Friday, July 03, 2009

Mama's dancing, baby on her shoulder

Leave it to my mother to ruin a perfectly good day. I go out to look for my mail (which isn't there yet) and she gets on me about what I did for my week, and then when I tell her and none of it included volunteering she gets on me about that. How I'm supposed to have a full time job, implying that I'm not looking, or doing I think it's 15 hours a week volunteering. And how I'm supposed to be doing 5 hours of work for my parents, she complains about how she had to do yardwork today, and now she can barely feel her hands, I scoff at that inside my head. Here's a thought if you want me to do stuff around the house, tell me what the hell you want me to do, I can't read your fucking mind. And that whole thing about the job and volunteering, I love it how just because I have a job, I have to do all this stuff to fulfill what you think I should be doing. She said I needed to have a plan to her by Wed about how I'm going to change that. She says I'm not in the real adult world. I really wish Kevin would buy a house, so I could get out from under my parents roof. Maybe that'd get them off my back, most likely not.
It's so funny how my mom said a couple weeks ago, that they're going to sell the house in 5 years, but pretty much last week and last weekend, she's been giving me pointers on how to make my apartment better (I'm on the 3rd floor of their house), what's the point if you're just gonna sell the house in 5 years? I can find everything fine, it's just her and her damn expectations.

Even when I was working 30+ hours a week, my parents were still saying I needed to find a better job with benefits. Nothing I do is good enough for them.

I did have a pretty good birthday yesterday. Kevin came over in the morning and gave me my present, a new desktop computer, it's way cool. I'm still getting stuff set up on it. I tried getting some stuff off some CD's I thought I burned on my other computer, only to find out they were blank, guess my CD burner didn't work on there either. So, now I have to set up the other one and slowly save things on my 1GB flash disk. I don't think I have a lot, just some pictures and word documents. It's jus the whole process of finding a place to set it up.
We all went out to lunch: mom, dad, Kevin and I. After lunch we went home, and I pretty much had to go to work, so I did that. My brother called me at work and we had a nice little chat. After work, I was pretty tired, and basically sat on the couch and fell asleep watching TV. It wouldn't have been a good birthday if Kevin hadn't come over.

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Carrie M said...

You're not in the real adult world? Most "real adults" don't volunteer AT ALL, let alone 15 hours a week!