Sunday, May 28, 2017

Weekly update

Monday: went to the post office, made appointment with the dentist for later this week. I haven' been to the dentist for a long time. I stopped going because I didn't have the insurance, plus there was nothing majorly wrong with my teeth. I've had dental insurance for about a year and a half, I just keep forgetting to make the appointment. My insurance company sent me a letter basically telling me to go to the dentist, since I had the insurance. I had to make an appointment for a doctor's thing, so I figured I might as well make my dental insurance too.
I got some interesting mail, a long overdue goodie bag swap:

and a paperclip swap:

Tuesday: I just read my book until work, didn't get it done, so had to read it after work, too. Went to bed about 11.
Wednesday: I was so tired, I had to open, and I think I'm just tired of working, just plain tired. I got some cool mail.
An 'Emerald' pocket letter:
And a 'summer' flip book:
She said she's new at making flip books, I guess that explains why it doesn't say 'summer' to me. Also a little disappointed in that the front wasn't decorated.
I saw this at the store:
My brother's name is Ross, but I don't drink Coke, so I didn't buy it.
I had to go to the dentist later that afternoon, for not going for 4 years, I didn't get any bad news. They said I needed to floss more and there were a couple spots they were kinda worried about, but all was good. When I finally got to bed that night, I couldn't sleep even though I was exhausted.
Thursday: I really needed to get out of the house, so I convinced my friend to go shopping with me. We went to Walmart, cause I needed double-stick tape:
I was actually pretty proud of myself for not spending more money, I almost bought a stuffed animal and some pen inserts. I picked up the gummy bears because they were 98 cents, I was going to the Dollar Tree anyway, but these were cheaper. I love these Hello Kitty marshmallows, they have a goey peach filling.
I went to the Dollar Tree because I needed paintbrushes and 5x7 envelopes:
 I picked up the coloring book because I saw a picture in it I wanted, I don't do coloring books. The envelopes are actually 6x9 but they'll still work. I needed the bag clips, I actually used a binder clip the other day because I couldn't find mine. Last time I went to the Dollar Tree I said I was going to spend more time in the snack aisle, so I picked up some gummies.
We also went to the Asian food store, cause I love trying new things:
 The chocorolls are actually breadsticky like things with a filling dipped in chocolate, it says they're pudding flavored. I can't pass by good mochi, the round ones are green tea, the purple ones are taro. I didn't know what the package on the end was, it says fried dough twists. They don't really have a lot of taste, there's some sorta sugary stuff on the outside and they have sesame seeds. I have no idea what the bottom package is.
 The red package was apparently about the same as the big red one above. The purple package says jackfruit chips, I haven't tried these yet. The cat package is brown sugar flavored, their not that great either, there's a slight brown sugar taste. The pink package is strawberry flavored things, they are wicked good.
So the two reddish packages are some kind of mixed packages. I learned they have a lot of dried fruit, though I'm not really sure what kind of fruit they are. There's also these rice paper circles with some kind of jelly between them, a few mochi looking things, some stuff with sesame seeds and some stuff that just looks like jelly.
Last up, I had to go pick up some more chai:
 I didn't really spend that much, $15 at Walmart, $10 at Dollar Tree, $11 for the chai, the Asian food store was about $39, but I love trying their stuff. Most of the time, I just kinda guess what I'm buying, sometimes I pleased, sometimes not so much.
Monday I got a 'check' for a business that used to be housed at our address (sadly we get a lot of mail for people that don't live here), so I wrote not at this address, return to sender. It came back to us on Thursday night, along with another check for someone else who doesn't live here.
Friday. I went to the post office to complain about Thursdays mail, and the postmaster told me it was all because of a barcode that was on the 'check' he also told me it wasn't a check and just junk mail. He also couldn't actually look me in the face because he was messing with a computer. The other check actually said on the front: Postmaster deliver to addressee only, guess they failed at that one. I told him our three names are on the mailbox yet we get lots of mail for businesses and people who are not there. Basically he told me, our mail is delivered by different people all the time and they'd rather deliver it and be safe than sorry. It's getting so old, and we're getting very frustrated.
And then work got wicked busy at the end, there was an after hours thing that was bigger than I thought it would be and no one really told us it was happening.
But, I did get to come home to some fun mail.
A sticker swap:
 This one was in one of those postal bags that says we care, but your mail got messed up on its way to you. The envelope was open and taped shut, so I hope I got them all.
some fun stuff from another of my facebook groups.
I also got two $10 gift cards to Applebee's to help with my next eating experience, sadly they don't include alcohol.
Saturday: I had to work a graduation at Hilton, and then it basically rained the rest of the day. I went grocery shopping and did laundry.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Weekly update

