Monday, December 31, 2007

Take me there

It so does not feel like New Year's Eve. I figured out why, though, after pondering it awhile. I've gotten so used to working basketball games on New Year's Eve that when there's not one (like this year), it doesn't feel like New Year's Eve.
I hope everyone is partying responsibly. If you're drinking, please don't drink too much, or get a designated driver, or stay where you're drinking.
Me, I'm planning on watching TV til I fall asleep. Kevin's working the overnight shift tonight, he needs the money, and how much more fun can you get than hauling off all the people that didn't party responsibly to celebrate the new year to jail?

Look on my links list, I'm adding a new one that I picked up from Johnny Law, Officer "Smith": Thoughts From Behind the Badge. It's pretty good, I find myself agreeing with everything I've read (so far, reading back posts at the moment). He keeps mentioning things that he says the 'average Joe' wouldn't get, but I understand them, might be because of my CJ degree, or other factors, I don't know, but it's very enjoyable, check it out if you're interested in reading cop blogs.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Now that it's all said and done

Lets see if my loyal readers can help me out.
Kevin got me a Bissell Powerforce bagless upright vacuum cleaner for Christmas, and when we got home Wednesday night, there was a Eureka Uno bagless upright vacuum cleaner in front of my door. I'm trying to figure out which one is better. Both my boss and coworker said to look at Amazon reviews, and both of them have good and bad reviews, so I'm still confused. Any advice would be nice.

Also, last night, Kevin and I were talking, my coworker had said asked during the day why I hadn't gotten a ring for Christmas, I relayed this to him, and we both agreed he doesn't have the money for a ring. I told him I would say yes if he ever asked, to which he grinned at hearing this. So, I think it's pretty much a done deal. But, like I said, he doesn't have the money, though I told him, he could get a cheap one and move up, he liked that idea.

It's the end of the year as we know it

What did you do in 2006 that you'd never done before? Went on a trip without my parents, stayed a week somewhere without any relatives.
Did you keep your new year's resolutions, and will you make more for next year? I don't make new year's resolutions, but I might make one this year
Did anyone close to you give birth? No
Did anyone close to you die? No
What countries did you visit? None
What would you like to have in 2008 that you lacked in 2007? A full-time job
What date from 2007 will remain etched upon your memory, and why? I want to say the day Kevin came over for the first time, or when we decided we were dating, or our first kiss, unfortunately, I don't remember the dates.
What was your biggest achievement of the year? Got a boyfriend
What was your biggest failure? I don't have one
Did you suffer illness or injury? Broke my toe (maybe)
What was the best thing you bought? M&M's for Kevin printed with "I love you" and "To my prince"
Whose behavior made you appalled and depressed? Not gonna discuss that
Where did most of your money go? Rent, bills, food, nothing new
What did you get really, really, really excited about? Going home for Christmas with Kevin
What song will always remind you of 2007? Ticks by Brad Paisley, and Take Me There by Rascal Flatts, Kevin and I have decided those are our songs
Compared to this time last year, are you:
I. happier or sadder? Happier
II. thinner or fatter? Fatter
III. richer or poorer? Richer
What do you wish you'd done more of? Exercised
Did you fall in love in 2007? Yes
How many one-night stands? None
What was your favorite TV program? That's a toss-up between Supernatural and Men In Trees
Do you hate anyone now that you didn't hate this time last year? Yes
Do I like anyone now that you didn't like this time last year? Yes
What was the best book you read? I haven't read any new books
What was your greatest musical discovery? Don't know if I discovered Nickelback or Pussy Cat Dolls this year. I know I discovered Bruce Springsteen's boxed set, it's great
What did you want and get? A boyfriend, vacuum cleaner, Nickelback CD, Pussycat Dolls CD
What was your favorite film of this year? Ghostrider
What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you? Went to Ledges with Kevin and Karli, it was really fun, 24
What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying? Nothing
How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2007? Same as always, blue jeans and comfortable shirt, mostly barefoot
What kept you sane? Music, and Kevin
Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most? Noone
What political issue stirred you the most? Politics always makes life more difficult, I try to stay away from them, course it's pretty hard considering the cauces are in a week
Who did you miss? No one
Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2007: Don't take everything so seriously. Tell your loved one your feelings.

2008 Meme

Got this from sodapop, and you know I love me a meme.
1. Will you be looking for a new job? Maybe
2. Will you be looking for a new relationship? Definitely Not
3. New house? No
4. What will you do differently in ‘08? Don't know
5. New Year’s resolution? I don't make resolutions
6. What will you NOT be doing in ‘08? Don't know
7. Any trips planned? Hope to go home with Kevin quite a bit
8. Wedding plans? Not in 2008, but most likely in the future
9. Major thing on your calendar? 1 year anniversary of dating Kevin
10. What can’t you wait for? Summer
11. What would you like to see happen differently? Certain things to turn out better for me
12. What about yourself will you be changing? Gonna try and get out walking again
13. What happened in ‘07 that you didn’t think would ever happen? Got me a boyfriend, and found the guy I'm gonna marry
14. Will you be nicer to the people you care about? I'll try
15. Will you dress differently this year than you did in ‘07? No
16. Will you better your relationship with your family? Maybe
17. Will you do charity work? Most likely not
18. Will you go to bars? Maybe
19. Will you be nice to people you don’t know? I'll try
20. Do you expect ‘08 to be a good year for you? I hope so

Thursday, December 27, 2007

I met a guy

UGH!!! Ever notice how vacation is over soo quickly and work never goes by fast enough?
I got back last night from spending a week at Kevin’s parents place. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday he was off hunting, and I spent the days watching TV and reading. Thursday, his mom and I went to Sam’s Club, that was wicked cool, I felt like a kid in a candy store, he kinda laughed at me when I was describing it to him. Sunday, I had planned to go to a historical site in CR, but by the time he and his dad got all the snow cleaned up (they got about 8 inches Saturday afternoon and night) and we went to eat, we missed the last tour for the day, I was kinda bummed. We ended up Christmas shopping and then going back to their house. Monday, was more Christmas shopping and food shopping. We got to eat some really good potato soup that his mom made for Christmas eve dinner. Christmas Day, I had to wait until after breakfast to open presents, I was about busting at the seams by the time we got to open presents. Received some bath towels, dish towels, a couple DVDs, CD’s, some snowmen, and a bunch of hot wheels cars. My man knows how to make me happy. I got far more presents from his parents than I expected, almost got as many from them as I got from him.
He enjoyed the M&M’s I got for him. I bought custom-printed and colored M&M’s, blue and aqua with “I love you” and “to my prince” on them. Bought him some cars, and Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and 3. We had a great dinner of ham, green bean casserole, broccoli and corn casserole and dinner rolls.
It was well worth it to be gone for a week.
My parents did get me a vacuum cleaner (of course I didn’t know that until we got back, and Kevin had given me one for Christmas), got a bunch of frog stuff, some movies, $$$ and some chocolate.
Hope everyone else had a good Christmas, and I will post an end of the year meme this weekend.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Make sweet love to you.

Ah, the fun of a winter in Iowa. Spent 45 minutes after work yesterday scraping ice, ironically my arms aren't that sore. Spose I'll find out how sore they are this weekend when I get the joy of doing it again.
So, I went to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra last night with my parents, Kevin, uncle and cousin on my dad's side. It wasn't too bad, if I was ever to go again, I'd like tickets in the first level of seats. We were on the floor and they had a very wild light show, very bright. I had my eyes closed for 80% of the concert and I could still see the light show fine. They also had these flame things that shot flames into the air, and they had some behind us, that was a little warm. The first half of the concert they performed their "Christmas Eve and Other Stories" CD, and the second half they did their renditions of favorites, like "Rollin' on the River" and Beethoven's 10th. It was pretty good, I just didn't see the real need to see them in concert. Oh, and if I had epilepsy, I would be dead.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I may not stand before you like that knight in shinning armor

Dear Santa,

Here's my list for this year.

I want a hug from someone who loves me for me and not because I'm their child (probably receive that tonight), to be able to come home after a day of work and have the sidewalks and driveway already shoveled after a fresh snow, to live far away from my family and not have to see/talk to them every day, to live my own life, a stable job, to feel but not care, to care but not feel. To wrap it all up, I want a happy life without the stress.

Why, when you're really truly happy with your life, job, significant other, money, etc. does the whole world have to fall from under your feet?

