Thursday, July 27, 2006

Seen any good movies lately?

Just so y'all can make fun of me, I'm listing all the DVDs/VHS I own, so you can see deep into my soul:
21 Jump Street Season 2, 44 Minutes, The 60's, 101 Dalmatians live and animated
Angel Seasons 1-5, American History X, Aladdin
Batman: The Movie, Back to the Future I and II, Beverly Hills Cop I, II, and III, Babe, Beauty and the Beast, A Bug's Life, The Blues Brothers
A Civil Action, Cool Runnings, The Craft, Crybaby, The Color of Friendship
Doc Hollywood, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Die Hard Trilogy
Easy Rider, Erin Brockovich, The Expendables
Finding Nemo, Forrest Gump, Ferngully: The Last Rainforest, Flight 232 Crash, Final Destination 1, and 2, Four Brothers
The Great Mouse Detective
Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Jumanji, Jarhead
The Labyrinth, The Little Mermaid I and II, The Lion King
Mac & Me, Mary Poppins, Mulan, Model Behavior
Ocean's Eleven, Oliver and Company
Pitch Black, Point of No Return, The Professional, The Princess Bride, Pleasantville
The Quick and the Dead
Red Dragon, The Rock, Rookie of the Year
Schindler's List, The Shawshank Redemption, Silence of the Lambs, SWAT, SWAT: The Real Story, Semper Fi, Shrek, Selma Lord Selma
Terminator 2, Three Kings, A Time to Kill, Titanic, Tru Calling Season 1
Undersiege 1 & 2
The Wizard of Oz
X-Men, X2
certain episodes of Pacific Blue, Pensacola: Wings of Gold, New York Undercover, That's Life, The Huntress, So Wierd, Third Watch, Cover Me, In a Heartbeat

And a few new additions: Assault on Precinct 13, Con Air, and Three Musketeers. Assault didn't quite live up to my expectations, in the extra stuff on the DVD, they kept mentioning how it was focused more on the characters, and then they go and kill off almost all of these characters (yes, even the 'good guys'), so I was a little annoyed about that, but it is good. Con Air, I've only seen on TV, so never in full, and obviously never before Nicolas Cage gets on the plane. Musketeers, a great favorite of mine.
So, now that you all know the movies I own, any suggestions for other ones I should buy? The only ones I don't particularly like are: A Civil Action, wasn't as good as I remember it, same goes for 21 Jump Street, I watched that when I was a kid, and knowing what I know about the law and police stuff now, most of that stuff wouldn't work in real life. Batman, also not as good, this is from the TV show, with Adam West as Batman, my brother and I used to watch this as kids. Also, I'd never seen Final Destination 1, just 2, and I don't think 1 is as good as 2.

Monday, July 24, 2006

That's the way we get down in a hicktown

I'm watching him on this music festival, he turns me on so easily. OH, he's so hott, in his button up western shirt, only buttoned up to his chest, straw hat, jeans and cowboy hat. YUMMY!!!
And If I can’t have him, can I have one of his guitar toting buddies, they’re pretty damn hott too.

Well, I've decided, today, and a lot lately, I'm very happy listening/watching music. What I wouldn't give to be at the music festival. But I don't get to be THAT happy.

Cross Post

Having a cross post today, new stuff at the end.
So, I was watching this show called Wife Swap on ABC while I was waiting for something else to come on. Anyways, this one family has so much clutter, they stack shit in their shower, HOW GROSS IS THAT? Unfortunately, I can myself as the mother in this family. There's clutter/crap everywhere, boxes of stuff that should be sorted out, and certain things thrown away. She buys frozen stuff/easy to make stuff for meals and eats on paper plates. That's me, I'm gonna turn into that, only I won't have kids, I'll be the old maid, with dogs instead of cats, not having a permanent job, always looking for happiness. So much to look forward to. Lucky me :S

When did people stop dressing up for their concerts? Or am I just nuts and singers never actually dressed up? I'm watching the CMA country music festival, a huge country music concert, actually tons of them in Nashville, and Martina McBride's performing, she's wearing a black t-shirt and what looks like white warm up pants. I don't mind so much if the guys don't dress up cause they look pretty damn good (at least some of them) in jeans and a t-shirt, but chicks have so many more clothes to look at, they can look so gorgeous if they just tried, but a t-shirt and jogging pants? Come on. OOO, Jason Aldean's supposed to perform, I really like him.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Where's my ride?

