Saturday, August 26, 2017

Week of August 20th

Apparently, I'm a little slow in uploading pictures. I was a little distracted last week. Here's a few pictures from last week.
Wednesday, 8/16: I got a Halloween pocket letter in the mail:
 Friday, I got a Back to School pocket letter:
 I got a bit of interesting mail on Saturday, some puffy stickers:
 And my newest subscription box. I saw this on a youtube channel, it's a UK based subscription box, it has some planner stuff and DIY and artsy stuff in it. It's called The Lollipop Box Club.
Here's the first look when I opened it:
 It's very cute, the theme for August was Wish You Were Here, here's the tissue paper opened:
 These are some calendar printables, some papers, and the stickers:
 Here's a paperclip, washi, lollipop, pen, tag, stamp set, tag with charms, stencil and plastic charm:
 These three bags were also in the box:
 This one is the Treats bag:
 It had a bucket list, some words, paper clips, mini envelopes to fold up, twine, bow, ice cream charm and some starfish charms.
Here's the DIY :
 This one is for a felt bow paperclip, you go to their blog for instructions.
This one is the mystery gift:
 It's a card, Lisa, the person who puts this together made and a tiny pin.
Like I said, I saw unboxings of this on YouTube and I just jumped in and signed up for a 6 month subscription, it ended up being about $15 a month, I wasn't exactly sure as the price is in pounds. I like what I got, I haven't had time to do anything with it yet.
So, back to this week.
Sunday: I worked at the bookstore from 9:45-6, got home and sat (this will be recurring all week).
Monday: I worked at the bookstore 8-2, and then at the library 3-8. I was wicked tired that night, had to pick up milk on my way home.
I got a mini unicorn/fairy pocket letter in the mail:
Tuesday: I got to sleep in a little, I didn't have to work until noon, I worked at the bookstore 12-8. I didn't see the end of the line until I left at 8. I had to stay up a little late because I had to finish a book.
Wednesday: I opened at the library and was there until 1, I went shopping on the way home. It's amazing how much I don't have to buy when I'm basically just eating sandwiches for food. Last week, I bought the cheap meat and cheese, this week I splurged a little for some ham and pickles, that really helped my sandwiches. I had training for my 3rd job that night, thankfully I got to sit, and we got done earlier than I thought.
Thursday: I was at the bookstore 8-3 and the library 4-9. I was really dragging at the bookstore, but found this coloring book that went with a mermaid theme that I have for something I have to make next week
 It's basically all the issues you'd have if you were a mermaid, it's a bit more snarky than I was thinking, but I still liked it.
After getting to the library and eating supper, I was much more energized for the night.
I found this a bag of destash supplies when I got home:
Friday: I worked at the bookstore from 8-12, and the library 1-6. I was promised we'd be really busy at the bookstore, but we weren't, and it was kinda slow at the library as well. Every night after getting home, I took my shower and basically sat for the rest of the night. I switched up my shoes for Friday, but I am so exhausted and tired of standing and tired of people and a bit annoyed with people.
I'm waiting on some swaps that people were supposed to mail the middle of last week and earlier this week, which of course annoys me more that I'm really busy and I still could get things mailed off on time. I also feel a few of my groups don't seem to be bothered that much that people don't mail on time. I kinda need to do some crafting this weekend, I do need to mail a few swaps next week. After Saturday night, I will have worked almost a 60 hour week, I'm thinking about cutting back more next semester. I did decide to not work at the bookstore on Wednesdays, I needed a day to do errands and it was very hard to get done at the library and get on the bus to go to campus and have enough time to eat between jobs, so I decided not to work on Wednesdays.
I'm a little tired of working all week and not getting swaps in the mail like I'm supposed to.
Saturday: I missed my bus to work because of road construction, so I had to call my mother for a ride, I'm sure I'll hear about that in the future. I worked two volleyball shifts, the first one was a little busy, I went home and basically relaxed for awhile and went back, my second shift was pretty slow. I don't remember what I did when I got home, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't much. I did place a hollar haul for some stickers, stuffed animals, and paper.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Week of August 13th

Sunday: I didn't have to work until noon, so I basically got caught up on YouTube all morning. I ate a little snack and made a lunch and went to lunch. I got my 15 min lunch break about 2:30 and had barely enough time to drink my soda and eat my sandwich. I've decided my sandwiches would be more exciting if I had splurged on better cheese or meat, if I run out before I'm done at the bookstore I will be buying one or the other.