If you can't get me any of that, I could use a new belt.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Just a little ice

So, there's a storm coming, ok there's a storm here. According to KCCI:
an ice storm warning remains in effect from 6 AM to 3 PM Saturday. A mix of freezing rain, sleet, and snow will spread into southern and central Iowa Saturday morning, affecting locations along and south of Highway 30. Total snowfall amounts will remain light, ranging from an ince along Highway 30, to nothing near the Iowa Missouri border. However, as warmer air spreads north, precipitation type will transition to sleet and freezing rain. One quarter to one half inch of glaze ice is expected across the warning area, along with sleet accumulations up to one half inch. As warmer air continues to surge northward, precipitation will change over to all rain from south to north during the afternoon hours. Significant icing will create very hazardous travel conditions during the day Saturday. In addition, a southeast wind gusting over 30 MPH may down tree limbs and power lines that are weighed down by ice. An ice storm warning means severe winter weather conditions are expected or occurring. Significant amounts of ice accumulations will make travel dangerous or impossible. Travel is strongly discouraged. Commerce will likely be severely impacted. If you must travel, keep an extra flashlight, food, and water in your vehicle in case of an emergency. Ice accumulations and winds will likely lead to snapped power lines and falling tree branches that add to the danger.
Now, doesn't that sound fun? Actually, my boss said we're taking a 'snow day'. So, I don't know what I'm doing, but here's the view from inside my windows:

Yeah, that's a sheet of ice. I think it's kinda funny/cool. I just hope it doesn't fuck up the windows. Also hoping we don't lose power, I think we'll be ok, but still.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Do you want to be a poet

When you feel like yelling on a rooftop at the top of you lungs, telling everyone. Does that mean you really love someone?
There's some jewelry store commercial where a guy preposes to his wife again when they're in a foreign country, and he yells "I LOVE THIS WOMAN". I feel like doing that, yelling "I LOVE THIS MAN"

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

From Mending bones to tending bar

And one from Goddess
Two names you go by (besides your given one):
1) Weink
2) Weinkermeyer

Two things you are wearing right now:
1) Tank top
2) Jeans

Two longest car rides:
1) Here to Chicago
2) Any time I'm having a fight with my mom, and we're riding together

Two of your favorite things to do:
1) Snuggle with Kevin
2) Listen to music

Two things you want very badly at the moment:
1) Kevin
2) A stressless job where I make boatloads of money

Three animals you have or have had:
1) Guinea pig
2) Hamster
3) Cat

Three things you ate today:
1) Honeycomb cereal
2) Milk
3) Haven't eaten 3 things today, yet

Two things you are doing tomorrow:
1) Work
2) Hanging out with Kevin {fingers crossed}

Two favorite holidays
1) Christmas
2) Mother's Day

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

With 80 acres and a plow

I'm stealing this from Sodapop (as usual):

Total songs: 1393 songs, which comes out to 89.13hours of music.

Sort by song title, first and last: 2 Bad by Michael Jackson and Zero and Blind Terry Bruce Springsteen

Sort by length, shortest and longest: Montgomery Gentry - My Town (Piano Intro) [0:21] and Heaven Is a Lonely Place/Rodeo Clown by John Mellencamp (12:02)

Sort by artist, first and last: 3LW and Yes

Top five played songs: Pink Cadillac by Bruce Springsteen; Right Through You by Alanis Morissette; Run by George Straight; Serenity by Godsmack and Photgraph by Nickelback

Find the following words and list how many times they come up:(seriously? Just in the titles of songs and what not?) Sex (1), Death (1), Love (60), You (115), Home (13), Boy (9), Girl (12)

First five songs which come up on party shuffle: Tonight I Climbed The Wall by Alan Jackson; For The Money by Montgomery Gentry; Hard Time Killing Floor Blues by Chris Thomas King; 'Cause You're Watching Over Me by Alexz Johnson and If You Wanna Touch Her, Ask! by Shania Twain

Friday, November 23, 2007

They don't need a man

It doesn’t feel like the day after Thanksgiving, as I have to get up early (ok it’s not really early) and work. I’m wondering why I agreed to go into work at 10AM, gonna be on my feet until 6 (a fun 8 hr day).
Wednesday, I came home ate supper with my family and sat down to watch TV for the night. My brother informed me I have been going over the ‘family’ (because my mother doesn’t have a sprint phone) plan’s minutes for the last 3 or 4 months. I’ve been using around 400 to 500 minutes. My dad said I had to have an estimate to how much I’d been using, but I really don’t. Nobody complained, so how am I supposed to know. I knew having a boyfriend made a person talk more on the phone, but I didn’t realize we were talking that much. Yes, I talk to Karli and my mom in there too, but most of it is talking to Kevin. I did feel rather bad about it; I didn’t mean to go over. So, anyway, we were going to watch Die Hard 4, and then Kevin called, and we chatted, then I went back in to watch the movie, my mom had switched chairs and I decided since Ross was being his usual annoying self, I wasn’t going to stick around, so Ross and dad figured I was just upset about not getting the chair. Ross never thinks he’s wrong in the way he’s acting, and dad just doesn’t notice. I figure it’s a typical sibling thing.
Yesterday was good, I was surprised no one called me early asking me to come down and help, but mom knew I was upset with Ross, so I think that helped a little. We finally ate around 1PM. After lunch we spent the afternoon watching My So Called Life. I was kinda miffed that we didn’t play Apples to Apples as dad made such a big deal about doing that instead of watching TV all afternoon. It was kinda like old times, all of us sitting around the television watching a TV show together. I was intrigued how well they portrayed teenage life, because we all know most TV shows about the teenage years aren’t really how it actually is. I left around 9PM hoping Kevin would call me last night, but he didn’t. I’m ok with it, I was just hoping.
And now it’s the day after Thanksgiving, and I’m expected to be at the shop in a little more than an hour, to help with the big rush. Crossing my fingers we’ll actually have a big rush and make a lot of money today.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Lessons from the Stupid

PERSONAL ACCOUNT: Hedge Your Bets (near miss) 2007, Ontario, Canada My friend's daughter is a plastic surgeon with expertise in reconstructive surgery. Recently a patient was rushed into the hospital, needing a surgeon to reattach the tips of his fingers to his left hand.
While taking the patient history, it was found that this bright chap got the idea of holding his lawn mower sideways and applying it to his hedge. He was holding the mower deck, trimming the hedge, and things went well until the weight of the mower got to be a bit much. He readjusted his grip on the mower deck, and that was when the blade bit him.
When my friend's daughter was almost finished with the complex job of sewing this patient back together, another patient came in with the same injury! On investigation, it was found that he, too, had been using his mower to trim his hedge. Apparently this man was a neighbor of the first patient. He watched his neighbor trim his hedge, and thought it was a bright idea.

(2003, California) John, a real estate attorney, was skimming leaves from his pool when he noticed a palm frond caught in the power lines. Years of education equipped John with enough reasoning power to become a successful litigator. Yet his education did not equip him with sufficient acumen to avoid becoming a toasty critter, when hereached up with the long metal pole and poked at the palm frond. John was, for once, the path of least resistance.
His family, perhaps as an homage to his litigation skills, sued both the utility company and the pool supply store, which failed to disclose the danger of using the pool skimmer on power lines.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Why do I always use the words that cut the deepest

Found another one:
1. Spell your first name backward. w
2. Story behind your myspace display name? same name on everything else
3. What month were you born in? July
4. Where do you live? Iowa
5. Favorite thing about your home: It’s home
6. Toothbrush: Electric
7. Jewelry worn daily: Cross with Irish wedding ring symbol
8. Pillow cover right now? Patterned
9. Underwear you're wearing: Blue
10. Best Friend (partner or spouse doesn't count): Karli
11. Favorite t- shirt: Brooks N Dunn Steers and Stripes concert shirt
12. Cologne/Perfume: Whatever Kevin happens to be wearing
13. CD in stereo: Tim McGraw, Greatest Hits
14. Piercings: Ears
15. Wearing now: Tinkerbell pajama pants, blue pajama shirt
16. Wishing for: Kevin to not go away this weekend
17. Wanting: Breakfast
18. Something you are deathly afraid of? The future
19. Do you like candles: Yes
20. Do you like the taste of blood: No
21. Do you believe in love: Yes
22. Do you beleive in reincarnation: Yes
23. Do you believe in God? Sometimes
24. What's something you wish you could understand better? Life
25. Favorite age? 10
26. Worst age? None yet
27. Why did you answer #26 the way you did? I’ve only been around 24 years, I haven’t been around long enough to have a worst age
28. Plans for Christmas? Going home with Kevin
29. Where is your favorite place to shop? JCPenny
30. What is your favorite thing to wear? Jeans and the top Kevin likes
31. What is a must have accessory? Cell phone
32. How much is the most you've ever spent on a single clothingitem? No idea
33. Who is the least fashionable person/people you know? Can’t say
34. Do you match your belt with your hair color. No
35. How many pairs of shoes do you own? Too many
36. What is the worst trend you see today? Thongs sticking out of pants
37. Do you do drugs? No
38. What kind of soap do you use? Softsoap
39. What are you listening to right now? Jason Aldean, Why
40. Who was the last person that called you? Kevin
41. Where do you want to get married? Somewhere outside
42. How many buddies are online right now? No idea
43. What are essentials in your life? Enough money to live on, a job I’m satisfied with, someone who loves me, music
44. Do you send out holiday cards each year? No
45.. Hair right now? Needing to be brushed
46. When was the last time you got a sunburn? July 7th
47. How do you sleep? Deeply
48. Things that drive you crazy? Stupid people
49. Do you think you are a good driver? I don’t drive
50. Who did you last text message? No idea
51. Where are you right now? Bedroom

