Sunday, September 23, 2012

New Buys

Last weekend I found a few things to buy. I bought the most at a sale I didn't plan to go to.
 a cute snail planter, a tiny stuffed bear, an angel, a snowman and a keychain, packet of play money, I thought they'd be fun to use for collage.

Today was the annual art fair downtown. My mom and I usually go, but this year she had to go clean out my grandma's apartment, she's getting worse and we don't think she's going back to it. Here's what I picked up:
 3 cards and a magnet from Lisa Victoria, I can never resist her stuff, my refrigerator has a bunch of her magnets on it, plus I have cards and prints throughout my apartment.
 Another of Lisa's magnets, a fish and a frog made from 2 liter pop bottles. Last year I almost bought a pink fish and didn't, and I thought about it all year long. This year I decided the purple went with my pink bedclothes better.
A metal butterfly pick, a pair of earrings from Suzanne LaTour Stevens, every year my mom buys herself a pair of earrings, I thought she'd like these, so I picked them up for her. And my best buy of today: this very cool sun catcher from Jamie Smisek. "Windchimes and decorative hanging pieces handsculpted using silver flatware, glass beads and other antique objects". This one is made from the bottom of a leaded glass bowl and a fork. So very cool.

The library's book sale was this weekend too, though I have to say the selection wasn't very good, I did buy $6.00 worth of books though.

Speaking of the library, we've hit a glitch in our moving plans. The city attorney was trying to work out the lease with the place we were pretty sure we were moving in to, and then on Wed night, my boss calls me to say that we didn't have the place anymore and we were looking at other options. The assistant director said the realtor got an offer for a 10 year lease on the place and now we're out of luck. We are looking at a place that was our plan B, so cross your fingers and hold your breath for us. The assistant director assures us we're staying on our moving schedule, meaning we'll be moving in less than 2 months.

Friday, I got a jury summons in the mail. I don't mind doing it, I'd like to, I'm just not sure of how I'm getting there. That's bothering me at the moment.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Great Movie

I just watched the movie, Battleship. I LOVE it!!!
It's based on the game Battleship. The US is sending messages to a planet somewhere else, and some aliens decide to come and try to take over Earth.
After the Naval Destroyers are sunk, they go to Pearl Harbor and pick up the battleship, Missouri and attack the aliens.
I love how they used the Missouri, it felt like a hat tip to Under Siege. Also, Rihanna stars in it and I think she does a great job.

I love the Navy in the movie and the action. It's now on my Amazon wishlist along with the soundtrack.
They also use actual WWII veterans for parts at the end.
I was watching the extras and there's one about making the movie, and everyone gets to tour current Navy ships, I would love to tour the Missouri. So VERY cool.

Check out the IMDB page on it, here.

Also, wait until after the credits to watch another scene.

