Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Look at me now

Whose cruel idea was it to give me a bug/cold in the SUMMER? Yeah, so I woke up about 8:30 today, cause that's when the carpenter downstairs decided to make noise, and my noise was all stuffed up and runny, my eyes were watering, and of course my face itched. So, I finally got up and took a shower about 10, and that didn't help, I thought maybe I got something on my face that needed to be washed off, my eyes don't usually itch unless my allergies are bugging me. So, I wandered downstairs to watch a little TV before I went to work. Left early as I had some stuff to take care of at the bank before getting to work, got to work and my boss asked how I was, said I thought I had a cold, and had been sneezing all morning, plus very tired. So, she told me to go home. I can't sleep in the middle of the day unless I'm extremely exhausted, so that wasn't happening, but not having to enter data into the database at work, helped a lot. It gets so repetitive doing that. And, because I keep feeling like if I do too much I'm gonna pass out I won't get to go on a walk today, too bad too, cause it's not so very much hot. Sigh.

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