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Me and him. Kevin and I are having a bad time. I hadn’t talked to him since Monday 10 am, so I was concerned. Last week I hadn’t talked to him in a couple days and got extremely worried. I was trying to figure out what changed between weeks, and I think some of it was I was finishing up my period so I was very emotional and hormonal, plus I wasn’t worried until my boss said “maybe he’s dead”, can’t say that helped a lot. When he finally figured out how worried I was he said that bothered him a bit. So this week I wasn’t really worried, because of the stuff he told me to reassure me if something had happened I’d know, also because my co-worker said he was just exercising his bachelorhood and wanted me to call him saying I really missed him and that I wanted to kiss him all over, and both of us knows that would never happen. He picked me up from work yesterday and told me he had no excuse, that he was just thinking of us, and wondering if we should stay together. I know he loves me, and he knows he loves me, but he’s afraid I’m not in the same place emotionally as him. I’m not sure I love him, I don’t really know what love is, I know I care deeply for him and that I would really hurt if something ever happened to him, but I don’t know. Today, I’m pondering what to do. Yesterday I listened to him and was basically just happy he was ok and I got to see him. Like I said I know I care for him very deeply, I long for him when he’s not around. He was talking about kids and marriage, and I don’t know if I want that, I know I want kids (as much as I tell everyone I hate kids and never want any, I really do). I just don’t know if I’m ready to think about that yet. I don’t know if I’m ready for a sole committed relationship. He’s my first boyfriend, and I keep wondering if there’s not something better out there, and I know I don’t want to deeply commit to someone if I’m not sure, that would be unfair to them. My boss and coworker were saying that you learn to look at guys without your husband/so noticing, and I always thought if you were really truly happy with your spouse you wouldn’t have to look at other guys. And I’m learning about me, and I’m really getting happy with him, but I don’t know. I also think knowing all this stuff by now (I’ve been with him a little over 6 months) is too soon. Like I’ve said I’ve never had a boyfriend I’ve been in love once (I think it was love), but I’m so unsure. Should I let him go, figure it out for myself and then if I decide he’s the one ask him to take me back, that seems unfair to me. Make him wait until I’m sure when he’s already sure. He’s said at times he’s felt I treat him as a convenience, that this is what I have and I guess it’s ok. I don’t really know of a specific time he’s talking about, and I’m pretty sure I haven’t felt that way, I hope if I have, I’d remember it.
The other thing is a sexual thing, and I’m debating whether to post it or not. I’m not quite sure I want my love life bouncing around the internet, but you all give me great advice.
I was just listening to “Lost in this Moment” by Big & Rich, and thinking I wouldn’t mind growing old with Kevin. So here’s my question to you (other than advice for above), what’s your definition of love? Maybe if I knew what it was to other people, I could figure out if I’m in love.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Be sure to thank someone for your freedom today...

And tomorrow (since quite a few people get the day off to do whatever).
I'm borrowing this from Sgt Grit's newsletter this week. I think it's perfect for the day.

As commander of our VFW Post, I was requested to give a little speech for this Veterans Day. My thought was that I would pull from my personal experiences.
I looked back upon the 23 years in the Corps and I think that one instance stands out for me. I was on recruiting duty assigned to my home town of Houston, Texas and later transferred to Galveston, Texas to replace a retiring Marine. I was on duty for one day at my new location in Galveston when I received a phone call from a Sister Angelina at one of the local Catholic schools. She asked if I could come out the next day and give a talk on Veterans Day. Of course I accepted without a thought.
Going back to recruiting school, we had to memorize canned speeches for different occasions that we may have to give during our tour in recruiting.
I started thinking, what would be appropriate for a junior high class, what would get their attention and at the same time be informative.
I broke out the books and somehow I just didn't think any of the speeches that we had to learn would get across what I wanted to say. I did a little research on Veteran's Day and below is what I presented to that group of students.
On this upcoming Veterans Day, I think that we as a nation should look back and re-instate the meaning of Veterans Day and what it means to each of us.
Let us take a trip back in time and look at how Veterans Day was originated and why.
World War I officially ended on June 28, 1919 with the signing of the Treaty of Versailles. The actual fighting between the Allies and Germany, however, had ended seven months earlier with the armistice, which went into effect on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month in 1918. Armistice Day, as November 11 became known, officially became a holiday in the United States in 1926 and a national holiday 12 years later. On June 1, 1954, the name was changed to Veterans Day to honor all U.S. Veterans.
In 1968, new legislation changed the national commemoration of Veterans Day to the fourth Monday in October. It soon became apparent, however, that November 11 was a date of historic significance to many Americans.Therefore, in 1978 Congress returned the observance to its traditional date.
What is a veteran. Where do they come from. What is the significance of making a national holiday in remembrance of this group of people. I will try to explain my views of what a veteran is and why the deserve this day set fourth back in 1926. Webster describes a veteran as a former member of the armed services.Somehow, to me, that answer is incomplete. It describes a job, but what is a veteran as a person.
If you had to describe a veteran, it would be very difficult. They did not just appear in a cloud of smoke as perhaps a magicians trick. Neither are they a highly specialized people, but they are a special people. Throughout the years in our nations history, these men and women stepped up to serve their nations call. A veteran could be a rancher from Texas, a school teacher from New York or a farmer from Iowa. If you were to see a veteran walking down the street, how could you identify this person. If he or she was in uniform, the identification would be easy, however, if this person was not in uniform, what then. It would be almost impossible to identify these individuals as they could very easily be your grand father, father, mother, brother or sister. This veteran could even be the paper boy that used to deliver your paper to you. One thing for sure, they would be walking very proudly in the knowledge that they are a member of a very elite organization. An organization that sets them apart from their neighbors and families of whom they have sworn to protect.
What I am saying is that a veteran is no different than any other person you may see walking down the street, but these men and women are very special indeed. When their nation called, these men and women stood up to answer their nations call. They left their jobs, homes, families, their secure position in life to honor their nations commitment and possibly put themselves in harms way. This is the creed of the veteran, to serve their country in time of peace and sometimes in war to protect its nations borders against danger both foreign and domestic.
Therefore, on this upcoming Veterans Day, it is only fitting and proper that we remember why Veterans Day was originated and why. Throughout the years from the American Revolution to the present, there have been men and women of all races, religions and life styles answer their countries call.
There will always be this special group of men and women to step forward when needed.
We should therefore, honor all veterans both past and present, both having served and still serving in the Armed Forces of the United States throughout the world.
We should also offer a prayer for those in foreign lands and in harms way that they return to their loved ones safely.
I will close this with this small comment:
All Gave Some....Some Gave All
Needless to say, I received a standing ovation. Later we saluted the flags with the Pledge of Allegiance and following that, we said the Lords Prayer.
It would be an honor if you were to print this in your newsletter in remembrance for all veterans both living and passed on. "
Freedom IS NOT Free "
GySgt Robert Eastmade (USMC Ret)
VFW Post 981
Arlington Heights, IL

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Happy 232nd Marines

It's another year, and another birthday for the Marines. It's been 232 years since they were founded at Tun Tavern, Pennsylvania.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