Don't you just hate it when you have a really good dream and then you wake up to your life?
I had the greatest dream last night, I got to go on a motorcycle ride with a cute guy, I got to visit family, I got to see people I hadn't in a long time, and I got to guy watch where there were plenty of cute guys. And then I saw one of my buddies in my dream, and a chopper, which turned out to be a real bike outside my window and then I was back in my life. Lucky me.

Saturday, July 22, 2006


So, I watched Crash tonight. Interesting movie, basically they play off of every single stereotype anyone has had about African Americans, Mexicans, Latinos, people with tattoos, there's another nationality, but I don't wanna screw it up and say it's something else, but in the movie they're called Arabs, or Iraqis. And then a couple people turn around and take a different view on a certain nationality that they didn't have, or was in the back of their mind. So, interesting movie.
And, yes I will say it, I am racist, I haven't met or come into contact with an Asian that I've particularly liked, though I don't wonder if they speak English or not. As far as I know I don't have any feelings one way or the other with Mexicans or Spanish speaking people, my boss speaks Spanish and I'm not entirely sure of her nationality, but I'm guessing it's S. America, but I don't have any problem with them. And I think Black guys are hot, I also think Black women are more beautiful than white women. As far as the rest of the nationalities, I don't think I have a problem with them, but I haven't really run into that many, I know I don't blame the people here in the US, that look like they're from the Middle East for 9/11, I do know I love English and Australian accents.
And, am I wrong for feeling this way: Everytime I watch a movie with my dad, I always end up explaining stuff to him, because even though the TV is at least 27", he still can't really tell the different actors/actresses apart, and then his hearing is failing, so I have to explain it again, and louder. I know his eyesight is bad, it has been for awhile, and it only gets worse, so he uses a cane (think white cane for blind people) when he's out and about, he can't see that well when it's extremely sunny, or dark. He's got a special thing that magnifies stuff so he can read it. I just get so annoyed when I have to explain things to him, and I do feel bad about feeling annoyed, but not so much that I don't feel annoyed, if that makes any sense whatsoever.
I've decided my mother's become hypocritcal in her older age. My neighbors were having a garage sale today, so they stuck a sign in the corner parkway of our house. Now, I got pissed about that, because as I've learned from my mother, the city owns the parkways, and we (the landowners/people who do the upkeep on them, are not to put anything in them, kinda like you're not supposed to put anything on telephone poles cause that's defacing public property), so I took it out, I also had to mow the lawn anyways, so it was gonna come out either way. But, as I was telling mother this, she proceeded to say that I should put it back in when I was done, as that's not something I need to wage a war over with my neighbors. Now, back when she was on council, she would get so annoyed with people who stuck stuff in parkways, that I remember one time, where she stopped at a stop sign, got out of the car, and pulled a sign out because it was in the parkway. So, obviously when people put stuff in parkways it annoys me, now I don't go out of the way to pull it out unless it's in my parkway. Oh, and later when I was mowing another part of the lawn, I watched the guy come over, and proceed to pound the sign back in the ground, right in front of me, he knew I was there. But, it's ok, now that mom's not on the council. Excuse me? Oh, and if this is a karma thing: FUCK KARMA! Karma knows what I want when it comes back around, so we're on pretty good terms. Maybe people should just learn certain things they are and aren't supposed to do.
UGH! I am so sick of people asking me what I'm gonna do when I graduate college. You know there was a time, when I had a plan, I knew what I was gonna do, but certain things happen, and times/minds change. I know I'm graduating in December AND I HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA WHAT I'M GONNA DO. I just wish I could go to sleep and wake up when I'm 30, or maybe 25 or 27 when my career is picked and I know what I'm doing for the rest of my life. I'm just so sick of
Oh, and on another interesting painful note, I really think something's fucked up in my body. Today, I got a fun pain in my arm and stomach area at the same time. Very sharp lasted at least five minutes. That was fun. It's also been fun getting the chest pains this week. I'm thinking something's fucked up. But you can bet to hell I'm not spending my time or insurance crap on a damn doctor, cause I can tell you what they'll say, "We don't know what's wrong, but if it gets worse, go to the ER" No fucking thank you. You can only get me into the ER if it's not of my own free will, cause I really don't have the time to care about dr's if they can't figure out what the fuck is wrong with me.
Oh, and you think I"m in a bad mood cause I'm swearing, I'm not, I do this in good moods too.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Wherever I May Roam

