Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hawaii 1-2-10

Pretty slow day today. Slept in until 8:00, went to IHOP for breakfast of french toast. Walked around a bit, I wanted to go to this gelato place I had seen a day or so ago, but when we finally found it, there was a sign in the window saying it was closed for business. Went back to the hotel and finished packing, then went to Duke's for lunch. Ate cold nachos (not very good), checked out of hotel and went to Na'uana Pali Lookout:
Left there about 2:00PM, drove to the boat dock. Got on the boat and have been here exploring since. The staterooms are very small. With 4 of us in here, it's very cozy. I'm also disappointed in the pools, they're very small, but we also don't plan to be on the boat that much. Tomorrow, we have a whale watch scheduled for 4:30PM, but nothing other than that, so I figure it will be a very relaxing day.

Friday, February 19, 2010

And we danced all night

Big mail day for me today. I received both my prizes from the OWOH giveaways. This nice bear from Kathy and a picture book from Twinkietinydog. Also received my UHU sample of the month, a star box, that I need to decorate, write a review and send them a link to my review.

As I've been sitting here at work, I've decided I really need to clean my house (OK, I always say this, I pick up a few things and call it clean, but this is different). I am a huge packrat (I think most artists are, because we see something and think, oooh, I could use that in something someday), anyways, I think part of the reason I find it so hard to get myself going on my projects (of which I have a ton of this month, is that I have to open my tiny closet (it is tiny, I live on the 3rd floor of a Victorian house built in the late 1900's and my closet is stuck under one of the eaves), drag everything out into my hallway, and trip over everything until I have finished the project I'm working on, and I usually just shove everything back in the closet and shut the door. I am in the process of putting together my supply package for Jules, that she won on my other blog, and I think I can put quite a few things in there (it's the medium flat rate box from Priority mail). I think if I cleared out enough room to actually work in my closet (which isn't that appealing now that it's cold), I might get more inspired to start on stuff. And I sure need to extend the less of a packratness (new word) into the rest of my apartment. I also need to buy less stuff, I have a tendency to buy a lot of material things when I go anywhere (though I didn't buy that many in HI), and if I stoppped buying, not only would I have less stuff, I'd sure have more money.
Now, since all I really have to do this weekend is work tomorrow morning and go grocery shopping, I'm sure going to put in the effort. I have no excuse for not cleaning, though lately, I've been watching one of the seasons of Bones, because I got this wild idea to put hold requests on all the seasons they have at the library and watch them, and since they only check out for a week, I have to watch them quickly. I also need to NOT turn on my computer in the morning, I don't know what I do, but I waste SO much time in front of it. Kinda like now, but I'm at work, that's different. OK, not really, I should really be reading all these books I also checked out of the library. But, I can blame my wasting time on computer in the evenings on the One World One Heart Blog event, I found so many new neat blogs through that, that I added way too many to my blog roll.
I know Kevin totally hates my mess, and I know my parents would love it if I got tidier. I currently have over a week of dishes soaking in my sink now, and of course way too much stuff on my floor.
I really shouldn't keep things I know I'm never going to use, or the completed Greatest Dot-To-Dot books, I mean really, what am I going to do with them now?
I really need to get rid of some of my old college books too, I had this thing where I underlined a LOT when I was in college and I highly doubt anyone wants me books.
I also need to throw away magazines I've read. How much can I really get out of old Glamours? Reader's Digest and Real Simple actually have useful things I can use later in life.
I need to stop picking up the free books at the library and things I may alter in the future, I have so many things that fall in that category, but just pile up in my closet.
I need to learn to get rid of clothes I'm never going to fit into or never going to wear and just keep because someone gave them to me.
Also things I'm never going to use, but keep because someone gave it to me.
I need to get rid of all the old toys from when I was a kid that have a little sentimentality.