I wonder

OK, after reading a few other commentaries about the CMA awards online, I decided to write up my own.
I wasn’t too impressed with the song Rascal Flatts was playing, and those pants that Joe Don Rooney was wearing, I don’t know what he was thinking.
Can’t say I like the whole idea of having more than one host. Course it didn’t help that I don’t watch ABC, so didn’t really know who the TV stars were.
I love Miranda Lambert as bitch chick. I’ve read how some people find her a little nuts, but she was great in Kerosene and this song, Gunpowder and Lead (I have no idea what it’s really called). I just don’t like her really tall boots, I seem to remember (I could be wrong) that the first time she performed on a big awards show she was barefoot. I didn’t like how at the end she “shot” her guitarist, that was not fitting.
Sheryl Crow’s top was a little weird, though she does look good. Don’t know what the point of her “Aw’s” were. Single of the Year was Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood. I wasn’t really happy with the selection on that. I like the song, but I don’t think a revenge song on a cheating boyfriend should win, I was hoping for Anyway by Martina McBride.
You could definitely tell Chevy was sponsoring this. Not only was Chevy the first to spit out commercials (and of course, the whole, “brought to you by Chevy”), but when they introduced the Horizon Award nominees, every one of the guys was standing by a Chevy.
It’s a good thing George Strait had that guitar on him, cause he played it all of a few seconds at the beginning of the song. He must’ve taken the comment about how he doesn’t do anything but strum his guitar and sing too deeply. He’s not supposed to do anything, way to go and ruin the George Strait image.
Poor Montgomery Gentry’s Troy Gentry for misreading Martina McBride’s song title Anyway as Away. Not a big surprise with George winning Song of the Year for Give it Away.
I like Taylor Swift’s new song, Our Song, it’s cute. Can’t say I really liked her outfit for the night, and that sparkly guitar, don’t look at it the wrong way, you might go blind. Also, her deciding to do God-knows what with her arms. Methinks, she shouldn’t do the impromptu thing, and just stick to playing the guitar. Does anyone else find it weird the one long “the way you laughed on the first date when I didn’t kiss her and I should have”, that’s supposed to be her boyfriend describing their song. Shouldn’t it be “I didn’t kiss you and I should have”? Or is it just me. There’s one move in her performance where she does this playing thing with her guitarist and I had read about how it was inappropriate for her because it was a “crotch to crotch” and she’s 17 yadda yadda yadda, I was watching it, and it’s nothing more than guys do with their guitarists when they’re playing. Stupid people and their double standards for women.
Sara Evans was the 2nd host for the evening, introducing Brad Paisley to perform Online. I had also read how someone was pissed because the marching band cut her off, if they were paying any attention at all, that’s how it was supposed to be. The song is about how fake people are online, and the marching band is a key part of it. Now is it just me, or does anyone find it weird how Brad “dresses up” in a leather (it looks leather) hoodie?
And of course Alison Krauss had to perform, I’m not a big fan of her anymore. She was good when it was just her, now that it’s always her and Union Station, she has become a group, and crappy.
I loved Big & Rich’s performance of Loud. Unfortunately the sound seemed to be off on the stage, messing up quite a few good songs all night long, and it wasn’t quite as LOUD as I’m sure it should have been. I hope to get their newest CD for Christmas, I love these guys.
I found it kinda weird that Jessica Simpson was in the audience. So Sara introduces Luke Bryan, Bucky Covington, and Jason Michael Carroll to present Vocal Group of the year, and Jason Michael Carroll looks like a chick, shave off that fuzz below his lip and he’s a girl. YAY!!! For the Dixie Chicks getting a nomination for Vocal Group, I figured most people were still pissed at them, but judging by the number of cheers when their name was read, there’s a hunk of people that aren’t (not that I didn’t know that). Congrats to Rascal Flatts for winning, I was hoping for Little Big Town.
Rodney Atkins performed These Are My People, and he really needs to stand still and NOT wave his hands around, he looks really bad doing that. But he does look so much better in a baseball cap than in a cowboy hat.
The chick from the spinoff of Grey’s Anatomy sounded high or drunk to me, she was weird. Carrie Underwood’s dress was huge, it looked like a dress fit for Cinderella. She really needs to stop putting all the “yeah’s” in her songs, they don’t do anything for the song.
I liked Vince Gil’s introduction of the Eagles. They still sound great. Question for everyone, is there 4 or 5 people in the group? It looked like 5 but when the camera was doing close-up’s it only zoomed in on four of them.
I liked Brooks N Dunn’s new song. Sad but still nice. It set off the same emotions, and I felt the same as I do when I hear Believe, I bet God Must Be Busy is gonna be a huge hit for them.
I was very saddened at Jason Aldean’s performance of Johnny Cash. OK, not his performance more at the suckiness of the sound quality, it totally ruined the song for me. Of course he’s still a hottie.
Vocal Duo was awarded to Sugarland. That was a huge surprise to me, I was hoping for Montgomery Gentry, but was pretty sure Brooks N Dunn was gonna win, hell, we all know it should be renamed the Brooks N Dunn award, as many times as they’ve won it through the CMA’s and the ACM’s.
So, Sugarland’s new song, Stay, SUCKS. It’s not really a song, more of a monologue sung. Maybe if she’d shut up more, and have a chorus.
Dwight Yoakam seemed really off, I’m not quite sure, but he seemed unsure, or like he couldn’t really read well. There were way too many pauses when he was talking.
George Strait won Album of the Year for It Just Comes Natural, and of course I was wrong on my pick (Long Trip Alone by Dierks Bentley). Course, it’s not a surprise, according to the announcer he’s been nominated 17 times, and won 6 times.
I loved LeAnn Rimes ragging on the rock/pop stars, about how she’d been around 13 years, with one marriage and no arrests.
I like Martina’s new song, only the chorus was a little weird. She always sings such great touching songs.
I’m not a big fan of Keith Urban lately, his songs suck, and I noticed watching him perform Everybody, he’s gotten a little chubby, is that one of the side-effects of getting off heroin? I didn’t quite understand the bunch of people playing instruments in the set behind him, it looked weird.
Taylor Swift won the Horizon Award, a big congrats to her. I love her reaction, very sincere, and I love her line: “This is definitely the highlight of my senior year.” Somebody needed to pinch her so she knew she wasn’t dreaming.
A great duet between Reba McIntire and LeAnn Rimes. I want that song.
The acoustics fucked up the performance of Boondocks by Little Big Town as well.
Dierks Bentley’s new hairdo, makes him look popish. I like the curly hair look. Female Vocalist was awarded to Carrie Underwood, once again I was wrong, I was hoping for Martina McBride. At least Carrie gave credit to American Idol with this award.
The presentation of the inductees into the Country Music Hall Of Fame was pathetic, no pauses inbetween the monologues about them, they didn’t even get to go up on stage, just stand up and wave. Congrats to Vince Gill, Mel Tillis and Ralph Emery.
I didn’t like Kenny Chesney’s outfit for his performance, it was so not him. It was boring, we don’t want to see him in dress pants and a dress shirt.
I love Kid Rock and Gretchen Wilson performing before presenting Male Vocalist of the Year, which was awarded to Brad Paisley, I was hoping for Kenny Chesney, wrong again.
Rascal Flatts performance with Jaime Foxx was…weird. It wasn’t really good or bad, just weird.
I got one thing right, I was right about Kenny Chesney winning Entertainer of the Year.

Has anyone seen the new Celebrex commercial where everything is made up of lines of words? Talk about one of the most boring commercials of all. If we really wanted to know about the facts of a drug, that’s what our doctors are for. I think I almost died of boredom listening to the commercial.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Pig in a Box

Just an ordinary box of pastries?
Take another look
No, it's Pig in a Box
Currently on sale today
Order yours now

Thursday, November 01, 2007


Who wants to help me with a decision?
So, this year I'm wondering if I want to go home with Kevin the week of Christmas or stay here and work the basketball games. I really do need a break, but I also need the money.
Obviously we all know the perks of going home with Kevin, plus being away from the stresses of my life.
If I stay and work that's 7 games. It's a bit of money, obviously not a ton, but every little bit helps
I'm very lost on what to do.

Ever notice the people that always say "Nobody will put 'I should have spent more time at work' on their gravestone" are always the ones that can afford not to work the extra. And the rest of us are the ones that really need the break, but can't quite afford it?

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

They're too busy holdin on to one another

Halloween Edition of the Darwin Awards:
Mummy Says, Don't Smoke"Another Incentive to Kick the Habit"
For Halloween 1998, a Canadian man dressed as a mummy by wrappinghimself from head to toe in fluffy cotton batting. The cotton wastaped at the wrists and ankles, and white gloves and running shoescompleted his ensemble. As the mummy waited for his girlfriendto dress for pictures, he carelessly lit a cigarette...and the fluffy cotton burst into flames.
The reason for flame-retardant costumes became clear.
Firefighters arrived within minutes, yet already the mummy costumewas reduced to ashes, right down to the white coveralls underneath.The man kept repeating, "It's my fault." He was taken to Soldier'sMemorial Hospital with 2nd and 3rd degree burns, where he died.

