Thursday, June 11, 2009

Needed to vent

I just had a chick come in and ask if we were hiring, I said no. As she walked out the door, her friend said They're not hiring? Nope. "Probably cause you is black" "Probably".
It couldn't just be because we're not hiring, that we've told every single person that's come in lately no. That we have enough people to cover all the times we're open. No, it must be because you are black. But, of course that would be against the law if we weren't gonna hire you because you were black. Here's a thought, if you're going to go around looking for a job, dress a little nicer, the capri sweat pants and T-shirt isn't really gonna have anyone begging you to work for them.
That's kind of annoying, I haven't seen one single person come in lately dressed nicely when they ask if we're hiring. Every person has been in jeans or sweat pants, I had a guy with a huge backpack on yesterday. I get that it's summertime and that everyone's looking for a summer job, but you should try to make a good impression.

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