Saturday, July 25, 2009

They claim I was a nasty person

I love it how my parents don't think anything I do in my life is important.
Mom has been trying to clean out my stuff of my old bedroom (so she can put more stuff she never uses into it), and we're kinda planning a garage sale for next weekend. Today, my dad calls and says we need to make a plan for when we can work on getting stuff out. Really? Why do I need to help you get stuff out of your house? No one helped me when I was sorting out stuff. Then, he gets all upset, because I'm busy taking care of stuff I need to do before I go help out at the library this afternoon and asks what I'm doing. Like it's any of his business.
And I really don't think it takes much to organize a garage sale, put an ad up on craigslist and the free paper people get in the mail on Weds, move your car out of the garage, move a couple other things out that aren't going to be for sale, put up some table, put up some signs saying this stuff is X amt of dollars, put some price tags on bigger things and there you go.
Why do my parents insist on making things so much harder than they are?
And why does all the things I do in my life not important. Like last week when mom asked me to get part of the foundation painted before they got back from their trip on Weds, did she ask me if I had stuff to do? No, because I guess since I don't have a full time job, all I do is sit in my apartment and do nothing all day.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Can he see that I can't breathe?

People have a tendency to piss me off sometimes with the way they act in the store, but the couple I had tonight tops them all. They came in looked around for awhile, then the chick asks if we have a bathroom to fill up her water bottle, I said no (we have a bathroom, but it's through our storage room, I could send her back there and risk things being stolen, or I could go back and risk things being stolen, neither one is gonna happen). She then chatted with the guy and decided their baby needed changing and proceeded to change it in the back of the store, didn't ask me or anything. After that, they come up front with the guy complaining about the baby weighing too much, then sat down and fed the baby, for 10 minutes, while the chick walked around and pretending to look at stuff. She also asked me if we had a garbage can, which I also said no, like I want your stinky baby diaper in our garbage can. And of course they left without buying anything. If I had realized she was changing the baby before she got halfway through, I would have asked her to leave, she had conveniently sat down and positioned the baby stroller in front of her.

They also stayed so long and in the right time frame that I didn't get to talk to Kevin on his way to work, that helped in my annoyance of them. But it started when she decided to change the kid without even asking. When people leave I always tell them to have a good night, when I told this couple that, they ignored me, you'd think they could say you too, for coming in the store for half an hour, changing your kid, feeding your kid and then leaving without buying anything. I was very lucky the chick had to go to the bathroom, who knows how long they would have stayed if she didn't.

I had a group of ladies come in one time with a little child. It needed changing while they were in here, but they were nice the whole time, they ASKED, and since I didn't have anyone else in the store, I let them change it in the back.

I guess some people just think they can do whatever whereever they are. That couple pissed me off so much.

Monday, July 20, 2009

born to fly

I wish I could sleep right now. It's been a long day.
I got up, cleaned my pig's cage, mowed the lawn. My mom has me doing a project this week where I'm scraping paint from the foundation, cleaning it, putting primer on it and repainting it. I spent about an hour and a half on that, ate lunch, walked to Walmart and back. That's about a 4.22 mile walk. Unfortunately I only had about an hour before I had to go to work, so after taking a shower, I couldn't sleep.
My mother wants me to have this project done by Wed evening, only it's supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow, I can't paint when it's raining. Of course she's gone on a mini vacation and won't know it rained, and then she'll whine at me when it's not done.

Kevin had to work all weekend, so I figured I wouldn't get to see him. He called me this morning as he was getting ready to go to bed and told me, he thought he broke his nose. He said he tripped over his boots and connected with the doorknob. Needless to say I was very bothered by that. He called me while I was on my way to work and we went to Taco John's for supper. OK, we got Taco John's for supper and proceeded to eat in the store. Somehow an hour went by and he had to leave to get ready for work. An hour is never enough with him.
He told me about a supper thing this weekend with his work. We're also going to Adventureland courtesy of them. I do appreciate that they're doing that for us, but it'd be really nice if they made it so people didn't have to work so much.

I hate it when people ignore me when they come in the store. I always greet everyone with a smile and a hello. Then I ask if I can help them find something. A few of them ignore that question, and then seem to get annoyed that I didn't ask if I could help them.