1994 A college student dressed up as Dracula for Halloween. For the finishing touch, he put a pine board down the front of his shirt, so he could stick a knife into the board and pretend he wastransfixed with a killing stake. He didn't consider the strengthof the thin pine board when he tapped in the knife with a hammer.
Propelled by the force of the hammer, the sharp knife tip splitthe soft wood and buried itself in his heart. He staggered fromhis dorm room into the party, gasping, "I really did it!"before succumbing before horrified friends.
REFERENCE: Dead Men Do Tell Tales by William R. Maples, Ph.D., 1994

Monday, October 29, 2007

Disturbing Halloween decoration

So, last week, someone called into the PD with a report of a disturbing Halloween decoration. An officer was dispatched out to the address and confirmed that it was a disturbing decoration. There was a dead woman on the roof of her mobile home.
Apparently, she was cleaning her gutters and died of natural causes, staying on the roof and decomposing. They estimated she had died a few days earlier. People had seen her on the roof, but assumed it was just a display for the season.
I wonder how the caller and the other people that saw this woman on the roof felt.
I found it humorous (maybe I'm messed up), but also sad.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Raise the bar high

I don't know what the point of making plans is if someone's not going to care enough to show up. Tonight, I'm making dinner for Kevin and me (which is huge, cause I don't cook). I threw the ingredients from a Banquet crockpot dinner in the crockpot, and went off to work, called Kevin when I got off work and told him he had 25 minutes to get over here (he knew I was making dinner to be ready to eat around 6). He tells me, he’s working on his (and his roommate’s deck), and of course I called him about 6:35 when the food was done, and what was he doing? STILL WORKING ON THE DAMN DECK!!!!! He had all day to do stuff, and he happens to be working on the deck as the last thing. What’s the point?
I’m rather annoyed with him this week. Tuesday, he says he’ll take me to dinner, we end up with his roommate at a local Chinese place (I don’t mind going out with his roommate), and then we go to Lowe’s afterward. I don’t like wandering through Lowe’s for my night. I told him later, I would have been less crabby not seeing him, than going to Lowe’s to look at boards for his deck.
Wednesday, he has to work til 10, and then work the next day at 9AM, so I tell him to go home after he gets off work.
Thursday, he goes out to eat with his roommate again, and calls me asking if I wanna be picked up (as we’re going to Walmart later). After going back to his place, and leaving in his truck we go to Walmart.
Now, I get that they have to finish this deck project because his roommate’s dad started it and didn’t finish it, but when I make plans you’d think he could be respectful and show up.
Am I being selfish?

Wherefore many men have gone

Recently, someone told me that most Marines are idiots, that "They are called Jarheads for a reason". I was pissed. Course I was already in a bad day and kept my mouth shut instead of spouting off. But I wished I knew a Marine I could call up and have them come over and educate this person.
I'm reading my Marine newsletter from 2 weeks ago, and that quote was just ringing in my head.
Ever notice how it's the uneducated (about that subject) who feel the need to speak bullshit/crap on a subject they know nothing about?

Saturday, October 20, 2007

And the clothes you left

Some interesting pictures for y'all to enjoy
Dozen roses from Kevin
Cool felted pumpkin I made for work

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

He died keeping my promise.

We who have seen war, will never stop seeing it. In the silence of the night, we will always hear the screams. So this is our story, for we were soldiers once, and young.

Good morning, Sergeant Major.
How do you know what kind of goddamn day it is?

Beautiful morning, Sergeant!
What are you a fucking weatherman now?

Any one of you sons of bitches call me grandpa, I'll kill ya.

American soldiers in battle don't fight for what some president says on T.V., they don't fight for mom, apple pie, the American flag... they fight for one another.

I can't promise you that I will bring you all home alive. But this I swear, before you and before Almighty God, that when we go into battle, I will be the first to set foot on the field, and I will be the last to step off, and I will leave no one behind. Dead or alive, we will all come home together. So help me, God.
I wonder what was going through Custer's mind when he realized that he'd led his men into a slaughter?
Sir, Custer was a pussy. You ain't.

You want to know how Custer felt? Why don't you ask him?

I'll never forgive myself.
For what, sir?
That my men... that my men died and I didn't.

In Saigon, Hal Moore's superiors congratulated him for killing over 1,800 enemy soldiers. Then ordered him to lead the Seventh Cavalry back into the valley of death. He led them and fought beside them for 235 more days. Some had families waiting. For others, their only family would be the men they bled beside. There were no bands, no flags, no Honor Guards to welcome them home. They went to war because their country ordered them to. But in the end, they fought not for their country or their flag, the fought for each other.

Monday, October 08, 2007

One tear hit the hard wood, it felt like broken glass

How come things have to suck as you get older?
Things change, dreams become realized that they're never coming true, you learn things that change your view on the world. I hate growing up.
I learned tonight, another one of those things that I loved as a kid, isn't going to be anymore.

My dad works at WOI Radio (google it). Every year, twice a year they have a fund-drive (it's a public radio station, meaning that the listeners pay for it), and they have volunteers answer phones and fill out the pledge forms (amount of money listeners pay). This is a week-long event. I got coralled in at least 10 years ago (pretty sure it was more, but I have no idea when I started), and since then, I've been going to the station, the Saturday of the fund-drive, pretty much working with the same people each time. We've gotten to know each other, and I like hanging out with the people my dad works with (plus we get great free food).
This year, they're expecting getting twice as many calls (about 5,000 instead of 2,500), so they're using a local call center, and not needing the help of the volunteers. I asked dad if this was going to be the way it was run from now on, and he said probably.
I didn't realize how much I expect to do it, until he told me this, and the tears/emotions came out.
I hate change

Sunday, October 07, 2007

How 'bout them cowgirls

I read PostSecret every Sunday. A couple of weeks ago there was one postcard that said: "I bought the coolest phone on the planet - but it still only rings as often as my old phone did." and Frank (the owner/blogger/writer of PostSecret) received an email in response to that postcard: "I feel the same way. I often wonder why I even have a phone because I rarely receive calls. If there was a way we could contact each other, that would be cool. My phone number is 605-212-7787." This was posted and the calls started coming in for the guy. How cool is that?
If I had the guts to post my phone number, I would, because I definately agree with the guy. My phone's not cool in any way, but very few people call it (with the exception of Kevin), it would be nice to talk to hundreds of different people, just wanting to talk.
Go here to read the story about the guy who posted his number online wondering if people cared.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

I'll be there

Wednesday, I bought Kevin a rose, cause he seemed a little weird when he left my house Tuesday night. Today, when he picked me up from work, he gave me a dozen roses. So, tonight we're talking, I was relaying to him what I did and didn't want out of the relationship, and he said he really cared about me and that he loved me. Personally, I'm not sure what to make of that. We've known each other since sometime last spring (2006), when we took a class together, but didn't really, officially meet until last fall, when we were in another class together and I added him as a friend on one of the online communities I'm in. At that time he had a girlfriend, and he was a friend. Later that year (around December, I think), he breaks up with his girlfriend, and we were chatting, me just trying to be a friend. Then earlier this year we start hanging out, I'm guessing sometime in April (I remember him coming over when I had one of the construction guys touching up in my bathroom). And maybe a month after that, we started cuddling (which Kevin says was when we were officially dating). So he's known me about 6 months, is that long enough to know you love someone?
I know I care about him, I know it's more than just friendly caring, and I've been in love once, I don't feel that way about Kevin.
And, I haven't even kissed him yet (in the way, that I actually initiated a kiss, and kissed him back). I'm having a hard time with that, I'm not quite sure why. Because I have no problems kissing my GP, but when I'm with Kevin, I just don't want to kiss him, I have no idea why.
Any advice for me?

Thursday, October 04, 2007

You Are 84% American

You're as American as red meat and shooting ranges.
Tough and independent, you think big.
You love everything about the US, wrong or right.
And anyone who criticizes your home better not do it in front of you!

Still believe the media?

