Monday, June 29, 2009

You're busted

It doesn't feel like Monday, and it wasn't a very nice weekend. I had a friend's (Amanda's) baby shower to go to on Sunday, so Saturday I made a survival kit for new mom's and a card. Check them out here. That took pretty much all day on Saturday. Sunday I woke up to go out and mow the lawn, took my pig out to enjoy the weather while I ate my lunch. After that, I took a shower and spent way too much time figuring out what to wear. I decided on a cute little skirt Kevin bought me a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, I opted to not wear anything under the skirt, so I felt rather self-conscious and on the way inside for the baby shower, the wind was blowing, so I was having a hard time not flashing anything to anyone.
The baby shower was fun, only I knew Amanda and one other person there and there were at least 15 people there. But, it was fun seeing what other people got her and eating extremely good lemon cake.
The mine decided Kevin had to work yesterday night, so he slept all day yesterday, I got to chat with him for a couple minutes while he was getting ready to go to work, and then he went off to work. Today, I didn't really know what to do. I thought I'd try recreating the "bag" I made for Amanda, but then I ran out of double-stick tape. I was thinking if I made and decorated a whole bunch of them and put them up on my etsy store, maybe they'd sell, we'll see.
Also, Kevin might be working next weekend (that is the 4th of July). I'm really hating his bosses right now. We were planning to go back to his parents house sometime Saturday and stay until Monday afternoon. But, looks like that won't be happening now. I'm really hoping they don't end up working, they already ruined one weekend for me, I don't need 2 crappy weekends in a row.

My birthday's on Thursday, I'll be 26, but I won't be doing anything really fun. My parents and I are going out to supper on Wednesday, since I'm working Thursday night. The plan is to go to The Spice, a Thai food restaurant, for supper and Hickory Park for ice cream. Sunday, mom suggested we do something actually on my birthday, like it really matters, and we might be going to Legend's for lunch. She also wants to do something on the 4th of July. She has been really clingy lately, she wants to spend all this time with me, I don't know why, I'm pretty sure she has some other motive than just hanging out, and I'm pretty sure it's to talk about crap I don't want to talk about. She made such a big deal about doing something on my birthday and about doing something on July 4th. Maybe she can sense I'm rather bummed about Kevin not being able to get together with me, I don't know.

Mentioning Hickory Park reminded me of a guy I had come into the store a couple weeks ago. He said someone told him about a really good BBQ place but he couldn't remember the name. I asked if it was Battle's. He said no, and replied that they had ice cream. I asked if it was Hickory Park, he said, yes it was. Now, if you're from around here, and have gone to Hickory Park, it's not something I would call a BBQ place. It has all different foods from hamburgers to smoked meats to salads and tons of really great ice cream sundaes. It does have BBQ, but it's not a huge thing on their menu. It has five different BBQ things on it's menu (I looked, I don't have it memorized), so it was lucky for the guy that I knew they had BBQ and ice cream.

UGH!! Ok, one more thing, just because it's bothering me as I sit here and type this. If you know me, I can't breathe cigarette smoke. Lucky me, my place of work sits between 2 businesses where the employees smoke, and since you can't smoke inside businesses anymore, they smoke outside, and on a day like today, when it's nice outside and the door is open. I have to shut it. On one side, there is a pizza joint, some of the delivery drivers smoke, they sit on the little railing on the ramp to the place next door to them and smoke away, so I get smoke from the south. On the other side is a check cashing place, and the lady apparently can't leave the premises, so she stands right outside the door and smokes away, so I get smoke from the north. I can't win. If I ever had to use a check cashing place (and I really hope I don't have to, because with what they charge, I would get into so much more debt), I would be so turned off to see this lady standing, basically in the doorway smoking. I'm sure that really keeps the cigarette smoke out of your business too.
I had a guy one time, almost walk into the store with his cigarette in his hand still lit. I gave him one hell of a look. He got the message, apologized and wandered off. I can't stand it when smokers come in, they all have this cloud of smoke hanging around them, and I can smell it no matter where they are in the store. Granted it's not a very big store, but it's not that massively small either, if you're in the back of the store, I shouldn't be able to smell you in the front. That's just nasty. I'm done rambling now. :)

Hope you all had a good weekend.

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Carrie M said...

I don't think it's so odd that he referred to it as a BBQ place. BBQ might not dominate the menu at HP, but it's what they're known for. Hell, they have giant bottles of BBQ sauce on the tables, and if they cater a party, you get BBQ stuff.