The bookstore closed at 4 and because of people not leaving, I had to walk home (I could have waited 30 minutes for the bus. I got home about the same time I would have if I waited for the bus, but then I also got about 1.75 more miles for the weekend.
When I got home I went to do my laundry and make my Screw It and Do It Challenge, but I felt really light headed and I had something weird going on with my eyes, like when you stand up too fast, and you get pixels, I went to sit on the couch for awhile and my eyes recovered but as I was trying to finish my challenge, my left arm went tingly up to the elbow and my hand went numb. It was really weird, as I was changing my laundry into the dryer, I was moving it a lot to get the blood moving again. It went back to normal I wanna say in about 5 more minutes (might have been longer) but it was really weird. I sat on the couch a little longer, had supper and went back to creating.
I don't like my Screw It and Do It challenge, but my body was basically telling me to stop, so I did:
I also had to create a Halloween loaded envelope, one of my groups was short a partner and I volunteered (though I think it's a bit early for Halloween, I just wanna get through back to school, then it can be Halloween):
I think it's packed enough and done. It will be mailed on Wednesday.
Monday: I didn't sleep much Sunday night, the rain wakes me up in this apartment. Woke up at 4:30, and then 5:45 and then when my alarm went off at 6:30. I got up and wondered if I couldn't just get up at 6:45 instead. Had to be at the bookstore at 8, wasn't that busy, had returns training at 10, that went to about 11:30. At noon, I was sent home because there were way too many cashiers and not enough registers.
Like I said it was stormy in the morning, I put my new shoes on because of the rain, I don't know if I'll ever get used to them. My arches hurt I think it's because I haven't had any footwear with good support for awhile, so my feet still hurt. When I got home and and took off my shoes, my feet didn't hurt. I should have taken a nap before I had to be at the library, but I didn't, so I was really dragging when I went in. Sometime after when I was drinking my pop, I got my second wind and went home less tired than when I went in.
Got a Bingo winning from one of my Facebook Groups:
 Did my Screw It and Do It Challenge when I got home:
 and basically went to bed.
Tuesday: I didn't have to work until 12:30, it was nice to sleep in.
I took care of my swap packaging up, I sent off a box of flowers to someone:
And finished the Screw It and Do It Challenge:
When I got to work, I ate half my sandwich because it was noon and I was hungry. It was pretty steady all day, so that was nice. About 10 minutes until six, when we closed, that's when people just started lining up. I had to stay an extra 15 minutes and was afraid of missing a second bus home. I made the second bus, but I was not pleased. When I got home, my deadbolt wouldn't retract all the way and I finally got to sit down and relax about 7:45. I am happy that I got all my swaps packaged up in the morning so I didn't have to worry about then when I got home. I'm kinda excited to just work at the library tomorrow, and have a normal Wednesday. I'm trying to take it one day at a time, it's much less daunting than looking at my busy schedule through September 8th.
Wednesday: woke up early of course. Went to work, mailed off my swaps and went grocery shopping. Basically slacked off the rest of the day watching youtube. My mom called later in the day saying my grandma had been moved to hospice and they didn't know how long it would be. She's 100 years old, so it's not really a surprise, but...
So, I got off at both my jobs to go over on Thursday.
Thursday: My parents came to pick me up to go visit my grandma, and they told me she had passed about the time they were supposed to pick me up. My mom asked if I still wanted to go, I said sure (what else what I going to do, I was already off work). The town she's in is about 2 hours away, we got up there about mid morning and basically sat on the patio of the care center and talked about stuff until about lunchtime when the funeral home took her away and another of my aunts came over with lunch. We talked more about funeral plans and went to the funeral home about 2, were there for a few more hours and then talked to the priest at the church. We left about 7 and got home about 9. It was an emotionally exhausting day. The funeral is early next week and I know I can't get off one job for it, my mom was saying how there is funeral leave at jobs, but one of my jobs is a cashier at the university's bookstore and school starts on Monday, I feel it's about equivalent to someone in retail having to leave on Black Friday. The library does have funeral leave or whatever it's called. My dad said I could put in for that on Monday and leave after working at the bookstore and make it up there for the visitation. I love my grandmother, but I HATE funerals. I never know how to react, I hate people crying and crying myself and I don't want to go after working for 6 hours and being exhausted to just come back again at 7pm. I know I'll hear about it, either way I decide. I'll probably talk to my supervisor on Friday at the library, but I just don't know.
