Friday, June 12, 2009

Who knew

My feet are soo tired. I walked 2.5 miles Wed and Thurs.
Today I pretty much hung out with my dad all day. We went to a pizza buffet place for lunch, then decided to go to a dinosaur exhibit at some local gardens. We walked around that trying to avoid the kids. It must have been family day or something. I loved how one family felt they needed to take off their shoes and play in the pond, it was nice that mom was holding one child as he sat on the edge and dangled his feet in, with grandma watching close by. The ponds are not supposed to be played in.
On our way home we stopped at the grocery store and got some really good deals on Naked fruit juice, a couple varieties were $0.99, that's pretty good when they're usually $2.50. As we were crossing the street to go home, a car stopped in the middle of the crosswalk and my dad almost walked into it (my dad's legally blind, so he walks with a white cane), so my dad tapped the back of the car a few times while we were walking behind it. I thought it was a nice way to get the point to them, but I also worried, if he does that a lot, what happens when he does it to someone's car who has road rage or a bad day or a gun in the car? I glared at the people as they turned the corner and looked back at us. They deserved it, they stopped in the middle of the crosswalk, and ignored a blind man walking.

I think tomorrow my feet are taking a break.

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