Sunday, September 23, 2012

New Buys

Last weekend I found a few things to buy. I bought the most at a sale I didn't plan to go to.
 a cute snail planter, a tiny stuffed bear, an angel, a snowman and a keychain, packet of play money, I thought they'd be fun to use for collage.

Today was the annual art fair downtown. My mom and I usually go, but this year she had to go clean out my grandma's apartment, she's getting worse and we don't think she's going back to it. Here's what I picked up:
 3 cards and a magnet from Lisa Victoria, I can never resist her stuff, my refrigerator has a bunch of her magnets on it, plus I have cards and prints throughout my apartment.
 Another of Lisa's magnets, a fish and a frog made from 2 liter pop bottles. Last year I almost bought a pink fish and didn't, and I thought about it all year long. This year I decided the purple went with my pink bedclothes better.
A metal butterfly pick, a pair of earrings from Suzanne LaTour Stevens, every year my mom buys herself a pair of earrings, I thought she'd like these, so I picked them up for her. And my best buy of today: this very cool sun catcher from Jamie Smisek. "Windchimes and decorative hanging pieces handsculpted using silver flatware, glass beads and other antique objects". This one is made from the bottom of a leaded glass bowl and a fork. So very cool.

The library's book sale was this weekend too, though I have to say the selection wasn't very good, I did buy $6.00 worth of books though.

Speaking of the library, we've hit a glitch in our moving plans. The city attorney was trying to work out the lease with the place we were pretty sure we were moving in to, and then on Wed night, my boss calls me to say that we didn't have the place anymore and we were looking at other options. The assistant director said the realtor got an offer for a 10 year lease on the place and now we're out of luck. We are looking at a place that was our plan B, so cross your fingers and hold your breath for us. The assistant director assures us we're staying on our moving schedule, meaning we'll be moving in less than 2 months.

Friday, I got a jury summons in the mail. I don't mind doing it, I'd like to, I'm just not sure of how I'm getting there. That's bothering me at the moment.

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