Saturday, July 22, 2017

Week of July 16

Sunday: I didn't have to work, so I kinda just didn't do anything all day. I did have to make a sewing pocket letter:
The back has a bunch of sewing goodies.
I also had to make my screw it and do it challenge, I may have been on my way to bed when I remembered:
 Monday: I had to go to Target to return a few items and some more pocket pages and Walmart for more double stick tape and Dollar Tree for a loofah.
I found these cute stickers at Dollar Tree
I felt I could make them, so I just took a picture.
Here's what I bought:
I was hungry, so I picked up the veggie straws, they were not flavored enough for me, so I took them to work. I needed the Coke for work, I totally broke my loofah in the shower on Sunday, it just all fell apart. I love this notebook, I saw it in someone else's haul and had to pick it up when I saw it.
Here's what I got at Walmart:
frogs for the bathtub, double stick tape.
I picked up the frogs to put on the bottom of my tub, it's very easy to slip on my bathtub (now that I have a regular sized bathtub, I'm still getting used to it). I needed double stick tape.
Here's what I picked up at Target:
pocket pages, minion pens.
I was very happy to have stuck to what I needed at Walmart, Dollar Tree and somewhat at Target. I just didn't find anything else I really wanted to spend my money on, plus I only spent cash I had, and didn't take anything out of my checking account.
And here I went a little crazy at Target:
I was in the mood for chocolate, and Target is the place to go for good chocolate, plus I had cartwheel savings for the Godiva, the Milka Oreo bars and the Nature Valley granola things. The Heath were on clearance, the Ice drinks were on sale, I just picked up the Lindt because I was hungry. I have a Target gift card from my birthday, so I kinda went a little crazy.
I did my Screw It and Do It Challenge before work:
And had a very trying night at work, so was excited to come home to four swap packages.
Journaling cards:
Red, White and blue pocket letter (this was a surprise because my partner flaked on me):
Loaded mini envelope:
And some random happy mail:
 Tuesday: I had to open at the library, but I had a much better day.
I finished my mini loaded envelopes:
and the second one:
I also finished a mermaid tag:
and my Screw It and Do It Challenge:
Wednesday: I had to open again, went to mail all the swaps I finished, and went grocery shopping. I finally spent the rest of my cash at the post office, and may have splurged a little on food. I get tired of the cheap, boring meals after awhile. I really wanted to buy ice cream, and though I live 2 blocks from the grocery store, we're in a heat advisory and have had wicked high levels of humidity, so I was afraid it would be soup by the time I got home.
I watched a movie and caught up on my YouTube stuff. I got a package back in the mail due to a miscommunication on the zipcode, I mailed it on the 5th and it just got back to me today, which made me a bit upset, so I went to create some art.
An August calendar tag
And my Screw It and Do It challenge:
I got up and made my Screw It and Do It challenge:
I went to the post office to re-mail that package, turned out the zipcode was wrong, a miscommunication on people's parts. I went to Hobby Lobby looking for a couple new paper pads while they were having a 50% off sale on The Paperstudio papers and stickers. Sadly, mine didn't have the new paper pads, an employee told me they'd have them out in a couple weeks. I was so annoyed about that, that I put everything back and didn't buy anything. I almost went to JoAnn's, but decided not to buy anything.
I got my Pink and black envelope flip book in the mail:
We had a drunk guy at the library that night and rain.
Friday: I didn't do much before having to go in to work.
I did get my last Screw It and Do It Challenge done:
And basically just went to work.
HyVee is starting to make donuts from scratch, so they gave us a few boxes of them to enjoy, I think they are much better.
I got a button swap in the mail:
I love all the printed wooden ones, I'll probably end up hoarding them.
Saturday: I got up to go to a garage sale and spent a grand total of 50 cents, I did find these:
I was tempted to buy one, cause they're so cool, but I didn't need it, and it would just sit around collecting dust until I got rid of it.
I walked by what I thought would be an estate sale on my way home, but there was no sign, so I didn't look.
I did get some ice cream, though.
We've been under a heat advisory since Wednesday, so I'll probably just not do much today, I should work on a couple art projects.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Shopping Day

