Monday, October 16, 2017

Shopping Haul

Ya know, I try to be good and not go shopping, but then I run out of envelopes. I chose to go to Dollar Tree today for envelopes and a Cherry Coke because it's Monday. Of course, they didn't have either and I should have just left, but then I went down the sticker aisle and found they got some new stickers.
 I got doubles of the bottle sheet and the sheet on the bottom row in the middle. These are those layered flower stickers. I love the layered ones because I take the layers off and have twice as many stickers.
 I also got doubles of the first two alphabets. I don't know why I bought more of the buffy squarish stickers in the top row, I don't really use them.
 I got really excited when I saw the puffy stickers, they also have googly eyes on them. I picked up the wall sticker for a project, and couldn't pass up the Pokemon pens, even though I'm not a Pokemon fan.
Here's the boring stuff:
 I needed the small bandaids, but since you can have just those. More foam tape, I need to stop buying this for awhile. I always pick up duct tape whenever I find it. I'm trying to figure out if my headphones are going bad or not, I figured if these don't work, they were just a buck. My landlord encourages me to use command hooks instead of nails (the last ones I bought were a cheap knockoff and didn't stay stuck to my wall, I think it's the wall, because it's bumpy, but I thought I'd try again). I picked up the snowflakes for winter wands.
I also went to Walmart because I wanted to pick up something I thought would be on clearance because it was at our other Walmart.
I found my envelopes and found out that they are actually 6 cents cheaper than dollar tree. I've been looking for magnets for a project, this was 10 feet for $3.96. Last week I picked up a xyron sticker maker at the other walmart for $3, I picked up this replacement tape for $3.50. I wonder if they are getting rid of these, so I picked it up. I picked up two of these tape runners, and they rang up as $1.50, as I was leaving I realized it's not cheaper than just buying the 4 pack, oh well. I picked up the clothespins for a project.
I went home by way of Burger King for lunch and decided their new crispy chicken isn't very good. I also went by way of Hyvee Drug because they have a deal of 2 20 oz Cokes for $3. I stopped by the grocery store for toilet paper on the way home. I spent about $31 at Dollar Tree, $16 at Walmart, $8 at Burger King, $4 at Hyvee Drug and $6 at the grocery store. I wasn't motivated to go shopping at all today and will probably not be shopping for awhile.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Weekly Update

Every October, I watch a horror/scary movie every day up to Halloween and end with Maximum Overdrive. I remember seeing part of it at a party when I was young and when I finally figured out what it was, I've watched it on Halloween ever since I bought it.
Last week, I started with The Hills Have Eyes, Silent Hill, The Crazies, Seven, Saw, 28 Weeks Later, Misery, and The Craft.
Sunday: I worked Sunday, and the Halloween movie was Last House on the Left. I have been not interested in crafting lately, I looked at my pictures and noticed I hadn't done anything crafty since last Tuesday. I feel I've just been sitting around watching TV lately.
Monday: Other than no mail, I don't remember anything exciting happening. I went to work that night. My Halloween movie was Identity.
Tuesday: I finished some swaps.
An alphabet tag swap:
 A calendar tag swap:
 A card challenge:
 A book page card:
And I went to work that night. My movie for the night was The Mist.
Wednesday: I went to work that morning, ran my usual errands of mailing swaps and grocery shopping on my way home.
I got a big box from Hollar:
 I've been having some weird days, getting the Hollar box totally helped. LOVE everything in this picture.
Thursday: I went shopping. I needed some more flats to wear at work and another pair of boots for the upcoming season. I bought these cute socks a while back:
 When I put them on today, they weren't near as cute as I wanted them to be. The sparkly part of the sunglasses are right in the arch of my foot, so that was strange. Sadly they will make it into the Goodwill box.
I went to our new Walmart that I've been to three times. It's out of my way, but I still like to visit it infrequently. I found this gorgeous teapot:
 I also found these cute sticker books in the sticker aisle. I bought the two in the next picture.
 They also had some planner kits:
 They look like they had a ziploc bag, some washi, some stickers, some page flags, a binder clip and a ruler. Pretty cute, but I'm not a planner girl.
Here's what I bought:
 project life cards ($3), cacti stickers (47 cents), blingy flower stickers ($1), three sticker packs ($2.97 each).
Here's a close-up of what's included in the project life cards:
 The collection is Lucky Charm, every journaling card has gold foiling on them, the original price was $7.86. I love these smaller kits because there is no way I can use the 600 cards that come in the core kits. I love Project Life cards, but I suck at using them.
Here's one of the sticker packs:
 It's called Tasty Treats mega sticker pad. There's two of every sheet in it. I'm loving the kawaii food.
Here's a close-up of the more plannerish sticker pack:
 They don't have titles, but I am rather impressed on Walmart's selection of their small planner section, there were a couple of clear cling stamp sets for the same price. I'm not a planner person, but I love the decorative stickers.
Here's the other one I picked up:
Again, love these stickers.
Here's some more of my goodies:
 sticker maker ($3), trim ($1.50), tape ($5.84), Oreo bars ($1.84 each), I didn't know there was a mint version, and mini bags ($1). I was really excited to have found the clearance section at this Walmart, and I found a ton of great deals.
And some necessities:
flats ($14), boots ($20) and a bralette ($2). Like I said I needed new shoes, Walmart's cheap and they work for me. The bralette I had picked up a smaller size at the other Walmart awhile ago, sadly it didn't fit. I'm wickedly excited about this bralette, it's very comfortable.
I wandered over to our mall to check out the TJ Maxx and found a new pop up store:

 I'm thinking it's only here for the holidays, I also saw a new clothing store, also looked like a pop up.
Sadly, TJ Maxx didn't have anything I was interested in this time, they even shrunk their clearance section. I did buy some cookies and lunch. My movie is supposed to be Tortured, but as I read the back of the DVD case, I realized it's not actually a horror/scary movie.
Looks like Wednesday was the last day I watched a horror/scary movie . Like I said Thursday's choice wasn't one, Friday felt like Saturday all day and now it is Saturday. I went to work Thursday night.
Friday I was supposed to just relax and have to myself. I had a three-day weekend and was so excited. Until I saw the tracking on two of my packages said they'd been delivered only they weren't anywhere to be found. When the rest of my mail was delivered I asked the postal carrier and he kinda looked at me and then said, yeah I thought about that when I was delivering the rest of your mail. I must have delivered them to the wrong address, so I'm standing there waiting for him to give me some reassurance that I would get them, on the verge of tears because I was so upset. I give him my phone number and go back home, I call the postal service's 100 number and they tell me it will be a 45-50 minute wait before they can help me. Then I hear a knock on my door and he says he found them and picked them back up. He's standing there like he's waiting for me to tell him, it's ok that he screwed up. I was so upset that I got dressed and started towards the post office, before getting there, I called my friend who works in the postal system for advice, plus I didn't want to go in pissed off. Apparently, as long as you got your packages, not much would be done. My roommate and I were thinking later, if I hadn't said anything, what would have happened with my packages? I'll never know if whoever he delivered them to would have tried to get them to the right address or dropped them off at the post office saying they were delivered to them by mistake, or if they would have just opened them and got my stuff. That's what bothers me the most. And that got me upset for about the rest of the day.
But the stuff I got in the mail, was pretty cool.
November calendar tag:
 Pink card:
 Mini Halloween pocket letter:
 And the two packages, my Esther Luka Family fall swap:
 And a holiday banner swap:
Everything I got was extra cool and I am again overwhelmed and humbled by what people send me in swaps. Of course it's not like I send crappy stuff, but sometimes I feel the world is so much better at making stuff than I am.
I spent the rest of the day watching TV.
Saturday: I planned to get up and go to a sale, until I verified the address and realized it was in a different town. So, I watched TV and created. I finished quite a few things.
The next few pictures are for a bigger swap I'm in.
Fall pocket letter:
I had pulled out of this swap, and then made these to rejoin, because I love hedgehogs.
Hedgehog mini pocket letters:
 I also received my end of the alphabet tag swap in the mail:
While I really needed the days off, 3 might have been a bit much. I got a little bored today, but I have a lot more crafting to do, and some stuff to watch/read that needs returning on Monday. I put in for some vacation at work, because apparently I'm at my max. I was looking at my calendar and it just means I'll have a few more 3 day stretches off, but I really think I do need them, I just need to find more stuff to fill my time.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Hollar Haul

I got more stuff from Hollar today, I picked up a few necessities, so that makes it worth it, right?
 The first thing I bought was that little yellow squishy donut keychain ($2) because they sent me an email. I didn't realize it would be so small (the zombie is 6 inches for reference). And then I was just browsing in the Christmas section and found the stamps ($3), and they were too cute to pass up. Also found that cute figurine that looks like a toadstool ($2) so I picked that up. And then I saw the cutest salt and pepper shakers ($1.25), they are flying pigs and at that price, I couldn't pass them up. The squishy zombie ($2.50) was in the price drop section, and I've wanted him for awhile. And then I stopped shopping, until they sent me an email about the plush candy corn ($1.25) which had it's price drop, I saw it is now 75 cents. Found these cute owl stickers ($1.50) and we all know how I feel about owls. I was looking for more things to fill up my cart and saw the robot bottle opener ($2) also was thinking about getting it for my brother's birthday, that's not gonna happen. I also saw the ice pop lip trio ($3) which I only wanted for the popsicle. The giant ant ($1) was my last purchase, I saw it when I was about to check out and couldn't pass it up.
I'm always in need of binders with all the pocket letters I make, so I picked up this 2 inch ($2.75) one. I remembered Cathy of SpiceyCatJams saying they had the foam mounting tape ($2), I actually ran out yesterday, so perfect timing. I picked up this binder set ($5) because I dream about making junk journals, but will probably never get around it. I picked up a DCWV one in my first haul. I neede Q-tips (99 cents) and they were cheaper than Dollar Tree. Also needed napkins ($1), and trash bags (99 cents) ran out of those the other day, almost picked some up at the grocery store today.