Well, crap. I've been saying a lot lately how I'm not too bummed that I've only been on two motorcycle rides this season, but I guess I'm just really good at internalizing it, cause I've even tricked myself into believing that I'm not upset by it.
But something tonight when a bike just went by outside, just put me in a really depressed mood.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Won't you do what I told you

Jeez, I was so upset over my mother last night (or I was just really tired), that I stuck my complaints in the wrong blog. I was rather confused when I signed on just now and found out that my Sweet Rides blog had been updated last, I thought maybe I got a comment that was a little slow getting to me, nope, I just posted in the wrong place go me.
So, it's so nice to have my mother back, she's in a pissy mood cause she wants to do laundry, but doesn't know if she can walk on the laundry room floor or not (cause the carpenter was supposed to be varnishing while they were gone, and well, that's another post), apparently there's supposed to be 6 coats of varnish on it, and as far as I know (I could be wrong), there's only 3, as he didn't start varnishing til Tues afternoon, and they got back last night/this morning. So, in order to get rid of her anger, she's vacuuming everything. I vacuumed last night, and I thought I did a pretty good job, apparently not. She's also called him a couple times, left a message the first time, and is now pretty much grumbling around. Needless to say, I left. I may actually go on a walk this morning, just to get away from her.
Also, I wanna endorse a new food product (I'm pretty sure my endorsement doesn't mean anything to anyone, but...), it's called Betty Crocker's Warm Delights. They're little cake things that you add water to, and stick in the microwave. I bought some today and I just made the Cinnimon (sp?) swirl cake, it's really yummy. Plus they were only like $1.50, I think it's a pretty good deal, I'll let you know how the others are when I eat them.

Seven years has gone too fast

So, my parents returned from their cruise in Alaska tonight (ok, technically it's morning). After getting all their bags unloaded, my mom goes and gets some water, comes back and tells me I need to clean out the sink. That's the first thing she says to me. How rude. Not a hello, or anything, just another thing to assure me I'm not really good enough for her, yeah, I did take care of everything while she was gone, but God forbid she be happy about it, I bet she'll have found another 20 other things by the time she gets up later. Oh, and speaking of people putting me down, my boss at my internship did that, not exactly to my face, but it was implied. She was talking to a lady that wanted to go to college and study sociology/criminal justice (what I'm getting my degree in), and she tells the lady, oh there's so many people in that now, you should look for something that will guarantee you a job. With soc, you'll have to get a Masters and become a social worker, you want to go into accounting. And, then she comes out and asks me what I'm gonna do with my degree (and I have absolutely no idea), and says I should go to grad school and get a Masters degree, have I taken my GED yet. Thank you so much for discounting what I am getting my degree in. My parents did the same thing to me, when I was first accepted to the University, I was in the art college, cause I love art, it's what I do to keep me sane, I excel extremely well in it, and have won a few awards for my artwork. But, of course they convinced me that I wouldn't make any money in it and I switched over to the Business College, and I got to my sophomore year, and I just couldn't stand business anymore. I told myself from the beginning of freshman year that if I just had one interesting class (I never really liked business anyway), I could get through it. Well, the second semester of my sophomore year I failed my second accounting class, and I switched to the LAS College. I love almost all of the classes I have taken since then. That's says something right there, and it's a lot better than only liking one or two of my classes each semester.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I've gots the women

OH CRAP! Is the day over yet? Methinks I shouldn't put stuff off til the last minute. So, I got up this morning to mow the lawns and they're soaking wet (of course), but I don't have the time to wait for them to dry. So, I start mowing them, only it's warmer outside than I thought it was going to be, or I was just working harder, cause the mower gets clogged up easier when the grass is long and its wet.
So, in about an hour, after I got almost both lawns done (I was mowing until I ran out of gas, I could smell the gas, so I was running on fumes there for awhile), I was pretty much soaked on top, sweat running down my face and neck. So, I knew the one thing that would taste so good was a Mike's Hard Crisp Apple (OK, that's all they had when I went to buy alcohol, so I had to be godawfully hot for it to taste good), but it's only like a quarter to 11, so I was debating whether or not to drink one. And I went upstairs, got one and downed it in like 5 minutes. So, then I had to wash the mower getting myself pretty wet in the process. And then since I was so sweaty I jumped in the shower. I can feel the effects of alcohol, but I have to go to work (good combination huh, its gonna be entertaining doing data entry in my altered state), so I'm so ready to pass out, as I haven't had anything to eat yet.
Why do I always put stuff off?