Not much going on this week, I worked 30 hours, so I've been tired of working. Monday, I mailed out swaps and went to work. I did receive some neat mail:
A button swap:
 A flip book:
 Index cards, flip book and ATC's:
 Tuesday, I slacked off on the computer and went to work, I got some more mail:
 A Mario pocket letter.
Wednesday I went to work and then worked on art stuff. I'm mailing my swaps tomorrow, so just sneak peaks. I made a green pocket letter:
 I pretty much just slacked off on Thursday, I did work on a mini altered composition book, and went to work.
Friday, I had off and read books.
Saturday, I went to work and then went to lunch with my friend at Applebees, that wasn't a great experience. Spilled my water, spilled my mudslide (a waste of $6), the wait staff didn't notice the puddle on our table, had to ask for a towel, they just set it on the table and walked off, and then our pile of wet towel and napkins sat on the table for the rest of our time there, also didn't get more napkins to use with our meal. My waiter barely got a tip from either of us and after I got home, I went to their website and complained. I don't plan on going back anytime soon.
When I got home, I had some fun mail to open:
 Animal paperclips.
Altered mini composition books:
I also finished the other one I was working on:
 Today, I didn't have to work, so I finished a flipbook:
and am reading.
Tomorrow, I work every day until Memorial Day, then I work Tuesday through Thursday of that week and that Saturday. Though I love that I'm getting extra money, the people annoy me more because I don't get a full day's break from them, and I just get tired of working. I'll be ready to get back to my normal schedule. But then I wonder how I could handle a full-time job.
I haven't been interested in shopping since my huge haul on the 9th. I do need more double sided tape though, and some scissors and maybe some paintbrushes. I'm thinking of going shopping on Tuesday when Walmart and Hobby Lobby are open, so if Walmart doesn't have my tape, I'll got to Hobby Lobby. That's my big thing I use while crafting, I have so much crafting stuff at home, but I go through adhesives so quickly.
I also haven't been to many garage sales. I went to a couple on May 5th and then I had the neighboring city's citywide. The next weekend I went to one and spent $2, that Saturday I had to open at the library, so none then. This week I had Friday Off, but the garage sales in my area didn't start until about noon and I didn't feel like going out then, I also was kinda depressed that day and yesterday I had to open again. Next Friday I close, and Saturday I have to work a graduation at noon, if there's something close, I'll probably go to it. Hopefully I can get to more in June, and spend all the money I'm making.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Weekly update

