Saturday, March 18, 2017

Trip to Chicago

This past week was spring break here in Ames, my family and I went to Chicago to visit my brother and explore a bit of the city. This post is kinda long. We left Tuesday morning about 7AM, a bit too early for me. Saw this interesting giant golden ball in Clinton, IA:
 I don't know what it is.
We stopped in Aurora, IL at an outlet mall. We went to a Lindt chocolate store:
I also picked up four Lindt chocolate bars that I do not have a picture of, it was a dark chocolate for my roommate, a dark with pomegranate for my friend's birthday at the end of the month, a dark chocolate with lychee (I didn't know which my friend would like) and a milk chocolate with pretzels.
Next up was a stop at Wilson's leather:
I had brought my debit card and a bit of cash for the trip. I tried my debit card at Wilson's and it didn't work, that freaked me out, especially since I had a dream about it not working. Thankfully, I had enough cash to cover it. I called my bank and they said they had seen a lot of fraud with Wilson's leather so there was a block on their store. I've been wanting another leather jacket for awhile, they were having a 70% off + another 40% off the entire store. I got this for a bit over $40.
Next up was Dress Barn
 This is a wrap dress that I really liked. I loved how it looked on me (how about those socks?), but it wasn't a real wrap dress, if it was I could have cinched it a bit more because when I bent over I showed off a lot.
I also tried on this dress:
 I really just liked the arms and that drapey look. It also had some really neat trim on the arms. Now, I'm on the lookout for a shirt with sleeves like that.
 That night we stayed over at Aurora and ate at a Cracker Barrel.
 This is the first time I've been to one. It was really good, I got pecan catfish with marmalade sauce. My doctor says I need to eat more fish, though I believe the dumplings I had as a side may have erased the good effects of the catfish.
I loved this wall of soda:
 I picked up this cute mermaid there:
I didn't sleep very well Tuesday night on account of my dad snoring and my mother waking me up at 6:40 to take a shower.
Wednesday morning, we headed into Chicago. This church seemed to be in the middle of the road:
 After we got to my brother's condo (here are some views from his windows):

We headed down the street to a pub for lunch, I got a grilled chicken wrap. Afterwards, we went to the Shedd Aquarium:
 I took a ton of pictures, these are just a couple:
I bought a book, Lost Chicago for about $20, a glass octopus for $10 and a reusable bag for $0.35
 That night we had deep dish Chicago style pizza. I'm not a fan of this pizza, I had ordered a cheeseburger off the menu, but they never delivered it. My brother had some pasta in the fridge so I had that.
 Thursday morning, we didn't really have a plan, my brother got up late. I wanted to go to the Michael's that I found while wandering around Google Earth in preparation for the trip:
 My mom didn't understand why I wanted to go when we have one about 40 minutes away. I don't think she quite gets that the bigger cities have more stuff in their stores. The first set of stickers are shaker mason jars, they were $2.49, the two sticker books were $1 each, the coloring stickers were on clearance for $0.99. I love shaker stickers, I don't really see them at Hobby Lobby. I also love these cheap sticker books (like I totally need more stickers). The coloring stickers are for a swap. The note cards were in the $1.50 bin as were the words and the paper clips, those are also for a swap. The ephemera was 50% off, so I got it for $2.50. Again, shaker stickers. The sticky note pads were on clearance for $1.79 each, I thought it would be fun to put them in pocket letters. The pom pom keychain was the most expensive thing for $4.99, I loved how it looked with it's glasses, I'm not quite sure where I'll put it. The washi was $2, I talked myself out of the $10 tubes and got this instead. The ribbon was $1, also for a swap. The wooden tags were $0.59 and $0.79. I spent about $33 there.
 We headed back to my brother's condo and headed downtown and ate lunch at Eataly:
 I got Moscato pear and ricotta ravioli with walnuts (I'm not really sure), it was soo good.
After wards, we walked to the Rookery and another building to look at architecture. We headed back to my brother's condo on the bus and had Thai food delivered for supper.
Friday, we also didn't have a plan. The weather was rainy, so we stayed in for the morning and then went to La Creperie for lunch. I had a ratatouille crepe, I've wanted to try ratatouille since I saw the animated movie, it was great. We had a nutella and strawberry crepe for dessert.
 Mother and I wandered around and visited a few stores after lunch. We found this interesting sculpture:
 And this cool castle looking building:

We found a shop called Foursided that was pretty interesting. It was a lot of paper and gift things. I picked up a $10 grab bag, a $5 grab bag, a llama eraser for $0.50, a tiny pin for $1.25, and some pencils.
 A close-up of the pencils:
 They say: the princess, the brain, the athlete, the criminal and the basketcase. I'm not a huge fan of The Breakfast Club, but I thought they were cool. They were $1.75 each. The unicorn eraser and pencil are for a friend, it was $3.
Here's the $5 grab bag
 I like the cards, the stickers and the bunny/cat thing.
The $10 grab bag:
 Again, I like the cards, the cat/bunny thing and the keychain. A few of the things I'll take to work. If you want me to buy something at your store, make a grab bag, I would have loved to buy all of them. Unfortunately, I bet they'd all be about the same, and I probably wouldn't have bought most of it.
The next store was called Inkling, it was almost the same store. Here's what I picked up:
 Some stickers for $2.50, a card for $4.50, a coin pouch for $4.50 and a sheet of unicorn paper (not shown) for $4.50. I spent about $18 there. Mom and I were looking for a bakery, we struck out, but I did find a grocery store, I picked up some croissants and cookies for about $9.
We passed through this interesting looking bridge crossing the Mississippi River back into Iowa.

 Mom wanted to stop at Hobby Lobby and I wanted to stop at Dollar Tree in Clinton, IA just to stretch our legs a bit, we were about halfway home at this point.
Here's what I picked up at Hobby Lobby:
 This Hobby Lobby made me feel exactly like I was back in Ames. I picked up the word stickers for 90% off, $0.30, the gel pens were on clearance for $2.08. I also don't need more gel pens.
Here's Dollar Tree:
 I thought these were unicorn stickers, I will still probably send them to my friend. Critter stickers, the first sheet I got for the owls, the second for the mice and hedgehogs, the third for the underwater. The bubble stickers are unicorns. I haven't seen these layered stickers yet. And I've been searching for the bows, so I got two sheets.
I've been needing some markers. A few things I learned are: I love hot showers, I love water pressure and nowhere is quite dark enough to sleep. I can't do much about the first two, but I picked up this eye mask for the next time I go on a trip. The thing under it is a pencil pouch, the blue bag was in the cosmetics aisle, I thought I could use them both for swaps. I just liked the coin purse. The cross I picked up for a swap. The pick-up pairs, I've seen Crafty Girl haul and I love those whack a balloons for Valentine's Day.
Three hours later we were home. I've been trying to catch up on email, blog reading, Youtube watching and other online stuff since I got home. I also didn't get very many good nights' sleep because of the light factor and I kept waking up early because of the light. I'm hoping to sleep in tomorrow and watch YouTube.

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

what's been going on

Loving: Castle by Halsey. It was at the end of The Huntsman: Winter's War. I looked it up on YouTube and I have been listening to it continuously since Sunday night.
The other day I was mentioning that I was bothered by spending a $100 gift card in a little over a week. I just watched a youtube video where the person spent over $120 just in the Target $spot alone. I was a little overwhelmed. But, each to their own I guess.
I also just bought some girl scout cookies, I think I'm kinda over girl scout cookies. I bought a box of thin mints, the new s'mores and a bag of gluten free. I know there are two different kinds of the new s'mores, the ones here are graham crackers in marshmallowy frosting and then coated in chocolate. I didn't like them, took them to work yesterday and they were gone before I left 5 hours later. I also wasn't impressed with the thin mints. I haven't tried the gluten free yet, my boss has a very sensitive stomach, so I kinda wanted her to open the bag first and then try them. I don't know if that will happen. I'm really good at buying things with other people in mind and then keeping them for myself, but I'm also good at buying things for myself and then giving them to friends, so I guess it all evens out.
March is National Craft month, so I've been trying to be crafty every day. I know it hasn't happened, and it's not going to happen next week while I'm in Chicago, but if I did, I could actually finish all my swaps early and not have to worry about them close to when they are due.
I've decided I'm taking only my phone to Chicago. I know I'll have a lot of blogs to read and a lot of Youtube to catch up on when I get back, but I feel I spend too much time on that stuff as it is, I don't need to be doing it on vacation. I decided I will be checking my email (which I probably won't have much interesting in) and facebook. Sometimes I get a lot of notifications from my groups, it would be a little overwhelming to come back to. Also, I unsubbed from a lot of my youtube channels because I spend too much time watching it. I've decided part of it, is because people talk a lot in their videos. That's not to say people don't 'talk' a lot in their blogs, but I read pretty fast, and you can skim blogs, you can't really skim videos. I'm also trying to not watch haul videos because it just makes me want to go out and spend money and I do not need more stuff. I want to just watch what people are creating/getting in the mail.
I was looking through my blog posts the other day, I used to post just about every day when I first started, now I'm lucky if I post once a week. I either have less to complain about or nothing exciting really happens to me. It's probably a bit of both. I don't do a lot other than art and go to work.

