Friday, June 19, 2009

People amaze me.

I had a couple come into the store yesterday at 8 (when I close), they guy says to the chick they have a couple minutes, though by my clock it was 8. He says he knows exactly what he wants and he'll go get it and come back, apparently he was wrong because he didn't buy anything.
I had a guy come in last Friday, saying he was from some charity, but didn't want any donations. He just wanted to put a candy machine inside the front door, to which I told him, he'd have to come back in the morning and ask my boss. He let out this giant sigh and left in a huff. I told Kevin about it, and he said the guy was probably trying to ambush the lowly workers into saying yes. Then you already committed to having it, and it's your ass if your boss says no, and you have to contact the people to come take it out. That wouldn't happen to me, if I am unsure about anything, I just tell the people to come back when my boss is about. It's not my choice whether or not something gets put in the store.

I saw a guy yesterday riding his motorcycle without a shirt. Now, I know it was hot and very humid, but this guy was old and saggy, no one needs to see that.

I like to watch Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre Foods whenever I go downstairs or get to be at someone's house where there's cable. Today he was eating something totally gross (no surprise there), but I was getting hungry watching him, it's pretty bad when you think something he's eating looks good. I knew it was about time I go get some lunch. In the episode I was watching he couldn't eat something. I've never seen that before, there have been times he's had troubles getting something down, but he actully spit the fruit out he was trying to eat.
I'm actually watching The Dr's on ABC right now, they had a segment about heart attacks in women. They had this one lady on that was saying she was 44, overweight and afraid she was going to have a heart attack and not be around for her children. She had said that watching her elderly overweight mother go downhill healthwise was her rock bottom, and then said how she's a stress eater, eats a lot, doesn't exercise. I said bullshit to her hitting rock bottom, usually when you hit rock bottom, you change something to make yourself better. Then they sent her to a doc who did a bunch of tests and said she was in relatively good health. On the show, after telling her the results of her dr's visit, they asked her if she was going to exercise and start eating right, and she says Absolutely, I called bullshit on that too. How can a dr's visit where you find out you're in good health change your mind set when seeing your mother's health detoriate not change it.

I keep getting calls at about 8PM from an unknown number. I got one Wed night and last night, I wonder if I'll get one tonight. I don't answer unknown numbers, if it's really that important leave a damn message. I hate it when people call me, wait around for 4-6 rings and then don't leave a message. You obviously called me for some reason, it's not like you can't just leave a message. My guess it's nothing really important as it's at 8 at night. If someone has my number, I probably gave it to them, so most likely it's someone I know, and if that's the case, what's so hard with leaving a message? I guess I do put my cell # on job app's, but most job people leave a number, and why would they be calling after 5PM? Course, most of the people that call my home # don't leave a message either. The only messages I get are from politicians or groups about something that politicians are looking at.

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