Saturday, September 27, 2008

It's gonna end

It's so sad to see a show go into the ground. I was all ok to see the end of Supernatural with Dean being eaten by Hell hounds at the end of last season (ok, not OK, but I could handle the end, it kinda seemed fitting), but now that an "angel" has pulled him out of Hell because of the coming war between Lucifer and God, I know this show's gonna be ending soon.
When you add a war between good and bad, the show always goes to hell. I used to watch Joan of Arcadia and when they injected in the guy that was supposed to be against God and that a war was coming with Joan being the leader of the "troops", that show didn't come back for another season.
And Tru Calling when we decide there's an alternate force whose trying to keep the people dead, when Tru is trying to save them, and it ultimately becomes a war between them, that show came back for a very short 2nd season, I know it's on DVD but I've never seen it. It sure didn't last long after creating the War Between Good And Evil.
It never works, and it really sucks to watch as people ruin a show.
We all know I love those boys and that sweet Impala, but I guess I'm gonna have to find me a good job (working on it) and buy all 3 seasons on DVD, cause that's the only way I'm gonna be able to see them soon.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Accessories for life

Taken from the book: Swim Naked, Defy Gravity & 99 other Essential Things to Accomplis Before Turning 30. by Colleen Rush

For the ladies: how many things have you done before turning 30 (or whatever age you are now)? I've bolded the ones I've done (good thing I have 5 years to get the rest done).

Swim naked.
Break all of your parents’ arbitrary rules.
Grow something.
Dump toxic friends.
Speak a foreign language.
Buy a kick-ass mattress.
Draw and frame a self-portrait.
Stop chronic over-apologizing.
Create your own sisterhood.
Travel solo.
Develop a Plan B.
Know your friends’ family tree.
Embrace your inner eight-year-old.
Read: Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom by Christiane Northrup, M.D.
Build a raging campfire.
Make the first move.
Know the other mouth-to-mouth.
Be your own muse.
Master a signature recipe.
Quit something.
Find the perfect red lipstick.
Negotiate for something expensive.
Google yourself.
Hold your booze.
Track down your best friend from kindergarten.
Write a complaint letter.
Claim your granny panties.
Make brownies from scratch.
Exercise the words “like” and “you know” from your vocabulary.
Find your religion.
Write thank-you notes for everything.
Perfect you’re A.M. stretch.
Declare your birthday a national holiday.
Stock an emergency disaster kit.
Accept compliments.
Minimize pointless drama.
Unplug your TV for awhile.
Dye your hair an outrageous color.
Invest in seriously frivolous undies.
Own your mistakes.
Take your hobby more seriously than your job.
Talk to strangers.
Get health insurance.
Hook up something high tech by yourself.
Live through a blind date.
Be a gracious guest.
Escape creeps and kick criminal ass.
Invest in earplugs.
Lose your virginity. Again.
Know your blood type.
Confront someone who’s done you wrong.
Walk in heels.
Write a body manifesto.
Watch the sun rise and set on the same day by yourself.
Disagree. Out loud.
Memorize your ring size.
Have a mantra.
Research your family’s medical history.
Do it somewhere risky.
Open a bottle of champagne.
Make more money than you spend.
be a nudist for a day.
Adopt an awkward teenager.
Eat soy.
Dress for longevity.
Kick one habit.
Defy gravity.
(meaning get a great bra)
Own a cashmere sweater.
Use a great dermo.
Get over yourself.
Sleep in a hammock.
Own a toolbox with all the basics.
Jettison your “skinny” jeans.
Collect correspondence with friends.
Get a massage.
Memorize your favorite smells. Surround yourself with them.
Fall in love (or lust) without blowing off your friends.
Dub the “Greatest Hits” from your childhood.
Care about where your food comes from.
Fly first class.
Cultivate your own style.
Carry something to read, a notebook, and a pen at all times.
Forgive your parents.
Be a dork.
Stop slamming other women.
Get waxed down there.
Adopt another motherland.
Tell someone your deepest darkest secret.
Make a killer cocktail.
Read your old diaries.
Tie a few knots.
Have your fortune told.
Cry often.
Give yourself flowers.
Stop looking for a soul mate.
Give props to a teacher.
Learn how not to be a flake.
Give yourself a make-under.
Be notorious for something.
Bounce back.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I need a little help here...