Hodgepodge Vol 300

It's Hodgepodge time again, head on over to Joyce's blog to see what other people have answered.

1. What is one area of your life where you're a perfectionist? Is that a good thing? I don't think I'm a perfectionist in anything. I think that's a good thing, I'm not sure I'd want to keep doing something over and over until it's perfect, seems like a lot of wasted time. 

2. What's something you find perfectly ridiculous? What some people deem important to argue over. I've been dealing with some people at work that feel some things they must argue over. I won't go into detail, but sometimes a fine that's under a dollar just shouldn't be worth it.

3. What's a skill you've developed by way of that old fashioned saying, 'practice makes perfect? Honestly, I don't usually use the perfect word. I work on things to make them better, but if they're not perfect, I don't really care.

4. What's your idea of a perfect breakfast? I like sweet stuff, one of my local restaurants makes the best pancakes, they are the size of a dinner plate and the syrup they have just goes great with them. Plus, you have to have good company, I went there a few years ago for breakfast on my birthday with friends, it was pretty close to perfect.

5. What's a trip, holiday, vacation, or day outing you've taken that you'd rate a perfect 10? Tell us why. At the end of 2009, beginning of 2010, my family went to Hawaii. That was the best vacation I've had in years. The temperature was great. I got to fly out business first class and first class on the way back. We had a few days on the big island and then took a week cruise around the other islands and spent a few days at the end at a resort. I'll probably never be able to afford that kind of vacation.
Just a few pictures from our vacation:
 One of the big trees they have.
 Another cool tree.
 Bird of paradise flowers
 One of my favorite pictures of me, quite a bit slimmer than I am right now
 a view from a mountain overlook
 Rainbow falls
 just a cool picture
 We went to a seahorse farm and got to 'hold' the seahorses
 Our cruise ship
We also went to a luau

6. What quote or saying perfectly sums up your life right now? If you can't do perfect, how about one that comes close? I have no idea.

7. How would you spend $300 today? I'd probably go buy a new TV stand, a light spring jacket, some better shoes and some shelving units. I'd probably put some of it in the bank, too.

8.  Insert your own random thought here. I'm going to Chicago next week. I'm ready for a vacation, like I said above, there are been some trying patrons at my job lately. I'm getting tired of people not taking responsibilities for their actions and then wanting to get rewarded for it. I don't see why I should waive fines for people that get them, it's like they're getting rewarded for getting the fines, shouldn't we be rewarding the people that don't get fines? I'm just ready to not be at work for awhile.