Friday: I was at the bookstore at the morning and felt really out of it until about 10AM. I closed at the library. Apparently there was a little confusion as to whether I was coming in, I'm not sure how we got there. The person who thought I wasn't coming in I never talked to. Anyways, it was pretty slow. Had a parent not understand that I can't give certain information about their kid's personal account. American Library Association rules, if you're not on an account, I can't give you details on things on that account. Also had this kid that really wanted to get onto our online database, but could not prove they lived at their address. They were very persistent. Oh well, it's life. Decided not to go to my grandma's visitation or funeral, I just can't handle it. I had decided not to go and then my mother said something, so I was uncertain and then everyone and their brother had to give advice, a few people told me to go with my feelings and I have. Went home and watched YouTube and went to bed.
Saturday: Was thinking about going to a few garage sales, but my feet told me they were tired when I got up, so I'm just gonna veg all day. Be away from people and off my feet. I do have to go get some mayo and bread today, but otherwise I'm just gonna stay home.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Week of August 6th

Sunday: I basically lounged around watching youtube and tried not to aggravate my blisters.
I did make a few things, I started doing my Screw It and Do It challenge in one of the notebooks I picked up at the dollar tree on Saturday.
Screw It and Do It Challenge:
 Mini unicorn/fairy pocket letters:
 2nd one:
 3rd one:
 Monday: I don't really know (my plan with these weekly updates was to type each day on the day and publish at the end of the week, but today is Thursday, so I have to go back and remember what I did, and I don't do a lot outside of work and art).
I did get some cool mail though,
Alphabet stickers:
 More alpha stickers
And more
I also received my under the sea flip book:
And went to work, which was pretty uneventful.
I made my Screw It and Do It challenge after I got home:
Tuesday, I had to do training for one of my other jobs that afternoon, so I got up and did my Screw It and Do It Challenge early:
I also created an altered picture frame:
I went to work and came home about supper time, I found some interesting mail.
Flower washi:
and put together all the swaps I had to mail the next day. I mailed out my mini unicorn/fairy pocket letters, a RAK package, the altered picture frame and
A back to school pocket letter:
I spent less than $20 on postage which is always my goal. I went grocery shopping and came home. I'm not really into routine in what I eat, but I am enjoying buying the packaged salad that is about to expire and using the $1 off coupon and having salad for a couple days in a row. I'm not a huge salad person, so this is pretty good for me. This week I bought the salad, some green goddess salad dressing (I'm not sure what's in it, but it's pretty good), tortilla strips (in place of the croutons that are so rough they bug my mouth) and mushrooms, I meant to pick up some shredded cheese. I had frozen chicken, so I warmed that up and put it in my salad. It's pretty good.
I also made my Screw It and Do It Challenge:
I admit, I made it wicked late at night. I also whipped out a What did you want to be when you grew up pocket letter:
I always wanted to be a cop. I watched a lot of police shows: New York Undercover, Pacific Blue, Nash Bridges, Walker Texas Ranger. I remember reading an old journal and I said I wanted to be a police officer. I do have my degree in criminal justice, but the closer I got the more I realized it's not what I wanted. I'm still not sure what I want to be/do, but it's not a cop. I do still love reading true crime and about cop's lives and movies and TV shows about police officers, one of my favorites is Third Watch, but I don't actually want to do that for a living.
Thursday: my mail came exceptionally early. I found a few things in it,
A rainbow pocket letter:
and a thank you package for something I sent out:
I also made my Screw It & Do It Challenge:
 My co-worker gifted me this bag of vintage buttons and sewing stuff:
 Work was uneventful, but we did get free hot dogs.
