Sunday, November 30, 2008


Why do the people in my neighborhood seem to be so stupid? Originally I was just going to complain about the people and thier stupidity in parking, but now people with dogs get included (and if you happen to be one of the people I'm complaining about, tough, since I know the things I'm saying are true, too bad for you).
So, I get the wonderful job of shoveling snow today, because we got about 2-3 inches of snow between yesterday and today and it's still coming down. My mom called me and told me there was snow shoveling to do. NO SHIT!!! Like I wasn't outside with you yesterday and I didn't walk through the snow last night, so I didn't know there was shoveling to do.
So, I'm shoveling and while taking my short breaks or just noticing stuff around my neighborhood, I notice 2 illegally parked cars. One being a van down the street that's parked in the parkway (that's the part of your driveway that's between the street and the sidewalk), that's illegal. And two, the jeep that's parked on the wrong side of the street, now they couldn't say they didn't know because there's a no parking sign 10 feet in front of them. If you can't read, you really shouldn't be driving.
In the city, it's code (or law) to have your dog on a leash at all times while you are outside and it's not in a fenced in yard. The guy down my street decided to take his dog on a walk while he was bicycling, and then let it run wild to go to the bathroom after they got back. And then as I was going to buy some pop, I run into a chick talking on her cell phone with her dog not on a leash. So, I tell her it's law to have her dog on a leash within city limits. Her response: "I'm not from Iowa", and I tell her she should research laws if she's going to live somewhere. She says her dog's very well behaved and that "she lives 2 blocks away" so it's ok. I love it how people always say their dog is well behaved when you tell them it's supposed to be on a leash. SO FRICKIN' WHAT???? Just because it's well behaved doesn't mean it might accidentally run in front of a car and get hit, to which point you would blame the driver. Or maybe someone has some really good food in their pocket and the dog really wants it, it could attack them because of this. And, some people don't like dogs running through their yards, I don't mind it until it starts shitting in my yard. I may look like just a normal citizen, but that doesn't mean I don't know city code. If I was a cop telling you this, you'd probably give me the same reasons and then something about I'll put it on a leash next time, because you obviously don't have a leash with you now. I think she was just really pissed that not only did I tell her the law (which she may or may not have known), I interrupted her phone call. BOO FRICKING HOO!! If I knew where she lived I'd call animal control and say that she was letting her dog run loose, they would most likely say they got a complaint and go have a chat with her.

The more I know about city code, the more I see people not obeying it and it drives me nuts. In some situations, too much knowledge sucks.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I am so disgusted

I was watching this show on ABC today, called the Dr's. and they have a segment on a 5 year old who weighs 135lbs. The mom "is desperate to change him". How is this not the parents fault? They weren't too thin either, but he's five, you control what he eats, he doesn't control it. She says when he doesn't get what he wants he throws a tantrum and tries to hit his parents. How hard is it to control your child, let him throw that tantrum, maybe he'd burn off some calories doing it. You hear of people saying things are not their fault everywhere you turn, but when you say you 5 yr old weighing over 130 lbs, his problem of being overweight isn't your fault, that is total BS. Try not giving him pop tarts and pizza and food whenever he wants it, make him go outside and play. When walking makes him breathless and you're afraid he's going to be diabetic by the time he's a teen because of his overeating problem, do something about it.
These dr's give them a book, a membership to a whole bunch of physical activity places and tell them they have to get rid of all the junk food. I'd be surprised if they actually did it, what's to get them motivated now that hasn't motivated to keep the kid healthy in the past?

And then they have this lady who believes she's so hideous she needs a total makeover and of course they do the surgery for her. She's not a hideous person, try starting with a little self esteem makeover and go from there.

They also had a segment of this chick that thought she had a gummy smile, her gums showed too much in her smile. So, they do this procedure on the show, and we watch them burn off her gums. That was nasty.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Stupid Hollywood

On CSI: Miami tonight, they had a baby kidnapping. At the end, they figure out the guy that planned the kidnapping was selling the child to a couple flying in from somewhere else. Horatio (head CSI guy) pulls up in his Hummer with his lights and sirens going when the kidnapper’s making the deal with the “adoptive” parents, so the kidnapper jumps in his SUV and they go on this chase through this tiny airport, and then the kidnapper hits a pile of boxes and flips his SUV several times.
That would never happen in real life. The cops would never attempt a car chase in that small of an area when they know (or are pretty certain) there is a child in the car because something like that could happen. If my child were kidnapped and that happened you can bet to hell I’d sue the PD, and I’m guessing with how people view cops, I’d win. Now you all know I love the cops, but if anyone would put my child at risk like that, I’d be throwing that love and appreciation out the window.
Also, if the cops actually knew where the people were flying in to, they would never show up in their lights in sirens. I won’t be watching CSI: Miami anymore.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Karma's a bitch

This is to the idiot in the blue car that ran the red light at 6th and Clark at about 8:10 tonight. I hope the next time you decide to be too impatient to wait 3 seconds for a green light, a cop catches you, or something.
If I were close enough, you can bet I would have crossed the street in front of you very slowly so you would have had to wait.
Maybe next time you do something because you're impatient it'll come back to bite you in the ass.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm getting old :(