Saturday, March 04, 2017

Collective Haul

I feel like I'm always catching up on here. So, let's start with a facebook swap. One of my Facebook groups is called Random RAK (Random Act Of Kindness). We send our partners a minimum of $15 worth of things each month. My package took a little side trip on its way to me. It got to Des Moines (it's about an hour away) and then decided to travel to PA and then came back to Des Moines and back to me.
I finally got it on the 28th and I love everything that's in it:
Heart shapes, stickers, stuffed animal, buttons, flowers, gel pens, and some more stickers.
We had decided to put together Valentine's packages for each other. I love everything, I'm a little bummed that she gave me the hot air balloon stickers since I just bought them the day before. Oh, well they're still cute.
This week, the weather's been weird again. It was in the 50's on Monday, Wednesday I walked outside and it was snowing. It's been blowing and cold-ish the rest of the week. Today, we're supposed to hit the 60's, so I went shopping. I went down to Walmart and Target to see what they had for Easter stuff.
First up, Walmart:
 stickers, toothbrushes, gift bag, Easter scatter, stuffed animal, plastic necklaces, chapstick, chocolate.
Of course, they didn't have the cool stuff I've seen on people's haul videos, but I did find some cute stickers, a set of plastic necklaces and the table scatter. I thought it would be neat to cut up the necklaces and use them as a banner for the Happy Easter on the top of a pocket letter. The toothbrushes I picked up for my trip over the middle of March. I didn't need that many, but the whole pack was $1, that's better than I'm gonna find at the Dollar Tree, so why not. The gift bag is for my friend's birthday on the 28th, and it was $0.98 cents, so cheaper than the Dollar Tree again. I just loved the dinosaur, I didn't find anything else I wanted for me in the Easter section, so I picked him up, because I totally need another stuffed animal, I could just enjoy it until the end of the month and pass it on to my friend. For some reason when I go out, I always seem to go about lunchtime, I was in the checkout lane and the chocolate just looked good. I decided to give the Godiva to my friend, the Hershey's is for me.
Next up, Target:
Chocolate, mushroom, gel pens, tags, rub ons, stickers.
I'm wanting chocolate lately. I didn't get down to the after Valentine's sales, so I guess I just want some. I picked up the mushroom because it will match my gnome I got last year for my desk at work. I can't pass up gel pens, the metallic ones I got about a year ago are running a bit low. I picked up these tags mostly because of the cute little clear pockets they are in. These rub ons are the only ones I really liked. I really wanted the two wide washis, but there was no washi in my Target dollar spot, typical. I picked up the foam stickers because they were springy, I thought I could use them for a long while. The chocolate was $3.50, the gel pens were $3, and the foam stickers were $5, everything else was $1.
Next I went over to the Dollar Tree to see if they had any interesting Easter stuff since Monday, of course they didn't. I wandered over to JoAnn's hoping they would change out their Valentine cheap section to Easter, but they still had Valentine stuff out at 70%, so I didn't buy anything there. As I was walking towards home, I saw a girl scout table, and I've wanted some, so I picked some up:
 A box of Thin Mints, the new S'mores, and a bag of gluten free.
I love Thin Mints, I saw the S'mores on their website, I'm not sure I'll really want a whole box. I picked the bag of gluten free because I work with people who are gluten free, though now I'm really tempted to open them and eat them. My boss's stomach is very sensitive, so if I take them to work, I can't open them until she's tried them.
I tried to spend money at our Asian food store, but I couldn't find anything I wanted to buy. So, I went to HyVee to find something interesting for lunch.
Chocolate, chai, chicken wrap
Once again with the chocolate, I remembered I was low on my morning chai, so picked up some more of that and some lunch.
I also stopped at the grocery store on the way home.
Karlene will get a kick out of this, I was almost home and thinking to myself that I wasn't going to go shopping for at least a month (except for my trip to Chicago), that I didn't need anything and realized I forgot to pick up mouthwash. I planned to pick some up at the Dollar Tree, because mouthwash is expensive. UGH! Story of my life sometimes

Monday, February 27, 2017

Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby haul

I went shopping today. I've been meaning to go to Dollar Tree, Target and Walmart to see if they had any valentines stuff left over.
I made it to Dollar Tree but not Target and Walmart, there's really nothing I need at those two. I did need some deodorant, body wash, and trash bags. 
Here's what I picked up: 
 gummies, chocolate and a solar dinosaur.
I believe I mentioned last time they got their food back, and I'm a sucker for gummies. I think I should put these in my Easter basket and forget about them. The chocolate eggs just sounded good. The valentines chocolate was 50cents and it doesn't look like they are solely valentines day. I picked up the solar dinosaur for a friend.
 Stickers. I was so excited that they had gotten in stickers I had seen in other people's hauls. Like I need more stickers. I need to start using my stickers.
 water bottle, bag, body wash, deodorant, pens, foam tape, suncatcher, trash bags. I did pick up what I needed. I'm curious to see how well these trash bags hold up. They had the glad ones, 5 in the box. Usually, I'll pick up a big box at Walmart/Target for about ten dollars, and there's quite a few in there, I didn't think I'd find any trash bags, so I'm happy I did, I just don't know how well they'll hold up. I picked up a new water bottle because the one I have a work has been weird lately. I leave it in the fridge and when I come back to it, I have to take the straw out and put it back in for it to work. I picked up the bag for a future swap. The pink pens I picked up for a future swap, the black ones are for me. I've been wanting foam tape for awhile. I picked up the suncatcher for the paints, I have some Super Mario suncatchers that didn't come with paints, and I needed paints.
I also went to Hobby Lobby because their Easter stuff is 40% off. It's kinda weird cause their St. Paddy's stuff is still only 30% off and I know Easter is after St. Paddy's Day. I didn't look at the Easter stuff at all last time I was there because it wasn't on sale. I also saw they were having their paper half off and I wanted a paper pad I had seen last time.
 paper, stickers, cupcake liners, rice crispie treats. Those are journaling cards, which I also don't need more of. I did talk myself out of the 12x12 paper pad I had come in for, it wasn't as neat as I thought it was last time. I picked up the succulent stickers because I have succulent washi and paper, I really need to do a pocket letter with them. I thought the flower stickers went with the journaling cards I got on the 18th. The hot air balloons are from their valentines section, which was 90% off. I had seen on Tanya's Hobby Lobby haul that they had these fox stickers and I also picked up the felt ones to go with them. The cupcake liners are springy and I wanted to use them for rosettes. The rice crispy treats were also from their valentine's section.
stickers, washi, stamps, bird.
These butterflies were in the Easter section. I'm trying to pick up things that are more springy than Easter, but I really liked these chicks and eggs. The hearts were from their valentine's section. The washi looks to be thin floral. I have the blue in a regular width. I did see these stamps last time I was in before I told myself to not look at the Easter stuff. I thought the flower, spring and bicycle stamp could be used more than just at Easter time. I really liked this little bird figurine.