Now if I could just stick to that list. Anyone got any ideas about organization and what one should and shouldn't keep?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hawaii 1/1/2010

I can't believe it's the new year already. I'm a little buzzed from the drink I had with supper, so I hope this still makes sense. I woke up way too many times because of people celebrating. My MP3's batter finally went out around 3AM, so I attempted to plug it in and in my quest found out that the outlet my phone was in didn't work, so I plugged them both into another outlet and got them charged up.
Mom and I caught a bus to the zoo, and the driver wouldn't let us pay, we were all ready with our money out and he wouldn't take it, so that was cool. We got to the zoo too early, so we went out on the pier at Wakiki Beach and watched swimmers in the water. When we went back to the zoo, I found this really cool leaf (which you can't see and now isn't very cool anymore), but it was an oval leaf, probably about 8 inches long with pink and green on it, it was pretty neat. We got to see birds and monkeys and zebras and lots of animals you'd normally see at the zoo, unfortunately they didn't have their lion exhibit open (I always make it a point to visit the zoo and see the lion, or the aquarium when we go on vacation). This monkey below was one of the ones we saw, actually I think it was a lemur, but I really don't know. Anyway, he was just sprawled out in the morning sun like he was tanning, it was so cute.
Mom took a picture of me with a giraffe statue and I think it's pretty cute:
Also, Kevin called me and that got me happier. Ross picked us up around 11 and we went to the Dole plantation where we ate lunch, took a train ride and a garden tour. I didn't find it that impressive, we also ate some pineapple ice cream. That was pretty good. I bought a couple of postcards including one with a train that I sent to Kevin. We then went to the North Shore and watched the waves. We then decided to go back and deal with supper. We wandered down the beach and went to one place where we were suppoes to cook our own food. We all decided against that and went to the restuarant next door. I keep seeing all these people either doing a little cuddling or holding hands and I really wish Kevin was here.
Tomorrow we get on the boat for our cruise.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Whether I stay, whether I go, depends on whatever you say

*NOTE* Pity post for me, don't read if you're already in a bad mood.

I am so sick of snow, I want to go back to Hawaii where it's warm and brightly colored and warm and not snowy.
I hate shoveling snow, it feels like I've been doing it every day for the past week.
My arms hurt, and I'm very sore.
I hate change, I hate the fact that my boyfriend has a job where he works usually 7 days a week, or like now he's on layoff and decides he needs to go home for a month. I've seen him maybe 4 days total in the last month, because there's nothing for him to do here except hang out with me and I guess that's just not fun enough.
I want flowers or candy or even a night out to a nice restaurant and a movie. Instead I get to cuddle with a giant stuffed frog in front of my TV.
I hate growing up, I loved high school: all I had to do was get up and go to school, I didn't have to worry about paying my own bills or making enough money to live.
I hate that I have over $1000 in medical bills to pay right now, which isn't a ton by any standards, but it's more than I can afford.
I hate where my mind wanders too all the time and the fact that it always puts me down when I mess up in any way.
I hate that I suck at making friends and that I don't have any close friends to chat with here in town.
I hate that I'm in a bad mood and don't really have any outlet for it.

Monday, February 15, 2010

One World, One Heart giveaway

Well, it's been a fun few weeks, but the One World, One Heart blog event is now over. There were over 1100 blogs when I visited the site last Monday night and I visited all of them, read all the posts and entered (mostly) all the giveaways, a couple were for things I wouldn't be able to use like a fishing trip in Canada, and some I could quite see the link to add a comment. I had a ton of fun and plan on going back to quite a few of the blogs and reading them again, I have added at least 10 new blogs to my following of blogs and you can see them all on the sidebar, check them out, they are very interesting.
I got an email (post on The Frog Palace) about me winning a very cute bear today, though I didn't go to these blogs to win, it's always fun to win things (and I secretly hope I win more). I also got an email from Twinkietinydog about winning a cute picture book, can't wait to see it. And, I have picked the two winners for my prizes on this blog (The Frog Palace's winners are already posted, hop over there to see who they are), so here they are: the winner of the scarf is FairlyGirly and the winner of the movies is Linda. I will be going to their blogs momentarily and adding a comment telling them they won.

I have had a lot of fun with this and I hope you all have too.

