Saturday, October 06, 2007

I'll be there

Wednesday, I bought Kevin a rose, cause he seemed a little weird when he left my house Tuesday night. Today, when he picked me up from work, he gave me a dozen roses. So, tonight we're talking, I was relaying to him what I did and didn't want out of the relationship, and he said he really cared about me and that he loved me. Personally, I'm not sure what to make of that. We've known each other since sometime last spring (2006), when we took a class together, but didn't really, officially meet until last fall, when we were in another class together and I added him as a friend on one of the online communities I'm in. At that time he had a girlfriend, and he was a friend. Later that year (around December, I think), he breaks up with his girlfriend, and we were chatting, me just trying to be a friend. Then earlier this year we start hanging out, I'm guessing sometime in April (I remember him coming over when I had one of the construction guys touching up in my bathroom). And maybe a month after that, we started cuddling (which Kevin says was when we were officially dating). So he's known me about 6 months, is that long enough to know you love someone?
I know I care about him, I know it's more than just friendly caring, and I've been in love once, I don't feel that way about Kevin.
And, I haven't even kissed him yet (in the way, that I actually initiated a kiss, and kissed him back). I'm having a hard time with that, I'm not quite sure why. Because I have no problems kissing my GP, but when I'm with Kevin, I just don't want to kiss him, I have no idea why.
Any advice for me?

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Sodapop said...

I think 6 months is enough time to know whether you love someone or not. For some people. He may know it already because maybe he's felt that way before you two ever started dating. Who knows. Everyone is different when it comes to stuff like this.

As for you not wanting to kiss him. This concerns me. If you're just looking for friendship from him and maybe some companionship but nothing more, maybe you should let him know that so you don't string him along in the long run?'s an idea, kiss him. See how you feel AFTER you kiss him. If, after you kiss him, there is NO spark to speak of, go from there :D