Monday, August 13, 2012

What a crappy day

We went to the zoo on Sat, and though I was disappointed, here's some pictures for you to look at while I complain about today:
 lion fish
So, this morning about 12AM, I woke up in pain, my mouth was hurting again. For the next 6 or so hours, I alternated taking pain pills, walking around, sitting, rocking, crying and laying down.
This morning I called in sick to work and went to the dentist with my mother. He said it's one of my molars that needs to be extracted. I had to tell my mom that, she was surprised as I never told my parents about my two molars that need pulling when they bug me. There's a reason I never told them, because then I get the whole spiel about how I should have brushed my teeth more and these are the consequences, blah, blah, blah.
 I went over to the oral surgeon to make an appointment, I'm going to have it done on the 29th. They said it would be $1100 to $1300. I can't afford that, I'll have to put it on my credit card and come close to my limit. I asked if I could pay over time, no they need the money that day, no wonder people go into debt.
So, that means I'm not allowed to have another sick day or take any more days off work. I'm also not allowed to buy anything I don't need.
Unfortunately, that also means I can't afford to send out my giveaway packages. I'm really hating my life right now.
My boss at work was very understanding and hopefully, I won't have to take off work the day after the extraction.
Now, I'm going to go take a nap, because I am soo tired.
I got a prescription for antibitics, and while waiting for 30 minutes, I became so tired and bored. I didn't buy the apple juice, I didn't buy the chocolate eclairs (which were very marked down), and I didn't buy the topical gel for tooth payment. I really wanted to pay for my prescription in cash, but it was $12, and I only had a $10
very cool sculpture
On my way home, I stopped to buy some bus passes, they also cost $12, and since they don't take cards, that didn't happen.

I'm also extremely hungry, as it hurt to chew this morning, so I didn't really have breakfast, and now it's too close to lunch to eat breakfast.


Carrie M said...

That sucks. Maybe you could sell your plasma or something? It's not like they pay a lot, but it could give you a little cushion to help you pay for prescriptions and stuff.

Creative Wings Boutique said...

oh i am so sorry that you are having a tuff time. i just got a route canal done and my insurance paid most but i still have to get the crown which my insurance only pays half....having ur teeth hurt stinks...keep ur chin up.
ebay doesn't charge any fees to list 25 items it you wanted to sell some of your fabulous garage sale finds for some extra cash...i was just reading a blo where the lady did that and made 1000 bucks....
good luck

*Goddess* said...

Aquarium pics are cool!