Friday, February 12, 2010

What happened this week?

I feel I've been pretty lax in posting lately, and I really don't have a good reason for not posting, especially with as much time as I seem to be spending in front of my computer.
This week has been pretty busy though, Kevin (my boyfriend) came back on Sunday and we spent quite a bit of time driving around and buying stuff we didn't need. By the time we got back to my house, the Super Bowl had already started and I decided to make hamburgers with the ground beef that desperately needed to be cooked, except I didn't have buns, so we went out again and ended up going to the SuperWalmart and getting food and other stuff we didn't need. By the time we got back and got our nachos (they sounded better than burgers) fixed, the Super Bowl was pretty much over.
Monday, I had to get up and shovel snow and then venture to work, got to eat lunch with Kevin after work and hang out a little before I had to go to another job.
Tuesday, got up and went to work, came home and shoveled snow again. The news people said we got about 10 more inches of snow with that storm that lasted from Sunday until Tuesday afternoon. And we're supposed to get more tomorrow. I'm really getting sick of snow. Went to work again that night.
Wednesday, woke up and pretty much messed around all day on the computer (I'm blaming it on the One World One Heart giveaway, there were over 1100 blogs on that list). And went to work that night. I got woken up about 3 AM to Kevin trying to bury me in frogs (I love frogs), and he spent the rest of the night cuddling with me.
Thursday, got up and did my laundry, Kevin and I went out to breakfast (or lunch for him), came back and had a birthday lunch with my dad. Don't remember what I did with my afternoon before I had to go to work.
Friday (that's today), wasted a ton of time on the computer again, went with dad to the grocery store, and spent more money on stuff I didn't need. Went to work, which is where I am now, and it's not very busy (which is why I can update my blog).
My weekend's not looking THAT eventful, I'm going to my cousin's wedding tomorrow, we might stay over because of the forecast of the winter storm, don't know how that will turn out.
I should really work on art projects tomorrow during the day, I have my Yahoo! group's neon cards due at the end of Feb, a bird collage swap due the middle of March, but I have to mail it to the UK, so I figure I need to be done at least by the 5th, 13 inchies swap for the same group due in March, a puzzle piece swap for that group due in March also, and a trivial pursuit swap due in April, plus my group's Girly cards for March and fabric cards for April. Of course, I can't do my group's stuff until those months as people are still sending me stuff.
I'm also planning to make/alter something for my One World One Heart giveaway on my other blog as I have over 200 comments on there, and I figured I'd do something for every 100 comments I got.

Oh, and Sunday is not looking very exciting either. Kevin's in Colorado at a Storm Chaser's convention until then and he goes back to work on Monday night, so I'm guessing he'll try to stay up on Sunday night to get back in the swing of things. I'm thinking of going downtown and purchasing myself some Valentine candy or something, and then watching movies with my frogs, or working on art that day.

And that is the update in my not-so-exciting life. Maybe I'll have something more exciting next week.

Also, a question for my readers, what's a good horror movie?
I've been drawn to horror movies lately, which I find strange as when I was little they always scared me. I think it's because I used to watch Supernatural and some of the things they showed on that show were pretty creepy. That's used to because when they started to go on about good and evil and God vs the Devil, I became disinterested. Granted they still have the cool car and the good looking guys (pretty much the reason I started watching it), but I don't know how I feel about that stuff and I'd rather figure it out before I start watching shows/movies about it. Plus, I work Thursday nights (when it's on), and I close the store at 8, which doesn't get me home until about 8:30, by that time, it's half over with.
Some movies I have already watched are: The Orphan, Case 39, The Omen, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Skeleton Key, The Last Winter, The Ring, I know there's more, but I can't remember them now. Any really good ones that will really scare me?

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The Others is really good