Like a comment burning bright

OK, little bit of a cross post here, but I wanted to expand on it a little bit.
Wow, so I figured out why Sodapop likes Miami Ink so much, I watched it tonight and comparing it with the other tattoo show I was watching this week, Inked, I do like MI better. MI’s mostly all about the tattoo artists tattooing and their clients, just the tattooing of them, and the reasons behind the tats. Inked showed more about the lives of the artists, other things they did, though I have to say I like the parlor in Inked better, but that’s just cause it didn’t look like a tattoo parlor, it had lots of woodwork, a big receptionist desk and it was weird, it was right in the middle of what looked to be a shopping mall. Also, instead of a neon sign that said Tattoos on the front of it, it just had a sign with their name on it, kinda weird. The only reason (ok, there are two), I was watching it was cause I was watching this show Overhaulin’ before it, these people on the show take an old crappy looking vehicle and make it beautiful again, the few shows I’ve seen they’ve been older, maybe 60’s vehicles, so I’m not sure if they do other eras, but you would thinks so; and cause Sodapop’s always raving about it.
They had one chick on Miami Ink tonight who was getting a cherub to help her remember her mom and heal from her death. And one of the guys was saying how he's done a lot of ink that's for people remembering loved ones, and I was thinking, when I get enough money saved up for my next tat (or I can get someone to "buy" one for me), I'm getting a fairy on my right shoulder blade for Karli.
Now, if you know me, Karli is my best friend and last Nov she found out she had a brain tumor, which turned out to be cancerous. She got part of it taken out in an operation in Jan, and then started radiation in Feb, and ended that in March. In April, she started Chemo, well the drugs they gave her for the Chemo reacted toxically with her body and sent her into seizures. So, she's been healing since then, and on Thurs she's supposed to have a special brain scan to see if there's any of the tumor left. There is one more treatment that she can have if there is any of it left.
So, getting this tat wouldn't be to remember her, but just cause I love her so much, and realizing how close I came to losing her. The fairy I have in mind is one she has a poster and a magnet of, she's a big fairy fan. And I think it would be very fitting. I know she's gonna beat this and live a very long life, but I also know how quick we can lose the people we love. So, I just wanna get it, maybe I'll even get it in color...

Monday, July 10, 2006

Kinda depressing post today.