Congratulations to the winners.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hawaii 12/31/09

I woke up at 3:00AM, 7:00AM Iowa time, found my MP3 player, stuck it in my ears and floated back to sleep until our wake-up call at 5:30AM. I ate the rest of my croissant from the night before and some water for breakfast. We went downstairs and drove to Pearl Harbor. We waited in line for awhile and got some tickets for 11:00AM, that was about 2 hours away, so we drove to the Bishops Museum and walked around there. We saw some historical Hawaii stuff, and some very cool replicas of dinosaurs. Besides the picture below, there were T-Rex, Brontasaurus (will probably butcher the spellings on these), the things with the plates on their backs, velocirapters, and quite a few others that I have no idea what they're called. They all moved when you walked past the motion detector. I also wondered through the lava exhibit.
When we finished there, it was time to go back to Pearl Harbour. We got to watch a short documentary on it, and then got on the boat to go out to the memorial. I was too busy taking it all in to get any pictures, but I know my brother got plenty. We got back on the boat and went through the museum and gift shop, I bought some postcards. We went back to the hotel and decided to walk down to a deli for lunch, I got a vegetarian sandwich and some water. Mom, Dad and I decided to walk to the aquarium and Ross decided to relax by the pool. It was quite a bit longer walk than we thought (or were led on to believe by Ross), but very enjoyable, we walked by Wakiki Beach. At the aquarium we got to see quite a few fish and seahorses, etc. We also got to watch them feed the sharks, that was pretty cool. At the gift shop, I bought a fish magnet, some postcards and some fish stickers. We stopped at the zoo to find out their hours for the next day before we headed back to the hotel.
On our walk back, we passed by a Harley-Davidson shop, so I had to buy a cute pink T-shirt with butterflies on it. I'd noticed how the prices were higher in HI, but the prices at the HD store seemed to be about the same as they would be in Iowa. We also walked by quite a few ABC stores (their convenience stores) and I bought a really cute green tube dress, some scotch tape and deoderant. We also picked up some food items for breakfast the next day.
We decided to go across the stree to IHOP for dinner as Ross was eating with his friend and we didn't really have anything planned. I was really hoping to find some authentic Hawaii food at that point. I fell asleep watching TV.

If you want to see all of my Hawiia photos, go here.

Friday, February 12, 2010

What happened this week?

I feel I've been pretty lax in posting lately, and I really don't have a good reason for not posting, especially with as much time as I seem to be spending in front of my computer.
This week has been pretty busy though, Kevin (my boyfriend) came back on Sunday and we spent quite a bit of time driving around and buying stuff we didn't need. By the time we got back to my house, the Super Bowl had already started and I decided to make hamburgers with the ground beef that desperately needed to be cooked, except I didn't have buns, so we went out again and ended up going to the SuperWalmart and getting food and other stuff we didn't need. By the time we got back and got our nachos (they sounded better than burgers) fixed, the Super Bowl was pretty much over.
Monday, I had to get up and shovel snow and then venture to work, got to eat lunch with Kevin after work and hang out a little before I had to go to another job.
Tuesday, got up and went to work, came home and shoveled snow again. The news people said we got about 10 more inches of snow with that storm that lasted from Sunday until Tuesday afternoon. And we're supposed to get more tomorrow. I'm really getting sick of snow. Went to work again that night.
Wednesday, woke up and pretty much messed around all day on the computer (I'm blaming it on the One World One Heart giveaway, there were over 1100 blogs on that list). And went to work that night. I got woken up about 3 AM to Kevin trying to bury me in frogs (I love frogs), and he spent the rest of the night cuddling with me.
Thursday, got up and did my laundry, Kevin and I went out to breakfast (or lunch for him), came back and had a birthday lunch with my dad. Don't remember what I did with my afternoon before I had to go to work.
Friday (that's today), wasted a ton of time on the computer again, went with dad to the grocery store, and spent more money on stuff I didn't need. Went to work, which is where I am now, and it's not very busy (which is why I can update my blog).
My weekend's not looking THAT eventful, I'm going to my cousin's wedding tomorrow, we might stay over because of the forecast of the winter storm, don't know how that will turn out.
I should really work on art projects tomorrow during the day, I have my Yahoo! group's neon cards due at the end of Feb, a bird collage swap due the middle of March, but I have to mail it to the UK, so I figure I need to be done at least by the 5th, 13 inchies swap for the same group due in March, a puzzle piece swap for that group due in March also, and a trivial pursuit swap due in April, plus my group's Girly cards for March and fabric cards for April. Of course, I can't do my group's stuff until those months as people are still sending me stuff.
I'm also planning to make/alter something for my One World One Heart giveaway on my other blog as I have over 200 comments on there, and I figured I'd do something for every 100 comments I got.

