Saturday, July 25, 2009

They claim I was a nasty person

I love it how my parents don't think anything I do in my life is important.
Mom has been trying to clean out my stuff of my old bedroom (so she can put more stuff she never uses into it), and we're kinda planning a garage sale for next weekend. Today, my dad calls and says we need to make a plan for when we can work on getting stuff out. Really? Why do I need to help you get stuff out of your house? No one helped me when I was sorting out stuff. Then, he gets all upset, because I'm busy taking care of stuff I need to do before I go help out at the library this afternoon and asks what I'm doing. Like it's any of his business.
And I really don't think it takes much to organize a garage sale, put an ad up on craigslist and the free paper people get in the mail on Weds, move your car out of the garage, move a couple other things out that aren't going to be for sale, put up some table, put up some signs saying this stuff is X amt of dollars, put some price tags on bigger things and there you go.
Why do my parents insist on making things so much harder than they are?
And why does all the things I do in my life not important. Like last week when mom asked me to get part of the foundation painted before they got back from their trip on Weds, did she ask me if I had stuff to do? No, because I guess since I don't have a full time job, all I do is sit in my apartment and do nothing all day.

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