Thursday, July 13, 2006

Seven years has gone too fast

So, my parents returned from their cruise in Alaska tonight (ok, technically it's morning). After getting all their bags unloaded, my mom goes and gets some water, comes back and tells me I need to clean out the sink. That's the first thing she says to me. How rude. Not a hello, or anything, just another thing to assure me I'm not really good enough for her, yeah, I did take care of everything while she was gone, but God forbid she be happy about it, I bet she'll have found another 20 other things by the time she gets up later. Oh, and speaking of people putting me down, my boss at my internship did that, not exactly to my face, but it was implied. She was talking to a lady that wanted to go to college and study sociology/criminal justice (what I'm getting my degree in), and she tells the lady, oh there's so many people in that now, you should look for something that will guarantee you a job. With soc, you'll have to get a Masters and become a social worker, you want to go into accounting. And, then she comes out and asks me what I'm gonna do with my degree (and I have absolutely no idea), and says I should go to grad school and get a Masters degree, have I taken my GED yet. Thank you so much for discounting what I am getting my degree in. My parents did the same thing to me, when I was first accepted to the University, I was in the art college, cause I love art, it's what I do to keep me sane, I excel extremely well in it, and have won a few awards for my artwork. But, of course they convinced me that I wouldn't make any money in it and I switched over to the Business College, and I got to my sophomore year, and I just couldn't stand business anymore. I told myself from the beginning of freshman year that if I just had one interesting class (I never really liked business anyway), I could get through it. Well, the second semester of my sophomore year I failed my second accounting class, and I switched to the LAS College. I love almost all of the classes I have taken since then. That's says something right there, and it's a lot better than only liking one or two of my classes each semester.

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