Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I am so disgusted

I was watching this show on ABC today, called the Dr's. and they have a segment on a 5 year old who weighs 135lbs. The mom "is desperate to change him". How is this not the parents fault? They weren't too thin either, but he's five, you control what he eats, he doesn't control it. She says when he doesn't get what he wants he throws a tantrum and tries to hit his parents. How hard is it to control your child, let him throw that tantrum, maybe he'd burn off some calories doing it. You hear of people saying things are not their fault everywhere you turn, but when you say you 5 yr old weighing over 130 lbs, his problem of being overweight isn't your fault, that is total BS. Try not giving him pop tarts and pizza and food whenever he wants it, make him go outside and play. When walking makes him breathless and you're afraid he's going to be diabetic by the time he's a teen because of his overeating problem, do something about it.
These dr's give them a book, a membership to a whole bunch of physical activity places and tell them they have to get rid of all the junk food. I'd be surprised if they actually did it, what's to get them motivated now that hasn't motivated to keep the kid healthy in the past?

And then they have this lady who believes she's so hideous she needs a total makeover and of course they do the surgery for her. She's not a hideous person, try starting with a little self esteem makeover and go from there.

They also had a segment of this chick that thought she had a gummy smile, her gums showed too much in her smile. So, they do this procedure on the show, and we watch them burn off her gums. That was nasty.

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*Goddess* said...

Those folks have one smart kid. He's already learned that all he has to do is throw a fit and Mommy & Daddy will do whatever he wants.