Monday, November 17, 2008

Stupid Hollywood

On CSI: Miami tonight, they had a baby kidnapping. At the end, they figure out the guy that planned the kidnapping was selling the child to a couple flying in from somewhere else. Horatio (head CSI guy) pulls up in his Hummer with his lights and sirens going when the kidnapper’s making the deal with the “adoptive” parents, so the kidnapper jumps in his SUV and they go on this chase through this tiny airport, and then the kidnapper hits a pile of boxes and flips his SUV several times.
That would never happen in real life. The cops would never attempt a car chase in that small of an area when they know (or are pretty certain) there is a child in the car because something like that could happen. If my child were kidnapped and that happened you can bet to hell I’d sue the PD, and I’m guessing with how people view cops, I’d win. Now you all know I love the cops, but if anyone would put my child at risk like that, I’d be throwing that love and appreciation out the window.
Also, if the cops actually knew where the people were flying in to, they would never show up in their lights in sirens. I won’t be watching CSI: Miami anymore.

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