Saturday, October 07, 2017

Weekly update

I totally meant to post my Dollar Tree haul the other day, but it is now Saturday, so I guess I'll just do a weekly update. The bad thing about when I do this at the end of the week, is I have no idea what I did all week unless it was something big (I don't do much other than my art stuff and go to work.
Sunday: I have pictures of art stuff, so I guess I did that.
A fall banner:
 A pink card:
 An ice cream pocket letter:
 Monday: Also, no idea. I know I spent a lot of time lounging on the couch and watching YouTube, I also read a lot of stuff online.
I got three large packages in the mail, this first one is a snack box from Freedom Japanese (more on that below):
 On one of my facebook groups, we did kind of a random swap, we put down a few things we wanted and someone would message us saying they had stuff to send us and we sent them something back. I said I wanted layered animal die cuts, I love die cuts, I don't have a die cutting machine, and I won't get one, so I love it when people send me die cuts and there are so many dies out there.
She put in a cute Halloween card, some owl stickers and some vintagey looking pieces:
 Here's how the die cuts were packaged:
 And here's one of each that were in that package:
 I LOVE that she found a guinea pig. I need to find some place to put him. I also love all the owls, you can't tell but she did a lot of the layering with foam tape. I also love the pigs. That big one at the top is actually 3D and stands up.
I also got a mermaid file folder pocket letter:
 Basically we decorated a file folder and a pocket letter and stuffed them with goodies, here's my post on the exchange.
She also had a destash bag in her package:
 It's not the greatest picture cause you can't really see everything in there, but there's a lot of cool stuff.
I also got a sticker swap:
 Back to that snack box. In their regular subscription boxes you get a cheat sheet that tells you what everything is and what it tastes like. This box didn't have that, I don't know if they don't do it on the bigger boxes, or just forgot, but there's not a lot of English on the packages, so it was all a surprise. Here's what was inside:
1. The chocolate bits on the top left looked like dog food to me, but was great and reminded me of cocoa pebbles. 2. This package had what looked like french fries, they were kinda bland. 3. I haven't tried this package yet, it's a DIY and I'm not a big fan of those. 4 and 5 These are umaibo, I think that's how you spell it, I don't know what the flavors were, but they were good. 6. These are the same, it reminded me of a banana moon pie, except it was the shape of a banana. It looked like it had a tiny bit of chocolate in the middle, but I couldn't really taste it. 7. I haven't tried this yet, it kind looks jelly-like.  8. This was pretty good. The picture looks like pound cake, it looked like a piece of pound cake but reminded me of freeze dried something with the taste, it was good. 9. This reminded me of cream puffs with chocolate filling, just not as sweet. 10. This is another DIY that I haven't tried but I think I've had it before, it was very sweet.
And more:
 1. This looked like a soda bottle, it was made out of ice cream cone like material (not the sugar cones), it had some kind of tart powder inside, it was weird but good. 2. This package had some spicy corn snacks, not a big fan of those. 3. This was like nerds in taste. 4. This was some kind of gooey syrupy thing, it was ok. 5. This was some kind of corn snacks, I've had other flavors of this before, it's good, this one was ok. 6. This package, when I looked at it closer, it looked like someone had opened it and then stapled it closed, I threw it away. 7. I haven't tried these yet, it does say they are sour peach gum. 8. This package was a little cylinder and it broke when I tried to open it, so I had to open it with pliers, inside they were tiny little candies that reminded me of sweet tarts in taste. 9. These were pretty good, they were waffle cone like cylinders with a lemon cream inside. 10. This is another DIY, I'll probably give all these DIY's away, like I said I don't like them. 11. This was filled with what looked like tic tacs but a bit bigger, there wasn't a ton of flavor in them. 12. These were interesting, it was like they were covered in strawberry flavoring, but I'm not sure what they were. 13. These are Hello Pandas, we have them at Target here, but I've never had them in strawberry flavor, I haven't tried them yet. 14. These say they are watermelon seed candy, and while they kinda looked like watermelon seeds they were just very sweet candies.
I had decided by the time this came, it was the last time I'm ordering from them. I think they are a good company, I have tried all their boxes, there's a small subscription, I believe you get about 15 snacks in it, there's a big family snack box, two of everything, so about 30 snacks, and this one which is like a random mix of leftovers from the other boxes. I love trying Asian snacks, but I think I should branch out and try some other kind of food snack box.
Tuesday: I actually opened the snack box on Tuesday, as I picked up my mail on Monday on my way in to work, I work 3-8 on Mondays and pretty much come home and get ready for bed.
