Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I need a little help here...

I hate my feet. Most people have one foot slightly larger than the other, mine are like that, only my right foot is a whole size larger than my left foot. So, I have to buy shoes in 8's, I was wondering if anyone knew of anyway (other than buying a 7 and and 8 size shoe) that I could help my left foot not be so small in size 8 shoes.
I've been looking for flats, because as I'm working constantly at the games store, I was hoping for a selection of shoes in the winter other than my black dressyish boots. So, I bought a pair of really cute blue flats yesterday at Walmart. My problem (ok I have more than one) they're wide, my feet are pretty narrow. That isn't quite a big deal for my bigger foot, by my smaller foot just slides around in the shoe. I've tried heavier socks, and other than wearing a big heavy wool sock on the smaller foot that doesn't help. I'm considering going back and buying the same shoe in size 7 for the smaller foot, because they are soo cute.

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