Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Freak out day

and more ramblings from a strange woman.

So, this weekend I was in a lot of pain from my problem tooth. Yesterday, I made an appointment with my dentist for today, and in less than an hour it's coming out. That's good news, but I'm freaking out a tiny bit. I'm not scared, I did have this done back in August, it doesn't hurt, but I can hear it. That's why I'm freaking out, it's so close to my ear I can hear it, and it's not a nice sound. I looked at the x-ray, looks like it will be another easy pull, I went to the bank to make sure I had the money to cover it, if it's not. I'd have been fine either way, but I would have been under what I'd like to have in my account, if it turns out to be the higher number.
This morning, I decided it was time to get rid of my old microwave and set up my new one. Now, that it's not snowy out, I could put my old microwave on the curb, and people could see it, it was white. By, the time I got my new microwave set up, someone had already taken the old one. It wasn't a long amount of time, but I did extend it a little after shocking myself when I plugged it in. That was fun, not an experience I'd like again.

At least it's my day off, so I can recover from everything before I have to go back to work tomorrow.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ramblings of a strange woman

Hello all,
What's been going on with me. Well, New Year's, it wasn't very exciting, I did make it past midnight, but mostly only because I had a Cherry Coke and was in the middle of a movie.
The library's been great, every time I'm working at one of my other two jobs, I find myself talking about it a lot. I really like working there, I plan to be there for a very long time.
Last week, I was at the book store for RUSH (when the college kids come back), that was a long week of standing for about 40 hours. I had already worked the 40 hours at the book store, when I went in to the library last Friday for a shift. I felt my weekend off was very well deserved.
This week we're back into very cold temperatures. Last week at the book store, it was below 10 degrees every morning when I went in to work. Today, the high was 14, they dropped that to 13 before I left work at noon. It was 2 when I left for work, and the wind chill was -11. I really do love Iowa, I just don't like all of it's seasons.
I signed up for a candy box swap, I had to decorate a candy box and fill it with goodies and mail it off to a partner. I finished decorating it Tuesday, and every time I look at it, I love it. I also joined a swap where we send something handmade with a heart on it to a partner. I decided to do some kind of sewing.

And then there's the moaning below:

I'm having a horrible day, week, month, whatever. I got a letter in the mail the other day saying my health insurance premium is going up to $200 a month. I can't afford that, I'm thinking about cancelling it. Someday, I'll have to have another one of my back molars pulled out, because I didn't brush my teeth in college, I'm thinking about having it done soon because I'm sick of picking food out of it. I keep spending money on stuff I don't need, I went grocery shopping today, and I didn't buy ice cream, but I sure didn't need the chocolate eclairs or the slice of lemon pie. I keep signing up for swaps to create stuff so I can make that connection that I keep reading about on other people's blogs. The meeting someone who becomes a great friend online, and sends you fun random presents. I have met a few people that I follow their blogs, but I've also met other people where I've sent them things, but feel it's a one sided relationship. Now, I know, I should be getting enough satisfaction in just making and/or sending people fun things, but sometimes I feel as if no one cares.
I work 19 hours at my job, which I LOVE, I just wish I could get more money. I know I could get more if I worked more, which I have the option to do, but after working 18 days straight between two jobs, sometimes I just want that day off to recover my sanity. When I'm not at work, it seems all I do is sit on the couch and watch movies. Maybe, that's part of the reason I sign up to do swaps, so I can motivate myself to do something else. I love the 3 jobs I work, I just wish I could make more money at them, and not have to get another job.
Sometimes, it feels like the only thing that makes me happy is to buy things, which in my current situation, doesn't really help anything. Listening to my music helps too, but sometimes not enough.

I think I'm just in a funk of being bored with cold weather and snow. I recently took down all my snowmen decorations. I was only going to take down some of them, but then realized I'd have to bring the boxes back out when I took down the rest. My decorations are so nice and colorful now. Most of them are garage sale finds, and I realized that when I go garage saleing this year, I need to be buying a few less things. This past year, I bought a lot of vintage linens/doilies/things, tea cups, saucers, heavy glass creamers and sugar bowls, sundae cups and wine glasses. I've decided to buy
more linens, I keep using them for my sewing and swaps,
more craft supplies, but only those I might actually use,
jewelry, I'm still on the look out for a cute tiny bracelet,
owls, I'm on an owl kick right now, I even have an owl corner in my apartment.

and of course I can't think of any others right now. I bought a Pyrex mixing bowl a couple years ago, and couldn't figure out the hype, and then this past December while we were cleaning out my grandma's apartment, I picked up 3 more Pyrex pieces, I'm still not sure why. Two of them are these small red rectangular containers, probably not more than 4 inches long, the other one is a casserole dish in this beautiful turquoise color with snowflakes on it. I really like that one, mostly because of the snowflakes, I'll probably actually use that one. I get that people like Pyrex, I just don't think I need to be collecting it.

All right, that's the end of my rambling, I hope you stuck around to read it.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Spending Money

So, my brother gave me a gift card for JCPenney for Christmas, last week I went online to spend some of it. I wanted to buy boots, but they didn't have what I wanted in my size, so I decided to look at their clearance clothing section. Here's what I got:
This is what I ordered, this cute little dress, 
And here's what I got: not such a cute little dress, totally not what I was expecting, I'm thinking about returning it. Anyone have any comments about how it looks? I think it looks kinda nice.
 Here's my second dress, unfortunately, I think it makes my hips look huge, so I might be taking that back.
This picture is kinda blurry, sorry. Anyways, I ordered both the shirt and the skirt. I like them both, plus they go great together.
I would love some feedback on how you all think they look on me, please.

Thursday, January 03, 2013

After Christmas shopping

Decided to kill some time yesterday after work, so I took a detour to Hobby Lobby and an local flower store.
Found some great after Christmas deals.
The sparkly butterfly, elephant and blue poinsettia are from Hobby Lobby. The alien, gold ball, and snowman pick were from my flower store.

I also went to HyVee, but resisted the urge to buy Valentine's candy. I didn't buy any Valentine's stuff at Hobby Lobby either, but mostly because it wasn't on sale.

I'd love to find a great Valentine's swap to get into, I miss swaps.
I'm also missing garage sales. I stopped pretty early last year, I have no idea why. There's a few antique/consignment stores in my area, but they seem to have the same stuff all the time, so it just doesn't seem worth it.


Is anyone having problems uploading pictures from their computer? I click the picture icon, but it never loads the button to upload from my computer.

Any suggestions?