Sorta, I just realized I hadn't posted from last week. Oops. It wasn't a very busy week. Sunday, I finished up art projects and read stuff. I'm actually pretty excited that I have been reading the books I have checked out from the library. I am really good at just renewing them. I've either read them or taken them back. I currently only have seventeen checked out.
Tuesday, I was supposed to have a thrift store shopping trip planned, but that got cancelled the Friday before. I thought I'd do a little retail therapy because I was rather bummed about it. BAD IDEA. I had to go to Target to return some pens and I had to go to Walmart because the other Walmart didn't have the tape I wanted.
I always start out about lunch time, I don't know why. By the time I got to the McDonald's I was hungry, so I stopped in to try one of their new burgers, I got the pico-guac. You get choice of meat and bun when you order. I decided to go with grilled chicken and their new artisan bun. I think I should have just gotten the sandwich and a drink, when I priced it later, it would have been cheaper, oh well.
Here's the sandwich:
 It was pretty good, but I got full halfway through. I also decided the fries on top of all that were too much. I'm tempted to go back just for the sandwich and try it again. It was also rather messy.
I saw this outside of Target:
 First stop was Target, like I said I had to return some pens, and of course they don't have the ones I want, so I have to go somewhere else to find them.
 a bralette, shaper shorts and tape. These were all actually on my list. I LOVE bralettes, they are so comfortable, it's like you're not wearing a bra at all. This one is a mint green, the straps criss cross in the back, it was $13. The shaper shorts were also on my list, I like the black color, though they are a bit shorter than I'd like. Part of the reason I get them is because my thighs rub together when I wear skirts and dresses, so I wear them, it's a bonus that they kinda hold in my fat, they were on clearance for $8. I also need more scotch tape, last week when I was at Walmart, I found a set of two for $5, I couldn't justify that when I could get a pack of two at Dollar Tree for $1. When I was in Target I saw these and was afraid I wouldn't be able to find the Dollar Tree ones, so I picked them up for about $3.
 This minion is actually a solar powered light and I certainly didn't need him, but he's a minion, he was on clearance for $7. The Scotch washi has yellow birds on it, I decided they were goldfinches and Iowa's state bird is the goldfinch, so I bought it, it was $3. It's kinda weird that one roll of the washi was more expensive than 4 rolls of clear tape. The action figures I found in the toy section, they were blind bags and all were about $1. Everything else was $1 from the dollar section. I just picked up the straws because they are cacti, I don't know what I'll do with them. I love the Tsum Tsum sticky notes as well as the gel pens. I love the sticker pack and the whale erasers and the mermaid pin and the paper tape. I spent about $32 at Target.
Next up was Walmart, again I was looking for a tape runner. Of course they were all out, so I'm trying to decide if I want to go to Hobby Lobby and pick up the refills for way more, even with the 40% off coupon.
 Three bralettes and a bra, a shirt and some underwear. Again with the bralettes, last week I picked up a black one at the other Walmart and wanted some more. The black one and white one at the top were on clearance for $4 each. The beige one was regular priced at $5. The black bra was on clearance for $5, but I've learned once you give up underwire, you never want to go back. The shirt was on clearance for $5, and I meant to pick up the XL, because Walmart runs small, but got the XXL and it's way too big. I also needed underwear, this pack was on clearance for $8.
 I love this notepad set, it was with the Mother's Day stuff for $4, the earrings were on clearance for $0.50 each. The Wonderball was $1, the stickers were $0.97 each. I really need to stop buying notepads, I have way too many. I couldn't pass up the earrings, I've already worn the owl ones and gotten compliments. I picked up the Wonderball for a friend. I always like to look at the sticker aisle, but I only purchase the 97 cent ones. I spent about $48 at Walmart.
Last stop was Dollar Tree, I was so happy for passing by on my way to Target, but then while I was in Target I remembered I needed a new shower pouf and shower gel, so I stopped on my way home.
 Paper tape, gift bags, note cards.
My Dollar Tree rarely has the paper tape, I walked by it the first time, and then remembered I needed gift bags for Mother's Day and my mother's birthday. After picking them out and turning around I found a whole bunch, I only picked up a few. Butterflies, houses, brown design and a pink design, I've already used the brown design. I liked the tiny gift bags, the first one says "Life is tough, so are you". The note cards were in the Mother's Day gift section, I just picked them up cause they were cute.
 Pretzels, Advil, washcloth, mini notebooks, paper clips, shower pouf and body wash.
I love frosted pretzels and I was hungry again. Advil is so expensive, I picked up these packets to put in my purse. I love these magic washclothes. The mini notebooks are for a swap, we're to alter them. I also needed more paper clips. I read somewhere that you need to replace your shower pouf every three weeks, that really just said to me I got to visit the Dollar Tree every three weeks. After getting home I realized I really needed shampoo not body wash.
 stickers. I picked up the horse ones because I had used them in an art project and needed more. The jungles ones were just cute as were the rest. I'm pretty sure I haven't used my other big sheets like this one, or my lacy ones. I picked up these butterflies before but sent them off in a swap. I did use one the other day to make a paper clip.
 More stickers, ephemera and a card. I've seen people hauling these butterflies and while I could make them myself, I don't actually have a butterfly punch, this is the only sheet I found. Of course rainbows, I don't know if you've noticed I've picked up a few of these lately, I need to make something cloudy and rainbowy. I picked up the muppet cards mostly because I wanted to know what they were, basically they're just cards about friendship. I picked up the card for the teacups. I picked up a few more of those new flower stickers, my favorite is the hydrangea ones, I have two sheets I haven't used. I also just liked the butterflies.
 Garland, pens, marker, erasers. I picked up the elephant garland for my boss. I got the pens because I love gel pens and am using mine too much so I'm running out, I may actually have to go buy more. I bought all the items on the bottom mostly because I saw other people haul them. I'm sure I'll send the erasers out in friendmail, but I have no idea what I'll do with the marker.
 solar things, toys. I picked up the two solar things for friends, but now I'm not sure what to do with the unicorn one, it's a little too bulky to mail. I picked up the box mostly because I saw someone else haul it. I love the little toys in it, but I don't need them. I picked up the other two because they were The Good Dinosaur. I admit, sometimes I pick things up at the Dollar Tree just because they are name brand. I do like dinosaurs, but again, I don't need them. I spent about $42 here.
On my way home, I passed by one of our second-hand stores and was taking pictures of teapots for my co-worker, I went inside to look at one more closely.
pitcher, dress, book, lacy piece. I got the pitcher because it was $1, then I had to pick up something else, because I was pretty sure they didn't want to use a card for just a buck. That's why I got the book, it's an interesting read anyway and came from England. I picked up the lacy piece to add to my total, and send out in friendmail. Then I found the dress. My original thrift store trip was to find some new to me clothes, so I was checking out their skirt section. This dress was just hanging on the front and I didn't expect it to fit me because a lot of their stuff is vintage and sizes were different then, but I tried it on and three people in the store told me it was cute, so I got it. It was $13, so at that point I should have put the book and lacy thing back. I spent about $21 there.
When I got home and saw how much I spent I felt rather bad and am not really interested in spending money for awhile. I have been using cash since then, that feels nice.
I did finish a few swaps last week as well, a spring pocket letter:
 some paperclips:
 some clothespins:
Another pocket letter:
 a journal:
 I got this tag in the mail:
 and a swap that included this beautiful flip book:
I also finished a tag for my mother:
Wednesday, I went to the post office and mailed off my swaps. Friday I went to a garage sale. I picked up some more teapots, a carebear and a book. I had a few more on my list, but they started later and I didn't feel like going out again. Saturday, I opened at the library then took my mother to lunch.

