Saturday, July 20, 2013

cake balls!

I went to a few sales today. Nothing sounded exciting for yesterday, plus it's been wicked hot and humid lately.
The one I was really looking forward to, had a lot of stuff, and I loved their pricing tactic, they used different colored dots. Anyways, here's what I got:
two printed hankies, two embroidered hankies, a tiny silver plate, a set of pig S&P shakers, a set of wooden S&P shakers. a set of owls, a bronzish piggy bank, a box of colored tape, a couple pins, a round table covering and a 1971 plate.
The library had a garage/book/bake sale today. I decided not to buy any books. Here's what I bought:
3 plates of cake balls, 3 embroidered hankies, a bunch of erasers, a blue monster, a owl pencil holder, a tiny elephant, a bag of poufy shapes and a heart candle.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Lots of hankies

Remember when I made this? Well, I showed it to one of my bosses, and she said she had some items that she thought I would like. Last week she brought them in, here they are:
 These are the embroidered ones
 And these are the printed ones.

I had quite a few sales on my list for Saturday, unfortunately they turned out to be not so exciting. I spent a grand total of $1.50, and I don't think anything was that exciting.
 4 pieces of embossed felt, two Christmas stockings, 2 plastic toys and a flower pin
turtles, a bunny rabbit and a candle.

Yesterday, my friend, her mom and I went to a state park for a picnic and to wander around in the creek that runs through it. It was fun, but I was hoping for something really exciting.

Last week, I bought these cool things at Target:
the tape, is a holder for earphones, but I couldn't resist it. A mushroom man from Mario Brothers, and a minion from Despicable Me. I love them. They might be my most exciting purchase for the month.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

My Birthday

So, yesterday was my birthday, I turned 30. I had a dinner party for my friends. It was fun, but today, I have this feeling that I wish it was more exciting. Here's what I received:
 One of my friends crocheted all those flowers, I love them, but I have no idea what to do with them. Another friend gave me the animal chocolate and the cute little owl box, another friend gave me the earrings.
I also picked up my bouquet of free flowers for the month, they turned out to be roses.
 A couple of my friends gave me wine. I don't drink a lot, and I certainly don't drink a lot of wine. I gave them so many ideas for presents that I'm a little let down that they gave me wine.
 And here are the cards I received:
The cake is from my insurance company, the owl one is from my friend that gave me the owl box, and the other one is from my aunt.

I feel kinda bummed today, I'm not entirely sure why.