I used to laugh at a former roommate of mine because she had white hair.
Guess what, I'm getting white hair. Karma? I don't know but it sucks, I'm 25 years old with some white hairs, they all stay in one little place.
Here's my question, is there any other way than dyeing my hair that I can get rid of them? Obviously, I can continue to pull them out, but I've been doing that, but I finally decided to stop doing that, and Kevin was yanking some out the other day.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I am a hostess of an ATC (Artist Trading Cards) Yahoo! Group. I received an email of someone saying how they had been ignored when they asked questions in the past. I apologized and informed them why they were unable to join a certain swap that they had inquired about. Then I went to the group website and found that when this person asked questions, I responded to all of them.
This is the newest in the problems I've had with this group (and I guarantee it won't be the last). The drama of some certain members of this group make it not so fun to deal with, but I know that if I kick them out then they'll get to talking to each other and will drop out. I've had that happen.
I had one member that got their card posted on the homepage (I pick one of my favorite cards from the swap and post it on the homepage), and had asked if they could have that card. I happened to be the one who had that card, so I emailed her privately and told her that I was holding onto it. And that in the future when she complained about someone else's cards/items, that they should try NOT responding to the whole group (I just happened to be the lucky person she was complaining about). I did the better person thing and did not strike back at her through the group, I didn't respond at all and let it slide. After this email (about the homepage card), she sent an angry email to the whole group about how mean I was and how she shouldn't have been treated a certain way and ended up making (at least I'm guessing, as I never got to explain what happened) someone leave because of it, and then she unsubbed. A month or so later she emailed me again, and profusely apologized for her behavior and asked to join again. Once again I did the bigger person thing and let her join.
Then I had one person take a card that I had made for a certain swap and use it for another swap. Instead of making her own background, she chose to use my card as the background and add her stuff from that swap to it and make it into her own card. Imagine if a big artist had done this with someone else's work, would it be considered flattery? I don't think so, as this was my original art, maybe (only maybe) if it were a photocopy. To which I told the group this was unacceptable, and she apologized to everyone for making that so. In my mind you should always make your own backgrounds, whether out of paper that you altered or even just using a magazine page.
I can't say I'm a fan of all the art that comes in, but everyone has their own idea of art and I try to keep an open mind when I see the artwork. I made the mistake of raising a stink about someone's artwork in the past and received a blown up answer from her and she got quite upset with me and left the group in a huff. Now I realize that everyone is trying their hardest and if they see it as fit to send in and that they are proud of it, I use them all.

Just curious is anyone that reads this blog a hostess of any art groups on Yahoo! or otherwise that I could chat with? Let me know in the comments section.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Don't need no credit card to ride this train

I decided last night as I was walking past the PD on my way home from work, I miss the cops (no, not in that way). I miss going on ride-along's, I miss seeing them at work, and most of all I miss chatting with them. Wonder what that means.
We got our first snow yesterday mornin, Kevin said he had about an inch on his truck when he got off work at 6AM. And later when I started off to work about 4:30PM, it was snowing again, as well as when I left work at 8. But, because the ground is still pretty warm, it didn't stick. Though I'm glad I don't live in the Dakotas.

OK, so I'm disappointed about who won on Tuesday, but what really bothers me is I was talking to my dad last Sunday, and I was chatting about how much the store had made on Sat.
Me: one woman wanted to get her Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving.
Dad: She won't be doing her American duty to go out and shop on Black Friday
Me: It doesn't matter how many times you say that, I'm not going to believe it.
Dad: But your president said it.
Me: I don't believe everything he says either.
Dad: Well, Sarah Palin will kick you out of the country for that.
Me: No, she won't cause I'm voting for her.
Dad: You shouldn't waste your vote on Tuesday then.

That really bothered me that he said that, I know he was kidding (maybe), but it really bothered me, and after hearing the results Tuesday night (I kept hoping it would be like the Truman election, where they predicted Dewey won, and then the next day said it was Truman), it kinda felt like I did waste my vote. This year was the first year that I voted for president where I didn't agree with my parents. The last election, I voted for Kerry because that's who my parents were voting for. That is one of the most horrible reasons, I know. And I hope that everyone does their homework and researches the candidates before they pick anyone. But it would have been really cool if McCain won. Just because this was a big election for me, because I had researched McCain and decided that his stance on the Iraq War lined up with mine pretty well, and that was the biggest most important thing to me.
Argue with me if you want to, but I will not engage in a conversation about politics. It's usually two people trying to convince the other person of their side, but neither person is going let go of their beliefs and it turns into a screaming argument where people are hurt afterward, and nothing is resolved. Politics is one of the main reasons people do not get along. I choose not to talk about it and I get along fine with people.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Just curious

A couple questions for my readership:

1. Does an engagement ring have to be a diamond?

2. Is it possible to get a nice ring for under $1,000?

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Please go out and vote today. We've been hearing about this election for over a year, there's no way you didn't know it was coming. I don't care who you vote for, just vote. The only people I don't want voting (this may come back and bite me in the ass), are the people who are only voting for someone because they are black, because they look better than the other candidate, because you're parents are voting for that candidate. If you're going to vote, make sure you have done research on the person you're voting for, make sure some of their ideals and platforms match up with your beliefs. DO NOT vote for someone because you flipped a coin and they were heads. DO the research.