Friday, February 19, 2010

And we danced all night

Big mail day for me today. I received both my prizes from the OWOH giveaways. This nice bear from Kathy and a picture book from Twinkietinydog. Also received my UHU sample of the month, a star box, that I need to decorate, write a review and send them a link to my review.

As I've been sitting here at work, I've decided I really need to clean my house (OK, I always say this, I pick up a few things and call it clean, but this is different). I am a huge packrat (I think most artists are, because we see something and think, oooh, I could use that in something someday), anyways, I think part of the reason I find it so hard to get myself going on my projects (of which I have a ton of this month, is that I have to open my tiny closet (it is tiny, I live on the 3rd floor of a Victorian house built in the late 1900's and my closet is stuck under one of the eaves), drag everything out into my hallway, and trip over everything until I have finished the project I'm working on, and I usually just shove everything back in the closet and shut the door. I am in the process of putting together my supply package for Jules, that she won on my other blog, and I think I can put quite a few things in there (it's the medium flat rate box from Priority mail). I think if I cleared out enough room to actually work in my closet (which isn't that appealing now that it's cold), I might get more inspired to start on stuff. And I sure need to extend the less of a packratness (new word) into the rest of my apartment. I also need to buy less stuff, I have a tendency to buy a lot of material things when I go anywhere (though I didn't buy that many in HI), and if I stoppped buying, not only would I have less stuff, I'd sure have more money.
Now, since all I really have to do this weekend is work tomorrow morning and go grocery shopping, I'm sure going to put in the effort. I have no excuse for not cleaning, though lately, I've been watching one of the seasons of Bones, because I got this wild idea to put hold requests on all the seasons they have at the library and watch them, and since they only check out for a week, I have to watch them quickly. I also need to NOT turn on my computer in the morning, I don't know what I do, but I waste SO much time in front of it. Kinda like now, but I'm at work, that's different. OK, not really, I should really be reading all these books I also checked out of the library. But, I can blame my wasting time on computer in the evenings on the One World One Heart Blog event, I found so many new neat blogs through that, that I added way too many to my blog roll.
I know Kevin totally hates my mess, and I know my parents would love it if I got tidier. I currently have over a week of dishes soaking in my sink now, and of course way too much stuff on my floor.
I really shouldn't keep things I know I'm never going to use, or the completed Greatest Dot-To-Dot books, I mean really, what am I going to do with them now?
I really need to get rid of some of my old college books too, I had this thing where I underlined a LOT when I was in college and I highly doubt anyone wants me books.
I also need to throw away magazines I've read. How much can I really get out of old Glamours? Reader's Digest and Real Simple actually have useful things I can use later in life.
I need to stop picking up the free books at the library and things I may alter in the future, I have so many things that fall in that category, but just pile up in my closet.
I need to learn to get rid of clothes I'm never going to fit into or never going to wear and just keep because someone gave them to me.
Also things I'm never going to use, but keep because someone gave it to me.
I need to get rid of all the old toys from when I was a kid that have a little sentimentality.

Now if I could just stick to that list. Anyone got any ideas about organization and what one should and shouldn't keep?


Linda said...

Magazines, thats a hard one everytime you get them out you end up sat on the floor for hours reading them, beacuse you have found articles, craft projects or recipes that you would still like to do,.. Heres the solution;... Get an empty biscuit tin, and cut out the projects or whatever you really like,& can't bear to chuck the mag because of it, sometimes its only one or two in a magazine, pop them safely away in your new project tin. When you have a rainy day you can start a scrapbook of clippings. Linda

If you can find them see thru platic boxes are best for organising, at lease you get to see whats in the storage boxes. the ones that sit into one another and stack are the best if you can find them.

Carrie M said...

For clothes, a general rule is to throw away/donate clothes that you haven't worn in at least 6 months.

I second the idea of plastic totes. They're really helpful to organize and protect your stuff.

littlepurpleroom said...

I donated a big box of craft magazines, knitting mags, and Woman's Day mags to a senior center in town. They loved it.

Also if you have an appt. at the doctors or dentist you could take a handful and leave them in the waiting room. Also public laundrymats are a good place to drop off a handful. Anyplace people have to wait.

Old clothes can also be turned into shopping totes, vests, purses, childrens legwarmers out of sweater sleeves, Old jeans into skirts. Go to Etsy an look under for upcycled clothing to get ideas. Also there are a few books at the library: "sweater surgery" is one.