Friday, July 07, 2006

Your ass is gonna be on television

I think I'm shrinking. Not a good thing, seeings as how I'm probably on the lower end of my weight group as it is. But I noticed on Wed, how much my pants kept sagging down as I was trying to walk somewhere. Now, that could be cause my appetite has been off lately. I haven't really been hungry for 3 meals a day (or like my usual day, 2 meals and a crapload of snacks), I've rarely been hungry for one meal. Mostly I've been eating lunch and a little something before going to bed. It's not a good setup, but hell if I'll be complaining to a Dr. about it. My theory is: If I can function why the hell should I go to a Dr.? Course since my insurance runs out in Dec I should go to the Dr, dentist and eye doctor to make sure I'm as normal as I'm supposed to be, but I don't like medical professionals so, that's not gonna happen.
OK, enough about my health, I'm sure ya'll don't care anyway. And since I know very few people read this, I don't need to be chasing them away with boring ass complaints about my health.
I'm quite amused that people come into the library and can't read. See, we have a large room where if a person is too loud everyone can hear it, so we have signs all over asking people to take their phone calls outside. Well, one of our regulars was chatting on his phone today, and apologized for talking in the room, and then when I got back to the desk, he was still sitting their talking, until I gave him a glare that is.
I used to take their apologies to heart, but when they're the same people and they know that we don't allow them chatting on their cells in here, well, it just doesn't mean anything anymore.
UGH! So, I was reminded how much I dislike children on Tuesday while I was watching the parade. There were about 3 or 4 of them shaking the stop sign, so I yelled at them and they actually listened and ran away. Maybe it's not so much kids that I don't like, just the bunch that the parents don't really pay attention to, so they run all over doing basically whatever they want. That could be it, most likely it's both.
And that is my exciting news of the week. I hope the carpenter's gone when I get home, so I can sit and watch tv, yep I'm thinking about skipping my walk today, even though I shouldn't as I've only gone on 2 walks this week. Course I'm also getting sick of going out for my walk and having it be after 8 when I get home, and then watching 2 or 3 hours of TV, and staying up til midnight and then having to get up early the next morning, you'd think I'd learn. Oh, well.
Hope everyone else is having a good week and they survived the 4th in one piece.

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