Saturday, July 20, 2013

cake balls!

I went to a few sales today. Nothing sounded exciting for yesterday, plus it's been wicked hot and humid lately.
The one I was really looking forward to, had a lot of stuff, and I loved their pricing tactic, they used different colored dots. Anyways, here's what I got:
two printed hankies, two embroidered hankies, a tiny silver plate, a set of pig S&P shakers, a set of wooden S&P shakers. a set of owls, a bronzish piggy bank, a box of colored tape, a couple pins, a round table covering and a 1971 plate.
The library had a garage/book/bake sale today. I decided not to buy any books. Here's what I bought:
3 plates of cake balls, 3 embroidered hankies, a bunch of erasers, a blue monster, a owl pencil holder, a tiny elephant, a bag of poufy shapes and a heart candle.


Lee Hynes said...

What will you do with your Fab Finds?

Wendy Wirth said...

The hankies might be used in a fabric book, the silver plate was added to my collection, as were the owls, frog, and pig S&P shakers, the wooden S&P shakers are for my mom, the piggy bank is for a friend, i figured I'd use the tape and pins in art. I shared the cake balls with a friend, the owl and elephant were added to collections. The rest i have no idea.