I used up the rest of the $100 giftcard my dad gave me on the 17th. That's pretty bad. It took a little over a week for me to spend it all. There were two gas station stops for food, two Hobby Lobby trips, one JoAnn's trip, three post office trips, and a Dollar Tree trip. It's not something I want to think of spending in a week. I was feeling really proud of myself for basically not buying anything last Tuesday when I was out, but then to realize I did spend that much is really sad.

I was looking at my posts from the last year and have noticed that I have a lot of things that I have bought. Most of the stuff that I bought and don't still have has been candy or food. Most of the stuff I still have is stickers and washi. I really need to stop buying them and start using them. I have so much of both of them, I really don't need more.
I do want to check out Walmart and Target to see if they have any springy/Easter stuff I can't live without.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Catching up

This past weekend was gorgeous, I believe we were in the high 60's both Saturday and Sunday. I had a basketball game I worked on Saturday and walked home by way of Hobby Lobby and JoAnns. My dad had given me a $100 gift card, one of those ones you can spend anywhere (except Walmart, apparently, he had tried and it wouldn't go through at Walmart, I haven't had issues anywhere else). I stopped at a gas station for lunch (it was about 3pm by then) of cheeseballs and a Mello Yello, after enjoying those in a sunny spot. I headed into Hobby Lobby. I really wasn't going to buy much, but I found some cool stuff on clearance:
Paper, stickers, journaling cards, buttons, card kit, metal signs. The three papers at the top are single sheets, Paper Studio stuff was 50% off, so I picked up these three florals. I'm not usually into florals, so I don't know why I picked these up, on one of the channels I watch on YouTube, she mentioned she was ready for spring and was picking up florals, so maybe that's why. The Valentine's things were 66% off, so I picked up a sheet of stickers, foam glittery hearts and a card kit. I had wanted all of these earlier, but I didn't want to buy them at 30% off. I'd been eyeing these stickers, but I believe they were originally $3.99 (I don't have my receipt anymore, so I'm really not sure), and I thought that was a bit much for stickers. Especially since I don't need anything. I also picked up these glittery foam heart stickers. I love how they have blue and green in the pack. The glitter fallout is also not that bad. I also loved this card kit, it has tiny cards with jewels, hearts and some tiny die cuts. There were two different sets, but I really liked this set because it has tiny die cuts of mason jars. I always check out the clearance section when I go in, I noticed it was a bit bare, so I went down some of the aisles and noticed they had a bit of things in the aisles with clearance stickers. Last time that happened at my Hobby Lobby, they were making room for new things, so I wonder if something new and exciting is coming. The buttons were the only thing that weren't marked down, but I used a 40% off on them. I love buttons. The two packs of MAMBI journaling cards were originally $4.99 marked down to $2.99, probably still a bit high, but I love them. The other package of cards was the same. The two metal signs were 40% off, I thought they'd be great for spring swaps.
I don't know if you guys like it when I open the kits and spread them out for you, but I did with this shopping haul again. This is the My Mind's Eye, my story journal cards:
 I really like journaling cards, more so if they don't really have a spot for journaling. I like to use them in pocket letters, flip books, whatever. Once again, this was originally $4.99, marked down to $2.99.
These are the MAMBI Journaling cards packs:
 Again with the floral

