Thursday, July 09, 2009

I've got a pocketful of sunshine

OK, I forgot something. My mom was whining at me the other day about volunteering. Yesterday, she shows me a page in the newspaper about volunteer oppurtunities, and says how volunteering at the library isn't really doing anything for me. Silly me, I thought a person volunteered to help the community, yes it's a bonus if you get something else out of it, but the way she said it, it seemed like that's the only reason a person volunteered. Anyways, she showed me something to look into, which I did, and the person emailed me today, and said how for this opportunity, it was a year commitment, that I'd get about an $800 stipend a month, but that I wouldn't be able to work at any other jobs while doing it. I'm not quite sure I want to give up my 3 part-time jobs for a year and then come back to them. Especially the store I'm working at, I don't think my boss would appreciate that, "Can I leave for a year for this volunteer thing and then come back and work for you?" What's the guarantee I'm gonna get the jobs back? It also said something about vacation time, but what if I'm not able to get the 2 weeks for the Hawaii trip that we already have planned? How does that work, we're not gonna cancel because of it. I've already got the OK from the store job. It just doesn't seem to work. Yes, it would be nice to get that $800 a month, but how much would it screw up my current jobs/job connections to do it?

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