Monday, September 03, 2012

Updates and annoyances

Hello All,
Sorry I haven't been on here lately, not much going on. This past Wednesday, I got my tooth pulled. I was more nervous afterward than before. I did not like that experience, I couldn't feel it, but I could hear him pulling on the tooth, and there was soo much blood afterward, it totally freaked me out. I'm so glad I have another one to look forward to.
Also, on that note, I found out it was way less expensive than I thought it was going to be. My dentist said it would be somewhere between $800 and $900, so when I went to make the appointment, and they said $180-380, I just figured it was $1800 - 1300. Last Monday, dad and I went to cash out some savings bonds to pay for it, so then I had a little buffer afterward. I sent a bunch to pay more off my credit card bill, and I just paid off my medical bills from breaking my butt. I still have extra $$ in my checking account, but at least this way if anything comes up, I won't have to worry.
The other day, I find I have a hole in one of my teeth, I'm really pissed at my dentist about this. I mentioned to him, that I felt something there a few months ago and he told me it was nothing. Now, I have to get another cavity filled.
On Monday, after getting the money, my dad proceeded to tell me I had to remember I didn't have that money in my savings bonds anymore. I never think of the savings bonds as money I have because I don't have access to it. He also told me I needed to get another job so I had the money for things like this. I told him I was doing ok, he said it was just because my parents were doing fine, and because I wasn't paying rent. That really pissed me off, I don't know how many times I've told them I can pay rent now and they just say that I should keep the money.
He also said I needed to be looking into the future with money things, what was I going to do down the road. I've also told them, I'm doing that with my library job. Hopefully, when they add the next salaried position, I'll get it. I just read somewhere that around 50% of college grads are unemployed, so shouldn't I be lucky I have a job (three even). I just wish my parents would lay off, like that will ever happen.
Not a lot going on with garage sales, I went to 4 this weekend and couldn't find a single thing to buy.
I've been trying to get online to do stuff on my desktop, but my modem (or other internet related things) keeps acting up, so I can't connect. I can't do everything on my kindle, and with some things, I'd rather not use the kindle for.
I also haven't been making art lately. Mostly because my mom keeps getting on me to clean my apartment. We had an argument about it last week. I've decided I just have a lot of stuff, and not a lot of room (maybe that's why I couldn't find anything to buy this week), she'll never like how I live in my apartment, but she'll also accept things, she'll just keep complaining. So, I've been afraid to get my art stuff out (I have a closet, that when I create spills over in my hallway, and is hard to walk through when I'm in a project.) because she'll whine.

What's been going on in your lives?


*Goddess* said...

I hate to say this but you need to take your dad seriously. If there's one regret I have about my life, it's that I was NOT a saver. Three of my four co-workers have the same regret so it's not something to take lightly. And I say this because MY parents kept telling ME to save and I thought they were pretty much full of shit. They weren't.

Wendy Wirth said...

I am saving, I just didn't have enough saved to cover over $1000. I started a savings account last year that deposits some of my paychecks into it each month. I keep thinking about upping the amount transferred.

*Goddess* said...


Yeah, I find that if it comes out of my paycheck without me ever seeing it, it's so much easier to save. And every time I get a raise, I increase my savings by that much, so I dont end up wasting it on junk.