Friday: I started my long work month at the bookstore. It was a little slow, and I was staring at their chocolate that was on sale, so on my break I picked some up:
 I spent about $17 for it. I didn't like the honey bar, but the rest are pretty good, I haven't tried the tiny ones yet.
I try to have all my stuff together so I can just go from one job to the next but as I was leaving in for the bus that morning, I realized I left my library key card at home, so I had to go back home in between jobs, so I went to the grocery store and got my lunch stuff for the next week or so. By the time I made it in to the library it was almost time for work, so I had to hurry through lunch and changing my clothes. Thankfully it was a pretty slow day.
I made my Screw It & Do It Challenge:
 Saturday: I went to a few sales. My first two were busts, I found this koozie on my way to another one:
 I found all these jewelry pieces at a surprise sale:
 I spent $4 there, I like picking up jewelry and then tearing it apart and using the pieces on artwork. The next one was also a bust, I had another one on my list that said it didn't start until 4pm, but I thought I'd see if they mistyped, nope.
This was the next sale:
 They had quite a few stamps, but I don't use a lot of stamps. The two ice cream cones are actually luggage tags, but I thought I could use them as tags on art work. I haven't checked to see if the stationery set is all there yet. I picked up more scissors cause I'm always losing mine. And more jewelry. I spent $5.50 here.
The next sale I wasn't going to go to, because these people put on multiple sales but after seeing a picture of jewelry, I thought I'd check it out.
 The pens I picked up because I signed up to do a Halloween loaded bag. I can't pass up stickers, love the lace and Olaf and the dragons. I bought the owl earrings to pull apart for art. I spent $3 at this sale.
The last sale I wasn't going to go to, because it was a bit out of the way, I got a late start and I have to work this afternoon. I'm very glad I went, though.
 That whole box of washi was $1, the journal was $1 and the rest was free. The person running the sale said she was selling some stuff for a friend and mostly everything was not priced. She asked what the box was, so I don't think she knew what washi goes for, I was prepared to spend $3 for it. All the stuff in the bottom of the photo came in a plastic bag and I just wanted it for the penguin sticker. The journal is a color your own, I'm not big on journaling or coloring, but sometimes I like to just pull out my gel pens and color a little bit. I figured it was a good price for that.
These were all a quarter each. I certainly don't need more owl stuff, I don't really have a place for these. I picked up the elephant for my boss. I ended up spending $3 at this sale.
My bag was pretty full when I got home and I spent $16 and walked about 5 miles. 
I got a thank you card and
A mini fairy/unicorn pocket letter in the mail: 
Work was pretty uneventful until we closed and we had a small child in the library but no parent. She left with a police officer and I hope they found the parents.
While walking home I realized how tired my feet were, I made my Screw It & Do It Challenge:
And I am now sitting for the rest of the evening. I'm sure there will be more sitting before and after work tomorrow.

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Week of July 30th

Can you believe it's almost August? Which also means it's been a year since I moved into my new place.
Sunday: Mostly lounged around. Got a few movies watched, finished a couple art projects.
Summer flip book:
 An under the sea flip book:
 Monday: I got up and looked at my bank account, bad idea. Apparently I got a lot of bills at the end of July. So, I went to Hobby Lobby for one last shopping trip before I try a no spend. They were having their Paper Studio and Stampabilities 50% off sale, I found a couple new paper pads that I didn't buy:
 Love the greenery and the flamingoes in this one.
 I like the cut aparts and the feathers in this one, but I wasn't going to buy it for two papers. I was kinda hoping they'd have a single sheet of the feathers.
I also found this really cute fairy house:
 I was looking for fairy things for an upcoming swap, but apparently fairy ephemera does not exist.
Here's what I picked up:
 paper. I saw both the paper pads on people's hauls and was very excited that they came in. Fruit Tart paper pad, I'm in love with this one, though I'm not sure how I'll use it. Last year DCWV had a similar paper pad with a citrus theme. A Pink Passport paper pad, loving this one as well, there's a few designs that I'm not really interested in. I'm thinking of making a pocket letter with the girl on the first page. I also picked up some single papers. The cameras, umbrellas and animals are all 12x12. The botanicals, cacti and tickets are 8.5x11. All the paper is computer weight paper. I keep collecting succulent and cacti stuff, I really need to do something with it.
