Monday, July 24, 2006

Cross Post

Having a cross post today, new stuff at the end.
So, I was watching this show called Wife Swap on ABC while I was waiting for something else to come on. Anyways, this one family has so much clutter, they stack shit in their shower, HOW GROSS IS THAT? Unfortunately, I can myself as the mother in this family. There's clutter/crap everywhere, boxes of stuff that should be sorted out, and certain things thrown away. She buys frozen stuff/easy to make stuff for meals and eats on paper plates. That's me, I'm gonna turn into that, only I won't have kids, I'll be the old maid, with dogs instead of cats, not having a permanent job, always looking for happiness. So much to look forward to. Lucky me :S

When did people stop dressing up for their concerts? Or am I just nuts and singers never actually dressed up? I'm watching the CMA country music festival, a huge country music concert, actually tons of them in Nashville, and Martina McBride's performing, she's wearing a black t-shirt and what looks like white warm up pants. I don't mind so much if the guys don't dress up cause they look pretty damn good (at least some of them) in jeans and a t-shirt, but chicks have so many more clothes to look at, they can look so gorgeous if they just tried, but a t-shirt and jogging pants? Come on. OOO, Jason Aldean's supposed to perform, I really like him.

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