Saturday, July 29, 2017

Week of July 23rd

It's the last full week of July, can you believe it?
Sunday: I'm not entirely sure what I did, I had to work and I know I lounged around all afternoon.
Monday: I finished a book about a plane crash and the one survivor's story. I also got a few things in the mail.
A mermaid tag:
 A bingo card for a game:
 It only took a week to get here. I remember asking at the post office once why regular mail takes so long and their answer was that it's smaller and gets lost easier. I feel that's not a very good answer.
I worked that night and thankfully it was not as rough as last week.
Tuesday: I signed up for an extra shift and opened at the library. I saw this fish on the side of the road on the way in:
 I felt sorry for the fish. Thankfully when I got home, it was gone.
I finished another book that afternoon about a lady that was born into Hitler's breeding camps.
I also got a thank you card in the mail:
 I had sent her some glimmer mist and lace, as a thank you she made me some tags and a card. I love her work.
I had a weird night on Tuesday. I had heard from my 3rd job asking for my available hours in August, after sending an email with basically every hour I wasn't working at the library, I took myself out of almost all my swaps and started freaking out because I knew I needed some time for me. So, I wrote back saying I needed a certain day off. And then my mind went elsewhere and I had a ton going on and then I was stressing about stuff that hadn't even happened yet, and of course I couldn't sleep.
Wednesday: I opened again at the library. I got my purchase for a sample box from Etsy:
The tumbler is from here, the bath bombs are from here, the ring is from here, the planner goodies are from here, the nail decals are from here, the tea is from here, the magnet is from here, the bag is from here, the wood decor is from here, the decals are from bioncawaller on Instagram, the cards are from here and the facial masque is from here.
I'm not very impressed with any of it. The tumbler is very small, but cute. The bath bombs were breaking apart in the bag. The ring is rather cute it's a cross stitched shell, I liked that. The planner goodies are a journaling card, a clothespin, some die cute mason jars, some washi, and a paper clip. I like those. I won't use the nail decals, though I might include them in a flip book. I don't drink tea. The magnet is cute, but will probably send off in happy mail. I like the bag, it's very cute, small but cute. I like the wood decor, I've already found a place for it. The decals are very simple, but I'm sure I'll use them. The cards are interesting, and I won't use the facial masque.
I'm not really impressed with the box, I'm not sure what I was expecting, but grab bags always draw me in. I will use a few items and give the rest away and from what I could find, the items I got far exceed the cost of the box. The big thing I didn't like was shipping and the facial masque felt like it kinda leaked all over the other items.
I bought it in June and didn't read that it didn't mail out until at least July 15th, I was thinking it was my birthday present to myself. Anywho, I got notification that it was mailed on the 21st, only to find out that it didn't actually go to the post office until the 24th. Am I the only one that gets annoyed about that? It's not actually mailed until you take it to the post office, not when you printed the label.
I've decided I'm not allowed to get any more grab bags of anything. I'm always drawn in by the mystery, but looking at what I've got in grab bags from various places, I rarely use a ton of the items, so I should stop buying them.
I also got my August tag in the mail:
I'm not sure how I feel about it.
I had to finish a fairy mini pocket letter:
 Thursday: I went to the mall because I had to buy some new shoes for my temp job coming up in August. My first stop was Walmart:
 food, ibuprofen, tape, picture frame, stickers.
I wanted to see if they had any interesting food. This is only the 2nd time I've gone to this Walmart, I really need to go and just peruse the whole store, I still couldn't figure out where the clearance aisle was. My main reason was to get ibuprofen, which was cheaper than I expected. I've decided every time I go to Walmart, I need to pick up a pack of double stick tape, then I won't have to freak out and run out again. The Hershey's mix I picked up cause it sounded interesting, , the cookies on the top have raspberry jelly under the layer of chocolate, very good, I've had the Cadbury fingers before. I was actually on the hunt for chocolate covered pretzels, I didn't realize the Flipz were caramel and sea salt, they're ok. I picked up the frame for a swap, I was looking for fairy stickers, but didn't find any, so I picked up these cute baby ones. The Hershey mix was $3.50, the ibuprofen was $3.94, the cookies were $3.12, the tape was $5.84, the picture frame was $0.97, the stickers were $0.97, the Flipz were $2.78, the Cadbury fingers were $2.38, I spent about $25.
Next stop was JcPenney's. I've learned if you want good tennis shoes, you go there:
 The shoes were originally $60, on sale for $44, I love the colors on them. The Tsum Tsum was right inside the door for $1.99, normally they're about $5, so I couldn't pass it up. I'm not exactly sure what it is, it looks like a bird. I wish they would tell you on the tags.
I went to Hallmark with the idea I was going to buy one of their cute stuffed animals I saw way back in October, but then decided I was happy with my guy from Penney's. It's interesting, they really expanded that section and it takes up a great deal of the store, but I can't justify spending $7 on something that's about 6 inches tall.
My last stop was TJ Maxx:
 I think I was so bummed that I didn't find anything to buy the last time I was there, that I went a little overboard. food, stickers, sticky notes. I've had the nougats before, so I picked up 2 more, they were $2.99 each. The unicorn stickers I found with some unicorn picks that I saw last time, they were $2.99, the sticky notes at the top have a tiny one and a larger one that look like notebook paper, two of the page flags have scissors on them, they were $3.99. I did splurge a bit on the sweet treats sticky notes they were $4.99, I had found another pack that was unicorn themed, but I liked these better. The Nutty Rice Bites were on clearance for $2, the bagel chips were $2.99.
I also got unicorns in my mailbox:
Someone from one of my facebook groups sent them to me. I worked at the library that night.
Friday: I was going to go to a garage sale, but I didn't feel like walking so far for one sale, I did that the week before and I didn't feel it was worth it.
I checked out my downtown's sidewalk sales that afternoon, I found these cute ghosties at one store:
 They were originally $8 each and were marked down to $1 each, that's the magic price for me. I saw this quote somewhere "I don't know what it is, but it's on sale", tweak a few words and it fits me to a T: "I don't know what it is, but it's only a dollar". I figured with Halloween coming up, I can gift them to friends, or something. They are felted.
I went to another store and ran into a friend, she's always saying how she tries to take days off and it doesn't happen very often, so when I saw this cup in another store I knew I needed to get it for her:
 It says: Today's agenda...get through it! Her desk doesn't have as tall piles, but I feel she's always got a lot of stuff on her desk. I'm thinking I'll fill it up with chocolate or some kind of tea and give it to her as a surprise some day. It cost $4, the lid was with it, but I think it really doesn't go with it, so I'm not gonna give it to her.
I saw these cute planters at another store:

 They were maybe two and a half feet tall, originally $30, but 30% off. I don't have an outside space, but I would totally buy them if they were marked down more.
Here's what I did pick up:
 The large bunny was $5, the egg was $1, and the small bunny was $1. Not like I need any of it. I might give the big bunny to my mother, who knows.
I found these cute candles at another store:
 I would totally buy them just for the box if they weren't so expensive.
I also found this cute couple in their sale basement:
 They would have been $11.50 together, but I couldn't justify buying them.
When I got home, I found a late birthday card in my mail:
I love the whale sticky notes and the hedgehog.
Saturday: I opened at the library and lounged around all afternoon.

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