Monday, July 13, 2009

I smell like fish

My hands smell like fish :( I just spent the last 45 minutes washing and taking out bones from some bluegill. It wasn't gross, not like I figured it'd be, but now my hands smell like fish, and I already washed them with some extra-strength soap.
Kevin was fishing yesterday and caught himself a lot of bluegill. His buddy took some pictures of the ones he caught, and he had one that was as long as a Vault 20 oz bottle. He kept telling it was really big, since I don't know much about fish and he's never caught any that he's kept when I've been with him fishing, I really don't know if that's big, but I do believe him.
Yesterday, I went to the Hardin County fair to judge the small animals show. Unfortunately, no one showed up. 5 people had signed up, they told us earlier on that 3 of them weren't going to show up, and the other 2 never did either. My friend, Loretta, is the pet superintendent for the fair, and it's her job to find a judge, so she asked me. I was pretty nervous, but I was pretty interested and excited to do it too. It bummed me out I didn't get to judge.

I totally bummed myself out today. Kevin and I went to Boone, and I picked up a magazine about Okoboji, IA. I was reading it at work, and remembering things, and totally bummed myself out. When I was about 5 or maybe younger, my parents started taking my brother and I up to my grandparents condo on Lake Okoboji, I have so many memories of the 6 of us up there. I've seen so many pictures with my grandparents and I having fun. I remember one year, sometime after my grandparents stopped going, most of my extended family on my mother's side came up and stayed at a hotel/resort very near to our condo. I remember they had everyone in one room, people were sleeping on the floor, the beds, the patio, everywhere they could fit someone. I think, they surprised us, but I really don't know. Kevin and I went up there, the first year we were dating, we usually have a week, but both of us had to work on Tuesday, so we got there Saturday night/afternoon, and left Tuesday morning. I showed him as much of my childhood hangouts as I could stuff in those few days, and I'd love to go back with him. I told him last weekend, it would be really great if some year his parents, his brother and sister-in-law, nephew and Kevin and I went up there. I'm pretty sure they would all enjoy it, and there's something for everyone. From fishing and swimming in the lake, to the various restaurants, to the amusement park, to the mini golf places, to the places to shop. And most everything is within walking distance of our condo. I miss it so much when I can't go.

OK, now I'm getting a little nauseous, I sure hope it's not because of leaning over a sink washing fish for 45 minutes. I sure don't need to be sick tonight.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

I've got a pocketful of sunshine

OK, I forgot something. My mom was whining at me the other day about volunteering. Yesterday, she shows me a page in the newspaper about volunteer oppurtunities, and says how volunteering at the library isn't really doing anything for me. Silly me, I thought a person volunteered to help the community, yes it's a bonus if you get something else out of it, but the way she said it, it seemed like that's the only reason a person volunteered. Anyways, she showed me something to look into, which I did, and the person emailed me today, and said how for this opportunity, it was a year commitment, that I'd get about an $800 stipend a month, but that I wouldn't be able to work at any other jobs while doing it. I'm not quite sure I want to give up my 3 part-time jobs for a year and then come back to them. Especially the store I'm working at, I don't think my boss would appreciate that, "Can I leave for a year for this volunteer thing and then come back and work for you?" What's the guarantee I'm gonna get the jobs back? It also said something about vacation time, but what if I'm not able to get the 2 weeks for the Hawaii trip that we already have planned? How does that work, we're not gonna cancel because of it. I've already got the OK from the store job. It just doesn't seem to work. Yes, it would be nice to get that $800 a month, but how much would it screw up my current jobs/job connections to do it?

