Sunday, May 28, 2017

Weekly update

Monday: went to the post office, made appointment with the dentist for later this week. I haven' been to the dentist for a long time. I stopped going because I didn't have the insurance, plus there was nothing majorly wrong with my teeth. I've had dental insurance for about a year and a half, I just keep forgetting to make the appointment. My insurance company sent me a letter basically telling me to go to the dentist, since I had the insurance. I had to make an appointment for a doctor's thing, so I figured I might as well make my dental insurance too.
I got some interesting mail, a long overdue goodie bag swap:

and a paperclip swap:

Tuesday: I just read my book until work, didn't get it done, so had to read it after work, too. Went to bed about 11.
Wednesday: I was so tired, I had to open, and I think I'm just tired of working, just plain tired. I got some cool mail.
An 'Emerald' pocket letter:
And a 'summer' flip book:
She said she's new at making flip books, I guess that explains why it doesn't say 'summer' to me. Also a little disappointed in that the front wasn't decorated.
I saw this at the store:
My brother's name is Ross, but I don't drink Coke, so I didn't buy it.
I had to go to the dentist later that afternoon, for not going for 4 years, I didn't get any bad news. They said I needed to floss more and there were a couple spots they were kinda worried about, but all was good. When I finally got to bed that night, I couldn't sleep even though I was exhausted.
Thursday: I really needed to get out of the house, so I convinced my friend to go shopping with me. We went to Walmart, cause I needed double-stick tape:
I was actually pretty proud of myself for not spending more money, I almost bought a stuffed animal and some pen inserts. I picked up the gummy bears because they were 98 cents, I was going to the Dollar Tree anyway, but these were cheaper. I love these Hello Kitty marshmallows, they have a goey peach filling.
I went to the Dollar Tree because I needed paintbrushes and 5x7 envelopes:
 I picked up the coloring book because I saw a picture in it I wanted, I don't do coloring books. The envelopes are actually 6x9 but they'll still work. I needed the bag clips, I actually used a binder clip the other day because I couldn't find mine. Last time I went to the Dollar Tree I said I was going to spend more time in the snack aisle, so I picked up some gummies.
We also went to the Asian food store, cause I love trying new things:
 The chocorolls are actually breadsticky like things with a filling dipped in chocolate, it says they're pudding flavored. I can't pass by good mochi, the round ones are green tea, the purple ones are taro. I didn't know what the package on the end was, it says fried dough twists. They don't really have a lot of taste, there's some sorta sugary stuff on the outside and they have sesame seeds. I have no idea what the bottom package is.
 The red package was apparently about the same as the big red one above. The purple package says jackfruit chips, I haven't tried these yet. The cat package is brown sugar flavored, their not that great either, there's a slight brown sugar taste. The pink package is strawberry flavored things, they are wicked good.
So the two reddish packages are some kind of mixed packages. I learned they have a lot of dried fruit, though I'm not really sure what kind of fruit they are. There's also these rice paper circles with some kind of jelly between them, a few mochi looking things, some stuff with sesame seeds and some stuff that just looks like jelly.
Last up, I had to go pick up some more chai:
 I didn't really spend that much, $15 at Walmart, $10 at Dollar Tree, $11 for the chai, the Asian food store was about $39, but I love trying their stuff. Most of the time, I just kinda guess what I'm buying, sometimes I pleased, sometimes not so much.
Monday I got a 'check' for a business that used to be housed at our address (sadly we get a lot of mail for people that don't live here), so I wrote not at this address, return to sender. It came back to us on Thursday night, along with another check for someone else who doesn't live here.
Friday. I went to the post office to complain about Thursdays mail, and the postmaster told me it was all because of a barcode that was on the 'check' he also told me it wasn't a check and just junk mail. He also couldn't actually look me in the face because he was messing with a computer. The other check actually said on the front: Postmaster deliver to addressee only, guess they failed at that one. I told him our three names are on the mailbox yet we get lots of mail for businesses and people who are not there. Basically he told me, our mail is delivered by different people all the time and they'd rather deliver it and be safe than sorry. It's getting so old, and we're getting very frustrated.
And then work got wicked busy at the end, there was an after hours thing that was bigger than I thought it would be and no one really told us it was happening.
But, I did get to come home to some fun mail.
A sticker swap:
 This one was in one of those postal bags that says we care, but your mail got messed up on its way to you. The envelope was open and taped shut, so I hope I got them all.
some fun stuff from another of my facebook groups.
I also got two $10 gift cards to Applebee's to help with my next eating experience, sadly they don't include alcohol.
Saturday: I had to work a graduation at Hilton, and then it basically rained the rest of the day. I went grocery shopping and did laundry.

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