Saturday, July 22, 2017

Week of July 16

Sunday: I didn't have to work, so I kinda just didn't do anything all day. I did have to make a sewing pocket letter:
The back has a bunch of sewing goodies.
I also had to make my screw it and do it challenge, I may have been on my way to bed when I remembered:
 Monday: I had to go to Target to return a few items and some more pocket pages and Walmart for more double stick tape and Dollar Tree for a loofah.
I found these cute stickers at Dollar Tree
I felt I could make them, so I just took a picture.
Here's what I bought:
I was hungry, so I picked up the veggie straws, they were not flavored enough for me, so I took them to work. I needed the Coke for work, I totally broke my loofah in the shower on Sunday, it just all fell apart. I love this notebook, I saw it in someone else's haul and had to pick it up when I saw it.
Here's what I got at Walmart:
frogs for the bathtub, double stick tape.
I picked up the frogs to put on the bottom of my tub, it's very easy to slip on my bathtub (now that I have a regular sized bathtub, I'm still getting used to it). I needed double stick tape.
Here's what I picked up at Target:
pocket pages, minion pens.
I was very happy to have stuck to what I needed at Walmart, Dollar Tree and somewhat at Target. I just didn't find anything else I really wanted to spend my money on, plus I only spent cash I had, and didn't take anything out of my checking account.
And here I went a little crazy at Target:
I was in the mood for chocolate, and Target is the place to go for good chocolate, plus I had cartwheel savings for the Godiva, the Milka Oreo bars and the Nature Valley granola things. The Heath were on clearance, the Ice drinks were on sale, I just picked up the Lindt because I was hungry. I have a Target gift card from my birthday, so I kinda went a little crazy.
I did my Screw It and Do It Challenge before work:
And had a very trying night at work, so was excited to come home to four swap packages.
Journaling cards:
Red, White and blue pocket letter (this was a surprise because my partner flaked on me):
Loaded mini envelope:
And some random happy mail:
 Tuesday: I had to open at the library, but I had a much better day.
I finished my mini loaded envelopes:
and the second one:
I also finished a mermaid tag:
and my Screw It and Do It Challenge:
Wednesday: I had to open again, went to mail all the swaps I finished, and went grocery shopping. I finally spent the rest of my cash at the post office, and may have splurged a little on food. I get tired of the cheap, boring meals after awhile. I really wanted to buy ice cream, and though I live 2 blocks from the grocery store, we're in a heat advisory and have had wicked high levels of humidity, so I was afraid it would be soup by the time I got home.
I watched a movie and caught up on my YouTube stuff. I got a package back in the mail due to a miscommunication on the zipcode, I mailed it on the 5th and it just got back to me today, which made me a bit upset, so I went to create some art.
An August calendar tag
And my Screw It and Do It challenge:
I got up and made my Screw It and Do It challenge:
I went to the post office to re-mail that package, turned out the zipcode was wrong, a miscommunication on people's parts. I went to Hobby Lobby looking for a couple new paper pads while they were having a 50% off sale on The Paperstudio papers and stickers. Sadly, mine didn't have the new paper pads, an employee told me they'd have them out in a couple weeks. I was so annoyed about that, that I put everything back and didn't buy anything. I almost went to JoAnn's, but decided not to buy anything.
I got my Pink and black envelope flip book in the mail:
We had a drunk guy at the library that night and rain.
Friday: I didn't do much before having to go in to work.
I did get my last Screw It and Do It Challenge done:
And basically just went to work.
HyVee is starting to make donuts from scratch, so they gave us a few boxes of them to enjoy, I think they are much better.
I got a button swap in the mail:
I love all the printed wooden ones, I'll probably end up hoarding them.
Saturday: I got up to go to a garage sale and spent a grand total of 50 cents, I did find these:
I was tempted to buy one, cause they're so cool, but I didn't need it, and it would just sit around collecting dust until I got rid of it.
I walked by what I thought would be an estate sale on my way home, but there was no sign, so I didn't look.
I did get some ice cream, though.
We've been under a heat advisory since Wednesday, so I'll probably just not do much today, I should work on a couple art projects.

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