Sunday, November 30, 2008


Why do the people in my neighborhood seem to be so stupid? Originally I was just going to complain about the people and thier stupidity in parking, but now people with dogs get included (and if you happen to be one of the people I'm complaining about, tough, since I know the things I'm saying are true, too bad for you).
So, I get the wonderful job of shoveling snow today, because we got about 2-3 inches of snow between yesterday and today and it's still coming down. My mom called me and told me there was snow shoveling to do. NO SHIT!!! Like I wasn't outside with you yesterday and I didn't walk through the snow last night, so I didn't know there was shoveling to do.
So, I'm shoveling and while taking my short breaks or just noticing stuff around my neighborhood, I notice 2 illegally parked cars. One being a van down the street that's parked in the parkway (that's the part of your driveway that's between the street and the sidewalk), that's illegal. And two, the jeep that's parked on the wrong side of the street, now they couldn't say they didn't know because there's a no parking sign 10 feet in front of them. If you can't read, you really shouldn't be driving.
In the city, it's code (or law) to have your dog on a leash at all times while you are outside and it's not in a fenced in yard. The guy down my street decided to take his dog on a walk while he was bicycling, and then let it run wild to go to the bathroom after they got back. And then as I was going to buy some pop, I run into a chick talking on her cell phone with her dog not on a leash. So, I tell her it's law to have her dog on a leash within city limits. Her response: "I'm not from Iowa", and I tell her she should research laws if she's going to live somewhere. She says her dog's very well behaved and that "she lives 2 blocks away" so it's ok. I love it how people always say their dog is well behaved when you tell them it's supposed to be on a leash. SO FRICKIN' WHAT???? Just because it's well behaved doesn't mean it might accidentally run in front of a car and get hit, to which point you would blame the driver. Or maybe someone has some really good food in their pocket and the dog really wants it, it could attack them because of this. And, some people don't like dogs running through their yards, I don't mind it until it starts shitting in my yard. I may look like just a normal citizen, but that doesn't mean I don't know city code. If I was a cop telling you this, you'd probably give me the same reasons and then something about I'll put it on a leash next time, because you obviously don't have a leash with you now. I think she was just really pissed that not only did I tell her the law (which she may or may not have known), I interrupted her phone call. BOO FRICKING HOO!! If I knew where she lived I'd call animal control and say that she was letting her dog run loose, they would most likely say they got a complaint and go have a chat with her.

The more I know about city code, the more I see people not obeying it and it drives me nuts. In some situations, too much knowledge sucks.

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