supper. I went over to my parents beforehand and delivered his birthday present, his birthday is at the end of September and I didn't want to mail it.
Here's what I got him:
A Bob Ross bobble head and a pop up book about computers from the 80's.
We grew up on Bob Ross, he gave me Bob Ross socks one year for my birthday, so when I saw this bobblehead at Target a few months ago, I knew I had to get it for him. He works in computers for his job, so when I saw this pop up book about computers from the 80's in the library's used bookstore one day, I snatched it up. He was very tickled to receive both. He turned into a little kid playing with the pull tabs and checking out the pop ups. That's the first time I've got a reaction like that from him for anything I've gotten him.
I went out to supper with my mother, brother and cousin. We went to a local place, we had a good time at supper and then my brother asked my cousin if he was still up for going out to the bars and asked my mother if she wanted to go, I wasn't asked.
I also might have been a little rude at the end when he made a joke about me paying for supper and I said he still owed me a birthday present. I'm still annoyed at the world for not acknowledging my birthday. My parents got me the trip to St Louis, which wasn't that great (that's the reason I didn't blog about the whole thing, I don't want to remember it), my mother did give me a pair of socks on the trip that I told her I didn't want (because that's how she is). I didn't get a card from either of them. My brother did wish me a happy birthday with a text. I only received one card from someone I know in real life. My best friend gave me a bag of fun gifts. I had asked on one of my groups for people to send me cards and if they hadn't I would have gotten that one card. I wasn't in town or at work for my birthday, so I guess no one had to remember. I was hoping I'd come back to some in my mailbox or at my desk. Nothing. I'm sorry I'm a little bitter about it.
I give so much of myself to everyone else, is it so hard to buy a cheap card?
Anyways, I kinda wanted to go out and do something fun, but bars are not my thing, I doubt I would have enjoyed it. This cousin was always my favorite growing up to me, he's about 3 years older than me, fit in with my brother and another older male cousin we had. He was always nice to me growing up.
I really wanted to relax with a nice violent movie, because they always make me feel better. But, I should be reading my books and getting through those.
I'm listening to the Rock of Ages soundtrack, because music helps with everything. I might have to go on a long walk tomorrow


Friday: I went to one sale, it was kinda disappointing, I spent a whole $1.25. I picked up a stress jack o lantern and a vintage pin, I didn't even take a picture. I got my brother's birthday presents wrapped:
 He works in computers, so I thought it'd be funny to give him this pop up book about computers from the 80s and we grew up with Bob Ross, so I'm giving him a Bob Ross bobble head.
I worked Friday afternoon, and picked up a swap on my way in.
We were supposed to fill a small priority mail box with crafting supplies. It did not have to be Halloween, but my partner sent a bunch of Halloween stuff:
 Saturday, I went shopping. I was originally going to go to a few garage sales, but I think I was coming down with a cold and I needed to go to Dollar Tree for sponges and a gift bag. I was going to hit Target and Walmart cause they're really close by, but I was so tired when I got done at the Dollar Tree that I just came back home.
Dollar Tree:
 the gift bag, I over estimated and it is huge. Way too big for what I needed it for, but oh well, I'm still using it. I also needed sponges and these dehumidifier things.
 Because that's one reason you go to the Dollar Tree. Snyder's pretzel pieces of garlic and mustard, chamomile tea, Haribo berries, bacon jerky, Swedish fish tropical, Sweettarts ropes and some cream cheese and chives crackers. The Snyder's has not been that great lately, so I probably won't buy them for awhile. I had a wicked sore throat Friday and somewhat on Saturday, so I picked up the tea. I love these berries and someone introduced me to the Swedish fish and the sweet tarts. Thought I'd try the bacon, not a fan, and I planned to take the crackers to work.
 pencil pouch, stencil, wall stickers, magnetic bookmarks, washi
The pencil pouch looks like a mermaid tail. I picked up the stencil for a swap. I love the wall stickers, picked up the other stickers for some of the animals. I can't believe there were magnetic bookmarks for $1. Also, loved the decorative tape, one has flowers, one has watermelon and the third is kind of a cooking theme with mason jars
 I can't pass up the sticker aisle. I found the fancy stickers and the planner stickers. Also thought the silver backed ones were pretty cute. Found a few glittery ones as well.
I did get a few tags put together.
This or That stationery:
 This or that stationery:
 This or That sticker sheets:
 Sunday, I was kinda productive, put together a few swaps.
Dollar store $5 swap, two partners:
 Second partner:
 Orange happy mail:
 vintage/shabby chic pocket letter:
 I'm not really sure if it's shabby chic, but I'm going with it.
Lisa Frank pocket letter:
 I'm still feeling under the weather and have an annoying cough. I found some happy mail when I got home:
SMS unique:
the unique item was the bunny bookmark, she also granted some wishes of something fun (the coloring pages), a surprise (the stickers and uplifting quotes) because I've been a little down lately.
SMS different:
 I'm not sure how I feel about it. I'm not really interested in doing a cross stitch project right now.
Also, found a secret sister package.
 Which I'm really not happy with. The two potholders say faith, family, friends. I think it's rude to send religious things if you don't know a person is religious.
They recently took out the favorites file in this group because 'swapping isn't about sending people what they like' So, I can see why this one is more fallish themed, it's just not so much for me.
I had stopped at the grocery store on the way home and found some great deals on their baked goods:
 Sadly, not everything was as good as I wanted it to be. The bottom left are called cherry snails, there wasn't enough taste to them for me. The bottom right are raspberry chocolate chip muffins, which were good, but kinda soggy on the bottom. So, I took the snails and muffins to work. The top are raspberry white chocolate scones, I know those are good.
Tuesday: I slept in a little bit, that helped with whatever this thing is I have. I put together a tag.
 originally, I just had the pens as utensils for writing, but I thought that wasn't good enough, so I added more. Something useful of a pot holder, the utensils for writing of the pens, some unicorn tags and I put in an umbrella card, as well.
I found some mail on my way in to work.
Letter T:
 tote bag, tabbed folders, tattoos, towel and test tube toys. I like the creativity of what my partner sent, but I probably won't use anything but the tote bag.
Sewing tag:
 I also finished an ATC:
 Wednesday: I feel I used my brain extra hard at work, it feels fried, I even stayed an extra 15 minutes trying to figure out/research something weird.
I found this fruit at the grocery store on my way home:
 I also found a couple packages in the mail.
Dollar Store $5 swap:
 we were supposed to send each other $5 worth of stuff from the Dollar store. My partner went a little over, but I like the variety.
SMS energizing:
a bath bomb.