My friend and I went shopping to celebrate my birthday (July 2nd) yesterday.
First stop was Salvation Army, I picked up one cute bee:
 He was only 99 cents.
I was supposed to be looking for shirts (like last time), but it takes way too long to clothes shop. At the next stop, a local thrift store, I did find two:
 The one on the left is a gradiated plum with a leopard like print over it. The one on the right has a paisley print. They were about $4 each.
We went to lunch after that, I had an egg salad sandwich on a croissant, it was the saddest egg salad I've ever had, it didn't have any zip to it. The Snicker apple salad I had with it, was phenomenal, very good.
Next up was Goodwill:
 The binder is 2" (for my pocket letters) it was 99 cents, the shirt was $2.59 and the snowman mug was 99 cents. I don't need another snowman, but he was so cute.
My friend had to take a call for work, so I headed over to Target while she was on the phone. How cute is this accessory kit?
 It was $6, I had a gift card, but I still can't justify spending that much on it, I'll wait until after school shopping time and see if it shows up on clearance.
Here's what I did pick up:
 a couple sticky note kits for $1 each. The penguin holds a tiny bottle of glue, he was in the back to school section and only $1.49, I just thought it was cute. The watermelon pencil case was $3, the Wonder Woman socks are a 3-pack and were $5. The watermelon on the end was on clearance for $1.50.
I also picked this up:
It was $35, which is a bit steep for me, but I needed it as a replacement for my TV stand which has water damage and is sad. I haven't set it up yet, so I don't know if it works, but I hope it does.
Next up was another Salvation Army.
I love the sentiment on this cup:
I picked up some egg doilies, confetti, a keychain, a letter opener and an activity kit.
 The doilies were 49 cents, the red/white/blue sequins were 19 cents, the star sequins were 39 cents, the letter opener was 49 cents, the Star Wars play kit (really shouldn't have bought it, but it was all there) was $1.99.
We stopped by a garage sale on the way to the next store:
 I picked up this elephant creamer for a friend, it was 50 cents.
We stopped at another Salvation Army, but they were playing Christian music nonstop and it bothered me, so I didn't buy anything.
Next up was a Goodwill:
 I picked up that Scrapbook kit for $5.99. It says it has over 1200 items and is a $100 value. It wouldn't surprise me if it originally sold at $30 or more originally. It is missing a few pieces and I'll never use the scrapbook that was included, but I think it was worth it.
The Dollar Tree was right next door, so I convinced my friend to go there:
 calendars, stickers, cards, drying mat, food, mounting squares, pens. I think it's a little early to be picking up calendars for next year, but I thought since I was there, I'd pick some up, let's see if I lose them before 2018. I couldn't pass by the sea or owl stickers, I was actually a little disappointed in their sticker section, but it's not like I need more. I also don't need more notecards, but this set has a bunny holding a flower. I did need the drying mat. I always try to pick up foam tape, or in this case foam mounting squares when I see it. I didn't need more pens either, but I admit, I have a problem.
I had a fun time, spent a bit over $40 and got to spend time with a friend. It was a great day off.

Week of July 9th

Sunday: My mom asked if I wanted to go to an art in the garden fair. There was also a "garbage" art exhibit going on.
I found a polar bear
 a sword fish:
 a star:
 a shark:
 The inside of the shark's mouth:
a trigger fish
 and jelly fish:
 I thought this elephant bank was really cute:
 I also found a frog in the lake:
 and a puddle that looked fun to play in
 and some succulent turtles:
 more turtles:
 and some weird hostas:
 and some baby Naked fruit juice:
 I bought these three bracelets for $27
 and this cute bunny made from a cashmere sweater for $13
 We stopped by Walmart on the way home and they had their school supplies out.
I really only stopped in for the tape, but I saw the school supplies, the set of 15 (?) gel pens was $5, and the shaker minion ribbon was $1.
I had to work as well, so stopped off at the library book sale again on my break.
Monday: I made a birthday card for a coworker:
I also got some swaps in the mail,
A $5 mystery swap: 
 A loaded destash envelope:
 A birthday card:
 I was pretty stressed at the end of the night because of work and swaps and just life.
Tuesday: I really enjoyed my day off. I returned a bunch of stuff to the library, I went shopping:
 pistachio bark, Mountain Dew, cookies, chai, playing cards, bunny.
I was disappointed in the pistachio bark, it barely has any chunks of pistachios, can't really tell they are pistachios, that was $4. The Mountain Dews were 2 for $3. The cookies were $2, the chai was $2, I'm planning on drinking it tomorrow. The cards are Iowa playing cards, they were on clearance for $4, I was hoping each card was different, but they're all the same, a bit disappointing. The bunny was $1.
I did some artwork, and finished three swaps, a my choice swap:
 a pink, and black envelope flip book:
 and a scavenger hunt pocket letter:
 I also got a journaling card swap in the mail:
 She sent me an extra pack of Graphic 45 journaling cards:
Wednesday: I went to work, the post office and grocery shopping. I mailed off all those art projects I finished on Tuesday. And basically relaxed the rest of the day.
Thursday: I meant to get up and work on some swaps, but I sat down in front of the computer and didn't do much art. Worked that night.
Friday: I went shopping with a friend, that's gonna be a separate post, it'll be long. I had some great mail waiting for me when I got home.
A sticker swap:
A summer pocket letter:
 A mini loaded envelope:
 And a flip book:
Saturday: I was so tired from Friday, I didn't go to any garage sales (after spending $40 on Friday, I didn't need to spend more money anyway), and went to work.