So, part of this today will be a cross post with my other blog, I'll do that last, so if you've already read it, you don't have to slog through it to get to the other stuff.
I was watching Discovery the other day, I'm an avid CSI watcher (the original), and I know I've heard in the news before that CSI has helped law enforcement as well as the criminals. Well, on Discovery, they do shows like The New Detectives, which do the same thing, they were actually talking about dirt when I was watching it, and I was curious why people don't talke about the Discovery shows helping the criminals. I guess they don't go into as much detail, but I learned from this episode, that you should always clean the dirt off your shoes, or your shovels, or tires if you happen to bury someone somewhere where the dirt is different from the dirt around your house, not that I'll need to use that info but...
Like I said, I'm an avid CSI fan, I didn't used to be, but ever since they had that murder in the airplane, I've been hooked. So, one of the episodes that sticks in my mind is the one titled The Buffalo, where a teenage daughter has her boyfriend kill her father, mother, and brothers to stop her father from sexually abusing her daughter, whose father is also her father (pretty damn sick), because he sexually abused her and she knew he was doing it to her daughter. Well, anyway I saw that again tonight.
And on the line of depressing stuff I watched tonight, I watched a movie called The Burning Bed, which is about a woman who's being abused by her husband, and she finally gets sick of it and burns down the house, takes her children and leaves, and then you see the story as her telling it to her lawyer while she's in jail, with the trial at the end. Anyways, I chose to watch this because I watched part of it for one of my sociology classes, and unfortunately we were unable to finish it, so I wanted to watch the end. It's obviously very sad, but even more sad because it's set in the late 1970's, so everytime the police are called they are unable to do anything about it, and there are no services to help her, even though it's very evident that she's been beaten.
And onto the cross-post:
So, I was watching one of those news shows, Dateline, (go here for the story) last night on NBC. And it was about this couple that couldn't have children, so they were using the Internet to find a pregnant mother who was willing to give up her child. Well, they found one and this mother said she was 6 or so months pregnant and that they would be the perfect family for her child and that she was 100% sure they should have the child, so over a matter of months she would email and talk to them via phone and she became pretty good friends with the wife, and over time she would ask them for money to cover rent or food or whatever. They even had papers drawn up and signed by the mother and the couple for all the legal crap that goes with adoptions.
But there was another couple that she was doing the same thing too. Then maybe when she was about 8 months pregnant she stopped communication with both couples. Now, they went online looking for this mother and started talking to each other in a forum or chat room, and found out that this girl had used the same first name but different last names, same soc sec number, and address in the same area. So Dateline got in touch with one of the couples and asked them to try again to contact this woman, in which the wife sent an email asking what was going on and that she was really worried. The mother replied to this, and the wife, mother, and Dateline set up a meeting in a hotel room close to the mother (Dateline people posing as an attorney, with hidden cameras in the room), so they met and the Dateline people pretended to get info that they would need for the adoption papers. Also, because this couple had already adopted one child the mother said she had a little girl at home as well. During this meeting, the wife still was hoping that it wasn't a scam and that the mother was going to give the baby to her (she was very pregnant looking, according to her timeline she was almost ready to give birth, but she wasn't that pregnant looking). The mother also asked for more money to cover her rent since she wasn't working, and some for food, which the Dateline people set up with their own money and bought a $100 Walmart card.
That night after the meeting the mother met up with a girl, and they proceeded to use the money to buy baby clothes, bottles, and other baby stuff. Though the mother was calling the wife telling her certian things she was doing, such as going out to eat with her child, etc...
Then, she called the wife that night and said she was having contractions and abruptly cut them off. The wife tried calling back for 2 hours, and the number was disconnected.
So, the next day, the Dateline people went and found the mother (she thought they were still attorneys) and said the contractions had stopped. They started asking her her real name and showing her pictures of the person they found who had the name they gave her (this being the girl she met up with the night before), as well as other couples they found she had scammed. She got in her car and drove off while they were asking questions. Then, she called the wife and set up an interview in the hotel again.
As she was talking to the Dateline person, the interviewer was asking her why she did it, and if she had any idea how much it hurt these people, etc. Then the couple she had talked with most recently came into the room and she started crying in front of them and telling them how sorry she was. Though, I didn't see any bit of remorse in her eyes, maybe a little surprise from the "Oh, crap they caught me" thought that had to be running through her mind, but other than that, she was just lying and putting on an act again.
Later, the Dateline people are interviewing the 2 original couples as well as 2 other families she had led on the same way a year earlier. And they were all very hurt (as I can imagine) in what she had done to them. One of the husbands (the one that actually met her) said he just wanted to strangle her. And unfortunately there's no laws against do this to people, there's not really anything law enforcement can charge them with. It could be fraud, but they said it's very hard to catch them, and actually charge them with it.
How cruel can a person be to do this to people?

Friday, July 07, 2006

Your ass is gonna be on television

I think I'm shrinking. Not a good thing, seeings as how I'm probably on the lower end of my weight group as it is. But I noticed on Wed, how much my pants kept sagging down as I was trying to walk somewhere. Now, that could be cause my appetite has been off lately. I haven't really been hungry for 3 meals a day (or like my usual day, 2 meals and a crapload of snacks), I've rarely been hungry for one meal. Mostly I've been eating lunch and a little something before going to bed. It's not a good setup, but hell if I'll be complaining to a Dr. about it. My theory is: If I can function why the hell should I go to a Dr.? Course since my insurance runs out in Dec I should go to the Dr, dentist and eye doctor to make sure I'm as normal as I'm supposed to be, but I don't like medical professionals so, that's not gonna happen.
OK, enough about my health, I'm sure ya'll don't care anyway. And since I know very few people read this, I don't need to be chasing them away with boring ass complaints about my health.
I'm quite amused that people come into the library and can't read. See, we have a large room where if a person is too loud everyone can hear it, so we have signs all over asking people to take their phone calls outside. Well, one of our regulars was chatting on his phone today, and apologized for talking in the room, and then when I got back to the desk, he was still sitting their talking, until I gave him a glare that is.
I used to take their apologies to heart, but when they're the same people and they know that we don't allow them chatting on their cells in here, well, it just doesn't mean anything anymore.
UGH! So, I was reminded how much I dislike children on Tuesday while I was watching the parade. There were about 3 or 4 of them shaking the stop sign, so I yelled at them and they actually listened and ran away. Maybe it's not so much kids that I don't like, just the bunch that the parents don't really pay attention to, so they run all over doing basically whatever they want. That could be it, most likely it's both.
And that is my exciting news of the week. I hope the carpenter's gone when I get home, so I can sit and watch tv, yep I'm thinking about skipping my walk today, even though I shouldn't as I've only gone on 2 walks this week. Course I'm also getting sick of going out for my walk and having it be after 8 when I get home, and then watching 2 or 3 hours of TV, and staying up til midnight and then having to get up early the next morning, you'd think I'd learn. Oh, well.
Hope everyone else is having a good week and they survived the 4th in one piece.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Look at me now

