Sunday, July 02, 2017

My weekend

There were no garage sales in my neighborhood this weekend, so yesterday I went down to the Farmer's Market to see if I could find anything. I wanted to pick up some food to take to my family's get-together that afternoon, I didn't find anything for that. I did pick up some sugar snap peas and a mango/peach smoothie. I always go down to the farmer's market hoping there's something inviting, but I rarely find anything I want to spend my money on.
So after the get-together, my brother and I stopped by BAM because I had posted this picture to facebook:
and tagged him, we grew up with Ren and Stimpy. He wanted to get three each for him and a couple of our male cousins. Sadly there was only one each left. 
I found some vintage arcade game blind boxes and picked up a couple. The first one I opened was Q*bert, that made my day:
 He's what I wanted.
Today is my birthday, I had wished on CraftyLori's wishing videos for some cards in the mail and I got a few.
This one's from StargrlAnny:
 It's so cute and simple.
This one is from mscraftygirl42:
 I love the owls on here.
And these are from Owl Keep Stamping:
 They are very cute, but they're blank inside. I guess I can use them for someone else. She also sent me a die, sadly I don't have a die cutting machine.
This is from one of my co-workers:
The card says: due to technical difficulties, your cake is postponed until next year.
My brother sent these to me:
 They are Bob Ross socks. We also grew up with him, I'm wondering if he got the idea after I posted about the Bob Ross Pop! figure coming out soon.
My friends and I got together for lunch, that was really fun.
These are from a friend:
 an Elsa emoji, a hopping frog, a robot patch, some felt owl stickers, chocolate, a "w" charm, an owl charm and a couple emoji pins.
 After lunch, because my brother was in town, my mom, dad, brother and I went to a museum .
There were these cool toad sculptures in it:
 This was the lady's bathroom, it's purple tile:
 This is the scale in the wall:
 and on the floor:
 I just thought it was pretty cool.
Here's her marble sink:
 One of the sconces on her wall, there are purple crystals on it.
 The master like rocks and incorporated some fun ones into the walls:

Afterwards, we went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner/dessert. I love how my family asks me what I want to do and then totally ignores what I say. I wanted somewhere with a nice dessert array, but I don't really like cheesecake, so I had a sandwich (after eating lunch at 11, I was hungry at 5). After we finished they asked if I wanted to do anything else at the mall. This mall is a larger one in the capital city, which is bigger and about an hour away, I'd love to just wander through some of the stores and see if I could find some cool stuff, but did they want to do that? Of course not.
I saw that you could build a minion in the build a bear shop:
 We did go to Trader Joe's which I suggested, I just wanted to look. I really wanted these:
 and these:
But they were in the frozen section, and we had about an hour drive home. Funny thing is, my mom and my brother spent more than I did there.

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