Wednesday, July 01, 2009

just a small time girl living in a lonely world

I hate it when I build myself up for something, and it's not what I expected. For some reason, I am extremely excited about my birthday this year (it's tomorrow), not like it's any big milestone. 26 doesn't do anything, at least 25 was kind of a milestone, 26 not so much.
I know I have no idea what' s going to happen tomorrow, but tonight, not as interesting as I hoped. Since I work tomorrow night and Friday night (my mom's birthday), we went out to supper tonight. As I said before we planned to go to The Spice, and we did, but we didn't make it to Hickory Park for dessert as my mom had a meeting at 7. After supper, we came back to the house and opened presents, my mom was particularly intrigued about her gift. I gave her a two-year subscription to a magazine, Our Iowa, it's basically all about Iowa it's got pictures and stories.
My parents gave me a frog pillow, that my mom made with some fleece I bought awhile ago, that she embellished with some sewing and beads and a little extra fabric, she also sewed a frog to the top of it. They also gave me quite a big gift card, which I'm still in shock about the amount (I just looked it up online), but it's so much more fun to get something material, granted I will be spending it on material stuff, but I could have used this much on a Fareway, or Target/Walmart gift card, anything I spend this gift card on, I don't really need. I'd rather use it on stuff I need.

I've noticed now that I've been eating/drinking a little more healthily (don't know if that's a word, but it is now), certain things I used to love, don't taste as good anymore. Ever since Easter Sunday, I've been drinking water except on Sunday nights and Mondays, when I get together with Kevin and we go out. I know it's cheaper to drink water then too, but it's like a little bonus for me. I've even got to liking water more. I'm also trying to eat more healthy and not snack on things as much, or if I do, snack on more healthy things like carrots, or yogurt, or some of the healthy bars rather than chips or cookies or candy bars. I do still buy some sugary stuff, but I'm spending most of my money on healthy food when I go food shopping. I've noticed I've slimmed a bit since then, I'm not fat, I know that. But, I have noticed I gained more of a stomach lately, and I got new stretch marks on the inside of my thighs. I've gone down a couple pounds, and some clothes that were getting tight fit better. A month or so ago, I bought a juniors medium skirt at Walmart, I didn't know it was junior's, anyways, when I tried it on at home, I couldn't get it over my thighs, it now fits over my thighs. I also need to get my ass out on walks, like I used to do, I used to walk on 4 mile walks around town. Part of me not doing that lately is that my mp3 player's battery is sucking a lot (course now I can get a new one with my gift card), but my brother gave his to my father, and I have it on loan, but I can't put my songs on it, so not the same.
Getting back to stuff tasting different. I bought me some champagne cake the other day, wasn't near as good as it used to taste. Also, I bought a Coke the other day, and opened it tonight, it doesn't taste as good either. Guess it's a good thing, I won't be eating/drinking these things if they don't taste good.

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