Monday, July 13, 2009

I smell like fish

My hands smell like fish :( I just spent the last 45 minutes washing and taking out bones from some bluegill. It wasn't gross, not like I figured it'd be, but now my hands smell like fish, and I already washed them with some extra-strength soap.
Kevin was fishing yesterday and caught himself a lot of bluegill. His buddy took some pictures of the ones he caught, and he had one that was as long as a Vault 20 oz bottle. He kept telling it was really big, since I don't know much about fish and he's never caught any that he's kept when I've been with him fishing, I really don't know if that's big, but I do believe him.
Yesterday, I went to the Hardin County fair to judge the small animals show. Unfortunately, no one showed up. 5 people had signed up, they told us earlier on that 3 of them weren't going to show up, and the other 2 never did either. My friend, Loretta, is the pet superintendent for the fair, and it's her job to find a judge, so she asked me. I was pretty nervous, but I was pretty interested and excited to do it too. It bummed me out I didn't get to judge.

I totally bummed myself out today. Kevin and I went to Boone, and I picked up a magazine about Okoboji, IA. I was reading it at work, and remembering things, and totally bummed myself out. When I was about 5 or maybe younger, my parents started taking my brother and I up to my grandparents condo on Lake Okoboji, I have so many memories of the 6 of us up there. I've seen so many pictures with my grandparents and I having fun. I remember one year, sometime after my grandparents stopped going, most of my extended family on my mother's side came up and stayed at a hotel/resort very near to our condo. I remember they had everyone in one room, people were sleeping on the floor, the beds, the patio, everywhere they could fit someone. I think, they surprised us, but I really don't know. Kevin and I went up there, the first year we were dating, we usually have a week, but both of us had to work on Tuesday, so we got there Saturday night/afternoon, and left Tuesday morning. I showed him as much of my childhood hangouts as I could stuff in those few days, and I'd love to go back with him. I told him last weekend, it would be really great if some year his parents, his brother and sister-in-law, nephew and Kevin and I went up there. I'm pretty sure they would all enjoy it, and there's something for everyone. From fishing and swimming in the lake, to the various restaurants, to the amusement park, to the mini golf places, to the places to shop. And most everything is within walking distance of our condo. I miss it so much when I can't go.

OK, now I'm getting a little nauseous, I sure hope it's not because of leaning over a sink washing fish for 45 minutes. I sure don't need to be sick tonight.

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Carrie M said...

Bluegill tend to run small, so a bluegill the size of a soda bottle is a big bluegill.