Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I've gots the women

OH CRAP! Is the day over yet? Methinks I shouldn't put stuff off til the last minute. So, I got up this morning to mow the lawns and they're soaking wet (of course), but I don't have the time to wait for them to dry. So, I start mowing them, only it's warmer outside than I thought it was going to be, or I was just working harder, cause the mower gets clogged up easier when the grass is long and its wet.
So, in about an hour, after I got almost both lawns done (I was mowing until I ran out of gas, I could smell the gas, so I was running on fumes there for awhile), I was pretty much soaked on top, sweat running down my face and neck. So, I knew the one thing that would taste so good was a Mike's Hard Crisp Apple (OK, that's all they had when I went to buy alcohol, so I had to be godawfully hot for it to taste good), but it's only like a quarter to 11, so I was debating whether or not to drink one. And I went upstairs, got one and downed it in like 5 minutes. So, then I had to wash the mower getting myself pretty wet in the process. And then since I was so sweaty I jumped in the shower. I can feel the effects of alcohol, but I have to go to work (good combination huh, its gonna be entertaining doing data entry in my altered state), so I'm so ready to pass out, as I haven't had anything to eat yet.
Why do I always put stuff off?

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