 Like I said I don't normally gravitate towards floral, so I don't know why I really liked these, but I hope I will use them.
 There were two packs, as far as I can tell there are no titles or themes written on the packs. They are all one sided. I don't have the packaging in front of me, but there were a lot of 3x4 cards and a few 4x6 cards. Also originally $4.99 marked down to $2.99.
This is the Valentine kit:
 I didn't show you any of the multiples, but it came with 6 cards, 6 envelopes, 3 of each design, 22 die cuts, 8 glitter stickers and 1 gemstone sticker sheet. It doesn't have a suggestion on how to make your cards.
And these are my favorite buttons from the pack:

 Like I said, I love buttons. I'm trying to shop less at stores and more at garage sales this year, where I can find more of the vintage stuff. I'll elaborate more at the end of the post.
Next up, JoAnns:
paper pad, tags, foam dots, washi, mini paper pad, sticker book.
I haven't been shopping at JoAnn's much lately, it seemed like they didn't have much in papercrafting stuff since they remodeled. I had heard that their Valentine's stuff was 80% off and that they had a cool $1.99 section, so since my Hobby Lobby and JoAnn's are in the same strip, I thought I'd check it out.
They had a 'President's Sale' where their paper pads were 50% off, normally there's no paper I want, but I did find this paper pack, Happy Day Stack by DCWV and got it for about $10. I had found another stack at Hobby Lobby called She said Yes, or something like that, that was gorgeous, but I didn't pick it up, I really don't need more paper. I was also hoping to find it in the 4x6 size, but I didn't. Most of their Valentine's stuff was marked as on sale, but they didn't have their new $1.50 and $3 section marked, and I didn't feel like paying full price for a couple things. I did find this cute sticker book called Ride my bicycle, or something like that. It's basically a whole bunch of different animals riding bicycles, and only $1. I also found the $1.99 section. The tiny paper pack, washi, tags, and foam squares were from there. I'm not sure they're really worth $1.99, but I was excited to find the mason jar tags, the foam squares, and the fox washi. I liked the small paper pack, it looks to be the perfect size to layer in pocket letters.
Sunday, I worked a wrestling meet and then walked home, but didn't go shopping, I had to meet with my parents to plan our Chicago trip, more on that below.
Monday was a staff training day at the library, lots of sitting.
Tuesday, I headed out to the post office and then walked up to the mall. I had to return something to TJ Maxx before the end of February and since it was still nice, I figured, why not. I tried to find something to spend my return money on, the only thing I found was this:
It's bars of chocolate, but it was also $5.99, I didn't think it was worth that. So, I just got my refund. I also tried to spend a giftcard I had for returning Christmas presents at Younkers, but I never really find anything there. The whole store was pretty much on sale and I still couldn't find anything.
Next I headed to our Walmart. It's across the street from the mall, they are converting it to a Super Walmart, and they are getting close. It was very empty, if I didn't know they were converting it, I might have thought they were going out of business. I wanted to see if they had any good clearance deals on Valentine's stuff. I barely found any Valentine's stuff, I did find a couple packs of underwear, I needed those, so I grabbed them. Especially since the two of them were less than a regular priced pack. I also picked up a sheet of Easter stickers and an Easter activity book.
I took my refund from TJ Maxx and spent it on lunch at Jimmy Johns and rode the bus home. Later when I mapped out my route, I learned I walked about 3 miles, no wonder I was tired.
I've been wanting to check out Target to see if they have any Valentine's stuff left, but I don't need anything, and even though it would technically be free because I still have giftcards from Christmas, I'm not doing it. Today, the temperature dropped down to a high barely below 50. Tomorrow, we're supposed to get snow. It will get warmer again, but looks like we'll have snow for a few days. It is February in Iowa after all.
I'm going to Chicago about the middle of March. I'm ready for a vacation. My parents want to plan everything out, but other than the aquarium I really have nothing I want to see. I just want to relax, not think about work and not be here. I'm hoping to just kinda explore, walk around. My brother lives in Chicago, so we're staying with him.