Friday, September 14, 2018

A sticker fox

Having a four-day weekend was very productive. Saturday, I should have gone garage saleing if just to go out and get some exercise, but I didn't feel like it after spending so much on Friday. I did get some stuff done, though.
I created a fall washi tube:
 put together a tropical tag:
 I decided to not include the stationary after taking the picture. I put in some leaf and bird die cuts along with some flamingo and leaf washi and some plumeria flower beads.
I received a surprise tag:
 I really like the puffy owl stickers.
An S tag:
 stationery. I've decided not to do the letters next time around, while I like stretching my mind, I've received more items I'm not so excited about and I feel I'm spending more money sending my stuff out than people are sending back to me. I'll finish this set, but I won't be doing more.
bird pocket letter:
 and an October calendar tag:
 I went to supper with my parents and was reminded why I'm trying to avoid them. They always ask if I'm working more hours at the library (I'm set at 20, can't work more, unless it's special circumstances, and they know this), bother me about money (stuff I don't feel like sharing on here) and my mother keeps telling me I need more steps (apparently her new way of telling me I need to exercise), I feel some day I'm going to blow up at her, I feel it every time we get together. We were going to go to a quilt show on Sunday, but I decided sleeping in would be much more enjoyable.
And it was.
Sunday, I slept in, it was nice. Also, productive. I put together
something Kawaii:
 I hope it's kawaii, I'm not entirely sure, but due to unforeseen circumstances, that's what I had to do.
a wish for clear stamps:
 a wish for stationery:
 a wish for ink pads:
 Letter T:
 thin tape, tags, tea and tacos.
I also got my laundry done and made another explosion box, but you'll see that once it's received.
Monday, I returned a bunch of things to the library, and put together a few more things.
Dollar Store:
 I was going to sit this one out, but I couldn't help it.
I received a private swap:
  I sent all my Halloween crafting stuff to someone and they sent me an envelope of crafting destash in return. I'm a little annoyed that they didn't follow directions though. The deal was to swap priority mail bubble envelopes which cost $7.25 to mail, so we could stuff a lot into them. She sent me an envelope in a priority mail cardboard envelope which costs $6.20 to mail and she had it in a bubble mailer in the envelope, so she sent me less. It's annoying when people can't follow simple directions.
I also received some handmade embellishments from a swap:
 I love getting handmade embellishments, I'm not good at making them (or I need more practice), so I love getting them.
I put together some yellow happy mail:
 a card, some stickers, washi, punch outs and some ribbon. I was aiming to have it more flat and then ended up sending to the same person as my dollar tree tag.
I may stop doing this tag, too. My definition of happy mail and other's are somewhat different, though it's fun to see what they will send.
And here's the explosion box:
 Or a tiny bit of it.
I also created a sewing tag:
After getting everything packaged up I realized this week is not going to be a cheap mailing week either, so I have to sit out any tags on Wednesday. Oh well.
Here's what I mailed out on Wednesday:
 that was my highest amount I've spent on postage, almost $50. I need to cut back on things.
After spending so much money at the post office I saw this site on my way home:
 Nothing to be worried about. The Fareway store behind them bought an apartment house on the corner and the fire department is using if for training before they burn it down to make way for the new Fareway store. I thought it was a cool sight.
I received a pocket letter in the mail:
 very simple.
Thursday, I had a dentist's appointment and my dentist told me I had beautiful teeth. The dental hygienist told me I really needed to work on flossing and cleaning along the gum line.
I went up to the mall looking for something to treat myself.
I walked out of Walmart and Kohl's without buying anything, though I found the cutest things at TJ Maxx:
A sloth mug
 an eyelash mug:
 Unicorn salt and pepper shakers:
 Unicorn spoon rest:
 I did pick up a unicorn mug and birthday card:
 The mug is sitting where I can see it and it makes me smile every time.
I found some happy mail when I got home
some animal die cuts:
 Used postage:
 This cool color by sticker book:
It's totally addicting, I spent all of last night working on three of the projects. I'm not a fan of the fact I've had to cut out some of the stickers and that there's only 5 projects in it. Also, you have to make sure you're right on the lines otherwise you get white spaces. That's mostly the reason i don't like coloring books, because you have to stay within the lines.