I also made a few more swaps.
Halloween pocket letter:
 Mini Halloween pocket letter:
 I feel I did something else on Tuesday, but I don't have any pictures, and I can't remember anything, so if I did it was obviously not memorable.
I had posted on Facebook that my hair is getting very long, so I had to take a picture to prove it:
 It's the longest it's ever been, but no one ever sees it because I always just put it in a braid, also why it's a little crimped.
Wednesday: Opened at the library and did my chores of mailing swaps and grocery shopping.
Thursday: I went to the Dollar Tree, on my way there, I saw this gorgeous truck:
 I actually stopped at the Salvation Army and picked up a Care Bear for 99 cents. I like collecting those.
I also went to JoAnn's, but talked myself out of everything. I found this cute owl in the entryway while I was waiting for the rain to die down a bit:
 And here's my Dollar Tree finds.
One of my reasons was to get food:
 Lots of gummies, pretzels, snack mix and a pound cake. Last time I was there, this pound cake looked so good, sadly when I opened it, it was too dry, so I took it to work and it got eaten quickly.
Other stuff:
Box, notebook, stickers, socks, Christmas ornament, keychain, shipping labels, coin purse. I always watch people's hauls on youtube and a lot of them say they go to their stores every week because new stuff comes in all the time. I understand that now. I feel there's more and more Halloween stuff every time I go in there. I want to go in get my Halloween stuff and not have them bring in more. I'm done with Halloween crafts right now, so I won't have an issue. Anywho, long explanation.
I picked up the box just cause it was cute, I know someone will have a birthday and I'm hoping to use the box, of course now that I type that I realize I have two other boxes I picked up for that reason that I still have. The composition book is for a swap, we're to get something at the dollar tree and decorate it. I've seen people haul these word stickers, so I picked up two packs. I picked up a pair of knee high socks with cupcakes and shorter socks with what I think are cactus and avocado, weird combination. I liked the butterfly stickers. I picked up the snowflake ornament for a Christmas gift. The owl keychain is actually a pair of fingernail clippers, it also matches a keychain I picked up another time. I tried to take out the clippers cause I'm not gonna use them, bad choice, they do not come out. I picked up a package of these shipping labels last time and promptly lost it. The gemstones are star shaped. And I had to pick up the coin purse, it's one of those sequin ones where they are one color one way and if you flip them up they are another color. The colors of the university here in town are cardinal and gold.
I also got a loaded bag in the mail:
 I told my partner any theme except religious and planner stuff. The bat and pics were shedding their glitter like crazy, I'll be more specific next time.
Work was pretty busy for a Thursday, we're usually kinda slow.
I got up and went to a garage sale, I spent $8 on teapots for a friend but didn't get anything for myself. Fridays are always busy at the library.
Saturday: I was planning to get up and go to a garage sale and then walk up to the mall. I got up about 9:30 and just decided I didn't care about the garage sale, so I played on the computer all day. I got some interesting mail.
A card kit:
 we're supposed to create a card with the elements.
a Halloween pocket letter:
 And a flip book:
Also got something I tried to send back to the sender on Thursday. We get a lot of mail for people that used to live here and some that have either messed up their address or picked one to use on something, and some businesses who's address is still ours online. So, I'm used to getting mail that's not for us. Twice this week I got something that I wrote Not at this address and Return to sender on them, threw them in the mailbox and got them back again. They were both postmarked twice. I put the first one back in the mailbox on Thursday, originally got it Monday, put it back in the mailbox Monday night got it back on Thursday, if I get them back again, I'm throwing them away. The one today, I got on Thursday and put it back in the mailbox on Friday. It's getting annoying. I complained on Facebook and someone said how everything gets sorted by machine, which I get, but when you're putting it in someone's mailbox, I also feel you're reading the address. I might start crossing out the address. My friend also said, couldn't I just take it to the post office on Tuesday. I shouldn't have to, I shouldn't have to waste my time to give them something back I shouldn't have in the first place. A lot of the time it's junk mail, and I throw it away. The one earlier in the week was a claim check and this other one is a personal letter. We've gotten what looks to be personal checks for the two businesses, I just hold the envelope up to the light, I don't open anything. We've also gotten bills from Kohls for a certain person. I wish I could throw them all away, but some things I know I shouldn't.