Oh, and Sunday is not looking very exciting either. Kevin's in Colorado at a Storm Chaser's convention until then and he goes back to work on Monday night, so I'm guessing he'll try to stay up on Sunday night to get back in the swing of things. I'm thinking of going downtown and purchasing myself some Valentine candy or something, and then watching movies with my frogs, or working on art that day.

And that is the update in my not-so-exciting life. Maybe I'll have something more exciting next week.

Also, a question for my readers, what's a good horror movie?
I've been drawn to horror movies lately, which I find strange as when I was little they always scared me. I think it's because I used to watch Supernatural and some of the things they showed on that show were pretty creepy. That's used to because when they started to go on about good and evil and God vs the Devil, I became disinterested. Granted they still have the cool car and the good looking guys (pretty much the reason I started watching it), but I don't know how I feel about that stuff and I'd rather figure it out before I start watching shows/movies about it. Plus, I work Thursday nights (when it's on), and I close the store at 8, which doesn't get me home until about 8:30, by that time, it's half over with.
Some movies I have already watched are: The Orphan, Case 39, The Omen, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Skeleton Key, The Last Winter, The Ring, I know there's more, but I can't remember them now. Any really good ones that will really scare me?

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Hawaii, Day 1, 12-30-09

I got up at 2AM, crawling back into bed until 2:15, packed the few things I had left to pack and made sure things were unplugged. Mom made sure we all packed boots and a heavy coat in the car, so if we had any probelms on our way back we'd be ready. We left home about 3:30 arriving at the airport fhortly after 4. We had to ride in a tiny pnae, but got to be in first class, which pretty much consisted of extra drinks.
We got to Chicago about 7:30 and waited until 11:30 before leaving again, we were supposed to leave at 10. There were problems getting the plane in. I got sit in business class with Ross and his friend. It was soo cool:
The seats could recline into a bed, we had blankets and pillows. There were little TVs where we could watch movies, TV, play games, listen to audio books and music. We also got lots of extra food: warmed nuts in a little ceramic bowl and drinks in real glasses. For lunch we got some kind of salad with some kind of really good cut of beef, so tender and spicy walnuts with rolls and a warm chocolate chip cookie for dessert. We got real cloth napkins and warm towels. Later we got grapes, pineapple, honeydew melon, swiss cheese, cheddar cheese and crackers. I watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Orphan, and Case 39 and most of Up! I really hope we get business class on the way back. For some reason, my phone wouldn't turn on after we got off, and we haven't been able to figure out why. We finally got in to Hawaii about 5, Iowa time. It was about a 9 hour flight. We found our rental car and drove to the hotel. After somewhat unpacking, we wandered around looking for food. Unfortunately, we ran into too pricey, dark, and too long of a wait. Finally we stopped at a food court.
After eating, we went back to the hotel and collapsed into bed.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Double post

Here's a question for all the people in the US that sell stuff on Etsy: do I have to worry about the income I make from etsy on my taxes? My dad usually helps me with all my tax questions and has said in the past that I don't have to worry about my profit from Etsy, but I was on Etsy today reading this article and it says I have to file a form for my profits on etsy. I know I've made barely over $100 with both of my stores combined, and I sure don't do it full time, so it's not like I'm really investing a lot in it (I know, I should be doing more).

Any comments would (hopefully) be helpful.

Monday, February 01, 2010


Alright, I'm sorry it's been like a week since I posted, and I honestly have to reason to not post.

Except for yesterday, I was plagued with severe abdominal pains and pretty much spent the whole day at the doctor's today figuring out those are from a 3mm kidney stone. YEAH! So, at the moment, I'm drugged up on Ibprofen, cold and tired.

Let's hope the upcoming days are much better than today, and I hope all my readers are well.