Read this in my latest Sgt Grit American Courage newsletter:

Washington Examiner
September 24, 2007

Officials Say Evidence Shows Justification In Some Haditha Shootings
By Rowan Scarborough, National Security Correspondent

WASHINGTON -- The prosecution of four Marines for killing Iraqi Civilians in the western town of Haditha had promised to highlight one of the military's worst war crimes.
But after the completion of the last pre-trial hearing this month, Evidence shows that Marines were justified in opening fire in at least some of the 24 deaths, officials have determined. The house-by-house clearing Operation was depicted by Iraqi witnesses in the news media as cold-blooded murder. It now appears to be a more complex case involving young enlisted Marines in a dangerous mission.
Of four Marines charged with murder, a hearing officer has recommended All charges be dropped against two. The Marines dismissed murder charges against a third in exchange for his testimony.
The remaining murder defendant is Staff Sgt. Frank D. Wuterich, who appeared at a evidentiary hearing this month. Facing 13 murder counts, Wuterich justified his actions. He is now awaiting the hearing officer's report to Lt. Gen. James N. Mattis, who will decide whether to order a court-martial.
"Based on certain political agendas and scurrilous leaks from Defense Department officials, the media was led to exaggerate the facts on the ground insinuating there were massacres that day," Washington attorney Mark Zaid, who represents Wuterich, told The Examiner. "The evidence now clearly rejects that was ever the case."
To be sure, there was carnage that day in 2005 when Marines raided four homes in Haditha after suffering a bomb attack that killed a battle mate.
But Lt. Col. Paul J. Ware, the investigative officer for all three pre-trial hearings, has issued investigative reports that cleared two of the accused - Lance Cpl. Justin Sharratt and Lance Cpl. Stephen B. Tatum. Mattis accepted Ware's recommendation on Sharratt and dismissed murder chargers. His decision on Tatum is pending.
Sharratt shot and killed three Iraqis in a house with an M9 pistol several hours after the bombing. Sharratt said the men were armed with AK-47s and he fired in self-defense.
Ware wrote that forensic evidence showed the wounds were not consistent with an execution. The officer termed "not credible" the eye-witness accounts of Iraqis.
In the Tatum case, Ware said the evidence showed the Marine followed the rules of engagement when he and squad mates entered two houses in which 17 Iraqis were killed.
"Lance Cpl. Tatum shot and killed people in houses 1 and 2, but the reason he did so was because of his training and the circumstances he was placed in, not to exact revenge and commit murder," Ware wrote.
Ware's two exonerations have brought criticism on Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., who said at a 2006 news conference the Marines killed the Iraqis "in cold blood."
Said Zaid, "Murtha used these kids to help his anti-war agenda."
Murtha's spokesman declined to comment.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

'Meme Me?

Stolen from Sodapop (as always):

1. If you were to attend a costume party tonight, what or whom would you go as? A Mardis Gras goer
2. What are your choice of toppings on a hamburger? And do you prefer gas or charcoal grilling? Cheese, tomato, ketchup, pickles, I've never had gas grilled
3. You are chosen to have lunch with the President. The condition is you only get to ask one question. What do you ask? Are you going to listen to the media or the soldiers? Don't bring the troops home, please let them win.
4. It’s your first day of vacation, what are you doing? Going back to Okoboji
5. What is your concession stand must-have at the movies? I don't buy food at the movies
6. Which do you dislike most: pop-up ads or spam email? Pop-up ads. My email filters are really good, but my pop-up blocker misses quite a few
7. What do you think Captain Hook’s name was before he had a hook for a hand? Who cares?
8. Rock, paper, or scissors? Scissors
9. How long was it from ‘the first date’ until the proposal of marriage? How long until the wedding? Wouldn't know, haven't gone that far yet. I've heard you should be dating someone for 6 months before you marry them
10. Which is worse, being in a place that is too loud, or too quiet? Too quiet, I work in too loud places a lot
11. What is one quality that you really appreciate in a person? Honesty
12. At the good old general store, what particular kind of candy would you expect to be in the big jar at the counter? Wax pop bottles
13. What is the most distinguishing landmark in your city? Probably the Campanile on campus, I don't know
14. Everyone hears discussions that they consider boring. What topic can put you to sleep quicker than any other? My brother and how important he is, can't say politics do anything for me either
15. How many times did it take you to pass your drivers test? None, haven't taken it
16. If you had to have the same topping on your vanilla ice cream for the rest of your life, what topping would you choose? Hot fudge!
17. What food item would need to be removed from the market altogether in order for you to live a healthier, longer life? Pop
18. You are offered an envelope that you know contains $50. You are then told that you may either keep it or exchange it for another envelope that may contain $500 or may be empty. Do you keep the first envelope, or do you take your chances with the second? Keep the 1st, it's a guarantee
19. If you had to choose, which would you give up: cable TV, or DSL/cable internet? Cable TV, I don't have it anywayet?Cable TV.
20. What is your highest level of education? College graduate, Bachelor of Science degree, double major: Sociology and Criminal Justice (I'm kinda proud of it, can't tell you it's helping in my job right now though)
21. How much is a gallon of gas in your city? What was the highest it’s been? I think it's over $3, I don't buy gas, so I don't really pay attention, I do know diesel is over $3, because, I pay attention for Kevin
22. What kind of lunch box did you have as a kid? I had a plastic Barbie one, yes I was mainstream, it's sad. Course I stopped using it after I put my GP in it and she peed in it, then I got one that kinda looked like the ones construction workers use, it was green with a top opening lid
23. What would you rather have, a nanny, a housekeeper, a cook, or a chauffeur? A housekeeper.
24. Would you rather be trapped in an elevator, or stuck in traffic? Stuck in traffic, preferably with Kevin, I've been trapped in an elevator, not much fun
25. Lets say a brick fell on your foot, and your kid is standing right next to you, what is your ‘cleaned up’ swear word? I swear whether anyone is around me, and I don't have kids, so probably SON OF A, that's gonna leave a marks

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Another Rant

So, I was reading Snapshawt's post on the Boogie Man, how parents/guardians tell their kids that the cops will get them if they misbehave. I know this happens pretty much everywhere with cops, I didn't realize how much it happened with people who write tickets. Here, the PD has Community Safety Officers, CSO's, they basically (in the words of my bf) "do everything that doesn't require a sworn officer for". They transport prisoners to county jail (the city doesn't hold anyone anymore, everyone is shipped to county), direct traffic around big events, or accidents, deal with the speed trailer, etc, but one of the main things they do, and what people generally recognize them for (because they drive around little trucks that say Parking Division), is write parking tickets. Anyways, I've noticed quite a few people do this, and it annoys me so much, but even more so when my parents and boss do it. Everytime my boss sees my boyfriend (usually when he's working, but other times too), she'll ask if he's giving her a parking ticket. And last night, my brother was saying something about parking in-between barricades because a parade was going on, and my dad said "Don't let Kevin hear that, he'll ticket you". I have the tendency to defend him, and the other CSO's because people don't seem to get how annoying it is. Kevin says he's pretty used to it. I've even heard of them referred to as Parking Nazi's. Of course if people just obeyed the laws, parked where they were supposed to on a given day, at a given time, they wouldn't get a ticket.
My question for my very few readers, is, does this happen in other professions, does it bug you, and how do you react?
I'd also be interested in how cops react to this.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

There's always more

And some more of the skeins we have done recently

Colors galore

And this is the result of all that skeining, we're in the process of dyeing yarns and adding them to the store. If you like anything, go here, and contact us about buying them.

Mounds of yarnw

Cone of yarn +
Niddy Noddy =
pile of skeined yarn

That's what I did for 6 hours yesterday, about 4 hours Tuesday, and probably about 4 hours today. Sounds like fun, yes? NO

Monday, September 24, 2007

Thought y'all might get a kick out of this, snagged it from Bab's archives

Microsoft VS. GM:

At a recent computer expo (COMDEX), Bill Gates reportedly compared the computer industry with the auto industry and stated "If GM had kept up with the technology like the computer industry has, we would all be driving $25.00 cars that got 1,000 miles to the gallon."In response to Bill's comments, General Motors issued a press release stating: If GM had developed technology like Microsoft, we would all be driving cars with the following characteristics:

1. For no reason whatsoever, your car would crash twice a day.

2. Every time they repainted the lines in the road, you would have to buy a new car.

3. Occasionally your car would die on the freeway for no reason. You would have to pull over to the side of the road, close all of the car windows, shut it off, restart it, and reopen the windows before you could continue. For some reason you would simply accept this..

4. Occasionally, executing a manoeuvre such as a left turn would cause your car to shut down and refuse to restart, in which case you would have to reinstall the engine.

5. Only one person at a time could use the car unless you bought "CarNT," but then you would have to buy more seats.

6. Macintosh would make a car that was powered by the sun, was reliable, five times as fast and twice as easy to drive - but would only run on 5% of the roads.

7. The oil, water temperature, and alternator warning lights would all be replaced by a single "General Protection Fault" warning light.

8. New seats would force everyone to have the same sized butt.

9. The airbag system would ask "are you SURE?" before deploying.

10. Occasionally, for no reason whatsoever, your car would lock you out and refuse to let you in until you simultaneously lifted the door handle, turned the key and grabbed hold of the radio antenna.

11. GM would require all car buyers to also purchase a deluxe set of Rand McNally Road maps (now a GM subsidiary), even though they neither need nor want them. Attempting to delete this option would immediately cause the car's performance to diminish by 50% or more. Moreover, GM would become a target for investigation by the Justice Dept.

12. Every time GM introduced a new car, car buyers would have to learn to drive all over again because none of the controls would operate in the same manner as the old car.

13. You'd have to press the "Start" button to turn the engine off.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

I was reading a book today,A Northern Light by Jennifer Donnelly, about a girl who is stuck with her family because of her responsibilities, and then in the end, she decides to follow her dreams and go to New York and go to college.
I wish I had that courage, withdraw all my money from the bank, leave everyone behind and just go somewhere and start a new life. That would be nice.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Or leaving out the truth

So, I've been neglecting to watch COPS lately, though I did tune in last week and this week. I was happy to see one of my favorite officers tonight, Officer Anthony Pilutik of the Palm Springs, California police department. It's always nice to see one of the hotties on, when I find the time to watch.
Good to see you again, Officer P.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Just does something to me

So, once again, the concerts are going to DM. I just found out Rascal Flatts with Jason Aldean are going to be at Wells Fargo. I also learned on Monday, that the Athletic people are taking over the contract from SMG (the people that run the center), you know what that will mean, right? Not gonna be a lot of concerts in the future, they would rather have Hilton sit empty than have a concert in it. Course, as far as I've seen Stephens is doing good. Oh Well

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Pure rambling

I went to an awards ceremony yesterday that my mother was getting an award in. It was very boring, so I slipped into bored classroom mode, where I write down the ramblings of my mind from a certain word, see if you can make any sense out of it:
Melby, melba, toast, toasted crackers, toasted Ritz, mmmm food
Patrick, St. Paddy's Day, Irishmen, St. Paddy, Paddy's on Welch, Beware the drunks
Polking, Polk County, Des Moines, Cops, Not very exciting for a full half hour, no cages, paddy wagon
Van Wyk, Van Slyke, First grade teacher, English teacher, Blue Team Middle school, 8th grade, Anton, Road kill cafe, flattened possum, fakes dead, stinky
Rodriguez, Hispanic, Pacific Blue, Bike cops, Black and white uniforms, bicycles
Terry, Terry cloth robes, towels, five-star htels, spas, hot tubs, cop and waitress, $half million, Rosa Perez, Rosa Parks, died, Cyride
DeWitt, Dewepacateur, Titanic, Rose, Kate Winslett, Finding Neverland, Johnny Depp, Pirates of the Carribean, Orlando Bloom, Lord of the Rings, Elijah Wood, Cedar Rapids
Jack S, Jack Sparrow, Captain, Pirate, ship, skull and crossbones, flag, legos, blocks snapped together, dragons
Holle, Holly Genaro, Die Hard, Bruce Willis, LA, terrorists, Hans Gruber, Silent Night, Christmans, Trans Siberian Orchestra
Crum, Crumb, Who's Harry Crumb, John Candy, The Great Outdoors, Dan Aykroyd, Blues Brothers, Chicago, Grant Park, zoon
Carter, Dr. John Carter, Noah Wyle, ER, Anthony Edwards, Top Gun, Hornets, Marines, Pensacola, Pensacola: Wings of Gold, Burner, Butch Barnes
Glatz, Glantz, Linda Glantz, Interior decorator, houses, rich, lavious furnishings, Victorian era, Queen Anne, lace, white, doily
Suzanne, Suzanne Somers, Step by Step, step family, Brady Bunch, old sitcom, Dukes of Hazzard, Jessica Simpson
AI, Haley Joel Osmond, I see dead people, The 6th Sense, Bruce Willis, The Whole 9 Yards
Owen, Owen, Steel Magnolias, Julia Roberts, Pretty Women, Richard Gere, Step Mom, Edward Harris, Apollo 13, successful failure
Rosenbusch, Busch beer, Miller lite, yeast, bread, grilled cheese, less than $5, Abraham Lincoln, assssinated
Ackerman, collage atcs, animal scavenger hunt, moose, buck
Marcia, Marsha Peterson, Ben Peterson, army, green, camoflage
Hart, Sarah Hart, annoying, brother, Marines, proud, few, best of best, dress blues, tomb of unknown
Pickett, Pickett Fences, Sheriff Brock, Tom Skeritt, blue unis, Kathy, red hair, big ears, Ross Perot
Zeller, stellar, supernova girl, Zenon 21st century, space age, digital age, computers
Baker, Dutch Oven Bakery, dutch letters, Pella, windmills, farms, rural country, horses, rope burn
Interdisciplinary, CJ, major, BS, Dec 16 2007, graduation, 3 hrs, Green Mile, prison, death row, electric chair, sponge must be wet
Earle, early bird gets the worm, late worm lives, come out in rain, flooded soil 1993, much damage, Hilton, Kenny Chesney, 2004, Slipknot, costumes, Halloween
Stuart, Stuart Little, mouse traps, The Ark, GP's, fleas, Frontline, Boxer, dogs, bark, Homeward Bound, Micheal J Fox, Family Ties
Florida, panthers, tattoos, permanent
Corbett, Corbin, Cyride, beat iowa, Iowa/Iowa state game, 9/15, Thomas the Train Engine, Boone Scenic Valley Railroad, trains, choo choo, bubble gum, Trident
Nettleton, nettles, poky, cactus, Arizona, Patch, running frogs, tadpoles, squeak, pigs, screaming, lettuce, green, $.85, E85, corn, gas
Rajan, Rajamahal silk thread, $1.80, skein, length of material, niddy noddy, calculates yards, grassy, mown, smells good
Virginia, Arlington Cemetery, military, Iraq, Marines, high and tight, Semper Fi, Latin, Always Faithful, motto, what's a motto

Never Forget

How many people are going about their daily routine without out even remembering to mourn for the thousands that died today 6 years ago?

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Don't tell me I ran out of time

Go here and watch cute guinea pigs fighting over a cucumber. You people who have never had the experience of owning a pig, may not believe they get aggressive, but don't get between a pig and it's food, that's a great way to lose a finger.

Friday, September 07, 2007

I am no superman

So, my day's starting off nicely, OK not quite.
I get to read about my brother being inconvenienced with riding the bus in Chicago, he complains about how he has to stand up and that the bus stops at every stop. Of course he's used to being King of the World, god forbid he drag his ass down to mix with the commoners. I'm not going to link to him, because I know he has stats, and I'm paranoid of my family finding my blog because of me (I complain about them too much, and I know my brother will inform my parents as his "way" of looking out for me)
And then I get to read about someone looking for a car for a relative, and how they're settling on some sports car and complaining about how they have to wait if they custom design it. Oh, how nice it must be to have that much money to spend on other people. I don't even have $1000 in the bank, it's annoying to read about other people having money. Also no link, you'll get over it.
And I woke up with my ear messed up, kinda felt like I went swimming and the water dried in my ear. Add that to the fact my nose is running and my eyes are watering for no apparent reason, yes the day is starting off great.
I know I'm going to hear more from people about how inconvenienced they are, it's a fact of life. Maybe I'll move down South, after reading about how great it is, I'm inclined to think about it. No, there's no sarcasm (you never can tell these days), it sounds like how life should be. Common sense rules, how many places can you go for that?

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Remember we have a previous engagement at 2

So I was reading an article at Goddess' site, and it truly amazes me how many excuses, articles, books, movies, etc. are made to teach people how to get out of speeding tickets, arrests, not be pulled over by the police, etc. If people would just OBEY THE LAW, you wouldn't have that problem. I was especially miffed about this line: "That's why, whenever an officer asks if you know why you've been pulled over, always answer "no" and just take the ticket." God forbid, people just take responsibility for their actions, yes I know that's a lot to ask in this day and age.
I have the wierdest dreams. I was having a dream last night about my relationship with Kevin, only he was abusing me, and then I left him, and there was a case being prosecuted against him, and then I went back to him, and then he was chasing me through a house, I went through a door and I was in a store that had some water display, and it ended with him brutally attacking me.
And then when I was half awake, half asleep, I had this weird one about how George was ruining all my pants. It was extremely weird.
Once again, I had a perfect blog all planned in my head yesterday, of course I was at work, so I couldn't write it down, I'm gonna have a notebook with me at work from now on. I have a tendency to take things from work (stuff that the customers do, or things I see from the front window) and post them here. Yesterday, there were a couple ladies in, and one of them was very old (wrinkly, with lots of age spots), wearing a tie dye t-shirt, and skirt. She tells me "this is the most unusual shop I've ever been in, and I only go in the unusual shops" OK? "It's unusual because I have no use for anything in here" and the way she said it, was like nothing in the shop was useful, so I tried talking her into some classes where you can learn to use the stuff in the shop, but she didn't want that (she came on as someone who doesn't want to do the work, but buys all her stuff premade). She bought a timtex postcard (timtex is the stuff they put into ball cap visors to keep the shape), and she wanted to see the card, I was confused, she takes it out of the plastic sleeve after she buys it, and tries to open it, like a greeting card. HELLO, it says postcard on the label, how many postcards do you open? Thankfully, she just decided to keep it, I was gonna be annoyed if she wanted to return it (mostly, because I don't know how to do returns). And then she tried to steal one of our pens, we have pens with flowers taped to the top, so they're harder to steal. I'm standing there behind the counter, and she picks one up and starts to put it in her bag, of course I told her they weren't free and quoted a price, well she didn't like that, and put it back. If you're gonna steal something, do it while I'm not looking, and not right in front of me. It was weird.
And then there was a lady driving a Plymouth Prowler down the street. These are ugly cars that kinda look like race cars, why anyone would want one is beyond me. Anyways, this lady was driving it up Main street, kinda slow like she didn't know how to drive it. Then she gets on 5th and sorta speeds off (like she realized how to drive it finally), she came back down Main, it almost seemed like she was scooping the loop showing her car off, funny thing, nobody noticed her. If you're gonna buy a car so people will look at it, at least find out if people will notice when you test drive it.
Also, there was a lady, that looked like the epitome of a hooker that you see in all those COPS episodes. Ya know, skinny, fidgeting, kinda look like they're on drugs, big huge bag they live out of, big shirt, short shorts or skirt underneath. Funny thing is, when I mentioned it to Kevin later he said she was a hooker.
Ah, the fun shit I see out my window when I'm working.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I've had enough so-so for the rest of my life

No, I didn't just commit mass murder. I was painting the steps, which I'm not gonna do again, unless my mom pays me $600 per set of steps. She hired Kevin and I to paint the outside steps, at $100 per set of steps (that's $300, $150 for each of us). So, we got 1.99 sets primed yesterday, we ran out of primer, this morning, I painted one set and had them drying while I was at work. She comes home today, and says "They look good except..." there's always gotta be an except when I do shit for her. She tells me the paint I got on the risers (things the vertical part of the step) will have to be sanded off before I paint the risers because "latex paint won't stick to oil paint" if that's true, then why is it OK to use oil based primer for the risers? And of course you have to wipe the paint of the sidewalk, because it's gotta look good, no one's gonna notice a few drops of paint on the sidewalk. Geez.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Friday, August 31, 2007

I never read your letter

And once again, I wonder why I let men have so much power over me.
I was talking to Kevin last night, complaining about him working and he said "Hmm, hang out with you or make $150" Musta been a hard decision, considering he worked all night.
It's nice to know where I stand in his life.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Good job, Officer Bob.

Cops are supposed to set a good example right? So what's it say about an officer when he is arrested and charged with operating while intoxicated?
My guess: he's getting fired.
Good job, Officer Bob.

Friday, August 24, 2007

I can feel that muddy water

How upsetting is this?

Dear Jane Subscriber:
With regret, we have decided that we will no longer be publishing Jane.
In its place, we will be sending you Glamour for the duration of your remaining Jane subscription term.
We think you’ll love Glamour. Like Jane, it’s packed with everything smart, sexy women want to know – about your body, your beauty, your relationships…and more!
If for any reason you choose not to receive Glamour, please contact us at (800) 219-5924 for a full refund of the remaining issues still due on your subscription. If you are already a Glamour subscriber, the copies due will be added to your current subscription.
Charles Simpson for Jane

I received it in my snail mail box yesterday, and I'm a bit annoyed, especially since you’d think one would get a letter/postcard from the editor of Jane rather than some random person. In Jane they like to pretend we’re all family (readers and the writers), so it’s kinda annoying. And what about all the people that buy it off the newsstand, are they just ignored. They’ll be going out to get their monthly Jane and it won’t be there and all the sellers can tell them is that it no longer exists. I haven’t quite decided if I’m gonna go with the subscription to Glamour or not, I figure I’ll try it out, but if I wanted a subscription to Glamour, you’d think I’d already have one. I wouldn’t mind a full refund for the Jane subscription, especially since mine doesn’t end until November of 2009.

So, I was listening to NPR the other day (National Public Radio), and they had their daily news show, All Things Considered, on. They were talking about how the relatives of the people tramatized by the Virginia Tech shootings were receiving payments for being traumatized. How wrong is that? Common sense tells you, if you’re suing sue the relatives of the guy that did it, of course they didn’t know he was going to do it, and they’re already dealing with enough grief on their part. It’s just so wrong, it makes me think people might hope for another shooting, just so they could go and get paid because their family member died, was injured, or even was in the vicinity of the shooting. YEAH, they didn’t even have to be injured by the shooter to get paid. It’s beyond wrong. Course things seem to be going to hell ever since that bitch sued McDonald’s because she was so stupid she spilled her hot coffee on herself. Of course, you also have to be wondering where we’re getting the judges that are awarding these claims to people. There need to be judges with common sense in the courts. Hell all judges should have common sense before becoming a judge.

I just needed to vent for the day.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

I always said, that'd be it

Ya know, I used to think 3 days without a post was a long time, now I can go a week and I don't think it's very long, sorry folks. Life gets in my way, usually when I get home from work, I don’t want to sit in my desk chair and stare at the computer screen.
So, I got my summer vacation, it wasn’t quite long enough. Kevin and I went up to my parents condo on Lake Okoboji in Arnolds Park. We left after I got done with work on Sat, and came back Tues morning, because neither of us could afford to take a week off. I hope next week I can have the whole week. It’s getting so annoying just going up there for a couple days and driving back, I hate squishing everything into 2 or 3 days, I want some time to relax. Mom was saying if you can spend that much time with someone and still be able to stand them and want to spend time with them, it’s a good sign in the relationship. We had one time where I wanted to laze on the deck (we have a deck that looks over the lake, the lounge chair was really comfortable and the sun was nicely shinning, so it was just perfect to lay and enjoy it) and Kevin wanted to go swimming in the lake, to which I let him know I just wanted to relax, and he got kinda moody about that.
We went swimming in the lake once, walked around the lake a bit, visited the Abbie Gardner memorial site, went mini golfing a couple times, walked around looking at stores, went to Spirit Lake to look at stores there, and ate out. That was pretty much it.
This past spring, my parents were discussing going to Hawaii the week between Christmas and New Year’s, at the time I was interested but I didn’t have a job and wasn’t sure about my schedule. A couple of weeks ago, they went to meet with the travel agent (once I got my job, my boss said she was thinking about being closed that week), and found out about a trip to Rome. So, that night, they discussed Rome and Hawaii to me, they really wanted to go to Rome. I said I didn’t, they wouldn’t accept that I really have no desire to go to Rome, not that I’m being stubborn. So, they say, think about it for a couple days and we’ll get back together, when we got together, I told them that I would be ok with my vacation to Okoboji and didn’t need a vacation in December. Ross happened to call right after we were done with our meeting, and my parents told him to go ahead and book the Rome trip for the three of them. That pissed me off, because you could tell, they had no thoughts about going to Hawaii after they learned about Rome, just that they were telling me they were considering it. And they still hadn’t wrapped their minds around the thought that I don’t want to go to Rome. So, Tuesday when I was chatting with mom about Okoboji, and saying how I wanted a week vacation, she called me that night, “So, do you want us to book on our trip to Rome?” To which I blew up at her, and she got annoyed saying I didn’t need to yell at her about it. Why is it so hard to accept the fact that I don’t want to go to Rome?
So, classes started at the college this past Monday, can’t say I miss them. I don’t miss the kids wandering around lost, coming into class 10 min late because they weren’t smart enough to figure out where their classes were before the class actually started, running to catch the bus, because they think it should wait for them, coming in to the library and asking shit that’s clearly posted, checking out the same book for hours at a time, because they won’t buy the book (that will happen later in the semester, when they get closer to tests). We went to WalMart last night, and its still pretty apparent that people are still moving in, shuffling themselves to the stores for those things they didn’t think to bring to campus.
No, I don’t miss classes, or the people you run into on campus.

Friday, August 17, 2007

We're giving this life everything we've got.

Because I was curious. I don't know if I agree with it. Why is it, that if I only have a few very good, close friends that's translated as bad?

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