I hate my feet. Most people have one foot slightly larger than the other, mine are like that, only my right foot is a whole size larger than my left foot. So, I have to buy shoes in 8's, I was wondering if anyone knew of anyway (other than buying a 7 and and 8 size shoe) that I could help my left foot not be so small in size 8 shoes.
I've been looking for flats, because as I'm working constantly at the games store, I was hoping for a selection of shoes in the winter other than my black dressyish boots. So, I bought a pair of really cute blue flats yesterday at Walmart. My problem (ok I have more than one) they're wide, my feet are pretty narrow. That isn't quite a big deal for my bigger foot, by my smaller foot just slides around in the shoe. I've tried heavier socks, and other than wearing a big heavy wool sock on the smaller foot that doesn't help. I'm considering going back and buying the same shoe in size 7 for the smaller foot, because they are soo cute.

Monday, September 22, 2008


If you overheard a cop saying this, what would your reaction be?

"Drunk people are going to drive, and they're going to get into crashes, and they're going to kill people, and there's nothing we can do about that"

(No a direct quote, overheard by someone who heard someone else reiterating a story)

I must complain.

I know it probably won't make any difference to the higher-up people on the channel for one lowly TV viewer to stop watching, but I'm still complaining.

On most evenings, I have to work at 5pm, so I sit and watch a half hour of Reba on KCWI before leaving for work at 4:30, but today, they massively, changed their schedule. I have no desire to watch The Wayans Brothers. So, I commented on their website and told them I wouldn't be watching them in my free time anymore. Screw it, I don't have to watch the crappy movies on Saturday afternoons, or the random show on any given day of the week. I will only be tuning in for 3 shows now. Hell, I may even just watch my shows online, but not through their website.
That's the first time I actually go so pissed at a channel that I complained. But I guess we just don't wanna continue the good-natured humor of Reba in the afternoon. Oh well, it won't take much for me not to watch TV. I might get some things done in my life.

Oh, and please cross your fingers that I get this Executive Secretary job with the Correctional Department here.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I don't like to hear I'm wrong when I'm right

This morning, I would've asked y'all what the deal was with guys and guns. Well, Kevin took me shooting this afternoon, now I get it. I'm not quite as gung-ho as he is, but I get why it's so cool.
He went to a gun show in DM yesterday and bought himself an AR15, so he was giddy all last night and today. So me, him, and his roommate went out shooting today. I got to shoot his roommate's .22 and that got me all giddy, especially after hitting a clothespin after aiming at it the first time. I also got to shoot through a couple shotgun shells, unfortunately I got those after about 4 shoots, but I'm still excited about it. I wish I had taken my camera and gotten a picture of me shooting. I also asked Kevin if I could have one for Christmas (have to hide that from my mom, I'd probably get kicked out of the house for having a gun).
So, yeah, it was a good day. (And if anyone's thinking about breaking into Kevin's house, he is VERY heavily armed)

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Never Forget
Let's not forget the 2,974 people who died in the attacks.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Welcome to the party

So, last week was busy as hell. Worked 8 - 4 at the book store, and then Tues, Thurs and Fri worked 5-8 at the games store. Got off from the book store, hurried across the street, caught the bus, got off by the games store, bought my pop, went into the back of the games store, changed my clothes, ate my supper and had about half hour break before working the 3 hours.
I was beyond tired every night after getting home. Saturday I slept in til 10AM, which for me is majorly sleeping in. I liked the work, don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed it, it was just really tiring. Sure didn't like getting up at 6:30 every day, catching the 7:45 bus and getting to work where it was dead for about 1.5 hrs, but I really enjoyed working there. On Friday, the credit/debit service went down, so we were just running people through who were paying with cash and check. Then to reboot the system, we shut all the registers down (there's about 15 in the whole store) and were working on one register in the whole store. It was a portable register and was on a totally different system. It was like that for about 45 minutes. Personally I thought it was fun, no one else shared my sentiment.

Yesterday, being Labor Day, both Kevin and I were off, so we went to see the windmill farm, those wind things are HUGE. Then we went over to the Ledges and wandered through there. The road's still closed as they haven't scraped off the road, it's covered in 2-3 inches of mud at least all on the bottom road. It was interesting to see what had been cleared away by the flooding and how the creek had changed.