Whose cruel idea was it to give me a bug/cold in the SUMMER? Yeah, so I woke up about 8:30 today, cause that's when the carpenter downstairs decided to make noise, and my noise was all stuffed up and runny, my eyes were watering, and of course my face itched. So, I finally got up and took a shower about 10, and that didn't help, I thought maybe I got something on my face that needed to be washed off, my eyes don't usually itch unless my allergies are bugging me. So, I wandered downstairs to watch a little TV before I went to work. Left early as I had some stuff to take care of at the bank before getting to work, got to work and my boss asked how I was, said I thought I had a cold, and had been sneezing all morning, plus very tired. So, she told me to go home. I can't sleep in the middle of the day unless I'm extremely exhausted, so that wasn't happening, but not having to enter data into the database at work, helped a lot. It gets so repetitive doing that. And, because I keep feeling like if I do too much I'm gonna pass out I won't get to go on a walk today, too bad too, cause it's not so very much hot. Sigh.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A little bit of this, A little bit of that

I hope you all had a good, fun, safe 4th of July, whether you were in the USA or not. Mine was fun, interesting.
Went to the pancake breakfast with my friend, Karli, her mom, and her mom's boyfriend. And I decided while standing in line, as well as while eating pancakes, my town has a lot of good looking firefighters. One, in particular I liked, kinda wish I knew who he was, he was young looking, maybe my age, nice blue shirt, nice mirrored sunglasses, only the ones that are colored, like yellow and pink, ya know what I'm talking about, I think his name was David or something, I got a glance at his name tag, but it wasn't head on, so I don't really know. Gobbled down my pancakes and watched the parade, wasn't that exciting, I was rather amused at the heating, plumbing, and air conditioning truck as well as the tow trucks that were in the parade. Why you'd want those in the parade is beyond me. Also, got to see a few nice cars, a Challenger and a Corvette Stingray.
Went back to my house, gave a little tour to my guests, opened my birthday gift from Karli, a flag pin, and a cute little porcelain (?) hanging about friendship. Settled down and watched tv, drifting between the 2 COPS marathons, finally went for a walk about, 6 or so. Found a dog on my walk, returned it to its owners, only to find it again a little while after, and returned it again. They wanted to give me money, but I didn't want any, though I did give them my name.
Came home and watched more TV. Exciting huh?

This is our Independence Day

Monday, July 03, 2006

Well, that

Yep, so yesterday was my birthday, not so much exciting. I actually had more people online say "Happy Birthday" than in real life. Sad, but true.
Woke up, did my laundry (I was a little slow on that, so even though I only had 2 very small loads, it took all day). Watched TV, went for a walk, bought me some alcohol, and chatted with people. How unexciting is that? Yeah, story of my life.
Well I noticed a buddy of mine, S, has his bike out and is riding it, maybe I can sweet-talk him into giving me a ride. That would be nice. Tomorrow, I'm planning on going to a pancake breakfast, watching a parade, and hanging out with a friend, then I get to work for the rest of the week.
It's funny, I seem to be burned out again, I did get a week long vacation at the end of May/beginning of June, but I'm so ready to get away from life. What I wouldn't give for a nice swim in a pool, or a lake, and just tan inbetween.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Something bad's gonna happen tonight

Ah, another exciting day in the life of me. Got up, checked my email, watched TV til about 5 when I decided I should go for a walk. Ran into one of my cop buddies, B, (I had sent him an email asking if I could share some of my cake with him) it was nice to chat with him, wierdly he says he's allergic to wheat flour, that's gotta suck. Poor baby. I did find out no one gets any vacation this week, with it being the 4th of July and all, so all my guys are on. Also found out another one of our cars got wrecked so that was why I was seeing the impala with the shield (a backup car, in case a car gets wrecked or fucked up), I hate that car. Plus, now we have 2 cars without cages, that also sucks.
So, my body's back in this cycle where my stomach is hungry but my brain isn't so I'm not eating that much again. That's gotta be good, and since all I have to eat is cake at the moment, I've got a real healthy/nutritious diet going. I have a headache at the moment, and my country music which generally takes care of it isn't working. Also, I'm in a mood, so yeah. Also, found out I can pull out the hair on my legs rather than shaving them, that's gotta be good.
So, now that I've throughly depressed you...