Saturday, May 06, 2017

Weekly update and hauls

The week started off slow. I finished a few swaps.
A pink, gold and mint flip book:
 and a mixed media tag:
 That was Monday and probably Tuesday, Wednesday I went to the post office and the grocery store.
Thursday I headed up to the new Walmart because I needed adhesive, see previous post for that haul. I also finished a flip book on Thursday:
Friday, I went to a humane society sale, a friend's garage sale and Hobby Lobby.
Humane society:
 two scotcheroos and a cookie for $4.
 A stuffed Hershey's kiss, mug, wall plaque and an angel for $1
My friend's garage sale:
 some tins for $2
 project life cards
 project life cards
 And more project life cards, they were all $1. I don't know about everyone else, but I've decided I'd rather pick them up in small bundles rather than getting a core pack. I don't actually do project life itself, I just use them in art, so having 6 of the same card is a little annoying.
 paper, the first floral piece at the top is actually from Hobby Lobby, it was 22 cents.
and more paper, all of it was $1.
We finished earlier than we thought we would, so we went to Hobby Lobby. I wanted to make sure I went this week because Paper studio stuff was 50% off.
 The first set of flower stickers on the top is the only thing I paid full price for (now that I think about it, I could have used a 40% off coupon, but seeing as how the cashier forgot to charge me for one of my sticker sheets, I'm not too bothered by it). The kraft bees, succulents, round, ants and jewel bees were all $1, like I said the cashier forgot to charge me for one sheet of stickers, the rainbow ones, I just figured that out today. The big sheet was $1.25, the flower pots were $2, the jewel bunnies were on clearance for $1, and the black and white flower set was on clearance for $1.50.
I feel I don't really need to explain stickers, but I will. The first set I used for a project and wanted more of. I thought the bees and ants were perfect for summer as well as the long sheet. I've been in love with succulents lately. I just loved the round ones and who passes up rainbows? Also the flowerpot ones I used on another project and wanted more of. The black flower set I picked up for my black and white pocket letter I have to make.
I like these 'found relative' cards from Tim Holtz, I almost bought both, but I rarely use the vintage photos I have, they were on clearance for $2.99. The long tube of washi was $9.99, it's succulents. The two smaller packs were $2.50 each. 
I also got some really good mail. Black and white pocket letter:
 Vintage loaded bag:
 Disney princess pocket letter:
 May Day pocket letter:
 Mini spring pocket letter:
  Today, I went to a neighboring city's citywide garage sale.
 I thought it was cool that someone had a tandem bike for sale.
 Thought this was a cool tree, it looks like a heart.
I've been on the hunt for teapots recently, I was thinking all I'd see were toy ones today:
  and this one:
 But, then I found these two mini sets:
 The best part is, that inside this box is a tea set that sorta matches the one below except that the flowers are irises.
 So, I actually got three tea sets for $2.
Here's what I picked up:
 These were all free. I love the minions. I don't know why I keep picking up stuffed animals, I certainly don't need more. I'm not going to pass up perfectly good tissue paper.
 These were $0.25 each. I couldn't pass up the Kirby. I picked up Iron Man for a friend.
 These were 50 cents each. I love activity books, as well as stickers. I also love this Pyrex bowl, I have another one in this size that I bought at a thrift store for $4. I picked up the beads for the turtles and the pins because my aunt is a nurse.
 This was a dollar, here's hoping I don't lose it by next Christmas.
I picked up this box for $7
 There's a bunch of stamp pads in the top row, stamps in the second, ribbons and washi tape in the third and punches in the fourth. A great buy.
Everything in this picture was $5. I certainly don't need more paper, and if you've noticed I seem to be attracted to florals lately. Again with the stickers and some holiday washi.
I'm so excited that garage sale season has started. I already have one for next weekend.