 I love the butterflies, they are so dainty. The Paris ones I picked up to go with the paper pad. The two clearance ones I really wanted a few weeks ago when I was there and they didn't have the new paper pads, but I was so annoyed I didn't buy anything then. The Halloween jars are just cute. Again, cacti, I have a tendency to pick apart the layered ones, with this set, I have two sets of each cacts, plus 9 extra flowerpots. I also wanted the jars from a few weeks ago. I was hoping there was more fall stuff I was interested in.
I didn't find any fairy stuff and since I saw a Dollar Tree haul from someone that had found some fairy stuff, I wandered over there.
I saw this cute box:
 and then talked myself in to buying it:
Fairy stickers, these are huge and would fill up one pocket each. Birthday bash gift bag, I picked it up because it looks like a boom box. The composition notebook says smile with a camera on it, I couldn't pass it up. The box. I picked up the art stickers because I loved them. The sticker kits are something I've never seen before, very cute and I couldn't pass up the owl keychain.
Work was uneventful, but I did get a couple things in the mail
Patriotic pocket letter:
 And a thank you card:
 Tuesday: I watched movies/youtube all morning. I finally made it to crafting in the afternoon and made a few things.
Pocket letter:
 Altered index card:
A fruity pocket letter:
 Wednesday: I opened at the library, mailed my swaps, and stopped in at the grocery store.
I also made my altered index card for the day:
 I also finished a back to school pocket letter:
 My computer gave me this cute caterpillar as the screen saver:
 Thursday: I made my index card:
 Got a fairy pocket letter in the mail:
 And closed at the library.
Friday: I went garage saleing, I found this cute little decoration in someone's yard:
 and didn't find anything to buy. I did try out my new shoes, which was a bad idea when I walked 3.78 miles, and had two pretty big blisters when I got home and of course I had to work that afternoon, and almost all my shoes would aggravate them.
I did get a pen swap in the mail:
 And found another sale to stop off after work, a church that's almost right across the street from the library was having their annual sale. I was excited to see they changed their hours on Friday to close at 7, so I could go after work.
 all three bags were $0.75 cents, I basically bought them for the cat bag, I thought it would be fun to send in a swap. I also like the sunset one at the top and I thought I could alter the canvas one at the bottom. I picked up three containers of beads for a quarter each. There's also a fairy necklace and stick pin in the picture. The necklace was $1, and they threw in the pin for free.
 I've been looking for fairy ephemera, and I guess it's not really a thing right now, I did find this great picture frame for 50 cents. The stickers were together and were a quarter.
 I think I felt a bit bad because of my blisters and because I didn't find anything at the sales this morning. The guinea pig, frog and jack o lantern were 50 cents each. The orange emoji was free and the shopkins was a quarter. I spent a grand total of five dollars.
I want to go out in the morning to a couple more sales, but if it's chilly like it was this morning, it won't happen. My boots work ok with not bothering my blisters, but I believe my flip flops are the only footwear that won't bother them at all.
I also created my index card for the day:
Saturday: I went to another garage sale. I just put some bandaids on with my flip flops and went along my way.
Picked up a few toys:
 got all that for a buck.
I saw this sweet Mustang on my way home:
 Found a few swaps in my mailbox,
Flower washi:
 summer flip book:
 alpha stickers:
and went to work.
I went out to eat with my mother at a new Italian place, which was right next to the Dollar Tree, I needed a new loofah, some Cherry Coke for work (because people and things), and bandaids. While I was there I wanted to see if they had any fairy stickers (still looking for those), they didn't. I noticed Halloween appeared though, so I picked up a few items:
 I haven't seen these stickers before.
Here are the boring things:
 and a few felt stickers. I certainly don't need more notebooks but I couldn't pass up the hydrangeas, plus it had 3 notebooks in the pack. I chose a fun loofah this time because the last two I bought came apart really easily, and I don't want to stop buying them at the Dollar Tree. You're supposed to replace them every month, so I can't really justify spending more than a dollar on them. I picked up some bigger bandaids and pretty color ones.
Here's the individual notebooks:
They are way too pretty. I decided to use the lilac one for my Screw It and Do It challenge, here's what I made:
 I also got some interesting mail, alpha stickers:
 and some flower washi: