Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hawaii 1-2-10

Pretty slow day today. Slept in until 8:00, went to IHOP for breakfast of french toast. Walked around a bit, I wanted to go to this gelato place I had seen a day or so ago, but when we finally found it, there was a sign in the window saying it was closed for business. Went back to the hotel and finished packing, then went to Duke's for lunch. Ate cold nachos (not very good), checked out of hotel and went to Na'uana Pali Lookout:
Left there about 2:00PM, drove to the boat dock. Got on the boat and have been here exploring since. The staterooms are very small. With 4 of us in here, it's very cozy. I'm also disappointed in the pools, they're very small, but we also don't plan to be on the boat that much. Tomorrow, we have a whale watch scheduled for 4:30PM, but nothing other than that, so I figure it will be a very relaxing day.

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