Thursday, September 13, 2012

Great Movie

I just watched the movie, Battleship. I LOVE it!!!
It's based on the game Battleship. The US is sending messages to a planet somewhere else, and some aliens decide to come and try to take over Earth.
After the Naval Destroyers are sunk, they go to Pearl Harbor and pick up the battleship, Missouri and attack the aliens.
I love how they used the Missouri, it felt like a hat tip to Under Siege. Also, Rihanna stars in it and I think she does a great job.

I love the Navy in the movie and the action. It's now on my Amazon wishlist along with the soundtrack.
They also use actual WWII veterans for parts at the end.
I was watching the extras and there's one about making the movie, and everyone gets to tour current Navy ships, I would love to tour the Missouri. So VERY cool.

Check out the IMDB page on it, here.

Also, wait until after the credits to watch another scene.

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