Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Can he see that I can't breathe?

People have a tendency to piss me off sometimes with the way they act in the store, but the couple I had tonight tops them all. They came in looked around for awhile, then the chick asks if we have a bathroom to fill up her water bottle, I said no (we have a bathroom, but it's through our storage room, I could send her back there and risk things being stolen, or I could go back and risk things being stolen, neither one is gonna happen). She then chatted with the guy and decided their baby needed changing and proceeded to change it in the back of the store, didn't ask me or anything. After that, they come up front with the guy complaining about the baby weighing too much, then sat down and fed the baby, for 10 minutes, while the chick walked around and pretending to look at stuff. She also asked me if we had a garbage can, which I also said no, like I want your stinky baby diaper in our garbage can. And of course they left without buying anything. If I had realized she was changing the baby before she got halfway through, I would have asked her to leave, she had conveniently sat down and positioned the baby stroller in front of her.

They also stayed so long and in the right time frame that I didn't get to talk to Kevin on his way to work, that helped in my annoyance of them. But it started when she decided to change the kid without even asking. When people leave I always tell them to have a good night, when I told this couple that, they ignored me, you'd think they could say you too, for coming in the store for half an hour, changing your kid, feeding your kid and then leaving without buying anything. I was very lucky the chick had to go to the bathroom, who knows how long they would have stayed if she didn't.

I had a group of ladies come in one time with a little child. It needed changing while they were in here, but they were nice the whole time, they ASKED, and since I didn't have anyone else in the store, I let them change it in the back.

I guess some people just think they can do whatever whereever they are. That couple pissed me off so much.

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