Falling in and out of love with you

I apologize profusely, I meant to write this on Monday.
I was all bummed I wasn't going to go to the Good Guys Car Show last weekend, but I did it to myself. When I learned that Kevin would get the 4th of July off this year, I asked if we could go, and he said yes. When I learned the 4th was on a Saturday, and he would get the whole weekend off, I told him we should go back to his parents place instead. A couple weeks ago, it looked like we wouldn't get to go because he'd be working. Friday morning in his message, he asked me if I was working that night. I wasn't quite sure if that meant he didn't have to work just that night, or if our plans were back on for the weekend. I called him after work on Friday, and he said he had the weekend off and asked if I wanted to go home with him, to which I gladly sad yes.
We left about 10pm that night. I just packed up and left, didn't tell my parents, didn't really care if they knew or not. Yesterday, I was talking to mom on the phone and she said I should have told them, because for all they knew I was kidnapped on my way from work. I was thinking, if you were worried, you could have called, which they didn't do all weekend, I think she just wanted me to feel guilty for not telling them. Not like it's any of their business what my schedule is. I don't live with them, it's none of their damn business.
We got to his parents house about midnight, and slipped into bed. Saturday, we basically lounged around hanging out with his parents, brother, sister-in-law, and nephew. About 3:30 (it felt later than that), we went to Texas Road House in Cedar Rapids, because I had a coupon for a free appetizer. After that we went to Menard's. I have never been to a Menard's and it was really really cool. I coulda spent about an hour or more in there. On the way back to his parents house, we got some custard at Culver's. Later that night we went back to Cedar Rapids to watch the fireworks, and we were treated to an early show from a guy setting off fireworks about a block in front of us. That was cool except for the cardboard raining down and the sulphur billowing back at us.
Sunday, was also a lazy lounging day. Kevin had to fix the brakes on his truck, so we went to town to do something with the rotors and get brake pads, we had lunch at a Chinese buffet restaurant, that had some pretty damn good cream puffs with whipped cream with taste. After getting back to his parents house, he worked on his truck while I watched TV. That night was also a loungy night with supper from Culver's. Monday morning, his brother, sister-in-law and nephew came over and his mom, sister-in-law, nephew, one of his brother's beagles and I went on a 2 1/2 mile walk. Shortly after that we headed back home.

It was a really nice weekend. No phone calls from my parents nagging about stuff, though I did say at least once a day, I was surprised my mom didn't call me to complain about something. I didn't realize that til later, and I so didn't mean to bring her up so much, but it really did surprise me, she didn't call and complain about something I hadn't done yet.

A note to people in cars at stoplights. Don't watch me (the pedestrian) as the cue of when to go. Within the past month, I've had 2 vehicles start to cross the street on a red light, because I was walking. I do walk against the light quite a lot, only when I won't be in the way of any cars. I had one vehicle almost get hit by an oncoming car because they were paying more attention to me than the light.

I got my brother's Best Buy gift card in the mail yesterday. Now I have a total of $550 dollars to spend in Best Buy. I know I mentioned wanting a new TV, but I also gave my parents and brother lists of stuff I wanted. If you're going to give me gift cards for that much, have them be for Fareway or Walmart or Target, where I can use them on stuff I need. Yeah, it'd be nice to have a new TV, because everyone has their shows in HD now and if there's any wording on the screen, it's guaranteed to fall off the edge, but there's so many more things that I need. I guess I could buy all the DVD's and CD's from my Amazon wishlist at Best Buy, I could even start buying the seasons of 3rd Watch that I heard were coming out on DVD. I just wish people would pay attention to lists instead of just deciding on their own what they're going to get me. Most of the time when they do that (at least when it's my parents and brother), they don't get something I really want. My friends and Kevin are way better at getting things that they know I'll like. The other thing I'm annoyed at, is if they want me to buy a TV, why don't they just buy it for me, then I can't (ok, technically I could) return it and use the money for something else.
I'm also a litter perturbed that I never got a cake this year. Yes, I know it takes me a long time to eat cakes, but I love getting cakes, it makes me feel that much more special. And, as long as I'm complaining about things I didn't get, I didn't get a card until I received the card from my aunt, and an ATC from my yahoo group in the mail. Ross also mailed me a card, actually his was pretty funny. He got it here, and it's the procrastination one. "Procrastination: Hard work often pays off in over time, but lazyness always pays off now." He said he thought it fit perfectly since he hadn't mailed my present on my birthday. It's a pretty cool site, you should all check it out.

I'm working on taking a picture of the frog pillow my mom made me. I've just been behind because I've been busy filling up my new computer with everything from my old computer, then I had to reset it to its factory settings, so when we have our garage sale in August, I can sell it for a giant profit, or at least a profit, as I didn't buy it.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Mama's dancing, baby on her shoulder