Friday, September 07, 2012


I went to one garage sale today
I think I'm in a rut. I have a little extra money, but I can't find anything to spend it on. I know that's good, but it feels weird. I went to 4 sales last week and didn't buy a single thing. The sale I went to today, is one the lady puts on twice a year. It rained a lot last night, so she had a bunch of stuff moved inside and hadn't moved it out yet, plus she didn't have any signs out. When I got there she was chatting with someone, and barely stopped to say hello. I found more than 2 things I wanted to buy, but decided if she couldn't be nice enough to chat with the person looking at her stuff, I wasn't going to buy them.
I went downtown yesterday to 4 different stores and couldn't find anything worth my money either. I love the stores I went to, but I almost feel that it has to be really good for me to buy anything, or maybe I'm saving for another day.
On the weekend of the 23rd, there is a local art festival downtown, the library's having their book sale, and there's another celebration. So, maybe I'm saving for then. I'm really looking forward to it and it won't come soon enough.
Also, on the 18th, there's a ladies expo, that I think might be fun to go to, but I keep talking myself out of buying an early ticket. I think most of the reason I originally wanted to go was that the first 300 ladies get goodie bags. But, I'm betting those goodie bags will be really girly stuff that I don't use anyway. I sure don't need more stuff at my house.
The weekend of the 29th, there's a junking jaunt around central Iowa. My mom and I went to a similar one in June. It was fun, but this one will be right after the weekend of the 23rd which sounds more exciting and I hope to spend money at.
I went to the dentist today, to get a cavity filled. When I get there, I have to wait about 5 minutes after my scheduled time. Then, I get in there and the helper (don't know what they're called), asks me what I'm here for and I show her my tooth with a hole. She says there's some discoloration, let's see if its decay. I know it's decay honey, if you poke at it, you can see/feel it's a hole. She decides it is, and goes to get the dentist. He pokes at it and says I don't have to worry about it for a few months if I don't want to. I have extra $$ now, I want to deal with it. He says he could do it, but I'd have to wait about half an hour. I love how they all figure I don't know my own teeth. I rescheduled for next Wed to get it filled.
I'm so sick of seeing the dentist, I've seen him 4 times and another one to get my tooth filled. And after today's appointment, kinda makes me not want to go back. People seem to be annoying me more than usual lately, I don't know why.
I kinda feel bored with my life. I have my routine, but I really hate not working Fridays, I get bored watching movies and reading. Anyone have any suggestions?

Monday, September 03, 2012

Updates and annoyances

Hello All,
Sorry I haven't been on here lately, not much going on. This past Wednesday, I got my tooth pulled. I was more nervous afterward than before. I did not like that experience, I couldn't feel it, but I could hear him pulling on the tooth, and there was soo much blood afterward, it totally freaked me out. I'm so glad I have another one to look forward to.
Also, on that note, I found out it was way less expensive than I thought it was going to be. My dentist said it would be somewhere between $800 and $900, so when I went to make the appointment, and they said $180-380, I just figured it was $1800 - 1300. Last Monday, dad and I went to cash out some savings bonds to pay for it, so then I had a little buffer afterward. I sent a bunch to pay more off my credit card bill, and I just paid off my medical bills from breaking my butt. I still have extra $$ in my checking account, but at least this way if anything comes up, I won't have to worry.
The other day, I find I have a hole in one of my teeth, I'm really pissed at my dentist about this. I mentioned to him, that I felt something there a few months ago and he told me it was nothing. Now, I have to get another cavity filled.
On Monday, after getting the money, my dad proceeded to tell me I had to remember I didn't have that money in my savings bonds anymore. I never think of the savings bonds as money I have because I don't have access to it. He also told me I needed to get another job so I had the money for things like this. I told him I was doing ok, he said it was just because my parents were doing fine, and because I wasn't paying rent. That really pissed me off, I don't know how many times I've told them I can pay rent now and they just say that I should keep the money.
He also said I needed to be looking into the future with money things, what was I going to do down the road. I've also told them, I'm doing that with my library job. Hopefully, when they add the next salaried position, I'll get it. I just read somewhere that around 50% of college grads are unemployed, so shouldn't I be lucky I have a job (three even). I just wish my parents would lay off, like that will ever happen.
Not a lot going on with garage sales, I went to 4 this weekend and couldn't find a single thing to buy.
I've been trying to get online to do stuff on my desktop, but my modem (or other internet related things) keeps acting up, so I can't connect. I can't do everything on my kindle, and with some things, I'd rather not use the kindle for.
I also haven't been making art lately. Mostly because my mom keeps getting on me to clean my apartment. We had an argument about it last week. I've decided I just have a lot of stuff, and not a lot of room (maybe that's why I couldn't find anything to buy this week), she'll never like how I live in my apartment, but she'll also accept things, she'll just keep complaining. So, I've been afraid to get my art stuff out (I have a closet, that when I create spills over in my hallway, and is hard to walk through when I'm in a project.) because she'll whine.

What's been going on in your lives?