Monday, October 08, 2007

One tear hit the hard wood, it felt like broken glass

How come things have to suck as you get older?
Things change, dreams become realized that they're never coming true, you learn things that change your view on the world. I hate growing up.
I learned tonight, another one of those things that I loved as a kid, isn't going to be anymore.

My dad works at WOI Radio (google it). Every year, twice a year they have a fund-drive (it's a public radio station, meaning that the listeners pay for it), and they have volunteers answer phones and fill out the pledge forms (amount of money listeners pay). This is a week-long event. I got coralled in at least 10 years ago (pretty sure it was more, but I have no idea when I started), and since then, I've been going to the station, the Saturday of the fund-drive, pretty much working with the same people each time. We've gotten to know each other, and I like hanging out with the people my dad works with (plus we get great free food).
This year, they're expecting getting twice as many calls (about 5,000 instead of 2,500), so they're using a local call center, and not needing the help of the volunteers. I asked dad if this was going to be the way it was run from now on, and he said probably.
I didn't realize how much I expect to do it, until he told me this, and the tears/emotions came out.
I hate change

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