Leave it to my mother to ruin a perfectly good day. I go out to look for my mail (which isn't there yet) and she gets on me about what I did for my week, and then when I tell her and none of it included volunteering she gets on me about that. How I'm supposed to have a full time job, implying that I'm not looking, or doing I think it's 15 hours a week volunteering. And how I'm supposed to be doing 5 hours of work for my parents, she complains about how she had to do yardwork today, and now she can barely feel her hands, I scoff at that inside my head. Here's a thought if you want me to do stuff around the house, tell me what the hell you want me to do, I can't read your fucking mind. And that whole thing about the job and volunteering, I love it how just because I have a job, I have to do all this stuff to fulfill what you think I should be doing. She said I needed to have a plan to her by Wed about how I'm going to change that. She says I'm not in the real adult world. I really wish Kevin would buy a house, so I could get out from under my parents roof. Maybe that'd get them off my back, most likely not.
It's so funny how my mom said a couple weeks ago, that they're going to sell the house in 5 years, but pretty much last week and last weekend, she's been giving me pointers on how to make my apartment better (I'm on the 3rd floor of their house), what's the point if you're just gonna sell the house in 5 years? I can find everything fine, it's just her and her damn expectations.

Even when I was working 30+ hours a week, my parents were still saying I needed to find a better job with benefits. Nothing I do is good enough for them.

I did have a pretty good birthday yesterday. Kevin came over in the morning and gave me my present, a new desktop computer, it's way cool. I'm still getting stuff set up on it. I tried getting some stuff off some CD's I thought I burned on my other computer, only to find out they were blank, guess my CD burner didn't work on there either. So, now I have to set up the other one and slowly save things on my 1GB flash disk. I don't think I have a lot, just some pictures and word documents. It's jus the whole process of finding a place to set it up.
We all went out to lunch: mom, dad, Kevin and I. After lunch we went home, and I pretty much had to go to work, so I did that. My brother called me at work and we had a nice little chat. After work, I was pretty tired, and basically sat on the couch and fell asleep watching TV. It wouldn't have been a good birthday if Kevin hadn't come over.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

just a small time girl living in a lonely world

I hate it when I build myself up for something, and it's not what I expected. For some reason, I am extremely excited about my birthday this year (it's tomorrow), not like it's any big milestone. 26 doesn't do anything, at least 25 was kind of a milestone, 26 not so much.
I know I have no idea what' s going to happen tomorrow, but tonight, not as interesting as I hoped. Since I work tomorrow night and Friday night (my mom's birthday), we went out to supper tonight. As I said before we planned to go to The Spice, and we did, but we didn't make it to Hickory Park for dessert as my mom had a meeting at 7. After supper, we came back to the house and opened presents, my mom was particularly intrigued about her gift. I gave her a two-year subscription to a magazine, Our Iowa, it's basically all about Iowa it's got pictures and stories.
My parents gave me a frog pillow, that my mom made with some fleece I bought awhile ago, that she embellished with some sewing and beads and a little extra fabric, she also sewed a frog to the top of it. They also gave me quite a big gift card, which I'm still in shock about the amount (I just looked it up online), but it's so much more fun to get something material, granted I will be spending it on material stuff, but I could have used this much on a Fareway, or Target/Walmart gift card, anything I spend this gift card on, I don't really need. I'd rather use it on stuff I need.

I've noticed now that I've been eating/drinking a little more healthily (don't know if that's a word, but it is now), certain things I used to love, don't taste as good anymore. Ever since Easter Sunday, I've been drinking water except on Sunday nights and Mondays, when I get together with Kevin and we go out. I know it's cheaper to drink water then too, but it's like a little bonus for me. I've even got to liking water more. I'm also trying to eat more healthy and not snack on things as much, or if I do, snack on more healthy things like carrots, or yogurt, or some of the healthy bars rather than chips or cookies or candy bars. I do still buy some sugary stuff, but I'm spending most of my money on healthy food when I go food shopping. I've noticed I've slimmed a bit since then, I'm not fat, I know that. But, I have noticed I gained more of a stomach lately, and I got new stretch marks on the inside of my thighs. I've gone down a couple pounds, and some clothes that were getting tight fit better. A month or so ago, I bought a juniors medium skirt at Walmart, I didn't know it was junior's, anyways, when I tried it on at home, I couldn't get it over my thighs, it now fits over my thighs. I also need to get my ass out on walks, like I used to do, I used to walk on 4 mile walks around town. Part of me not doing that lately is that my mp3 player's battery is sucking a lot (course now I can get a new one with my gift card), but my brother gave his to my father, and I have it on loan, but I can't put my songs on it, so not the same.
Getting back to stuff tasting different. I bought me some champagne cake the other day, wasn't near as good as it used to taste. Also, I bought a Coke the other day, and opened it tonight, it doesn't taste as good either. Guess it's a good thing, I won't be eating/drinking these things if they don't taste good.